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leirc(sfnet) LeIRC DOWNLOAD
webmynews(sfnet) PHP Newsgroup Reader A web-based Newsgroup Reader written in PHP DOWNLOAD
vicbb(sfnet) vicbb VicBB is an open source Bulletin Board develope...
lotterygame(sfnet) lotterygame A gambling game based on the eminent Greek game... DOWNLOAD
project03b(sfnet) project03b A new command for changing xen scheduler behavi... DOWNLOAD
documentaoenginesoftwares(sfnet) Documentação Engine Softwares
jbencode(sfnet) jBencode jBencode is a library for manipulating data in ... DOWNLOAD
jamer-ebot(sfnet) Jamer-eBOT Jamer-eBOT es un BOT escrito en PHP que te perm... DOWNLOAD
conorex(sfnet) Abyssal ][ Core Abyssal ][ Core for OpenSource GameServer DOWNLOAD
unxmit(sfnet) unxmit Unpacks TSOe XMIT files from z/OS system to des... DOWNLOAD
qsarkennardstonebaseddivision(sfnet) QSAR Kennard Stone The purpose of this program is to perform ratio... DOWNLOAD
chan_nms(freshmeat) chan_nms CHAN_NMS is an Asterisk PBX channel driver that... DOWNLOAD
aquos(sfnet) Aquos Operating System Why do it the tradidtional way when you can do ... DOWNLOAD
iauthor(sfnet) I, Author Software to help author writing a novel. DOWNLOAD
groovetube(sfnet) GrooveTube GrooveTube is a mashup of several APIs. It give... DOWNLOAD
javarpmbuilder(sfnet) RPM Builder Easy gui to build rpm package from binary (deve... DOWNLOAD
toast-sim(sfnet) TOAST TOAST (Trust Organisational Agent System Testbe... DOWNLOAD
yourbowlingspeed2064bit(sfnet) YourBowlingSpeed 2.0 64-bit Calculates Your Bowling Speed Without the need ... DOWNLOAD
asm64srv(sfnet) ASM64srv A simple TCP server which accepts multiple clie... DOWNLOAD
pqlwebserver(sfnet) pqlwebserver Serves Dynamic Web Page Content. Call the code ... DOWNLOAD
videl(sfnet) videl Videl Video Downloader allows users to Search, ... DOWNLOAD
gnufalco(sfnet) GNU FALCO Basically the program detects face, extends and... DOWNLOAD
testhhg(sfnet) testhhg test YTY TYT TYT TY TY TY T T DOWNLOAD
ocdf(sfnet) ocdf A small command line tool to process streams of... DOWNLOAD
prototypeorpg(sfnet) prototype online rpg game this is a online rpg project, but just a proto... DOWNLOAD
ops-strawberry(sfnet) OPS Strawberry Strawberry is a faster Framework base on PHP. DOWNLOAD
biertjuh(sfnet) FactorX This project is under heavy reconstruction. Be ... DOWNLOAD
z3str(sfnet) Z3-str Z3-str is a string theory plug-in built on the ... DOWNLOAD
jscalculator(sfnet) jscalculator A calculator written in javascript DOWNLOAD
ttb-reader(sfnet) Trainingstagebuch-Reader This project bases on http://trainingstagebuch.... DOWNLOAD
zxorleasingbot(sfnet) zxorleasingbot ZxoR LeasingBot is bot mIRC based using for ren... DOWNLOAD
jdbctester(sfnet) JDBC Tester JDBC Tester is a software that allows to prove ... DOWNLOAD
fuzzyway(sfnet) fuzzyway This project implements inverted pendulum conce... DOWNLOAD
esi(sfnet) Essential Software Installer This program is made to simplify the process of... DOWNLOAD
otrmovies(sfnet) otrmovies The Open Source OTR Movie Database. This applic... DOWNLOAD
ompp(sfnet) OpenM++ OpenM++ is an open source microsimulation platf... DOWNLOAD
openstages(sfnet) openStages openStages is an interactive 3D computer model ... DOWNLOAD
texthunter(sfnet) TextHunter TextHunter is being developed to support resear... DOWNLOAD
commonmap(sfnet) commonmap CommonMap is an open source map project, forked... DOWNLOAD
hijricalendar(sfnet) hijricalendar Islamic Hijri Calendar, not complete yet, it on... DOWNLOAD
worldbestsoft(sfnet) worldbestsoft Download Best and last software DOWNLOAD
pcfingerrecog(sfnet) pcfingerrecog A PC-based fingerprint recognition project whic... DOWNLOAD
friendli(sfnet) Friendli Friendli is a free, cross-platform friend adder... DOWNLOAD
quorra(sfnet) Quorra Quorra provides a multi-platform Lua API runtim... DOWNLOAD
ls-snapit(sfnet) ls-snapit snapit is a action plugin developed for autopla... DOWNLOAD
khepera3toolbox(sfnet) Khepera III Toolbox The Khepera III Toolbox is a collection of scri... DOWNLOAD
ajjpnratool(sfnet) AJ-JpnRa Tool AJ-JpnRa Tool is Japanese text readability anal... DOWNLOAD
ipward(sfnet) ipward An implementation of web-based IP Address Manag... DOWNLOAD
imcycletimeest(sfnet) imcycletimeest An application that estimates machine cycle tim... DOWNLOAD
