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hashmaker(sfnet) HashMaker Application that allows you to make hashes of y... DOWNLOAD
ipmiutil(sfnet) ipmiutil ipmiutil is an easy-to-use set of IPMI server m... DOWNLOAD
jsimlife(freshmeat) JSimLife JSimLife is an advanced biological life simulat... DOWNLOAD
plotlet(freshmeat) PLOTlet PLOTlet is a tool to quickly create plots and c... DOWNLOAD
rhash(freshmeat) RHash RHash is a utility for computing hash sums and ... DOWNLOAD
libcarvpathrepository(freshmeat) LibCarvPathRepository LibCarvPathRepository is a library that provide... DOWNLOAD
nabucco-framework(freshmeat) NABUCCO Framework The NABUCCO Framework is the foundation for the... DOWNLOAD
javamessenger(sfnet) javamessenger JIM is a cross-platform instant messenger. Base... DOWNLOAD
securitysysanpr(sfnet) Security System using ANPR security system using number plate recognition DOWNLOAD
cpuid-feature-flags(freshmeat) cpuid.c cpuid.c is a very simple C abstraction that pro... DOWNLOAD
bashc(sfnet) Bash Commander \'Bash Commander\' is a version of the GNU Bour... DOWNLOAD
wintendo(sfnet) Wintendo DOWNLOAD
ipflow(sfnet) ipflow ipflow package is intended to help network admi... DOWNLOAD
meshgenforelmer(sfnet) 2DMeshGenerator for Elmer Ein Mesh-Generator, mit dem man ein zweidimensi... DOWNLOAD
backlog(sfnet) backlog A weblog aimed at being fast and simple to navi... DOWNLOAD
sdl-ball(sfnet) SDL-Ball SDL-Ball is a brick-breaking game with pretty g... DOWNLOAD
castanet(sfnet) castanet A live CD or USB system that can create or join... DOWNLOAD
hydrurga(sfnet) hydrurga An instant messager via e-mail. DOWNLOAD
prozeus(sfnet) prozeus DOWNLOAD
blaem(sfnet) Blaem It's a 3d shooter but in 2d side scroller fashi... DOWNLOAD
maxmsp-playback(sfnet) maxmsp-playback Simple 2 button media playback for Max MSP. Wor... DOWNLOAD
kittpulldown(sfnet) kitt pull down DOWNLOAD
bootstrap-images(sfnet) Bootstrap Images DOWNLOAD
postfixmiladmin(sfnet) postfixmiladmin PostfixMailAdmin is a web based software used t... DOWNLOAD
nhbadge(sfnet) nhbadge The Next Hope is the eighth conference in the H... DOWNLOAD
ibaixe(sfnet) ibaixe o melhor download DOWNLOAD
annathegame(sfnet) Anna The Game Game Maker RPG styled game produced by Putera N... DOWNLOAD
makeme(sfnet) makeme makeme is a build tool written in Java. It is d... DOWNLOAD
tuletech(sfnet) tuletech DOWNLOAD
tvlistings(sfnet) TVListings UK TV listings transcoder TVListings is a small web transcoder utility th... DOWNLOAD
easyargs(sfnet) Easy Args Easy Args java command line processing API is d... DOWNLOAD
bfpattendance(sfnet) Biometric FingerPrint Attendance System Biometric Fingerprint Attendance system is busi... DOWNLOAD
c-dogs-sdl(sfnet) C-Dogs SDL C-Dogs SDL is a classic overhead run-and-gun ga... DOWNLOAD
turbobasicprogr(sfnet) Turbo Basic Programs A simple DOS program pack that can very smoothl... DOWNLOAD
ssd-groupworkfo(sfnet) ssd-groupworkfo Just a Groupwork for our Software System Develo... DOWNLOAD
fruitwar(sfnet) fruitwar A platform which hosts battles between Fruit Wa... DOWNLOAD
mailscanner2(sfnet) mailscanner2 Another Generation Webmin module for administra... DOWNLOAD
fetlifeforwindowsnet(sfnet) FetLife for Windows.NET A Windows client specifically for FetLife writt... DOWNLOAD
fluxee(sfnet) fluxee Fluxee is a rules-based application that can be... DOWNLOAD
tfriends(sfnet) tfriends Tfriends-server is the server side of a chat ch... DOWNLOAD
ecolog(sfnet) ECOLOG ECOLOG is a specimen-based, cross-platform rela... DOWNLOAD
sim-soccer(sfnet) SimSoccer SimSoccer or Simulation Soccer is a competitive... DOWNLOAD
fgps-fastgpscod(sfnet) fGPS - Fast GPS code system fGPS is a code system that provides both latitu... DOWNLOAD
visualgaming(sfnet) Open Visual Gaming Viewer Open Visual Gaming Viewer. This application is ... DOWNLOAD
snpman(sfnet) SNPman This program aids in TaqMan genotyping across v... DOWNLOAD
femfind(sfnet) FemFind FemFind is a crawler/search engine for SMB sha... DOWNLOAD
watcher(freshmeat) watcher watcher is a script that watches files, pipes, ... DOWNLOAD
aphrodite(freshmeat) Aphrodite Aphrodite is a Mozilla-based Web browser that e... DOWNLOAD
beneath-a-binary-sky(freshmeat) Beneath A Binary Sky Beneath A Binary Sky is an engine that simulate... DOWNLOAD
