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Symofros is a robotics modeling software originally created by the Canadian Space Agency. Symofros basic functions include modeling Kinematics, Non-linear dynamics, Linear dynamics, Dynamics for constrained systems, and Systems with flexible links.

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Operating System: Windows XP

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Symofros-5-5-9-SP1.exe 1.9 MB 2005-11-25 05:47 36 1.7 MB 2005-06-13 22:05 36
Symofros-5-5-9.exe 1.7 MB 2005-04-19 02:32 12
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Symofros-5-5-9-SP1.exe1.9 MB2005-11-25 05:4736
Symofros-5-5-10.exe (win installer)
Symofros_5_5_10.zip1.7 MB2005-06-13 22:0536
Symofros-5-5-9.exe (win installer)
Symofros-5-5-9.exe1.7 MB2005-04-19 02:3212