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skfans(sfnet) Seven Kingdoms is working on a project to updat... DOWNLOAD
ansigo(freshmeat) AnsiGo AnsiGo is a simple ANSI-to-PNG converter writte... DOWNLOAD
universityluxembourglcsb(sfnet) Repro-Cell_LCSB DOWNLOAD
e2salvage(sfnet) Ext2 Salvage e2salvage is a utility which tries to recover a... DOWNLOAD
wz2100improv(sfnet) wz2100improv Parts of Warzone 2100 ( made better ... DOWNLOAD
sitetools(sfnet) Site Tools The sitetools project is a collection of tools ... DOWNLOAD
jackbun2(sfnet) JâckBün2™ New Forge instance of Jackbuntu. DOWNLOAD
phpinterpreter(sfnet) phpinterpreter Simple interpreter system. Customer, intrerpret... DOWNLOAD
ncs-ns2(sfnet) ncs-ns2 Network Controlled Systems (NCS) and transport ... DOWNLOAD
gfelmiwiki(sfnet) miwiki wiki of proof this is the first DOWNLOAD
linesgdi(sfnet) Lines Project for learning GDI. DOWNLOAD
ericcaistestweb(sfnet) Eric Cai's test website Eric Cai's test website DOWNLOAD
osdldcl(sfnet) OSDL Data Center Linux OSDL Data Center Linux charter: develop and eva... DOWNLOAD
bptimers(sfnet) Battle Pirates Timers Keep track of Upgrades, Repairs, Builds within ... DOWNLOAD
mybg(sfnet) mybg For my website of a blog. DOWNLOAD
avisynthpreproc(sfnet) AVSPP -- Avisynth PreProcessor AVSPP -- Avisynth Preprocessor is a tool for pr... DOWNLOAD
itekthemepower(sfnet) iTek Themes - Power The homepage for the iTek Theme "Power&quo... DOWNLOAD
syotos(sfnet) SYOTOS TR Database Access database project for 3IL engineering sch... DOWNLOAD
wtemplate(sfnet) WouZ Template System Fast and easy template system. Easy templates f... DOWNLOAD
omt-gextensionf(sfnet) omt-gextensionf StarUML plugin for the OMT-G language. For more... DOWNLOAD
jazzi(sfnet) jazzi Cross-platform implementation for managing (vie... DOWNLOAD
polycasso(sfnet) polycasso A java webstart application that attempts to cr... DOWNLOAD
luaconio(sfnet) luaconio Lua Conio is wrapper for Turbo C conio, used to... DOWNLOAD
php2011(sfnet) php2011 php2011 jinjinag quanzhou DOWNLOAD
rmiserver(sfnet) RMIServer A very lightweight RMI server for Java with bui... DOWNLOAD
bot-tutorial(sfnet) Chatbot Tutorial This is a basic introduction to how to implemen... DOWNLOAD
mybpmn(sfnet) MyBPMN MyBPMN is the free BPM(BPMN) Solution that will... DOWNLOAD
libconhash(sfnet) libconhash libconhash is a consistent hashing libraray, wh... DOWNLOAD
raphpg(sfnet) Raph Photo Gallery Raph Photo Gallery is a web-based photo album m... DOWNLOAD
text2bas(sfnet) text2bas Convert a TXT C64 basic list to a tokenized ver... DOWNLOAD
phplive(sfnet) phplive Phplive is a python-like phpshell. You can test... DOWNLOAD
cl4ptpsadminfil(sfnet) cl4ptp's admin files Collection of files for development on Ubuntu L... DOWNLOAD
irobosoftword(sfnet) irobosoftword iRobosoft Word is for people who want a great t... DOWNLOAD
dacs-contrib(sfnet) DACS - Contributed Resources User contributed software and resources for com... DOWNLOAD
imagepro64(sfnet) imagepro64 Imagepro is an Windows x64 project that impleme... DOWNLOAD
fm-classic(sfnet) FM-Classic FM-Classic provides an easy way to get data fro... DOWNLOAD
addressbookinjava(sfnet) AddressBook This Address Book is used to store the informat... DOWNLOAD
mandelbrot(sfnet) Angela the Mandelbrot Set Explorer Angela is a Mandelbrot Set explorer written in ... DOWNLOAD
urlsigner(sfnet) urlsigner URL Signer is a simple utility that uses signs ... DOWNLOAD
t3study(sfnet) t3study The project is aiming to do two things: track t... DOWNLOAD
jfocus(sfnet) J-Focus J-Focus是一个Javascript脚本实现的动画应用框架,... DOWNLOAD
timestamper(sfnet) timestamper Dieses Java-Programm ermöglicht es Ihnen Ihre A... DOWNLOAD
gstorrent(sfnet) GSTorrent GSTorrent is client/server implementation of th... DOWNLOAD
apexqtn(sfnet) APEX Questionnaire Easy, yet powerfull application to build forms ... DOWNLOAD
easyasio(sfnet) easyasio easyasio is a cross-platform library uses asio ... DOWNLOAD
jlogviewer(sfnet) Java Log Viewer "Java log viewer" is a GUI to easily ... DOWNLOAD
internetbrowser(sfnet) iRobosoft Internet Browser This project has been made obsolete by iRobosof... DOWNLOAD
funtv(sfnet) Fun TV Fun TV is an app which lets you stream TV Chann... DOWNLOAD
tholalsffhaimod(sfnet) More Naval AI This mod is a continuation of the Fall from Hea... DOWNLOAD
new-ts2r-english-version(sfnet) new-ts2r-english-version 一个新的吞食天地2扩展版 \\Extended versions of... DOWNLOAD
ameb-happyday(sfnet) HappyDay DOWNLOAD
ttaursum(sfnet) T-T | aursum DOWNLOAD
jedp(sfnet) jedp The aim of this project to give a development r... DOWNLOAD
heronto(sfnet) Higher Education Reference Ontology Since it is a Reference ontology, it has a broa... DOWNLOAD
fuduntu(sfnet) Fuduntu Punny Name Serious Distro! Optimized for portab... DOWNLOAD
bejeweled(sfnet) bejeweled Bejeweled game in C language as a project for m... DOWNLOAD
setup2050imp(sfnet) Setup2050IMP DOWNLOAD
ranger(sfnet) ranger A multi-purpose ultrafast peak caller for ChIP ... DOWNLOAD
jlibrtp(sfnet) RTP Java Library jlibrtp aims to create a library that makes it ... DOWNLOAD
dagchainer(sfnet) dagchainer DAGchainer identifies chains of gene pairs shar... DOWNLOAD
winreplicator(sfnet) Windows File Replicator Have a backup hard drive on your system to keep... DOWNLOAD
tatarwars(sfnet) Bazaid TATAR-WARS TaTaR Wars By : Bazaid DOWNLOAD
nircan(sfnet) nircan my open website for all people DOWNLOAD
distagent(sfnet) DistAgent DistAgent is a Java-framework for parallel and...
