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Intlize allows the developer to use catgets without its normally bulky syntax and without having to mind the details of correct indices. Catgets is the built-in internationalization suite of C compilers. Alternatively, Intlize can produce a compact file format optimized for fast access. Intermediate files are in gettext po format, so there are many comfortable tools available to do the translations. Runtime files are provided for C and C++ and for both catgets and intlize native support.
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2012-03-19 10:35

This release fixes a bug which prevented the use of iso-8859-2 ... iso-8859-16 encodings and one which discarded the whole message if a single character was not in the selected charset.
Tags: libintlize

2012-02-18 07:52

This version of libintlize returns an error message when i5e_getmsg is called before i5e_open. Older versions caused a segmentation fault in that case.
Tags: libintlize

2010-04-13 21:00

The runtime support for the native format has moved to libintlize. The documentation has been adapted accordingly, while the program intlize remains unchanged.

2010-01-06 03:17

Support for iso-8859-16 koi8-r, koi8-t, and koi8-u encodings has been added. The C++ runtime files have been modified accordingly. Compatibility with gcc > 4.2 has been established.

2007-10-07 17:59

The optional catgets runtime interface has been
added. Intlize itself and the documentation have
been adapted accordingly.
Tags: Initial freshmeat announcement

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