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phpwind9(sfnet) phpwind DOWNLOAD
graphicsmidterm(sfnet) GraphicsMidterm Through this project we will write a GLUT/OpenG... DOWNLOAD
ogiga-podium(sfnet) ogiga | Podium ogiga | Podium is a Model-View-Controller for P... DOWNLOAD
backupme(sfnet) backUp__me DOWNLOAD
audfilesconverter(sfnet) .aud (.AMR) files converter for Linux Convert .aud files to wav for Linux .aud files... DOWNLOAD
gray-code(sfnet) gray-code Gray-Code Converter. Decimal to Gray-Code. Gray...
madwimax-ui(sfnet) madwimax-ui GUI-client for WiMax networks (like a Yota 4G).... DOWNLOAD
pyares(sfnet) pyares pyAres is a P2P program written in Python that ... DOWNLOAD
lmcipher(sfnet) lmcipher An encryption standard based on the chaotic pro... DOWNLOAD
virtuellemaschi(sfnet) virtuellemaschi Hier findet ihr verschiedene VM's!
tst(sfnet) Tissue Simulation Toolkit Tissue Simulation Toolkit is a two-dimensional ... DOWNLOAD
kbjquery(sfnet) kbjquery jquery plugins developed by kb DOWNLOAD
wave(sfnet) Wave Database Interface This interface provides a consistent, fast, and... DOWNLOAD
bandsaw(sfnet) bandsaw Band Saw is a syslog monitoring program for GNO... DOWNLOAD
bph(sfnet) BasePlayerHistory Utility to parse Enhanced Dismount Instrumentat... DOWNLOAD
ds3tool(sfnet) MotionInJoy DS3 Tool MotioninJoy drives your Playstation 3 controlle... DOWNLOAD
de-autodoc(sfnet) DE AutoDoc This command line tool generates automated API ... DOWNLOAD
pycomtstr(sfnet) Python Comments Translator Translate comments of Python programs into your... DOWNLOAD
pujacountdown(sfnet) Puja Countdown Countdown timer for Durga Puja and Kali Puja/Di... DOWNLOAD
libregeo(sfnet) LibreGeoJS Open-source software for geodesy and land surve... DOWNLOAD
templateapp(sfnet) TemplateApp Lazarus template application project with full ... DOWNLOAD
bpex(sfnet) BPeX: Business Processes in XML BPeX is a new XML-Schema model (based upon BPMN... DOWNLOAD
aimiproject(sfnet) AimiProject DOWNLOAD
captureonair(sfnet) CaptureOnAir Desktop Application take screen snapshot , and... DOWNLOAD
jpgraph(sfnet) jpgraph JpGraph is a Object-Oriented Graph creation lib... DOWNLOAD
wztip(sfnet) wz_tip wz_tip is a cross-browser JavaScript Library to... DOWNLOAD
sizoop(sfnet) SiZoop SiZoop, Simple zooming presentations, is a simp... DOWNLOAD
evemon2(sfnet) EVEMon EVEMon is a lightweight, easy-to-use standalone... DOWNLOAD
infermrs(sfnet) MRI Typo: our work has been submitted to ASE 2014. ... DOWNLOAD
gmcfosho(sfnet) Test DOWNLOAD
samoth(sfnet) Samoth Samoth is an OpenSource RPG project, in a medie... DOWNLOAD
nimo(sfnet) Nimo Nimo is a small java library that detects chang... DOWNLOAD
arfxfcedev(sfnet) Arf Linux XFCE Edition DOWNLOAD
testlayouts(sfnet) testlayouts DOWNLOAD
wkhtmltopdf(sfnet) wkhtmltopdf wkhtmltopdf and wkhtmltoimage are command line ... DOWNLOAD
juliadeps-win(sfnet) Julia dependencies for Windows DOWNLOAD
printdir(sfnet) Print Directory (pd) This program will read the current directory or... DOWNLOAD
oveplayer(sfnet) OvePlayer OvePlayer is a player for both music notation t...
