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regulartask(sfnet) Regular Regular reminds you to do tasks in your househo... DOWNLOAD
coffeandeasytimetracker(sfnet) EasyTimeTracker Track your worked time easily DOWNLOAD
unmost(sfnet) Universal Modding Studio Universal Modding Studio DOWNLOAD
wrdmappr(sfnet) wrdmappr wrdmappr version 01 DOWNLOAD
sfure(sfnet) sfure SfuRe is a set of bash scripts for linux DOWNLOAD
gaffitter(sfnet) Genetic Algorithm File Fitter Genetic Algorithm File Fitter, GAFFitter for sh... DOWNLOAD
enhancedphptimeclock(sfnet) Enhanced PHP Timeclock This is the enhanced PHP Timeclock; a web based... DOWNLOAD
axelframework(sfnet) Axel Web Framework The AXEL framework extends XML and HTML, adding... DOWNLOAD
elmocomp(sfnet) elmocomp C++ software which implements serial and parall... DOWNLOAD
opencomic(sfnet) OpenComic OpenComic is a CMS built primarily for webcomic... DOWNLOAD
trillianstatus(sfnet) TrillianStatus Webstatus of Trillian DOWNLOAD
picasakml(sfnet) PicasaKML Picasa KML is a servlet that serves KML for ima... DOWNLOAD
jogo1(sfnet) jogo1 Olá este é um teste DOWNLOAD
greeksea(sfnet) GreekSEA This is GreekSEA' Source Code DOWNLOAD
wawision(sfnet) wawision open source erp system DOWNLOAD
zenglox(sfnet) zenglox zenglOX类Unix操作系统 DOWNLOAD
gccfss(sfnet) gccfss GCCfss is a free compiler based on GCC for SPAR... DOWNLOAD
gleditor(sfnet) gleditor A small programmer's editor whith syntax highli... DOWNLOAD
gevice(sfnet) Gevice, GNOME Network Device Manager Gevice is a tool for the administration of netw... DOWNLOAD
phpsecaudit(sfnet) phpsecaudit This is an open source tool to do static analys... DOWNLOAD
runsmth(sfnet) runsmth runsmth - Run Something is a tiny program launc... DOWNLOAD
nhunspelldelphi(sfnet) nhunspelldelphi Delphi implementation of the Hunspell spelling ... DOWNLOAD
jmat(freshmeat) Jmat.js Jmat.js provides complex special functions, num... DOWNLOAD
taiztv(sfnet) taiztv DOWNLOAD
walkgeek(sfnet) walkgeek DOWNLOAD
bazargani(sfnet) bazargani DOWNLOAD
jali(sfnet) jALI java Android Layer for Interaction. DOWNLOAD
renapp(sfnet) RenApp This Small Script renames files of specified ex... DOWNLOAD
bitme(sfnet) BitMe BitMe is a DivX bitrate, file size, and data ra... DOWNLOAD
flex-cc(sfnet) Flexible currency converter Flexible currency converter is JAVA library whi... DOWNLOAD
virt-ca-tools(sfnet) virt-ca-tools A simple set of scripts and tools for creating ... DOWNLOAD
aimap(sfnet) iMAP iMAP is a tool to auto-compile & install My... DOWNLOAD
apozh(sfnet) Apozh Apozh is a game similar to karaoke for 2 or mor... DOWNLOAD
todoenunops2(sfnet) todoenunops2 Todo En Uno PS2 by airam1809 DOWNLOAD
cdpdai(sfnet) Cuaderno del Profesor Cuaderno del profesor para clase DOWNLOAD
remote-admin(sfnet) easyaccess The Remote Admin will be capable of connecting ... DOWNLOAD
hssh(sfnet) HSSH HSSH (Hybrid ssh) is developing to transmit the... DOWNLOAD
fatx(sfnet) FATX Complete FATX filesystem support including: - m... DOWNLOAD
planrcku(sfnet) RCKU App Plan Lekcji RCKU jest to prosta aplikacja, przy... DOWNLOAD
mastermindkc(sfnet) Master Mind KC This is a console game that you should guess a ... DOWNLOAD
cmsformulasi(sfnet) CMS FORMULASI Content Management System Forum Multimedia Eduk... DOWNLOAD
pdf-text-extractor(freshmeat) PDF Text Extractor PDF Text Extractor is a class that extracts tex... DOWNLOAD
luminescence(freshmeat) Luminescence Luminescence is an application for generating H... DOWNLOAD
sanzang(freshmeat) Sanzang Sanzang is a compact and simple cross-platform ... DOWNLOAD
frieda(freshmeat) Frieda Frieda is a simple server for your music collec... DOWNLOAD
treeandrefresh2(sfnet) Tree and refresher Tree and Refresher let you run tree and refresh... DOWNLOAD
ssh-gui(freshmeat) ssh-gui ssh-gui is a front end and configuration tool f... DOWNLOAD
sourcemagic(freshmeat) SourceMagic SourceMagic is a PHP object generator. SourceMa... DOWNLOAD
divalign(freshmeat) Divalign Divalign is a DokuWiki plugin that provides a s... DOWNLOAD
naev(sfnet) naev Naev is a 2D space trading and combat game, in ... DOWNLOAD
yumoncd(sfnet) YUMonCD A small tool to backup all the rpms from yum di... DOWNLOAD
