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xreplicator(sfnet) xreplicator This program replicates data storage systems of... DOWNLOAD
iphonixrepo(sfnet) iphonixrepo Le repository d' DOWNLOAD
sudokucurses(sfnet) sudokucurses A ncurses(w) based sudoku solver. can batch sol... DOWNLOAD
venenux(sfnet) VenenuX VenenuX GNU/Linux DOWNLOAD
hcf-project(sfnet) HCF HCF (Hash Control Files) es un programa capaz d... DOWNLOAD
ldkjalkjjjjjlsa(sfnet) ldkjalkjjjjjlsa A program which moves circles around on the scr... DOWNLOAD
nuketechos(sfnet) nuketechos A fast free open source operating system. DOWNLOAD
ol-vbs-spam-rpt(sfnet) ol-vbs-spam-rpt A Visual Basic Script (VBS) using CDO and XHTML... DOWNLOAD
paosoft(sfnet) paosoft DOWNLOAD
geoms2(sfnet) GEOMS2 GEOMS2 is a geostatistics and geosciences model... DOWNLOAD
blackboxmechanic(sfnet) blackbox-mechanic Vagrant Virtual Machines DOWNLOAD
boo-box-it(sfnet) Boo-Box It! Wordpress Plugin O Boo-Box It! é um plugin de wordpress desenvid... DOWNLOAD
minismartgpuarduinoexamples(sfnet) miniSmartGPU Arduino Examples DOWNLOAD
maxhd40(sfnet) Max HD 4.0 DOWNLOAD
maven-navigator(sfnet) maven-navigator Maven Dependency Navigator takes as its origina... DOWNLOAD
enviracom(sfnet) enviracom Enviracom is a protocol spoken by a subset of H... DOWNLOAD
wp2pdf(sfnet) WP2PDF WP2PDF is a script that converts the content of... DOWNLOAD
sourceharmony(sfnet) Source Harmony This mod aims at making it possible to have nea... DOWNLOAD
notrepfe(sfnet) notrepfe notrepfe is a projet. DOWNLOAD
smtpserverwin(sfnet) PHP Portable SMTP Server for Windows This is the first portable SMTP server for wind... DOWNLOAD
autobackupbysim(sfnet) AutoBackupBySims Programme de sauvegarde automatique lancée au d... DOWNLOAD
sunriise(sfnet) sunriise Library and tool to support reading/writing Mic... DOWNLOAD
e107norge(sfnet) E107 Norge Vedlikeholde, oversette E107 CMS DOWNLOAD
vnlanchat(sfnet) vnLanChat vnLanChat is a crossplatform LAN chat applicati... DOWNLOAD
superbios(sfnet) superbios Superbios is a Free Software project (GPLv3) ai... DOWNLOAD
testdatabuilder(sfnet) TestDataBuilder The TestDataBuilder is a free open-source gener... DOWNLOAD
prosimdisplayontop(sfnet) Prosim Display on Top This litle project brings the Prosim737 Display...
winly(sfnet) winly DOWNLOAD
alab(sfnet) Assembler Laboratory Assembler Laboratory (ALab) is an assembler IDE... DOWNLOAD
htscat(sfnet) Contig Arrangement Toolsuite The goal of this project is to combine differen... DOWNLOAD
studentalarm(sfnet) studentalarm Alarm clock specifically made for students, all... DOWNLOAD
zfm-jobguide(sfnet) zfm-jobguide Code-Repository for the 2010 DOWNLOAD
asniffer(sfnet) Annotation Sniffer for Eclipse An Eclipse Plugin to enable a quantitative asse... DOWNLOAD
clbmdll(sfnet) clbmdll Backwards mappable double linked list for Commo... DOWNLOAD
lpfirstsvn(sfnet) lpfirstsvn this is my first svn project. DOWNLOAD
auformat(freshmeat) auformat auformat is a utility that converts the output ... DOWNLOAD
x2go-server(freshmeat) X2Go Server The X2Go Server allows you to connect to and co... DOWNLOAD
daenox(sfnet) Daenox Repository ufficiale di Daenox 2010 DOWNLOAD
waido(sfnet) Waido Waido is an application that allows you to log ... DOWNLOAD
qmeleon(sfnet) qmeleon A minimalist blog system (currently for one use... DOWNLOAD
nfsen-plugins(sfnet) nfsen-plugins A repository for plugins that can be used with ... DOWNLOAD
asmimux(sfnet) ASMIMUX ASMIMUX will be a kernel, which includes a Linu... DOWNLOAD
combinetextfile(sfnet) CombineTextFiles This application enables you to merge any numbe... DOWNLOAD
wall-fair(sfnet) wall-fair Professional, Simple, Flexible, Friendly & ... DOWNLOAD
bbmail(sfnet) bbmail bbmail is about blackberry smart phone push mail. DOWNLOAD
pdkeditor(sfnet) WxRuby PDK Editor Es una base de datos armada en WxRuby/A databas... DOWNLOAD
xpdl-model(sfnet) xpdl-model Yaoqiang XPDL Model is a library for workflow p... DOWNLOAD
ashv(sfnet) ASH Viewer ASH Viewer provides a graphical view of active ... DOWNLOAD
apertium-mfe-en(sfnet) apertium-mfe-en Translation of mauritian creole(mfe) to english... DOWNLOAD
pwgen(sfnet) Password Generator Pwgen is a small, GPL'ed password generator whi... DOWNLOAD
