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Lemansys LEWS (Lightweight Extensible Web Scripting) is alternative framework based on a very easy and "basic like" scripting language (Lemansys Server Pages ".lem" ) oriented also to "not pure" JSP developers (PHP, ASP,...); You can use Eclipse WTP for development (with provided plugin suite extensions) and Apache Tomcat Application Server 7.0 (fully compliant with Servlet API 3.0 ) for deployment and run. Start up Lemansys Server Pages development in 24 hours by following our "Lemansys Bonsai Guide" with more than 30 examples !!!

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Operating System: OS Independent

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lemansys-lews-4.1.0-server.zip9.0 MB2012-01-13 00:303
lemansys-lews-4.1.0-server.tar.gz8.1 MB2012-01-13 00:293
lews-eclipse-plugins-4.1.0_201201101810.zip61.2 KB2012-01-11 02:205