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neon is an HTTP and WebDAV client library for Unix systems, with a C language API. It provides high-level interfaces to HTTP/1.1 and WebDAV methods, and a low-level interface to HTTP request/response handling, allowing new methods to be easily implemented.
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2010-10-15 06:56

This release fixes bugs in SSL handshakes with GnuTLS and in SSPI support on Windows.

2010-10-04 18:34

This release fixes bugs in TLS SNI support and Kerberos authentication support on Windows.

2010-01-12 18:43

This release fixes an issue with SSL connection closure and a memory leak with GnuTLS support.

2009-12-31 07:49

This release adds a fix for certificate verification with some versions of OpenSSL, and a fix for SSPI authentication.
Tags: Minor, Stable

2009-12-16 07:59

This release contains a number of fixes for NTLM and SSPI authentication support, along with build fixes for Win32 and use of older versions of GnuTLS.
Tags: Bugfixes, Stable, Minor

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