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Kloxo is a lightweight and powerful Web hosting panel that has been in development since 2002. It was formerly known as LxAdmin. It allows for adding customers, resellers, and wholesale resellers with few clicks. Clustering functions are also built in, so you can expand and add servers whenever you need. Migrating customers between servers is easy and automatic, making it the most extensible panel to date. The services installed by default are Apache, BIND, MySQL, Pure-ftpd, Qmail, and Bogofilter. You can also switch between Apache and Lighttpd, BIND and djbdns, Bogofilter and Spamassassin. All configuration files are converted automatically in the process.
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2011-11-14 02:46

Over 40 bugs have been fixed. This update also enables easy switching of Apache MPMs (prefork/worker/event/itk), user isolation modules (suphp/mod_ruid2), and automatic configuration tools to reduce overall memory usage for Apache and MySQL.
Tags: Stable, Maintenance

2011-06-13 12:33

This release includes some important bugfixes and stricter configuration defaults for improved security.
Tags: Stable, Maintenance

2011-05-11 06:12

The stats page is now password protected by default. It also fixes warnings related to virtualhosts in Apache and a bug with Webmail SSL redirection.
Tags: Maintenance, Stable

2011-03-17 10:32

This release fixes the services "Switch" function, adding FTP users, security defaults in php.ini, and fixing a bug preventing it from installing under Citrix Xenserver. udev is back under Xen.
Tags: Stable, Maintenance

2011-02-14 03:01

This release now supports IDN domains, extends Spamdyke configuration options, and fixes backup restores, among other things.
Tags: Maintenance, Stable

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