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fortes4lazarus(sfnet) FortesReport4Lazarus The Lazarus port of FortesReport, a Delphi repo... DOWNLOAD
nariva(sfnet) Nariva A java based search service using Apache Lucene... DOWNLOAD
sherpa-hst(sfnet) sherpa sherpa is a tool for configuring and then check... DOWNLOAD
kayra(sfnet) KayRa KayRa is a Web Application Security Auditing To... DOWNLOAD
smsec(sfnet) SMSec - Simplicity Makes Security SMSec is a free , open source, GPLed implementa... DOWNLOAD
commentreflower(sfnet) Comment Reflower for Visual Studio Plug-in for Visual Studio 2003 and 2005 to do r... DOWNLOAD
hyp(sfnet) Hanoi Youth Project This project is established to provide students... DOWNLOAD
phoatrans(sfnet) PhoaTransformer PhoaTransformer, a tool for converting PhoA pho... DOWNLOAD
cardsword(sfnet) CardSword The Cutting Edge CardSorting Solution. DOWNLOAD
counterscript(sfnet) PHPCounter Extensive logging of your visitor browser capab... DOWNLOAD
pgrtreport(sfnet) py Request Tracker Report Report generating tools for Request Tracker 2/3... DOWNLOAD
cvsbookmarks(sfnet) CVS bookmarks patch A patch for CVS that allows bookmarks (stored i... DOWNLOAD
lbpool(sfnet) LBPool LBPool (Load Balanced Pool) is a database state... DOWNLOAD
homeconnectusb(sfnet) 3Com HomeConnect USB Camera Driver A Linux USB driver for 3Com's HomeConnect(tm) W... DOWNLOAD
jid3(sfnet) Java ID3 API A free ID3 java implementation. DOWNLOAD
cworks(sfnet) ChessWorks A tool for managing chess clubs, including memb... DOWNLOAD
sthr(sfnet) 思同网 DOWNLOAD
unwiredap(sfnet) UnWiredAP floppy distro UnWiredAP is a basic floppy linux distro that t... DOWNLOAD
jgum(sfnet) JGUM JGUM provides flexible Java enabled Generic Use... DOWNLOAD
linkmasterlm1(sfnet) Link-Master Link-Checker is a Java-based application which ... DOWNLOAD
labaanvraag(sfnet) LabAanvraag LabAanvraag will easy the job of making a labor... DOWNLOAD
sarlib(sfnet) ATM SAR Library (SARLib) Open-Source ATM Segmentation and Reassembly Lib... DOWNLOAD
jchartscse(sfnet) JStockCharts Charting Software for Colombo Stock Exchange eq... DOWNLOAD
aspfreaksts(sfnet) ASPFREAK-STS STS - SupportTicketsystem and Knowledgebase - a... DOWNLOAD
punelonavalalocalfinder(sfnet) Pune Local Finder Pune Lonavala Local Finder Android Application ... DOWNLOAD
siri(sfnet) Sistema de Requisiушes Internas SIRI is a Web-based report system to be used in... DOWNLOAD
wreckedircd(sfnet) Wrecked IRCd Improvements over DF467: - operator host maskin... DOWNLOAD
joy-xmms(sfnet) Joystick control for xmms Yet another plugin to allow you to control XMMS... DOWNLOAD
ezxml(sfnet) ezXML An XML parser C library that's simple and easy ... DOWNLOAD
videosharevod(sfnet) Video Share VOD Video Share / Video On Demand (VOD) is a free o... DOWNLOAD
strutstreeview(sfnet) Struts Tree View Tag Library Tree Tag Library for Struts. An easy to use tag... DOWNLOAD
infonoia(sfnet) Infonoia - Rich Server Platform (RSP-TM) sample code - b... DOWNLOAD
hill-profiler(sfnet) Hill Profiler Hill Profiler helps planning bicycle-tours.You ... DOWNLOAD
ejam(sfnet) JMX Environment for Eclipse 3 A collection of Eclipse 3 plugins to manage JMX... DOWNLOAD
crpl(sfnet) cRPL A general-purpose scripting language similar to... DOWNLOAD
maven-doccheck(sfnet) Maven DocCheck Plug-in Maven DocCheck Plug-in is a report-type plugin ... DOWNLOAD
izzyfw(sfnet) Izzy Framework Izzy Framework is a MVC Framework + CMS for dev... DOWNLOAD
apsim(sfnet) APSim APSim is simply a project started on 23 Decembe... DOWNLOAD
sysmanagerproject(sfnet) SystemManager This is the ultimate Java Application for detec... DOWNLOAD
opentime(sfnet) OpenTime OpenTime is an open-source and standards compli... DOWNLOAD
photopizza(sfnet) Photo Pizza Web based digital photo album with a web manage... DOWNLOAD
flashpp(sfnet) FlashPP FlashPP is a opensource flash library to make ... DOWNLOAD
dotnetinfra(sfnet) DotNetInfra DotNetInfra project is a self training solution... DOWNLOAD
gtidy(sfnet) GTidy-GUI for tidy GTidy is a simple GUI for tidy (tidy is a html ... DOWNLOAD
soekedbsd(sfnet) SoekedBSD A fully featured FreeBSD based OS built for Soe... DOWNLOAD
opencog(freshmeat) OpenCog OpenCog is an Open Source software project aime... DOWNLOAD
ipodlinuxinstl(sfnet) iPod-Linux Installer An easy to use installer that enables Mac OS X ... DOWNLOAD
jfunctional(sfnet) Jfun A functional library to do functional programmi... DOWNLOAD
convertpgssub(freshmeat) convertPgsSub convertPgsSub is a shell script to convert pgs ... DOWNLOAD
