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cellumat3d(sfnet) Cellumat3D Cellumat3D is a tool for simulating and explori... DOWNLOAD
heapmalloc(sfnet) heapMalloc small fast static malloc/free library DOWNLOAD
servlet(sfnet) Snigel Servlet A minimal servlet server. DOWNLOAD
custommodnew(sfnet) Custom_mod A custom minecraft mod DOWNLOAD
mkt3002(sfnet) Marketing DOWNLOAD
spooftooph(sfnet) spooftooph Spooftooph is designed to automate spoofing or ... DOWNLOAD
psiplus(sfnet) Psi+ Psi is a cross-platform powerful XMPP/Jabber c... DOWNLOAD
l2cc(sfnet) Layer 2 Cross-Connect The Layer 2 Cross-Connect takes all packets gat... DOWNLOAD
genesisdevice(sfnet) Genesis Device Genesis Device: is a Open Source 3D engine proj...
roboweb(sfnet) RoboWeb Test Suite Generator RoboWeb is set of tools to automate the creatio... DOWNLOAD
pequel(sfnet) Pequel ETL Data Transformation Engine Comprehensive & high performance data distr... DOWNLOAD
sjadapter(sfnet) SesameJenaAdapter This project aims at providing access to a Jena... DOWNLOAD
jtransform(sfnet) JTransform JTransform is a highly configurable Java parser... DOWNLOAD
moodss(sfnet) moodss Moodss is a modular monitoring application, com... DOWNLOAD
webcounter2(sfnet) WebCounter WebCounter counts accessed uers by logo image o... DOWNLOAD
opendir(sfnet) OpenDir Protocol Webserver mod for a fancy open directory viewing. DOWNLOAD
sio2sdk3dgameen(sfnet) SIO2 SDK 3D Game Engine iPhone Azusa DDE Project is to maintain the open source tree for... DOWNLOAD
quimup(sfnet) Quimup QUIMUP is a client for the music player daemon ... DOWNLOAD
warcraftpp(sfnet) Warcraft++ No description DOWNLOAD
yggdrasil-cms(sfnet) Yggdrasil Content Managment System Yggdrasil will be a database independend Conten... DOWNLOAD
g2f3(sfnet) G2F3 Generic Game Framework in eiFFel (G2F3) aims to... DOWNLOAD
monolith(sfnet) Monolith Monolith is a simple tool that takes two arbitr... DOWNLOAD
pkt(sfnet) pkt XML Universal Packet Archiver (PKT) is a platfo... DOWNLOAD
wxphp(sfnet) wxPHP wxPHP is a php binding/wrapper for the cross-pl... DOWNLOAD
itramp(sfnet) iTramp A small personal financial accounts manager for... DOWNLOAD
curvebuilder(sfnet) CurveBuilder CurveBuilder provides the functionality for hig... DOWNLOAD
reverb-news(sfnet) Reverb News Portal Engine A news portal similar to Slashcode and Scoop de... DOWNLOAD
roptparse(sfnet) roptparse A simple Ruby OptionParser-like implementation ... DOWNLOAD
wrapi(sfnet) Wrapi 2.0 WRAPI consists of a set of wireless LAN monitor... DOWNLOAD
eaglelpkf(sfnet) Eagle + Protomat S100 Files created for the University of Oklahoma to... DOWNLOAD
jlsystem(sfnet) Java Lindenmayer System Computes and displays Lindenmayer Systems. The ... DOWNLOAD
pychelsea(sfnet) pyChelsea pyChelsea is a python based, personal, visited,... DOWNLOAD
gstreamripper(sfnet) GStreamripper Gtk GUI for streamripper. It uses the notebook ... DOWNLOAD
geninstaller(sfnet) Gentoo Installer Geninstaller is a Gentoo GNU/Linux installer sc... DOWNLOAD
ipw2200(sfnet) ipw2200 Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG Driver for Linux (802... DOWNLOAD
yaact(sfnet) Yet Another Anti Cheat Tool YAACT (Yet Another Anti Cheat Tool) is an antic... DOWNLOAD
j-updater(sfnet) JUpdater The JUpdater project is a library for updating ... DOWNLOAD
acpimon(sfnet) acpi_monitor This is a ACPI monitoring software written in P... DOWNLOAD
realitycheck(sfnet) Reality Check Reality Check is a simple, easy to use lucid dr... DOWNLOAD
divxtodvd(sfnet) DivXtoDVD A Perl script that utilizes transcode, ffmpeg, ... DOWNLOAD
linuxstok(sfnet) LinuxStok -Controle Estoque e Financeiro Criar, utilizando a linguagem PHP-GTK, um compl... DOWNLOAD
hurricanetrack(sfnet) Track This! Hurricane Tracker Track This! Hurricane Tracker is Java/Swing bas... DOWNLOAD
mundusos(sfnet) Mundus OS Mundus OS is an extension to Ubuntu which is ea... DOWNLOAD
hammer-http(sfnet) hammer-http hammer is a Http load testing tool for Unix/Lin... DOWNLOAD
ecellevent(sfnet) eCellEvent eCellEvent allows users to subscribe to events ... DOWNLOAD
textmaven(sfnet) TextMaven-Vocabulary & Dictionary tools Java based tools aiming at facilitating text un... DOWNLOAD
visualcs(sfnet) VisualCS VisualCS is a single library with clean, simple... DOWNLOAD
