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folderraid(sfnet) folderraid Real-Time Backup and synchronization for folder... DOWNLOAD
actionscript(sfnet) ActionScript FEAR The ActionScript Flash Extension and Applicatio... DOWNLOAD
mrviewer(sfnet) mrViewer A video player, interactive image viewer, and f... DOWNLOAD
libmom(sfnet) libMoM libMoM : A C++ library for stochastic simulatio... DOWNLOAD
atod2012(sfnet) atod2012 DOWNLOAD
carrotgarden-scr(freshmeat) CarrotGarden SCR CarrotGarden SCR provides an OSGI Service-Compo... DOWNLOAD
programopenkeep(sfnet) programopenkeep ProgramOpenKeeper is a small tool, which acts a... DOWNLOAD
baixa(sfnet) baiXa baiXa is a tool that lets you to create a text ... DOWNLOAD
prismsdk(sfnet) Prism3D SDK A toolkit for interfacing with all files relate... DOWNLOAD
networkreconnec(sfnet) networkreconnec A program written in C# disconnect / recconect ... DOWNLOAD
haweather(sfnet) HelloAndroid_WeatherDemo DOWNLOAD
kompromisshelp(sfnet) kompromisshelp DOWNLOAD
carbonite-is(sfnet) carbonite-is Garrysmod / CSSのサーバーのコンテンツは、プログ... DOWNLOAD
srcmanager(sfnet) srcmanager Program to implement a versioning software for ... DOWNLOAD
hospitalsmanagementsoftware(sfnet) hospitals management software DOWNLOAD
pdsssl(sfnet) pdsssl An extension of project darkstar server (former... DOWNLOAD
alphabravo3(sfnet) test tes tttewaerafdasfdareaqreqr eard DOWNLOAD
pdcssl(sfnet) pdcssl An extension of the java client api for Project... DOWNLOAD
elckerlyc(sfnet) elckerlyc Elckerlyc is a BML compliant behavior realizer ... DOWNLOAD
unturnedlives(sfnet) unturned lives DOWNLOAD
olcnet(sfnet) OneLineOfCode.NET Years of projects and code re-use have driven m... DOWNLOAD
testium(sfnet) Testium A very Flexible and Plugin-able Test Automation... DOWNLOAD
cutoptima(sfnet) CutOptima DOWNLOAD
coremuantilag(sfnet) CoreMU-Anti lag DOWNLOAD
lundi(sfnet) lundi A command-line note-taking program written in c++ DOWNLOAD
hl2rp(sfnet) hl2rp -This is a very extensive mod covering almost e... DOWNLOAD
geditthemes(sfnet) Gedit Themes Themes for the gedit text editor. DOWNLOAD
linger(freshmeat) Linger Linger is a task management application for KDE... DOWNLOAD
gamerunner(freshmeat) GameRunner GameRunner is an Openmoko Linux distribution. I... DOWNLOAD
cg-pipeline(sfnet) CG-Pipeline A computational genomics pipeline for prokaryot... DOWNLOAD
ktohttpd(sfnet) ktohttpd KtoHTTPD is a free, simple, tiny (1 java file!)... DOWNLOAD
communicode(sfnet) CommuniCode CommuniCode is a community code sharing system ... DOWNLOAD
ssolver(sfnet) ssolver This software has mainly 2 parts.first one is t... DOWNLOAD
relartist(sfnet) Relational Artist Relational Artist provides a generic paging sol... DOWNLOAD
wm-converter(sfnet) Weights and Measures Converter This software provides a quick command line con... DOWNLOAD
edc(sfnet) Electrical Device Control By Linux This Project will tell you how to use Linux to ... DOWNLOAD
wordkit(sfnet) wordkit caoxj's android project DOWNLOAD
inventoryconvt(sfnet) Private Label Inventory Converter This program is for distributors to private lab... DOWNLOAD
svitanok(sfnet) Svitanok Content Management System A Small CMS, using PHP and MYSQL, it will run o... DOWNLOAD
graoumftracker2(sfnet) Graoumf Tracker 2 Graoumf Tracker 2 is a soundtracker for Windows... DOWNLOAD
valuhack(sfnet) ValuHack Multi-Language LART Valuhack is a collaborative effort of a variety... DOWNLOAD
perlorb(sfnet) Perl ORB The Perl ORB is an implementation of a CORBA OR... DOWNLOAD
jchassis(sfnet) JChassis JChassis is a lightweight component framework f... DOWNLOAD
jarps(sfnet) JaRPS : another RolePlaying System JaRPS is (yet) another open RolePlaying System.... DOWNLOAD
mamut(sfnet) MAMUT Anywhere Mail Utility MAMUT Anywhere Mail Utility is a Mail Client co... DOWNLOAD
cmsdeploy(sfnet) CMSDeploy CMS Deploy is an Apache Ant Task to submit file... DOWNLOAD
spinner-wiki(sfnet) Spinner Wiki Spinner Wiki is an offshoot of Dolphin Wiki (na... DOWNLOAD
tz7(sfnet) tz7 Verplaatsen van foto en videobestanden van de g... DOWNLOAD
smsfrenzylite(sfnet) smsfrenzylite SMS Frenzy lite is a Free Software that sends B... DOWNLOAD
easyancestra(sfnet) EasyAncestra Nouveau emulateur dofus DOWNLOAD
exocoin(sfnet) eXocoin official eXocoin 2nd gen crypto currency projec... DOWNLOAD
sismosperu(sfnet) Sismos Peru Aplicacion Android La aplicación se conecta diractamente con el In...
