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SMTHPlayer is a universal cross-platform player for the smooth streaming format. It supports ism/isml and csm manifests as well as VC-1, H.264, WMAv2, WmaPro and AAC codecs. It uses mplayer to play streams and it's written in php. I provide preconfigured versions of smthplayer for both Windows and Linux (even if Windows support is not guaranteed). However, you can configure the program by yourself by reading the "Configuration" section in the README file. I also provide a preconfigured Windows version that includes a full mplayer pack (mencoder is included, even if it's not necessary to smthplayer), Faad 2.7 and bgrun.exe (needed in Windows to run background processes), because it's more difficult for Windows users to find precompiled binaries. I've not checked the binaries (I've just found them on the Internet), so use them AT YOUR OWN RISK. The program has been SUCCESSFULLY tested on Ubuntu 10.04 - 11.04 - 12.04, Windows XP and Windows 7.

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Operating System: Linux, Windows 7, Windows XP

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smthplayer_0.12_windows_bins_included.tar.gz 16.9 MB 2012-12-14 19:21 5
smthplayer_0.12_windows.tar.gz 26.4 KB 2012-12-14 19:19 2
smthplayer_0.12_linux.tar.gz 26.4 KB 2012-12-10 23:36 6
smthplayer_0.12_all.deb 32.8 KB 2012-12-10 23:36 4
README 13.0 KB 2012-12-10 22:13 3
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WINDOWS preconfigured (bins included)
smthplayer_0.12_windows_bins_included.tar.gz16.9 MB2012-12-14 19:215
WINDOWS preconfigured
smthplayer_0.12_windows.tar.gz26.4 KB2012-12-14 19:192
LINUX preconfigured
smthplayer_0.12_linux.tar.gz26.4 KB2012-12-10 23:366
smthplayer_0.12_all.deb32.8 KB2012-12-10 23:364
README13.0 KB2012-12-10 22:133
smthplayer_0.8_all.deb40.0 KB2012-08-17 23:407
WINDOWS preconfigured (bins included)
smthplayer_0.8_windows_bins_included.tar.gz17.2 MB2012-08-17 23:152
WINDOWS preconfigured
smthplayer_0.8_windows.tar.gz33.9 KB2012-08-17 23:091
LINUX preconfigured
smthplayer_0.8_linux.tar.gz34.4 KB2012-08-17 23:082
smthplayer_0.7_all.deb31.9 KB2012-07-06 22:261
WINDOWS preconfigured (bins included)
smthplayer_0.7_windows_bins_included.tar.gz17.2 MB2012-07-06 18:131
WINDOWS preconfigured
smthplayer_0.7_windows.tar.gz24.7 KB2012-07-06 18:063
LINUX preconfigured
smthplayer_0.7_linux.tar.gz24.7 KB2012-07-06 18:062
WINDOWS preconfigured (bins included)
smthplayer_0.6_windows_bins_included.tar.gz17.2 MB2012-06-02 23:042
WINDOWS preconfigured
smthplayer_0.6_windows.tar.gz25.4 KB2012-06-02 22:482
LINUX preconfigured
smthplayer_0.6_linux.tar.gz26.2 KB2012-06-02 22:486
WINDOWS preconfigured (bins included)
smthplayer_0.4_windows_bins_included.tar.gz17.2 MB2012-04-01 17:200
WINDOWS preconfigured
smthplayer_0.4_windows.tar.gz22.1 KB2012-04-01 17:130
LINUX preconfigured
smthplayer_0.4_linux.tar.gz22.8 KB2012-04-01 17:122
README11.4 KB2012-03-31 23:353
README7.7 KB2012-03-20 23:353
WINDOWS preconfigured (bins included)
README7.7 KB2012-03-20 23:341
smthplayer_0.3_windows_bins_included.tar.gz17.2 MB2012-03-20 23:342
WINDOWS preconfigured
smthplayer_0.3_windows.tar.gz16.9 KB2012-03-20 23:271
README7.7 KB2012-03-20 23:270
LINUX preconfigured
README7.7 KB2012-03-20 23:251
smthplayer_0.3_linux.tar.gz17.3 KB2012-03-20 23:250
mplayer32_svn34707_amd64.deb20.0 MB2012-03-17 00:264
libfaad2-i386_2.7-6_amd64.deb157.7 KB2012-03-01 23:0718
WINDOWS preconfigured (bins included)
smthplayer_0.2_windows_bins_included.tar.gz16.8 MB2012-02-17 00:383
README5.6 KB2012-02-17 00:324
WINDOWS preconfigured
smthplayer_0.2_windows.tar.gz15.1 KB2012-02-17 00:300
LINUX preconfigured
smthplayer_0.2_linux.tar.gz15.4 KB2012-02-17 00:291