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unitmine(sfnet) UnitMine - A Minecraft Lauchner This is a new Minecraft Lauchner for cracked, p... DOWNLOAD
covert(sfnet) covert convert number into binary in assembly language DOWNLOAD
vedics(sfnet) VEDICS VEDICS (Voice Enabled Desktop Interaction and C... DOWNLOAD
glmax(sfnet) GLMax It is object-oriented module for using 3D/2D gr... DOWNLOAD
streamerforxmusicfm(sfnet) Streamer for DOWNLOAD
jewlib(sfnet) jewlib A C++ library of random useless functions that ... DOWNLOAD
pcs-cms(sfnet) PCs-Cms PCs Content Management System DOWNLOAD
gnat-gpl(sfnet) GNAT GPL The GNAT GPL and SPARK GPL Editions are made av... DOWNLOAD
typeablog(sfnet) typeablog DOWNLOAD
yagn(sfnet) yagn Yet Another Gmail Notifier is a system tray app... DOWNLOAD
mbta-parser(sfnet) mbta-parser SInce MBTA website has no API for developers, t... DOWNLOAD
suicide-linux(sfnet) Suicide-Linux Encourages users not to misspell commands. Idea... DOWNLOAD
cairoforphp-samples(freshmeat) CairoForPHP Samples CairoForPHP is an application that demonstrates... DOWNLOAD
osgish(freshmeat) osgish Osgish is a command line shell for OSGi. It is ... DOWNLOAD
eldesouky(sfnet) صوت الشارع DOWNLOAD
translationprojectcalculator(freshmeat) TransProCalc TransProCalc is a translation project managemen... DOWNLOAD
describepl(freshmeat) Wolf Software is a simple script which provides a... DOWNLOAD
pybctc(freshmeat) pybctc pybctc is a Python package that makes access to... DOWNLOAD
dragdropupload(sfnet) DragDropUpload An AJAX/php web application that allows drag an... DOWNLOAD
zorc(sfnet) Zorc A summer project at a programming camp (TIC) tu... DOWNLOAD
phpberrystats(sfnet) phpberrystats PHP based front end to display information abou... DOWNLOAD
dbslim(sfnet) DbSlim DbSlim is a set of Fitnesse SLIM Test System fi... DOWNLOAD
sauerbratencmed(sfnet) sauerbraten circuit simulator Sauerbraten justice edition(svn) with ingame ci... DOWNLOAD
afescms(sfnet) AfesCMS DOWNLOAD
hokanthebot(sfnet) Hokan the Java IRC Bot Hokan is an IRC bot developed using Java progra... DOWNLOAD
simplegymnasium(sfnet) simplegymnasium Gymnasium :- this is a desktop software on MS a... DOWNLOAD
catalogpolonica(sfnet) Catalog Polonica PHP project catalog DOWNLOAD
gobchartswidget(sfnet) GobChartsWidget "GobChartsWidget" is an open source i... DOWNLOAD
shp2mp(sfnet) shp2mp Convert ESRI Shape file (.shp) to Polish text (... DOWNLOAD
eightpuzzle(sfnet) eightpuzzle The 8-puzzle problem is a puzzle popularized by... DOWNLOAD
chromiumos(sfnet) Chromium OS Official developer guide: http://www.chromium.o... DOWNLOAD
jak8583(sfnet) JAK8583 ISO 8583 Standard for Financial Transaction is ... DOWNLOAD
commrpg(sfnet) CommRPG DOWNLOAD
owllink-owlapi(sfnet) owllink-owlapi Java-based implementation of the OWLlink protoc... DOWNLOAD
asembler(sfnet) asembler Darmowe gry w assemblerze 8086 DOWNLOAD
schuelerverwalt(sfnet) schuelerverwalt JSF Projekt für den Java-Unterricht. DOWNLOAD
jqueryshim(sfnet) jqueryshim The Shim jQuery plug-in extends jQuery with met... DOWNLOAD
tvnzb(sfnet) tvnzb tvNZB is a tivo for usenet. The program fetches... DOWNLOAD
popcapbrowserlb(sfnet) PopCap BrowserLib BrowserLib is a library used to embed a web bro... DOWNLOAD
laredmundialnet(sfnet) Todo Tipo de publico DOWNLOAD
whitebag(sfnet) whitebag In the long run, this is intended to become a f... DOWNLOAD
galaxy-genesis(sfnet) Galaxy Genesis Galaxy genesis is a project where you can: Sim... DOWNLOAD
meteorascrsaver(sfnet) meteorascrsaver A trip to Meteora through a screen saver. Mete... DOWNLOAD
multilogger(sfnet) multilogger With multilogger you may log keys, sound, webca... DOWNLOAD
ict-54b(sfnet) ICT-54B Everything about ICT-54B, HUT, Ha Noi, Viet Nam DOWNLOAD
drdonewscrawler(sfnet) DRDO news crawler A web crawler for crawling news from user speci... DOWNLOAD
sidebyside(sfnet) sidebyside A simple application for composing email or oth... DOWNLOAD
naturelifegame(sfnet) NatureLifeGame Cross-platform life simulator with herbivores a... DOWNLOAD
dargorscripts(sfnet) Dargor Scripts for RPG Maker VX A collection of custom scripts for RPG Maker VX... DOWNLOAD
enbclassic(sfnet) Tada-O Project This project focuses on the Earth & Beyond ... DOWNLOAD
ctp2asap(sfnet) ctp2asap CTP3.21 maps to ASAP2(A2L) format converter DOWNLOAD
