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libsocklib(freshmeat) Wolf Software Socklib Socklib is a C library that provides a selectio... DOWNLOAD
libstackbuf(freshmeat) Wolf Software Stackbuf Library Stackbuf is a C library that provides a stack-i... DOWNLOAD
libstrfunc(freshmeat) Wolf Software Strfunc Library Strfunc is a C library that contains a collecti... DOWNLOAD
php-ips(sfnet) php-ips PHP IPS System developed in PHP using PHPIDS DOWNLOAD
durablis(sfnet) DuraBlis DOWNLOAD
neopatcher(sfnet) NeoRO Patcher DOWNLOAD
mfhead(sfnet) mfhead LDraw utility for creating replacement minifig ... DOWNLOAD
sonosshare(sfnet) sonosshare SonosShare social networking app engine hosted ... DOWNLOAD
alphamail(sfnet) AlphaMail AlphaMail is an accelerated web mail interface ... DOWNLOAD
paper-modeller(sfnet) Paper Modeller DOWNLOAD
csextensions(sfnet) Cost-sensitive Classifiers Adaboost extensions for cost-sentive classifica... DOWNLOAD
winlibs(sfnet) Pre-built libraries for Windows Collection of pre-compiled libraries for Window... DOWNLOAD
kct(sfnet) KUKA Control Toolbox (KCT) The KUKA Control Toolbox (KCT) is a collection ... DOWNLOAD
midishare(sfnet) MidiShare MidiShare is a real-time musical MIDI operating... DOWNLOAD
sysinfopl(freshmeat) Wolf Software is a simple script that generates so... DOWNLOAD
ibid(freshmeat) Ibid Ibid is a multi-protocol, general purpose, inst... DOWNLOAD
wolfchat-perl(freshmeat) Wolf Software WolfChat (Perl) WolfChat (Perl) is a simple implementation of W... DOWNLOAD
utilslib(freshmeat) Wolf Software Utils Library Utils is a C library that provides a set of bas... DOWNLOAD
jeasyorm(sfnet) jEasyORM Simple small extensible object relational mappe... DOWNLOAD
mitk(sfnet) MITK The Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit (MITK) ... DOWNLOAD
xtremeemailsender(sfnet) xtreme email sender DOWNLOAD
mr-bix(freshmeat) Mr Bix Mr Bix is a TCP proxy of sorts in which an inco... DOWNLOAD
java-cobol-lexer(freshmeat) Java Cobol Lexer Java Cobol Lexer is a library that takes a Cobo... DOWNLOAD
gplates(freshmeat) GPlates GPlates offers a novel combination of interacti... DOWNLOAD
gensnortdns(freshmeat) genSnortDNS genSnortDNS is a script that will generate Snor... DOWNLOAD
mioc-tool(sfnet) M.I.O.C. Attraverso questo programma è possibile monitor... DOWNLOAD
lanmessengerv3(sfnet) Lan Messenger V3 Continuation of LAN Messenger by kballen. DOWNLOAD
spacebattlegame(sfnet) SpaceBattleGame DOWNLOAD
controlaeventos(sfnet) controlaeventos Projeto final da disciplina Laboratorio de Prog... DOWNLOAD
matheclipse(sfnet) Symja Java CAS Java Computer Algebra System. Features: math ex... DOWNLOAD
mxl-osgi(sfnet) Mxl-OSGi a xmpp lib based on OSGi Framework Equinox, sup... DOWNLOAD
lecturecapture(sfnet) Lecture Capture Moodle Feature This an integration of Echo360 Lecture Captures... DOWNLOAD
mawg(sfnet) API for Media Resources This project is used for the reference implemen... DOWNLOAD
laanbo(sfnet) laanbo de/en-crypt a text file or text DOWNLOAD
mp3ext(sfnet) mp3ext This is Michael Mutschler's famous mp3 shell ex... DOWNLOAD
easyj(sfnet) easyj A library for all the Java developers. Simplifi... DOWNLOAD
mystery(sfnet) Mystery Software tool for cryptographic protection of d... DOWNLOAD
deluxerao145(sfnet) DevastaciónAO 1.4.5 (Testeo) Un juego con mas de 100.000 Usuario modo iao 1.4.5 DOWNLOAD
smkn1(sfnet) SMKN1 DOWNLOAD
gestordeproyectodabe(sfnet) gestor de proyecto dabe DOWNLOAD
hibernate4mavenplugin(sfnet) hibernate4-maven-plugin Hibernate 4 Maven Plugin including all goals DOWNLOAD
jpopuper(sfnet) JPopuper Desktop Notification Library for java swing App... DOWNLOAD
pshop(sfnet) pshop no description. it is my private project DOWNLOAD
largeexperiment(sfnet) Large Experiment and Evaluation Tool LEET (Large Experiment and Evaluation Tool) is ... DOWNLOAD
mach1ddfip922(sfnet) MACH1 Macro d assistance à la codification des h DDFI...
