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2016-05-01 04:18
"Show temperature icon" toggle does not change anything and always showing as checked. Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1 (6...
2016-02-11 14:33
After installed Crystal Disk Info and set it auto start up , one of the five hard disks cannot be shown inside "my c...
2015-12-19 03:25
CrystalDiskInfo does not generate alerts for all critical SMART attributes. CrystalDiskInfo only produces alerts for...
2015-11-06 12:41
LITEON IT LCS-128L9S Always Shows 50C Temp Laptop: Lenovo L440 w/latest BIOS (v1.81) Smart.ini file: PC ComputerN...
2015-10-20 21:45
I'm using CrystalDiskInfo portable version copied in a Dropbox synced directory. It's OK to have the settings in the ...

Project Reviews

2016-05-27 05:07

Mincraft rocks and i even have it on every device and its one of the best g....

2016-05-26 11:03

good chưa thử ứng dụng này lần nào

2016-05-25 02:35

Portable version works great for x64 base systems

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