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Minbif aims to use the libpurple library from the Pidgin project to provide an IRC-friendly instant messaging client. It uses the libpurple library to support over 15 IM protocols.
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2011-12-05 01:48

This version includes bugfixes and a few new features.

2010-09-27 07:58

This release mainly fixes bugs, and introduce minor features like multi-line messages or libpurple plugin management.

2010-05-16 05:47

This release fixes several bugs and introduces some features, like the full status management with /topic on status channels and its smart interaction with /away. It has also been tested and fixed to work with libpurple 2.7.0, which was released few days ago.

2010-04-05 22:47

The main new feature is support for TLS. Many other new features and several fixes are included.

2010-01-17 05:10

Mostly fixes were made, but some good features were also added, like PAM authentication and the ability to change your nickname or the mood message.
Tags: PAM

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