lazybat(sfnet) lazybat Parse software messages and transform them into... DOWNLOAD
sfxcompressgui(sfnet) SFXCompress-gui SFXCompress is an utility used to pack and encr... DOWNLOAD
gisresearch(sfnet) GIS Whitepaper on classification of hyperspectral i... DOWNLOAD
moirai(sfnet) MOIRAI Cap analysis of gene expression (CAGE) is a seq... DOWNLOAD
rdpframebot(sfnet) RDP_FrameBot RDP FrameBot is a frameshift correction and nea... DOWNLOAD
crnkilldisk(sfnet) crnkilldisk This program is a DOS executable that will wipe... DOWNLOAD
todosimplelist(sfnet) simple To_Do list This will be a simple To-do list editor DOWNLOAD
animexd(sfnet) Megaupload este es tu sitio de descargas gratituas para to... DOWNLOAD
cckdm(sfnet) CCKDM This is a tool for concern mining which uses a ... DOWNLOAD
cmem(sfnet) cmem DOWNLOAD
imagestopdf(sfnet) imagestopdf This application enables you to create a single... DOWNLOAD
syssoundsetra(sfnet) syssoundsetra Provides you with dozens of system sound files ... DOWNLOAD
mscbln(sfnet) msc site Vereinsseite eines Motorsportclus in berlin ! DOWNLOAD
bitrats(sfnet) Bitrats D-STAR communications tool partly compatible wi... DOWNLOAD
pytrade(sfnet) pytrade Python functions for trading. Fonctions Python ... DOWNLOAD
tfostodoman(sfnet) tfostodoman Todoman is a task manager that's useful, fast a... DOWNLOAD
elsecreto(sfnet) elsecreto Trabajo Practico Final de Analisis y Diseño de ... DOWNLOAD
bytemonsoon(sfnet) ByteMonsoon - BitTorrent Tracker Originally based on the bytemonsoon tracker wri... DOWNLOAD
bitnami-jenkins-stack(freshmeat) BitNami Jenkins Stack BitNami Jenkins Stack is an easy-to-install dis... DOWNLOAD
anthias(sfnet) Anthias Anthias is (or rather will be) an extended term... DOWNLOAD
cloudbrowser(sfnet) Cloud Web Browser Cloud is an easy way to browse the web. It is m... DOWNLOAD
wp-sqlsrv(sfnet) wp-sqlsrv WordPress on SQL Server DOWNLOAD
sqlitecel(sfnet) sqlitecel SQLiteCel is a simple Excel Interface to SQLite... DOWNLOAD
iprit(sfnet) IPRiT DOWNLOAD
angelsnrockets(sfnet) AnR Server Monitor The =AnR= Server Monitor is a Windows Gadget th... DOWNLOAD
e107brasil(sfnet) e107Brasil.NET - Comunidade e107 BR ..::[e107 Brasil.NET - Comunidade Brasileira]::... DOWNLOAD
filtteri(sfnet) filtteri DOWNLOAD
m4m4d(sfnet) m4m4d king of the world DOWNLOAD
celebrationpackage(sfnet) celebration package various celebrations and devotions by AGR DOWNLOAD
jupiter2010(sfnet) Jupiter Conception d'une application web "Ajax/PHP... DOWNLOAD
lulna(sfnet) LUL|NA Lighweight Universal Log or Network Analyzer is... DOWNLOAD
gtnhjnmnhd(sfnet) gtnhjn DOWNLOAD
modpack3erima(sfnet) MOD_pack_3erima DOWNLOAD
vseisk(sfnet) vseisk Vseisk unite browsers in one p2p network to sha... DOWNLOAD
coremuformips(sfnet) Coremu_for_mips The project is build for the mips-x86 version o... DOWNLOAD
easyinyector(sfnet) Easy Inyector Easy Scan for webs with SQL Injection Vulnerabi... DOWNLOAD
quandaryrotator(sfnet) quandaryrotator Swaps Minecraft Quandary Texture packs (or user... DOWNLOAD
erppcatoolkit(sfnet) erppcatoolkit A Matlab toolkit for analyzing ERP datasets, es... DOWNLOAD
sugo-nxt(sfnet) SuGo NXT is Sumo behavior for Lego NXT sugo-nxt is software written in the NXC/NBC pro... DOWNLOAD
ft1000(sfnet) ft1000 GNU/Linux driver for Qualcomm FLASH-OFDM device... DOWNLOAD
ministeggui(sfnet) MiniStegGUI Simple GUI for StegHide. Enables Browsing for ... DOWNLOAD
x2go-client(freshmeat) X2Go Client The X2Go Client allows you to connect to and co... DOWNLOAD
ebilstuff(sfnet) Ebildude123's Stuff The stuff that Ebildude123 (me) on YT has. DOWNLOAD
pow1234567890(sfnet) PowerManager hjadsjkha hdaskhdsakdhkjd DOWNLOAD
imapchecker(sfnet) IMAP eMail Checker IMAP eMail Checker is a program that will minim... DOWNLOAD
solarwars(sfnet) solarwars Strategy game played in space inspired by movie... DOWNLOAD
spotsecng(sfnet) SpotSec Network Gateway/Firewall An all-in-one Linux firewall/gateway distributi... DOWNLOAD
gcgreatcode(sfnet) GC GreatCode GC greatcode is a C/C++ source code beautifier ... DOWNLOAD
tigercricketapp(sfnet) Tiger Cricket App DOWNLOAD
simsdownloader(sfnet) Sims Downloader You Can Now Download For Sims : World, mods , a... DOWNLOAD

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