kodefupro(sfnet) kodefupro Kode Fu Pro is a VB Script editor which provide... DOWNLOAD
doctor-doc(sfnet) Doctor-Doc Web based tracking tool for ILL (Interlibrary L... DOWNLOAD
tbtaml(sfnet) tbtaml Este es un proyecto creado para aprender como f... DOWNLOAD
tankuproj(sfnet) Swamp Mušu ķeršanas un ēšanas spēle DOWNLOAD
headsculpture(sfnet) HeadSculpture head sculptuer DOWNLOAD
phpwmtools(sfnet) phpwmtools Webmasters Tools. PHP. JS. DOWNLOAD
hvrp(sfnet) hvrp Outils pour le HVRP (VRP hétérogène) DOWNLOAD
hello-word-python(sfnet) Hello Word Python DOWNLOAD
routerscripts(sfnet) Hosts
tengwarwriter(sfnet) Tengwar Writer Tengwar Writer is NOT a transcripter! It change... DOWNLOAD
amalfim(sfnet) AMALFIm Data server for user intelligent agents. Writte... DOWNLOAD
jxc(sfnet) jxc Java XML Converter (JXC) is a Java project for ... DOWNLOAD
easysimpletools(sfnet) Simple Tools This is the project for a light pc and it is al... DOWNLOAD
log4j-dfa(sfnet) Log4j Dated File Appender DatedFileAppender is an "appender" ob... DOWNLOAD
qsoftmediaplay(sfnet) qsoftmediaplay A simple multi media player. DOWNLOAD
tmwcustom(sfnet) tmwcustom I want to create a customization for tmw DOWNLOAD
appsportabilize(sfnet) vous permet de transporter... DOWNLOAD
aeonic(sfnet) Aeonic - Model Driven Server Apps You specify a desired domain-logic in UML, opti... DOWNLOAD
ex-crawler(freshmeat) Ex-Crawler The Ex-Crawler Project is divided into three su... DOWNLOAD
mlsony(sfnet) ml_sony Ml_sony is a plugin for winamp to support sony'... DOWNLOAD
mmmp3(sfnet) mmmp3 A simple utility to organize an MP3 collection ... DOWNLOAD
javastudent(sfnet) javastudent When I was a student, I was looking for simple ... DOWNLOAD
ssasd(sfnet) ss dasd DOWNLOAD
catchbdwdteater(sfnet) PHPBB Catch Bandwidth Eater DOWNLOAD
sukhorukova(sfnet) Sukhorukova sukhorukovavideoforapplication DOWNLOAD
neilauza(sfnet) neilauza Bohol Technical Support DOWNLOAD
sipp-zamanda(sfnet) Zigapos Purchase and Sales Applications. Java swing bas... DOWNLOAD
wotonomy(sfnet) wotonomy A pure java user interface framework for buildi... DOWNLOAD
xd5a(sfnet) xd5a Cung cấp tài liệu với liên kết tải trực tiếp từ... DOWNLOAD
livechatpluginforjoomla(sfnet) Live Chat Plugin For Joomla eAssistance Pro Live Chat software for Joomla p... DOWNLOAD
kalorinka(sfnet) Kalorinka Kalorinka to prosty program do liczenia kalorii... DOWNLOAD
clamdstat(sfnet) clamav log analyzer clamdstat is log analyzer for clam (clamav/clam... DOWNLOAD
meustemasjqueryui(sfnet) Meus Temas JQueryUI DOWNLOAD
badluckcompiler(sfnet) badluckcompiler this program make essential for gramm... DOWNLOAD
oydrgn(sfnet) oydrgn The Oyster File Storage System is a webtop supp... DOWNLOAD
sparselm(freshmeat) sparseLM sparseLM is a software package for efficiently ... DOWNLOAD
ajpdsoftfarmman(sfnet) AjpdSoft Farm Management Allows for the management and control of costs,... DOWNLOAD
epistasis(sfnet) Epistasis A collection of applications for epistatic dete... DOWNLOAD
ingenia(sfnet) ingenia practicas de ingenia DOWNLOAD
adbaker(sfnet) AdBaker Classified Ads module for CMS WebsiteBaker 2.8.X DOWNLOAD
xserver(sfnet) xserver A basic web server coded in C language using so... DOWNLOAD
mydatabars(sfnet) MyDataBars MyDataBars is a Microsoft Excel add-in program ... DOWNLOAD
pygeekcodegenerator(sfnet) GeekCode GeekCode Generator. Object - oriented python sc... DOWNLOAD
su-wrapper(sfnet) suid wrapper wrapper for executing processes under different... DOWNLOAD
hexanumpad(sfnet) hexanumpad HexaNumPad allows to quickly turn your keypad i... DOWNLOAD
akura(sfnet) Akura ÀKURA is a School Management System that utiliz... DOWNLOAD
mmcdtools(sfnet) MMCd Tools Windows tools for processing datalogs from the ... DOWNLOAD
jkmath(sfnet) JKMath A simple math library in c++ to evaluate symbol... DOWNLOAD
makefilecreator(sfnet) makefilecreator This program generate easily a file makefile in... DOWNLOAD
jsjoin(sfnet) jsjoin JS Joiner is a realtime JavaScript optimizer, y... DOWNLOAD
bunglonoffline(sfnet) Paket Aplikasi オフラインでインストールできるopenSUSEのアプリ...
playsudoku(sfnet) Java-Sudoku Java version of the popular Sudoku puzzle game ... DOWNLOAD
oxpower(sfnet) oxpower OxPower - скачай бесплатно! DOWNLOAD
wifizone03(sfnet) Wifi Zone 0.3 DOWNLOAD
xcodersx(sfnet) XcodersX DOWNLOAD

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