snakex(sfnet) snakex Remake gry na telefony komórkowe Nokia. Technol... DOWNLOAD
htmlcxx(sfnet) htmlcxx htmlcxx is a simple non-validating html parser ... DOWNLOAD
russerver(sfnet) russerverPasswordGenerator Генератор паролей. Генерирует от 10 до 20 значн... DOWNLOAD
scanopenoffice(sfnet) Scan Open-Office 1.1 This is a GUI-Application to scan Open- and Lib... DOWNLOAD
fudgefont(sfnet) FudgeFont This is yet another truetype font addon for All... DOWNLOAD
openforceqst(sfnet) openforceqst Open Force QST is a Query and Schema Tool for S... DOWNLOAD
i-metrics-cms(sfnet) I-Metrics CMS The I-Metrics CMS is a complete web content man... DOWNLOAD
hjsx(sfnet) HjsX Editor HjsX Editor is a HTML and JavaScript Editor wit... DOWNLOAD
naspowersaver(sfnet) NAS Power Saver No need for you NAS to run when you are not in?... DOWNLOAD
d2ac-a2dc(sfnet) D2AC-A2DC From March 2011, this project has moved to: rcr... DOWNLOAD
datetimecalc(sfnet) DateTimeCalc A simple GUI utility to do time and date calcul... DOWNLOAD
darkskies(sfnet) Dark Skies Dark Skies is a third person 3D space shooter u... DOWNLOAD
mkimgidx(sfnet) Make Image Index Scans a given directory and makes one or more i... DOWNLOAD
web-crawler(sfnet) Broken url checker This is simple link checker. It can crawl any s... DOWNLOAD
failai(sfnet) failai failai,failai,failai,failai,failai,failai,faila... DOWNLOAD
lightos(sfnet) lightos This is a mini OS which comes in two flavours: ... DOWNLOAD
hmmsplicer(sfnet) hmmsplicer HMMSplicer is an accurate and efficient algorit... DOWNLOAD
elefant(sfnet) Elefant Elefant is an user-friendly memory profiler for... DOWNLOAD
recftp(sfnet) recftp A small ftp client which can get and put direct... DOWNLOAD
simplepongclone(sfnet) Simple Pong Clone Written in Java, using Slick, a 2D (OpenGL) Gam... DOWNLOAD
xmlparse(sfnet) XML Parser An efficient little program to simply parse XML... DOWNLOAD
mytext1(sfnet) MyText Mytext is a simple text editor. DOWNLOAD
nokia5800(sfnet) nokia5800 UCWEB- DOWNLOAD
jsisvcmgr(sfnet) jsiServiceManager jsiServiceManager is an application that helps ... DOWNLOAD
netcop(sfnet) netcop NetCop is UTM, UTM Firewall, ClamAV Antivirus, ... DOWNLOAD
ottp(sfnet) ottp Open Torrent Tracker Project allows you to run ... DOWNLOAD
revenge-game(sfnet) Revenge Revenge is a Warcraft II like GPLed strategy ga... DOWNLOAD
mailtome(sfnet) Mail Tym programem możesz wysłać do mnie wiadomość. ... DOWNLOAD
gamma-flooder(sfnet) Gamma Flooder DOWNLOAD
cppdispatch(sfnet) C++ Dispatch A Grand Central Dispatch C++ wrapper. DOWNLOAD
sfeer911(sfnet) sfeer911 القلب الذي يملاه الحب لا تسكنه الكراهيه DOWNLOAD
cheesebot(sfnet) CheeseBot
bsflite(sfnet) BSFlite Line-based AIM client and BSD-licensed OSCAR li... DOWNLOAD
opentowerdefens(sfnet) opentowerdefens This is open tower defense a game written in C+... DOWNLOAD
jshm(sfnet) JSHManager A Java-based program to manage your ScoreHero a... DOWNLOAD
snoop-photo-editor(sfnet) Snoop Photo Editor DOWNLOAD
greenpants(freshmeat) GreenPants GreenPants is a simple blog system. The entries... DOWNLOAD
jopenray(freshmeat) jOpenRay jOpenRay is a project aiming to improve the exp... DOWNLOAD
phpsiteedit(freshmeat) PHP Site Editor phpSiteEdit is a Web-based discussion software ... DOWNLOAD
mailing-lists-sieve(freshmeat) mailing-lists-sieve mailing-lists-sieve is a utility to generate Si... DOWNLOAD
ingatan(freshmeat) Ingatan Ingatan is a clean, intuitive, and highly flexi... DOWNLOAD
ccwakka(sfnet) CooCooWakka CooCooWakka is a PHP/MySQL based wiki engine wi... DOWNLOAD
wxlisp(sfnet) Old wxCL project page wxWidgets+ Common Lisp = wxCL ! --- Pls. note w... DOWNLOAD
foxmemo(sfnet) foxmemo foxmemo is gui-based form development tool over... DOWNLOAD
plusoumoins(sfnet) Plus ou Moins Un petit programme du célèbre jeux plus ou moin... DOWNLOAD
joomlaturk(sfnet) joomlaturk Joomla Prenium Demo Template Plunigs Moduls Lan... DOWNLOAD
adsidera(sfnet) adsidera Travel from Earth to distant stars. Simple spac... DOWNLOAD
mythstream-sbs(sfnet) Mythstream SBS6 NET5 VOO Gemist Parser Mythstream parser for the, h... DOWNLOAD
ocep(sfnet) ocep Intelligent Event Processing Machine(IEPM) is o... DOWNLOAD
u-b-t(sfnet) Inoffizielles Unity3d Backup Tool DOWNLOAD
goto301(sfnet) goto this is a code for 301 DOWNLOAD

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