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phpmyfinance(sfnet) PHPMyFinance Finance control for small medium companies. DOWNLOAD
netpbm2gimp(freshmeat) Netpbm2Gimp Netpbm2Gimp automatically compiles the unmodifi... DOWNLOAD
itswin32service(sfnet) its.win32service DOWNLOAD
oos(freshmeat) oos OOS is a C++ object-relational mapping (ORM) fr... DOWNLOAD
appinvestmentmanagement2014v1(sfnet) AppInvestmentManagement2014v1
industrialdevicescommunication(sfnet) Industrial Devices Communication DOWNLOAD
teruf(sfnet) teruf Teruf is test project for a tracker DOWNLOAD
plainofwec(sfnet) plainofwec This is a strategy game written in java, with e... DOWNLOAD
m4sh(sfnet) m4sh The m4sh library provides a set of m4 macros fo... DOWNLOAD
meowserv(sfnet) meowserv Minecraft custom server "meowserv". w... DOWNLOAD
qadwb(sfnet) qadwb A simple and easy to use web browser for Mac. A... DOWNLOAD
djrece(sfnet) djrece DjRece es una app de Django que permite generar... DOWNLOAD
ghmidi(sfnet) ghmidi GHMidi allows Guitar Hero accessories for the W... DOWNLOAD
livechatwidgetforwebsite(sfnet) Live chat widget for WordPress blog If you have created a blog on WordPress and nee... DOWNLOAD
i5phpbridge(sfnet) i5 PHP Bridge Tying together Zend Framework, PHP/Java Bridge,... DOWNLOAD
j-utilities(sfnet) JUtilities The JUtilities project is a compilation of util... DOWNLOAD
bubblesbounce(sfnet) Bubbles and bounces A collection of different methods for implement... DOWNLOAD
squint-screen(freshmeat) squint screen squint is command that duplicates the output of... DOWNLOAD
ecspython(sfnet) ECS:Python ECS:Python (Embedded C++ Scripting with Python)... DOWNLOAD
liberopops(sfnet) LiberoPOPs liberopops is useful for users of Libero provid... DOWNLOAD
naturalplayer(sfnet) Natural Player NaturalPlayer is a cross-platform music player ... DOWNLOAD
zl5u(sfnet) zl5u 4234234234234 DOWNLOAD
opina(sfnet) Opina: Online Survey Software Opina is an online application that allows you ... DOWNLOAD
gta3mp(sfnet) Grand Theft Auto III Max Payne v1.1 DOWNLOAD
manvis(sfnet) manvis Open source, CentOS based, feature rich mail se... DOWNLOAD
mtgox_api(freshmeat) mtgox_api mtgox_api is a Python implementation of the Mt ... DOWNLOAD
yetris-yetris(sfnet) yetris yetris is a customizable Tetris(tm) clone for t... DOWNLOAD
nepaliromanizedpro-osx(sfnet) Nepali Romanized Pro (for MacOS / OSX) This is a package that installs Unicode Nepali ... DOWNLOAD
crudasm9(sfnet) crudasm9 CRUDASM9 is an open-source disassembler for x86... DOWNLOAD
peterhi(sfnet) PeterHi Education Tools PeterHi is an initiative to provide a set of to... DOWNLOAD
evrak-takip-programi(sfnet) Evrak Takip Programı Yazılı / basılı materyalin dijital ortamda sakl... DOWNLOAD
magellan-colo(sfnet) Magellan Complete solution to monitor packet loss betwee... DOWNLOAD
fxfloorboard(sfnet) GT Fx FloorBoard Editors for the BOSS GT-3, GT-5, GT-6, GT-8, GT... DOWNLOAD
vlqstream(sfnet) vlqstream A Variable Length Quantity streamer. Read and w... DOWNLOAD
ppvimage(sfnet) ppvimage tool This is the site for distribution of the Perl-b... DOWNLOAD
hls(freshmeat) homeLANsecurity homeLANsecurity is a series of shell scripts fo... DOWNLOAD
preparse(freshmeat) PreParse PreParse is a library designed to simplify Web ... DOWNLOAD
tree-generator(freshmeat) Tree Generator Tree Generator is a .NET library for generating... DOWNLOAD
check-esx-plugin(freshmeat) Check ESX Plugin Check ESX is a plugin developed to be used prim... DOWNLOAD
dbdir(freshmeat) dbDir dbDir (Database Directory) is a directory servi... DOWNLOAD
liberorm(freshmeat) LiberORM LiberORM is a class that can be used to store a... DOWNLOAD
opencms-ant-build(freshmeat) OpenCms ANT build OpenCms ANT Build allows multiple OpenCms devel... DOWNLOAD
coronis-test(freshmeat) Coronis Test Coronis Test is an HTML test framework based on... DOWNLOAD
antville(freshmeat) Antville Antville is high performance, feature rich webl... DOWNLOAD
sketchboard(sfnet) sketchboard SketchBoard is a 3D software that can convert y... DOWNLOAD
rtf2html(sfnet) rtf2html converter RTF to HTML converter for use both with your ap... DOWNLOAD
wgphpbbmods(sfnet) phpBB Modifications Modifications for phpBB forums. DOWNLOAD
mysql-iptables(sfnet) mysql-iptables mysql-iptables collects an iptables chain list ... DOWNLOAD
tarn(sfnet) TARN An IDE project in D for everybody. Basic featur... DOWNLOAD
openicq(sfnet) OpenICQ OpenICQ is a simple ICQ-Clone written in JAVA p... DOWNLOAD