ntwlib(sfnet) ntwlib This is a integrated network library built on t... DOWNLOAD
minorsql(sfnet) minorsql minor_sql is intended to be used as a (very) li... DOWNLOAD
assassincreed(sfnet) assassin-creed this is my compiler project with my best friend... DOWNLOAD
jededitor(sfnet) JED JED is a server-side library of classes that su... DOWNLOAD
coremu(sfnet) COREMU COREMU is a scalable and portable parallel full... DOWNLOAD
srdoublerwmpplg(sfnet) Sampling Rate Doubling WMP Plugin SrDoublerWmpPlg is a Microsoft Windows Media Pl... DOWNLOAD
innuh(sfnet) innuh Questo gioco è un'avventura testuale: con l'aiu... DOWNLOAD
petri-foo(sfnet) Petri-Foo Petri-Foo is a fork of the Specimen Sampler pro... DOWNLOAD
slashjava(sfnet) slashjava SlashJava provides a minimal web layer for Plai... DOWNLOAD
multitool-bysm(sfnet) multitool-bysm Dieses Multifunktions-Programm ist eine Sammlun... DOWNLOAD
devalcms(sfnet) devalcms very simple cms using only PHP (without databas... DOWNLOAD
nl-hssf(sfnet) NetLogo Spreadsheet Provides data import/export from a Microsoft(R)... DOWNLOAD
bigstreet(sfnet) BigStreet Social media script: PHP, MySQL(InnoDB), Smarty... DOWNLOAD
modbus4j(sfnet) Modbus for Java A high-performance and ease-of-use implementati... DOWNLOAD
opencourse(sfnet) opencourse An open-source Course Automation System DOWNLOAD
lastchanceproje(sfnet) Last chance project Last chance project is a free fps game based on... DOWNLOAD
twodeep(sfnet) twodeep A Debian 7 VirtualBox appliance with MXE (M cr... DOWNLOAD
fledit(sfnet) AS3 Code Editor A simple free Actionscript and flex code editor... DOWNLOAD
sitefinity(sfnet) Sitefinity alternative Sitefinity Alternative is a Web Content Managem... DOWNLOAD
mobilethrottle(sfnet) mobilethrottle Java me application that runs on mobile phones ... DOWNLOAD
openworld(sfnet) Open World Online fantasy roleplaying campaign world. To i... DOWNLOAD
nekohtml(sfnet) CyberNeko HTML Parser NekoHTML is a simple HTML scanner and tag balan... DOWNLOAD
kovetmproject(sfnet) kovetmproject hosting, publication, only music project DOWNLOAD
karlnewlife(sfnet) karlnewlife DOWNLOAD
reckoner(sfnet) reckoner Reckoner is a fast, high precision and powerful... DOWNLOAD
smartcv(sfnet) SmartCV Java, SWT, WebStart and HR-XML tool for CV main... DOWNLOAD
testingmnn(sfnet) Testing DOWNLOAD
ttcreator(sfnet) W3 ToolTip Creator W3 Tool tip creator is a program designed for W... DOWNLOAD
hacidayi(sfnet) Hacı Dayı fareyi yukarı aşşa hareket ettirerek hacı dayıy... DOWNLOAD
adventuresinjava(sfnet) Adventures In Java This project builds up a classic text adventure... DOWNLOAD
xfce-menu-maker(sfnet) xfce-menu-maker Given a folder of scripts or executables on you... DOWNLOAD
factruleinterpr(sfnet) Fact Rule Interpreter I have created a simple interpreter for facts a... DOWNLOAD
neobuxrefmanage(sfnet) Neobux Referral Manager DOWNLOAD
nexusos(sfnet) nexusos NexusOS is an operating system. The whole sys... DOWNLOAD
edtbordeaux1(sfnet) EdT Bordeaux 1 L'application Windows, Linux (64 bits) et Mac O... DOWNLOAD
jedisenatus(sfnet) Jedi JEDI is a J2EE application that provides a cent... DOWNLOAD
opentrinitydb(sfnet) trinityDB trinityDB helps you to manage and download your... DOWNLOAD
repr(sfnet) repr This is an attempt to create something akin to ... DOWNLOAD
quicklolking(sfnet) QuickLoLKing This little piece of software gains you the fas... DOWNLOAD
wiraces(sfnet) Wiraces World cars and all other things are found in th... DOWNLOAD
rohstoffrechner(sfnet) rohstoffrechner Ein Rohstoffrechner für das Browserspiel "... DOWNLOAD
advancetrans(sfnet) Advance Quick Translate No description DOWNLOAD
minismartgpuarduinounolibrary(sfnet) miniSmartGPU - Arduino UNO Library This is the official minismartGPU Arduino UNO l... DOWNLOAD
ctqa-cp(sfnet) ctqa-cp Hosted at google code, for latest version pleas... DOWNLOAD
lcrp(sfnet) lcrp Liberty City RolePlay it is Open Source project... DOWNLOAD
modelowanieair2(sfnet) modelowanieair2 Program pozwalający na badanie stężenia alkohol... DOWNLOAD
katsusexcellent(sfnet) katsusexcellent This program will copy files in a folder with a... DOWNLOAD
buffervideoplayer(sfnet) BufferVideoPlayer The BufferVideoPlayer is a linux program that s... DOWNLOAD

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