jdesigner(sfnet) Systems Biology Software Project This site hosts the source code for C++ version... DOWNLOAD
rinuxcvc(sfnet) Canary A New OS That Uses the hash file system DOWNLOAD
squirrelsh(freshmeat) Squirrel Shell Squirrel Shell is a cross-platform alternative ... DOWNLOAD
mongoapp(sfnet) MongoApp MongoApp is a GUI based tool that allows you to... DOWNLOAD
tacshell(sfnet) tacshell DOWNLOAD
jmeercat(sfnet) jmeercat DOWNLOAD
sos-tunes(sfnet) sos playlist GUI Specialized SOS playlist and multimedia library... DOWNLOAD
uqbk(sfnet) uQBK This is meant for teachers and students who wis... DOWNLOAD
rapidcharting(freshmeat) RAPID Analysis Program for Investment Decisions RAPID provides stock/commodity charts, buy/sel... DOWNLOAD
webnibs(sfnet) webnibs PHP WEB interface for FreeNIBS DOWNLOAD
php-error(freshmeat) PHP Error PHP Error aims to make understanding initial er... DOWNLOAD
windowsvumeter(sfnet) Windows VU Meter Windows VU Meter is a standalone application th... DOWNLOAD
c-ray(sfnet) C-ray C-ray is a volume raycasting software optimized... DOWNLOAD
bilans(sfnet) Bilans - power of simplicity Standard accounting software, designed speciall... DOWNLOAD
mecca-framework(sfnet) Portal based framework This project has been transfered to the new pro... DOWNLOAD
websitecheck(sfnet) websitecheck Implementer SWT standalone application to contr... DOWNLOAD
qtestlibtestrun(sfnet) QTestLib TestRunner Simple test runner for QTestLib tests. Allows t... DOWNLOAD
sopwich(sfnet) Sopwich What I always missed in good old Sopwith by Dav... DOWNLOAD
roxterm(sfnet) RoxTerm A tabbed, vte- (GTK+) based terminal emulator p... DOWNLOAD
immutables(freshmeat) Immutables Immutables allows you to embrace immutablity to... DOWNLOAD
opendlx(sfnet) openDLX openDLX is a DLX/MIPS ISA compatible pipeline s... DOWNLOAD
hoasenvanno(sfnet) Hoa Sen Vẫn Nở Một ngày đã qua Mạng cũng giảm dần Như cá thiếu... DOWNLOAD
dbvcfsplitter(sfnet) dbVcfSplitter - vCard Splitter You can export Google contacts and import to yo... DOWNLOAD
jquerylogging(sfnet) jquery.logging Logging values in jQuery to the console if avai... DOWNLOAD
hideunhide-mac(sfnet) Hide-UnHide Hide-UnHide makes viewing hidden files and fold... DOWNLOAD
linuxwacom(sfnet) Linux Wacom Tablet Project This project manages the libraries, configurati... DOWNLOAD
photomove(sfnet) Photomove Slideshow Photomove Slideshow is a simple application for... DOWNLOAD
os-3(sfnet) OS3 DOWNLOAD
blast2kegg(sfnet) Blast2KEGG Blast2KEGG provides an approach mapping predict... DOWNLOAD
catainstall(sfnet) Cataclysm Installer Grâce à votre utilitaire Cataclysm Installer 3v... DOWNLOAD
systemcenter(sfnet) Systemcenter Systemcenter is a configuration tool for your s... DOWNLOAD
netbag(sfnet) netbag DOWNLOAD
peel-shopping(sfnet) PEEL Shopping : eCommerce shopping cart PEEL Shopping is an eCommerce shopping cart app... DOWNLOAD
buran(sfnet) Buran Buran is a content/community management system ... DOWNLOAD
dirtyfaces(sfnet) Dirty Faces DOWNLOAD
vmware-vsphere(sfnet) vmware-vsphere VMware-vSphere-Perl-SDK-4.1.0 DOWNLOAD
jtor(sfnet) ThOR - Java Test Object Recorder Record the state or behavior of live Java objec... DOWNLOAD
tiredman-bukkit(sfnet) tiredman-bukkit Minecraft Bukkit plugin DOWNLOAD
pxeserver(sfnet) PXE server A Small PXE server providing PXE booting service. DOWNLOAD
thebasicplayer(sfnet) The Basic Player DOWNLOAD
stormychansanime(sfnet) Stormy-chan's Anime Lister This is a small windows application that makes ... DOWNLOAD
tanjungpriok(sfnet) Tanjung Priok A server application, a TELNET server, which ma... DOWNLOAD
vsam(sfnet) vsam Vsam (Vulnerabillity, Scanning, Analysis and Ma... DOWNLOAD
textconvrt(sfnet) textconvrt Convert ANSI (ARMSCII-8) text to Unicode (UFT-8... DOWNLOAD
hkino(sfnet) Handykino Download DOWNLOAD
managing-z(sfnet) mz Mz is a set of bash scripts to do systems manag... DOWNLOAD
vrecko(sfnet) vrecko Vrecko is a component-based system capable of m... DOWNLOAD
ktcs(sfnet) TCS TCS (Task Checking System) is the system for ch... DOWNLOAD
phpmyfinance(sfnet) PHPMyFinance Finance control for small medium companies. DOWNLOAD

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