dcjuc(sfnet) DCJUC DOWNLOAD
extract(sfnet) extract Extract is an Web Information Management System... DOWNLOAD
icewm(sfnet) icewm icewm is a window manager for the X Window Syst... DOWNLOAD
usbskin2010rev3(sfnet) usbskin2010rev3 This application will transform your Windows XP... DOWNLOAD
precompiledbin(sfnet) precompiledbin Building kcachegrind (http://kcachegrind.source... DOWNLOAD
runeware(sfnet) runeware Un software per gestire le vostre cronache di R... DOWNLOAD
dune-ppi(sfnet) DUNE DUNE (DUplication & NEofunctionalization) i... DOWNLOAD
gmcq(sfnet) gmcq DOWNLOAD
pyqscore(sfnet) pyqscore DOWNLOAD
scattered(sfnet) Scattered Scattered is a multi-platform survival game cur... DOWNLOAD
wordlistgenerat(sfnet) wordlistgenerat This program is a small word list (dictionary) ... DOWNLOAD
ky-language(sfnet) ky-language Ky is dialect of Brainfuck. DOWNLOAD
quadrayengine(sfnet) QuadRay-engine QuadRay engine is a realtime raytracer project ... DOWNLOAD
facturasimple(sfnet) Factura Simple for MS-Access 2000 Factura Simple is an easy software to create in... DOWNLOAD
jeasonpro(sfnet) jeasonpro this is my first project. DOWNLOAD
obscenity-mcdl(sfnet) MCDL For those that run Minecraft™ through a SOCKSv5... DOWNLOAD
keycodes(sfnet) Key Codes Type something and hold it down if its a modifi... DOWNLOAD
ironhelpdesk(sfnet) ironhelpdesk This is a ticketing system plus customer databa... DOWNLOAD
xake(sfnet) XAKE Engine Direct3D Quake3 file viewer. DOWNLOAD
hippocms(sfnet) Hippo CMS Hippo CMS is a Java based, Open Source Web Cont... DOWNLOAD
openotp-authentication-plugin-(freshmeat) OpenOTP Authentication Plugin Drupal OpenOTP Authentication Plugin Drupal is a Drupa... DOWNLOAD
warioworld(sfnet) warioworld Released under the BSD Revised license with XCo... DOWNLOAD
bpetool(sfnet) Business Process Engine Business Process Engine (BPE) is an implementat... DOWNLOAD
sheamcflippenwaffles(sfnet) Shea McFlippenwaffles Shea McFlippenwaffles stars in his first video ... DOWNLOAD
dfsgdf(sfnet) 开始 地方更多人 DOWNLOAD
pdijira(sfnet) pdi-jira Using this PDI plugin you can connect any JIRA ... DOWNLOAD
constantads(sfnet) Ad Cycle [To be deleted] DOWNLOAD
transsoft(sfnet) Transformer design software DOWNLOAD
jrtutorial(sfnet) JRTutorialSamples Samples of my JasperReports Tutorial. The tutor... DOWNLOAD
sdi(sfnet) Instant Diagnose System SDI is a simple and scalable system to Diagnose... DOWNLOAD
convmultimidia(sfnet) convmultimidia This is a front end to convert multimedia files... DOWNLOAD
dorobo(sfnet) Dorobo A Project from the Fachhochschule Dortmund (Uni... DOWNLOAD
bifrozt(sfnet) Bifrozt Bifrozt is configured to act as a firewall/NAT ... DOWNLOAD
parallel-genseng(sfnet) Parallel GENSENG Parallel GENSENG is a parallel implementation o... DOWNLOAD
linuxperformancemonintoring(sfnet) Redhat Linux Oracle OVM Systems Monitor It's a very light Redhat Linux and Oracle OVM S... DOWNLOAD
unitcpp(freshmeat) UnitCPP UnitCPP is a simple unit test for c++. Only one... DOWNLOAD
tifacturas(sfnet) tifacturas TI Facturas es el software imprescindible e ide... DOWNLOAD
moveanything(sfnet) Move Anything Move Anything, allows you to filter your files ... DOWNLOAD
jmt(freshmeat) JMT JMT (Java MP3 Tagger) is an advanced MP3 tag ed... DOWNLOAD
vimpc(freshmeat) vimpc vimpc is a curses-based client for the Music Pl... DOWNLOAD
lab13(sfnet) Lab13 DOWNLOAD
su4jd(sfnet) su4jd SU4JD is a whole of tools that help a java deve... DOWNLOAD
osld(sfnet) osld ewrewrewrewrewrewrewrere DOWNLOAD
nmapworker(sfnet) nmapworker NmapWorker polls a jobDirectory, executes nmap ... DOWNLOAD
scheme7(sfnet) scheme7 Scheme7 is a single player action role-playing ... DOWNLOAD
qips(sfnet) qips qips is a software package for analyzing ChIP-s... DOWNLOAD
smpush(sfnet) School_Manager DOWNLOAD
libdms(sfnet) libdms C++ cover to some of UNIX system programming t... DOWNLOAD
xmem(sfnet) xmem XMEM Extended C/C++ Dynamic Memory Control and ... DOWNLOAD
testebr(sfnet) testebr leonardotesteparaupdate DOWNLOAD
jfphp-core(sfnet) jfphp-core jfPHP.Core is a free framework for PHP 5.3. It'... DOWNLOAD
fgtsw(sfnet) fgtsw DOWNLOAD
unsupervisedpy(sfnet) UnsupervisedPy This is a library for python containing popular... DOWNLOAD
jdnormanfurnacetiming(sfnet) JD Norman - Furnace Timing Program used for the scheduling of parts in the... DOWNLOAD
blackberydevarg(sfnet) blackberydevarg Proyecto de ejemplo para BlackBerry Developers ... DOWNLOAD
beta6(sfnet) beta6 Repositorio de codigos beta6 DOWNLOAD
triog(sfnet) triog Shoot em' up/RACE 2D Game Programmed in C++ wit... DOWNLOAD
tocc(freshmeat) TOCC TOCC is a Tool for Obsessive Compulsive Classif... DOWNLOAD
rafts3(sfnet) RAFTS3 RAFTS3 can perform high-speed protein search co... DOWNLOAD
rtemsfedoraappl(sfnet) rtemsfedoraappl Hosting site for RTEMS Fedora Virtual Machine. DOWNLOAD
gxdlmsdirector(sfnet) GuruxDLMSDirector GXDLMSDirector is moved to GitHub. http://githu... DOWNLOAD
antibullyingribbon(sfnet) Anti-Bullying Ribbon DOWNLOAD

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