blukki-foe-bot(sfnet) Blukki's forge of empire bot DOWNLOAD
tap4fun(sfnet) Tap4Fun DOWNLOAD
triton57(sfnet) Triton5.7 DOWNLOAD
flr(sfnet) FLR A library of R packages for use in fisheries mo... DOWNLOAD
textwiz(sfnet) TextWiz This is an easy to use tool for the manipulatio... DOWNLOAD
aquilla(sfnet) Aquila Search for torrents around the world with this ... DOWNLOAD
ioncube-dl(sfnet) ioncube-dl he ionCube Loader is a free application that ru... DOWNLOAD
expreval(sfnet) ExprEval ExprEval pre-3.0 is a C based expression evalua... DOWNLOAD
intrasol(sfnet) Intranet Solution Modulerized intranet solution, written in PHP5.... DOWNLOAD
chryzodus(sfnet) Chryzodus, a chryzode explorer Chryzodus is a chryzode renderer using Allegro ... DOWNLOAD
magmi(freshmeat) Magmi Magmi is a mass importer for the Magento e-comm... DOWNLOAD
bitvector4j(sfnet) BitVector4J BitVector4Jは、標準のJava BitSetクラスの一般的... DOWNLOAD
renmod(sfnet) renmod renmod is a software written in C language allo... DOWNLOAD
phptags(sfnet) phptags The phptags utility makes a tags file from the ... DOWNLOAD
gwagam(sfnet) GWA Global Address Management Address and User database module Written in Bor... DOWNLOAD
mobilebroadband(sfnet) mobilebroadband Fork of DOWNLOAD
pfp-studio(sfnet) PfP Studio PfP Studio is a visual programming system for R... DOWNLOAD
infogrep(sfnet) InfoGrep Components A collection of software to implement search en... DOWNLOAD
moras(sfnet) Moras A character equipment planing tool for the MMOR... DOWNLOAD
cgi-scanner-9(sfnet) scanner CGI with access 97 Software for detecting CGI and configuration vu... DOWNLOAD
grivoc(sfnet) GriVoc GriVoc is a small vocabulary trainer for the sh... DOWNLOAD
pjer-cm(sfnet) PjEr-CM PjEr-CM is a content management framework based... DOWNLOAD
rexx-gci(sfnet) REXX GCI GCI is the Generic Call Interface for REXX inte... DOWNLOAD
schoolmedia(sfnet) SchoolMedia SchoolMedia is a simple yet powerful wiki-based... DOWNLOAD
farefetch(sfnet) farefetch Fetches British rail fares information from brf... DOWNLOAD
monetaverde(sfnet) monetaverde Moneta Verde is the first cryptocoin with block... DOWNLOAD
pah(sfnet) pah DOWNLOAD
mnbotmolitor(sfnet) Maas-Neotek TinyMUD bot+converse mode This is the Maas-Neotek Robot, sixth experiment... DOWNLOAD
t33nymud(sfnet) T33nyMUD T33nyMUD. A TinyMUD compatible mud server, with... DOWNLOAD
oradump(sfnet) oradump oradump is a cli table dumping and sql executio... DOWNLOAD
wikiviz(sfnet) WikiViz Wikiviz is an open-source wiki processing appli... DOWNLOAD
openamp(sfnet) Open-Amp Open-Amp/Lati-Player is an open source audio pl... DOWNLOAD
newage(sfnet) NewAge Proyect Newage datapack dev. DOWNLOAD
chemgame(sfnet) Chemathon Jeopardy ChemGame is the framework for the Chemical Jeop... DOWNLOAD
xmlhelper(sfnet) Java XML Helper This utility is used to creates Java object mod... DOWNLOAD
yabt(sfnet) Yet another backup tool Yet Another Backup Tool is a directory backup t... DOWNLOAD
bitquant(sfnet) bitquant This is the sourceforge site for Bitquant Resea... DOWNLOAD
cdfind(sfnet) cdfind Command line CD catalog utility with the possib... DOWNLOAD
wxextended(sfnet) wxExtended Libraries wxExtended is an collection of 'add-on' librari... DOWNLOAD
easygame(sfnet) easygame really simpe python library for graphics output... DOWNLOAD
uranium-irc(sfnet) Uranium -IRC Client Uranium -IRC Client is a IRC -Client written in... DOWNLOAD
eight(sfnet) Eight Java SCHIP-8 Emulator DOWNLOAD
rubixus(sfnet) Rubixus A 3D Rubik's cube game for 3x3x3, 4x4x4 and 5x5... DOWNLOAD
skynetservers(sfnet) SkyNet Servers DOWNLOAD
jakin(sfnet) Jakin OS JakinOS simple linux distribution for code deve... DOWNLOAD
rvautoheader(sfnet) AutoHeader A simple commandline tool to add and remove hea... DOWNLOAD
ipx10(sfnet) IP X10 X10 powerline <-> UDP/IP gateway server, ... DOWNLOAD
extract-xiso(sfnet) extract-xiso Extract-xiso is the premier backup tool for cre... DOWNLOAD
sehomework(sfnet) sehomework DOWNLOAD
checkroot(sfnet) checkroot A cracker intruding your system can hide his tr... DOWNLOAD
sharecd(sfnet) ShareCD A linux console application which rips CDs to M... DOWNLOAD
tracemarkers(sfnet) Tracemarkers DOWNLOAD
quitcount(sfnet) QuitCount A simple counter showing how much you spared si... DOWNLOAD

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