nwnede(sfnet) Ghanima This project aims to create a dialog editor to ... DOWNLOAD
coltoo(sfnet) Colonization too The colonization too project is an initiative o... DOWNLOAD
csinterpolation(sfnet) CubicSplineInterpolation Cubic Spline Interpolation example using Vanaga... DOWNLOAD
lcunited(sfnet) LCUnitedClient
imdev(sfnet) imDEV Project imDEV is an application of RExcel, whic... DOWNLOAD
simteec(sfnet) Simteec - Simple Templates for Eclipse Simteec is a small plugin for the Eclipse IDE f... DOWNLOAD
limbopcemulator(sfnet) limbo pc emulator A x86 emulator for android. NOTE: This used to... DOWNLOAD
osm2shpjava(sfnet) OSM2SHP Java A very simple command line tool to convert OSM ... DOWNLOAD
nxstk(sfnet) NXS Toolkit The NXS Toolkit is a set of individual modules ... DOWNLOAD
nohibernate(sfnet) nohibernate Es Una implementation que extiende el driver Jd... DOWNLOAD
kbbs(sfnet) kbbs phUploader最新汉化版免费下载! DOWNLOAD
notas(sfnet) Notas Notas es una aplicacion web php+mysql que permi... DOWNLOAD
diagram-drawer(sfnet) Diagram Drawer A program to draw concept maps and flow charts DOWNLOAD
ogema(sfnet) ogema First Open Source Operating System for Smart Gr... DOWNLOAD
cellphonespy(sfnet) iSpyoo Cell Phone Spy DOWNLOAD
e-athena(sfnet) e-Athena eAthena is an open-source project, emulating a ... DOWNLOAD
ooo-shqip(sfnet) Shqip - Albanian Localization of in Albanian (sq) DOWNLOAD
libbbb(sfnet) libbbb The library groups common code used in some app... DOWNLOAD
vowlcounter(sfnet) VowlCounter As the short summary says, this program can be ... DOWNLOAD
siteannonce(sfnet) Site Annonce DOWNLOAD
itassist(sfnet) itassist this application is assist to help IT managemen...
magicjar(freshmeat) magic.jar magic.jar is a command line tool that allows yo... DOWNLOAD
ooprint(sfnet) ooPrint Delphi library for printing reports to OpenOffice. DOWNLOAD
vilaug(sfnet) VilAug - Framework for Visual Languages The VilAug framework for visual linguistics! Th... DOWNLOAD
gpm-clamantivirus(sfnet) GPM Clam AntiVirus A powerful OpenSource Antivirus for your PC, in... DOWNLOAD
biomechanical-toolkit(freshmeat) Biomechanical ToolKit Biomechanical ToolKit (BTK) is a cross-platform... DOWNLOAD
mp3tomidchung(sfnet) mp3tomid_chung mp3tomid chung is a realtime free mp3 to midi c... DOWNLOAD
dofuscodegen(sfnet) DofusCodeGen DofusCodeGen = Kamas !! DOWNLOAD
openalpr(freshmeat) OpenALPR OpenALPR is an automated license plate recognit... DOWNLOAD
instantclick(freshmeat) InstantClick InstantClick is a JavaScript library that makes... DOWNLOAD
beldi(sfnet) beldi BeLDi, the Belug (Linux) Distribution Burner, i... DOWNLOAD
toastmount(sfnet) ToastMount Mount ISO and other disk images on your desktop... DOWNLOAD
udop(sfnet) udop Unsupervised data-oriented parsing model put fo... DOWNLOAD
rsbuddyslayersc(sfnet) rsbuddyslayersc A public open source script for RSBuddy, feel f... DOWNLOAD
weightlossperio(sfnet) Weight Loss Period Calculator A Simple application to calculate your fat loss... DOWNLOAD
stm8samples(sfnet) stm8_samples This is some simple samples for STM8. Compile w...
furcharchlinuxguiinstaller(sfnet) Fu-rch Fu-rch has changed to Evo/Lution! NEW DOWNLOAD:...
labelkiwi(sfnet) kiwi PHP class for generate pdf labels : http://kiwi... DOWNLOAD
geoinvader(sfnet) GeoInvader Starting out as an attempt to clone space invad... DOWNLOAD
lsroot(sfnet) lsRoot Command Utility to dump contents of ROOT files ... DOWNLOAD
jtracer(freshmeat) jTracer jTracer is a visualization tool for libcsdbg. ... DOWNLOAD
paranoid-telnetd(freshmeat) Paranoid TelnetD Paranoid TelnetD is written in straight C with ... DOWNLOAD
egyptiansenet(sfnet) Egyptian Senet Senet is a game found in many Ancient Egyptian ... DOWNLOAD
task-crunsher(freshmeat) Task Crunsher Task Crunsher is a simple tool to execute multi... DOWNLOAD
phpfileutils(sfnet) PHP file utils Friendly php unix command-line file utils like ... DOWNLOAD
vb6mousewheelfix(sfnet) VB6MouseWheelFix VB6 Addon that fixes VB6 Code Window IDE to pro... DOWNLOAD
ttt-with-ai(sfnet) ttt-with-ai Another project based on the famous Tic-Tac-Toe... DOWNLOAD
yasm3d(sfnet) YASM3D, Yet Another Simple Modeler 3D YASM3D : Yet Another Simple Modeler 3D is an Op... DOWNLOAD
timevault(sfnet) TimeVault Backup and Snapshot TimeVault is a simple GUI for making automated ... DOWNLOAD
atex(sfnet) Atex Atex takes text as input, checks it using so-ca... DOWNLOAD

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