cl-charman(sfnet) Commandline Character Manager CCM is an easy to use RPG character sheet gener... DOWNLOAD
s-integrator(sfnet) S-integrator A service-oriented, single-source, Java integra... DOWNLOAD
tmp3(sfnet) tMP3 - Java MP3 Player JAVA MP3 player with http server (for web inter... DOWNLOAD
mediaframe(sfnet) MediaFrame - open streaming media MediaFrame is an Open Source streaming media pl... DOWNLOAD
vepd(sfnet) voice enpoint detect This project contains a pitch detect and a voic... DOWNLOAD
rubyx(sfnet) rubyx Rubyx is a collection of libraries for various ... DOWNLOAD
isosteg(sfnet) iso9660 filesystem and steganography isosteg use the steganography to insert or extr... DOWNLOAD
ipaf(sfnet) IPAF Packet Analysis Framework IPAF is a framework for writing applications th... DOWNLOAD
logplayerplusdataviewer(sfnet) logplayer-plus-dataviewer DOWNLOAD
ibdws(sfnet) Isolation by Distance on the Web IBD on the Web is a statistical resource for an... DOWNLOAD
autolatex(freshmeat) AutoLaTeX AutoLaTeX is a tool for managing small to large... DOWNLOAD
jpegdec(sfnet) JPEGdec A JPEG decoder written entirely in assembly wit... DOWNLOAD
zsync(sfnet) zsync An optimised client-side implementation of the ... DOWNLOAD
qii(sfnet) Queer IRC Interface A standalone chat client using moepII/I... DOWNLOAD
filewren(sfnet) Mass File Wren A powerful Java based mass file renamer. Allow... DOWNLOAD
romic(sfnet) romic Relational Object Mapping In C++, is a library ... DOWNLOAD
phpwebftp(sfnet) phpWebFTP phpWebFTP enables connections to FTP servers, e... DOWNLOAD
openpollution(sfnet) OpenPollution OpenPollution is an open distributed system bas... DOWNLOAD
thefix2(sfnet) TheFix! TheFix! is FIDOnet areafix, filefix, DNS domain... DOWNLOAD
koboldproject(sfnet) Cobalt Web Builder Cobalt Web Builder is ANOTHER WAY of authoring ... DOWNLOAD
dht-2(freshmeat) dht dht is an implementation of the BitTorrent &quo... DOWNLOAD
xmlobject(sfnet) XMLObject Python Module XMLObject gives you an easy way to parse XML in... DOWNLOAD
jnr(sfnet) Jump n' RotN Jump n' RotN is 2D arcade, physics-based game w... DOWNLOAD
putmail(sfnet) Putmail Putmail is a very lightweight MTA or SMTP clien... DOWNLOAD
lams-asp(sfnet) LAMS: Labor Auction Market Simulation LAMS: Labor Auction Market Simulation. Written ... DOWNLOAD
sumerians-ao(sfnet) SumeriansAO
featurebasedanalysis(sfnet) Feature-based Analysis This project provides 3D scale-invariant featur... DOWNLOAD
googleoauth2limited(sfnet) Oauth2 helper for google to get access tokens f... DOWNLOAD
gvcard(sfnet) gvcard Program for doing yellowpages-style searches on... DOWNLOAD
usenetgrab(sfnet) UseNetGrab The purpose of UseNetGrab is to allow forum adm... DOWNLOAD
mental-nn(sfnet) Mental Mental is a neural network engine implemented i... DOWNLOAD
rulib(sfnet) C++ Library for Windows A C++ library for the Windows platform containi... DOWNLOAD
mosinstaller(sfnet) MOSInstaller Multi Operating System Installer. Installer Sof... DOWNLOAD
usql(sfnet) uSQL* uSQL* is a command-line interface to any databa... DOWNLOAD
xgridagent(sfnet) XGridAgent A unix implementation of Apple's XGrid. It al... DOWNLOAD
dynamoserver(sfnet) DynamoServer A web server application written in C# .NET wit... DOWNLOAD
primarycryption(sfnet) Primary Cryption Primary Cryption -- a data protection tool. Us... DOWNLOAD
dtm(sfnet) DTM Controls DTM Controls is library of client-side script c... DOWNLOAD
tagnotes(sfnet) tagnotes A tag based personal note taking system, writte... DOWNLOAD
simpleregistry(sfnet) Simple Registry At the moment there are not much that can be do... DOWNLOAD
razip(sfnet) RAZip Bitstream Format The RAZip bitstream format was designed to pro... DOWNLOAD
amori(sfnet) AMORI The Automatic Model Optimization Reference Impl... DOWNLOAD
simpledevlib(sfnet) The Simple Development Library The Simple Development Library provides a frame... DOWNLOAD
mobilemp3(sfnet) Mobile MP3 Player DOWNLOAD
dical-ibd(sfnet) diCal-IBD diCal-IBD can be used for predicting identical ... DOWNLOAD
wardtrak(sfnet) WardTrak for Nurses Patient management software designed by nurses ... DOWNLOAD
wav2mp3(sfnet) wav2mp3 wav2mp3 and wav2ogg are command-line interfaces... DOWNLOAD
track-and-map(sfnet) track&map Track&Map is a tool written for the Bittorr... DOWNLOAD
spuggystats(sfnet) Spuggystats Spuggystats is a complete dynamic web statistic... DOWNLOAD
jdnet(sfnet) jdNet Framework A flexible framework for developing web applica... DOWNLOAD
ontime(sfnet) OnTime Scheduler OnTime is a light-weight scheduler/reminder app... DOWNLOAD

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