nprobe(freshmeat) nProbe nProbe is a Netflow v5/v9/IPFIX probe character... DOWNLOAD
nononsencephp(sfnet) No Nonsence PHP Framework No Nonsence PHP aims to be a lightweight frame... DOWNLOAD
bischuloop(sfnet) BischuLoop Use BischuLoop to choose a sound notification t... DOWNLOAD
ajax-discuss(sfnet) discuss DISCUSS is so-called “chat” module for XOOPS, t... DOWNLOAD
lecturetime(sfnet) lecturetime LectureTime is a web based timetable intended f... DOWNLOAD
sue(sfnet) SUE: Screenreader & Usability Extensions The project's main goal is to develop a screen ... DOWNLOAD
dbtoolbox(sfnet) DB Toolbox DBToolbox is tool which: extract database model... DOWNLOAD
nzbdd(sfnet) NZB Download Deluxe The clear and simply to use nzb downloader DOWNLOAD
mid(sfnet) Multi-Image Downloader Download multiple images from websites with ease DOWNLOAD
dccp-ns(sfnet) DCCP for Network Simulator Datagram Congestion Control Protocol (DCCP) for... DOWNLOAD
alkoclientp(sfnet) alko-client-points DOWNLOAD
duspontes(sfnet) duspontes DOWNLOAD
insee(sfnet) insee Interconnection Network Simulation and Evaluati... DOWNLOAD
operacustomgoog(sfnet) operacustomgoog Allows The Changing the background in google se... DOWNLOAD
genoread(sfnet) GenoREAD Sequence verification software for synthetic bi... DOWNLOAD
wicket-stuff(sfnet) wicket-stuff The Wicket Stuff project makes third party comp... DOWNLOAD
alcoclient2(sfnet) alco-client2 DOWNLOAD
groupprac2012(sfnet) Group Prac2012 DOWNLOAD
itl(sfnet) itl Interval Container Library (ICL): An STL based ... DOWNLOAD
pyntreader(sfnet) SnowMicroPyn SnowMicroPyn is an opensource reader for SnowMi... DOWNLOAD
websitepanel(sfnet) WebsitePanel **The new version WebsitePanel 1.2.0 is availab... DOWNLOAD
shared-wifi-system(sfnet) shared-wifi-system DOWNLOAD
sinncaengine(sfnet) sinnca engine The Sinnca engine is an open source game engine... DOWNLOAD
raspivmc(sfnet) RaspiVMC Remote control of a Storkair/sehnder mechanical... DOWNLOAD
amhapplet(sfnet) Unicode Applet for Amharic Amharic Applet: this project intends to provide... DOWNLOAD
nwshader(sfnet) nwshader NWShader is a wrapper for the game Neverwinter ... DOWNLOAD
tass64(sfnet) 64tass 64tass is cross assembler targeting the 65xx se... DOWNLOAD
ipcameraemu(sfnet) ipcameraemu Python script which emulates an IP camera. Curr... DOWNLOAD
opentempus(sfnet) opentempus openTempus is an open source automatic time tra... DOWNLOAD
unimod(sfnet) unimod Automata Based Programming Tool for implementin... DOWNLOAD
memoranda(sfnet) memoranda Memoranda (formerly known as jNotes2) is a cros... DOWNLOAD
sqlitejdbcng(freshmeat) SqliteJdbcNG SqliteJdbcNG is a JDBC driver for SQLite. The o... DOWNLOAD
newfies-dialer(freshmeat) Newfies-Dialer Newfies-Dialer is a voice broadcast application... DOWNLOAD
destral(sfnet) destral Destral is an open source, multiplatform implem... DOWNLOAD
weathertower(sfnet) weathertower To manager the data receive from weather tower. DOWNLOAD
fial(sfnet) UCL - FIAL Documents pour les étudiants de FIAL. DOWNLOAD

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