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[Howm-eng 17] Re: Question/Feature Requests

khi at khi at
Fri Nov 18 23:57:00 JST 2005


At Thu, 17 Nov 2005 13:23:30 -0500,
tongconsulting at wrote:
> While using howm taking notes, I'd like to have some simple markup
> capability, such as those available from emacs-wiki/Muse mode (e.g.,
> "_underline_" "*emphasize*").

Here is an example.

;; _underline_ and *emphasize*
(setq howm-user-font-lock-keywords
         2 'underline prepend)
         2 'font-lock-comment-face prepend)))

Ideally, I believe that howm itself should not offer any
formatting/markup rules, so that you can combine howm with your
favorite writing style.  It's the first motivation why I'm not
satisfied with emacs-wiki and I began to make my own tool.

Since howm-mode is a minor-mode, it can be used with any other modes
theoretically.  Indeed, I personally use rd-mode, rd-mode-plus, and
outline-minor-mode for markup and outline support, together with howm.

Other combinations are not tested sufficiently.  If you have any
trouble with outline+howm or org+howm, please let me know.

khi at

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