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We are 5 students from ECE gathered for a project for our fourth year of engineering school:

This project named HydroTurb is realized in the context of a PPE, which means Project multidisciplinary by team in French.

Why this project

If this project is so attractive is that it has a very strong double interest:
-At First, the very subject of the project on tidal energy, which is one of the most interesting renewable energy for the future
-Second, this project focuses on the potential energy in the French representing the places of possible locations of turbines on the French coast.

Description of tidal energy

The tidal energy consists of using the force and power obtained from waves and current. In our case, the principle is to place in current sea water turbines to obtained power. This source of energy is maybe the “best” for several reasons:
-Ecological: no pollution (underwater, no emissions)
-Economical: rentability very important quickly

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