brltty(freshmeat) BRLTTY BRLTTY is a daemon which provides access to the... DOWNLOAD
free-simple-blog(freshmeat) Free Simple Blog Free Simple Blog is blogging (online journal) s... DOWNLOAD
free-simple-shop(freshmeat) Free Simple Shop Free Simple Shop is powerful yet simple e-comme... DOWNLOAD
free-simple-cms(freshmeat) Free Simple CMS Free Simple CMS is content management software ... DOWNLOAD
amatix-office(freshmeat) Amatix Office Amatix Office is a complete communication platf... DOWNLOAD
iceplayer(sfnet) iceplayer My music player.if you have any question,please... DOWNLOAD
keyboardhooking(sfnet) keyboardhooking Keyboard hooking using c# Proxytype Blog - http... DOWNLOAD
trentsgames(sfnet) Trent's Games DOWNLOAD
keygame(sfnet) keygame This application allows you to show and edit CD... DOWNLOAD
sqsim(sfnet) SQSim The application is useful to model systems with... DOWNLOAD
mailblaster(sfnet) MailBlaster MailBlaster is an easy way to create and send e... DOWNLOAD
skypetab(sfnet) SkypeTab Moved to Google Code: DOWNLOAD
ynm(sfnet) YnM Szkript YnM Irc Szkript DOWNLOAD
groovyapp(sfnet) Groovy Grooveshark browser. Uses .Net Framework 4. It ... DOWNLOAD
myxml(sfnet) rbMyXML It is an abstract layer that translate any sql ... DOWNLOAD
binsnip(sfnet) binsnip The binsnip tool is made to snip out chunks fro... DOWNLOAD
xiaoheime(sfnet) xiaoheime no too DOWNLOAD
winproxy(sfnet) winproxy A high performance HTTP proxy server targeting ... DOWNLOAD
fileorganizer(sfnet) FileOrganizer FileOrganizer helps to copy/ backup files avoid... DOWNLOAD
result(sfnet) result DOWNLOAD
pgfu(sfnet) pgfu PGfU (Picture Galerie for UNIX) PGfU erzeugt in... DOWNLOAD
osx-palm-tools(sfnet) Mac OS X tools for Palm development Tools for Palm OS developers on Mac OS X. Cocoa... DOWNLOAD
e-office-panuwa(sfnet) ระบบE-Officeสพท. ระบบสำนักงานอิเล็กทรอนิกส์ หรือระบบE-office เหม... DOWNLOAD
memcachedpp(sfnet) memcached++ Memcached++ is a C++ interface for 'memcached'.... DOWNLOAD
nuweb(sfnet) nuweb for Literate Programming In 1984, Knuth introduced the idea of literate ... DOWNLOAD
robast(sfnet) ROBAST ROot BAsed Simulator for ray Tracing (ROBAST) i... DOWNLOAD
terceiroano(sfnet) terceiroano DOWNLOAD
a2fp(sfnet) ApoAJAXFormProgresser Ermöglicht einfaches Handhaben フォン、AJAX 要...
gcplusplus(sfnet) GC++ GC++, a garbage collector for C++ DOWNLOAD
fll7191(sfnet) Fll 2010 Project This is our Code hosting for FLL team 7191 year... DOWNLOAD
smallroom2(sfnet) Small Room2 asd DOWNLOAD
game4x4(sfnet) Game4x4 DOWNLOAD
liricsdb(sfnet) liricsdb software that can help you manage collection of... DOWNLOAD
nit-control(sfnet) Non-Interactive Terminal Control Simple comand-line tool to read/write data from... DOWNLOAD
netcdflabview(sfnet) NetCDFLabview An NetCDF interfaces implement in labview.Editi... DOWNLOAD
simplegnomeslid(sfnet) Simple Gnome Slideshow Creator This little tool gives you the ability to gener... DOWNLOAD
videocognitivec(sfnet) videocognitivec Cars recognition in video streaming. DOWNLOAD
wte(sfnet) WTE forensic windows triage environment builder
quick-shot(sfnet) quick-shot Quick Shot makes it easy to take full screen pi... DOWNLOAD
casiquecase(sfnet) Cacique Case Es una aplicación para web que crea el código (... DOWNLOAD
darkyromnotev33(sfnet) AllianceROM_N7000 This is a custom build ROM under the AllianceRO... DOWNLOAD
mightystats(sfnet) MightyStats DOWNLOAD
mbx2html(sfnet) mbx2html This script can be applied to mbox-files and ms... DOWNLOAD
javaweb-basedph(sfnet) javaweb-basedph PhpMyAdmin is a famous MYSQL database administr... DOWNLOAD
pyexf(sfnet) pyexf PyExF, or Python Exploitation Framework is a fr... DOWNLOAD
avatarmmorpg(sfnet) Avatar mmorpg 12345678901234567890 DOWNLOAD
mcubed(sfnet) mCubed mCubed is a media management application. The v... DOWNLOAD
squareroots(sfnet) Square Roots Some text files of square roots I found. Planni... DOWNLOAD
testupload(sfnet) Test upload this is sample project for sourceforge . DOWNLOAD
manjaro-ozone(sfnet) Manjaro Ozone A blue KDE version of Manjaro, with a simple, e... DOWNLOAD
tofujiavi(sfnet) tofujiavi The software can convert film (mjpg codec avi )... DOWNLOAD

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