ocaml-glpk(sfnet) ocaml-glpk OCaml bindings for the GLPK (GNU Linear Program... DOWNLOAD
arabic-wordlist(sfnet) Arabic Wordlist for Spellchecking Arabic word list for spell checking containing ... DOWNLOAD
privdatastrip(sfnet) PersonalDataStripper PersonalDataStripper is a tool to export data f... DOWNLOAD
testin(sfnet) test DOWNLOAD
zjxtest(sfnet) test No description DOWNLOAD
jsonforawk(sfnet) jsonforawk Library of AWK code to parse & format JSON ... DOWNLOAD
sendmailanalyzer(freshmeat) SendmailAnalyzer Sendmail Analyzer is a tool to monitor sendmail... DOWNLOAD
springandhibernate(sfnet) SpringAndHibernate DOWNLOAD
opendkim(freshmeat) opendkim OpenDKIM is a DKIM implementation with both a C... DOWNLOAD
ctctcsharplib(sfnet) ctctcsharplib C#.NET Constant Contact API Library DOWNLOAD
memooojkt48(sfnet) Memooo JKT48 JKT48 adalah idol grup terbesar di Indonesia. K... DOWNLOAD
mrtools(sfnet) MrTools Mrtools (Multi remote tools) are a set of multi... DOWNLOAD
simplefootie(sfnet) SimpleFootie From prequel to openfootie towards an umbrella ... DOWNLOAD
mdk-ut(sfnet) UT Extra Packages for Mandriva Experimental i18n packages for Mandriva Linux DOWNLOAD
aamp(sfnet) AAMP AAMP- Advanced AutoIt Media Player Media player... DOWNLOAD
mmodogecoinfaucet(sfnet) MMO DogeCoin Faucet The MMO is a top-down 2D game that pits players... DOWNLOAD
legifymaps(sfnet) legifymaps Legify's publicly shared maps for free. DOWNLOAD
displex(sfnet) displex DisPlex (indicator-displex) provides an AppIndi... DOWNLOAD
noin(sfnet) Noin No description DOWNLOAD
alignment(sfnet) CTexT Alignment Interface Align parallel corpora on sentence level DOWNLOAD
mazereen(sfnet) mazereen a game in which I have so far developed you are... DOWNLOAD
linux4j(sfnet) linux4j Yaoqiang Linux is a custom Linux Distribution b... DOWNLOAD
tp3xmlskarekristina(sfnet) TP3-XML_SkareKristina DOWNLOAD
lptstextbook(sfnet) lptstextbook A calculator for use at Louisville Presbyterian... DOWNLOAD
webdice(sfnet) webdice This project is a dice rolling library written ... DOWNLOAD
svnmanager(freshmeat) SVNManager SVNManager is a Web-based administration tool f... DOWNLOAD
kckprojektinformatyka(sfnet) KCK-projekt-Informatyka DOWNLOAD
boxycmsfreeandlightweightcms(sfnet) boxyCMS free and lightweight cms No SQL database needed. Ultra light CMS with ea... DOWNLOAD
fronteirafm(sfnet) Fronteirafm Uma rádio FM que só otca música country DOWNLOAD
listbox(sfnet) listbox Framework for testing of Linux system call. It ... DOWNLOAD
itcards(sfnet) itcards The project for "drawing" Intelligenc... DOWNLOAD
jammyproject(sfnet) jammyproject jammy ( JAva MultiMedia Yeeahhh :) ) is a platf... DOWNLOAD
mygogrinder(sfnet) MyGoGrinder MyGoGrinder is a Java program to solve Go (Weiq... DOWNLOAD
bulksmsapi(sfnet) BulkSMS API BulkSMS PHP API script for Sending SMS Alerts R... DOWNLOAD
valuecomparer(sfnet) ValueComparer This Library lets u compare objects with public... DOWNLOAD
uknow4kids(sfnet) UKnow4Kids Educational Linux Distro Here, you can download the UKnow4Kids Live DVD,... DOWNLOAD
cobolanalyzer(sfnet) COBOL analyzer Look at the dependencies between COBOL programs... DOWNLOAD
periodictablemm(sfnet) Periodic Table Of Elements 4 Mathematica A few projects store Files here: PTE (among ot... DOWNLOAD
launcher-creator(sfnet) Launcher Creator Create your simple portale Autorun Application.... DOWNLOAD
winadminpassword(freshmeat) WinAdminPassword WinAdminPassword is a tool for deploying unique... DOWNLOAD
ecma-55-minimal-basic(freshmeat) ECMA-55 Minimal BASIC ECMA-55 Minimal BASIC is a compiler for "M... DOWNLOAD
pbulkmailer(freshmeat) PbulkMailer PbulkMailer is a bulk email application. Instea... DOWNLOAD
projectmese(sfnet) Project MESE Project MESE is a awesome alternative to MD5, s... DOWNLOAD
proofseer(sfnet) proofseer Based on GATE and its ANNIC plugin for searchab... DOWNLOAD
ndm(sfnet) ndm-development Software development by Nathan D. Mickulicz. DOWNLOAD
kropexfinal(sfnet) kropexfinal Aqui se va a desarrollar el proyecto SI CROPEX DOWNLOAD
clati(sfnet) CLATi CLATi va mettre une terme au fliquage que perme... DOWNLOAD
qingen(sfnet) qingen A Character Generator for the Qin RPG in englis... DOWNLOAD

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