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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
sbmase(sfnet) SB-MASE SB-MASE is aimed at students and researchers in... DOWNLOAD
fnserver(sfnet) FNServer Image Collaboration Software FNServer is image collaboration software for we... DOWNLOAD
gtdl(sfnet) Graphical To-Do List Provides a graphical treeview front-end written... DOWNLOAD
javaserialportt(sfnet) javaserialportt Java Serial Port Terminal allows you to open as... DOWNLOAD
solstice(sfnet) Solstice Online Solstice Online is a new, open source MMORPG in... DOWNLOAD
libgmail(sfnet) libgmail (Deprecated) library to provide access to Gmail... DOWNLOAD
robin-py(sfnet) Robin Robin is a framework that automatically generat... DOWNLOAD
ecgmail(sfnet) Gmail Reader ecGmail is a client program for user to access ... DOWNLOAD
bingo-cards(sfnet) bingo-cards GPL bingo card printing program (numeric, lette... DOWNLOAD
lfrobot(sfnet) LFRobot DOWNLOAD
filesql(sfnet) fileSQL A bunch of PHP functions that allows to manipul... DOWNLOAD
wiselinux(sfnet) wiselinux DOWNLOAD
rsmd(sfnet) RSMD - Remote Service Monitor Remote Service Monitor shall provide an easy wa... DOWNLOAD
http-chat(sfnet) HTTP Chat Web Based Chat without the Browser (and without... DOWNLOAD
yarse(sfnet) Recipe Search Engine Recipe Search Engine is a program for databsing... DOWNLOAD
compassweb(sfnet) Compass Webapp Framework Developed in KBQuest Ltd, Compass framework is ... DOWNLOAD
csc(sfnet) Community Services Coordinator Designed for universities, this web application... DOWNLOAD
plover(sfnet) Plover Plover is a lightweight framework that defines ... DOWNLOAD
evt-evtmng(sfnet) EventManager The Event class is an event manager for Macrome... DOWNLOAD
mybloggie(sfnet) myBloggie myBloggie myBloggie is a php mysql based weblog... DOWNLOAD
taskman(sfnet) TaskMan web site application written in ASP.NET(C#) to ... DOWNLOAD
oisom(sfnet) OISOM :: Open ISO Mapper OISOM (Open ISO Mapper) is an open source isome... DOWNLOAD
ultra-cms(sfnet) UltraCMS UltraCMS is different than all other content ma... DOWNLOAD
juinness(sfnet) Juinness With the Juinness you can convert arbitrary 3D ... DOWNLOAD
kchat(sfnet) KChat KChat is designed for chatting in LAN's It's us... DOWNLOAD
e-zvit(sfnet) e-Zvit "e-Zvit" is an reports processing se... DOWNLOAD
ajapshout(sfnet) AJAP-Shout AJAP-Shout is an incredibly light weight (using... DOWNLOAD
emfsearch(sfnet) EMF Search Plugin EMF Search Plugin -- This Eclipse 3.0 plugin pr... DOWNLOAD
ucsc-cmps109(sfnet) [UCSC] CMPS109-Java Programming A set of Java based command line tools and exam... DOWNLOAD
v3xx-ical-copy(sfnet) V3xx iCal Copy Commandline tool for Motorola Razr V3xx owners ... DOWNLOAD
ipadvideoconver(sfnet) ipadvideoconver Software that convert most of the kinds of vide... DOWNLOAD
hosrecap(sfnet) HoS Recap DOWNLOAD
greensocs(sfnet) GreenSocs To develop SystemC infrustructure, basic IP, pa... DOWNLOAD
slick2dbox2ddemo(sfnet) Slick2DBox2DDemo DOWNLOAD
paxbac(sfnet) pax backup paxbac uses pax and hfspax to backup your home ... DOWNLOAD
firewalladmin(sfnet) Firewall Admin Web administration tool to manage linux netfilt... DOWNLOAD
mcrab(sfnet) mcrab : A bulletin board where posts ar... DOWNLOAD
webtraceroute(sfnet) Traceroute for web Traceroute for web
sine(sfnet) Sine - A No-Frills Content Manager A "No-Frills" Web Content Manager wri... DOWNLOAD
statscript(sfnet) StatScript StatScript is a traffic summary script for linu... DOWNLOAD
epit(sfnet) Easy Plugin Install Tools for Oscommerce Easy Plugin Install Tools for Oscommerce can us... DOWNLOAD
updrpms(sfnet) Update RH rpms via the net A set of bash/perl scripts that download from a... DOWNLOAD
mpyre(sfnet) MPyRe - Music Python Ripper Mpyre is a Python front-end to cdparanoia and l... DOWNLOAD
mordore(sfnet) Memories of Mordor A light multi-level role-play game written in J... DOWNLOAD
magnusbilling(sfnet) MagnusBilling MagnusBilling is a VoIP server system that brin... DOWNLOAD
jgiagia(sfnet) jgiagia A program written (primarily) in European Origi... DOWNLOAD
gdbms(sfnet) gdbms Driver based data access layer writen in Java. ... DOWNLOAD
gth-cms(sfnet) gCMS Simple but powerful CMS for corporate sites, ho... DOWNLOAD
psdarbackup(sfnet) psDarBackup This project provides an user interface for the... DOWNLOAD
pythoncalculator(sfnet) Python Calculator A Basic Text-Based Command Line Calculator buil... DOWNLOAD
msyslogui(sfnet) mSyslog UI This is an interface for Modular Syslog or msys... DOWNLOAD
myphpbib(sfnet) MyPHPBib MyPHPBib is a web application for managing bibl... DOWNLOAD
db4oboobrowser(sfnet) db4o boo object browser db4oboobrowser is a simple boo based object bro... DOWNLOAD
gevehmo(sfnet) GeVehMo GeVehMo generates vehicular movement patterns a... DOWNLOAD
junimedia(sfnet) jUniMedia jUniMedia is a webbased multi-user application ... DOWNLOAD
tarado(sfnet) cheaptalk Firewall with qos (htb and diffserv)on a flash ... DOWNLOAD
querybuilder(sfnet) FreeQueryBuilder FreeQueryBuilder a java tool that allow you to ... DOWNLOAD
dbtransfertool(sfnet) DBTransferTool DBTransferTool provides for java users simple i... DOWNLOAD
quickbacklinks(sfnet) Quick Backlinks DOWNLOAD
alphashooter(sfnet) Alpha Shooter A single-player 3D FPS game with a sci-fi setti... DOWNLOAD
hellokossie(sfnet) HelloKossie Kossie team's android app development play ground DOWNLOAD
linkdissolver(sfnet) LinkDissolver LinkDissolver rebuilds broken Links (linked pic... DOWNLOAD
microbegps(sfnet) MicrobeGPS MicrobeGPS is a bioinformatics tool for the ana... DOWNLOAD
visualfoxpro(sfnet) Visual FoxPro Functions/Class Libary Visual FoxPro Libary:- small every-day-needs Fu... DOWNLOAD
comwiz(sfnet) COMWiz COM Wiz is a smart system analysis and repair u... DOWNLOAD
ibtlib(sfnet) IBT PHP Library and Framework (IPL) IBT PHP Library and Framework provides you with... DOWNLOAD
h0td0g(sfnet) h0td0g h0td0g is a grid-based mp3/ogg/wv/ape/mpc tagge... DOWNLOAD
oslaw(sfnet) Open Source Law A WiKi based web system with documentation revi... DOWNLOAD
csjava(sfnet) csjava package A collection of beginner-friendly Java multi-me... DOWNLOAD
repo-man(sfnet) Repository Manager Repository Manager is design to provide a cross... DOWNLOAD
gpwg(sfnet) GTK PassWord Generator gPWG is a GTK based password generation utility... DOWNLOAD
deeparc(sfnet) DeepArc DeepArc is a graphical editor which allow users... DOWNLOAD
vistal(sfnet) vistal VIrtual STAte Library - a cross-language librar... DOWNLOAD
php-q3rcon(sfnet) PHP-RconCommander A Class based PHP Scipt to Remotely Administrat... DOWNLOAD
sapidll(sfnet) Easy access to MS Speech API 4 and 5 The Open Source [GNU GPL} library writed in Del... DOWNLOAD
biosap(sfnet) BioSap BioSap-Blast Integrated Oligonucleotide Selecti... DOWNLOAD
anthillhttp(sfnet) AntHill HTTP DOWNLOAD
csmailfix(sfnet) Couchsurfing Mail Gateway Fixer Update: A lot has happened since I created this... DOWNLOAD
amsagent(sfnet) AMSAgent DOWNLOAD
onetouch(sfnet) Maxtor OneTouch Kernel Module This software provides a kernel module (and pos... DOWNLOAD
jdevextensions(sfnet) JDeveloper Extensions A collection of Open Source Extensions for Orac... DOWNLOAD
sampleicc(sfnet) SampleIcc SampleICC provides an open source platform inde... DOWNLOAD
rsps(sfnet) Rapid Sequencer Programming Software Rapid Sequencer Programming utility, which once... DOWNLOAD
jert(sfnet) JavaEye Reporting Tool An open-source, web-based database reporting to... DOWNLOAD
romanhunter(sfnet) romanHunter romanHunter (router man Hunter) is a wireless h... DOWNLOAD
imind(sfnet) Mind DOWNLOAD
bluehoc(sfnet) Bluetooth ad-hoc network simulator BlueHoc is an open source Bluetooth technology ... DOWNLOAD
pansa(sfnet) pansa pansa is a graphical tool to monitor an Asteris... DOWNLOAD
cherrynote(sfnet) CherryNote [CRR] PoW: CryptoNight algo Block time: 600 sec (10 m... DOWNLOAD
nmconsole(sfnet) NMap Console NMC ("Network Mapper Console") will b... DOWNLOAD
phpsessionmngr(sfnet) PHP Session Manager PHP Session Manager is a simple set of PHP scri... DOWNLOAD
lightfeather(sfnet) Lightfeather 3D Engine Lightfeather is a 3D engine for Linux, Mac OS X... DOWNLOAD
iprep(sfnet) Image Preparator A simple program for bathch processing of image... DOWNLOAD
htdataripper(sfnet) HTML Data Ripper Allow your JSP's/servlets/programs to display s... DOWNLOAD
www-sms(sfnet) www-sms A Perl framework for sending SMS messages. DOWNLOAD
dcrteam(sfnet) dcrteam Suite of diverse free tools under the platform ...
jfastpong(sfnet) JFastPong JFastPong is an amusing pong game written in Ja... DOWNLOAD
phpdagger(sfnet) PHPDagger A clan/member management system, developed to w... DOWNLOAD
rirca(sfnet) rirca rirca is yet another java IRC client with an ad... DOWNLOAD
matrix14-se-audio-power-amp(sfnet) MATRIX 1.4 S.E Free Audio PA Platform The Second Edition of MATRIX 1.4 Audio Power Am...

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