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joomlaweather(sfnet) jWeather Joomla! 1.5 weather module DOWNLOAD
kme(sfnet) Kernel Memory Editor The Kernel Memory Editor is a curses program th... DOWNLOAD
thesistant(sfnet) Thesistant An alternative to use when writing a Thesis. Th... DOWNLOAD
m-station(sfnet) m-station the Linux Music Distro! the first aim is for an... DOWNLOAD
srvreport(sfnet) SrvReport SrvReport is a simple and featurefull server mo... DOWNLOAD
phpscripts(sfnet) PHP Scripts Some PHP scripts I created/modified. can be us... DOWNLOAD
netccm(sfnet) netccm netCCM Studio is a component-based modelling tool. DOWNLOAD
distdes(sfnet) distDES distDES is a Java RMI-based application which m... DOWNLOAD
ubuntuforstats(sfnet) ubuntuforstats This is a project to create a Ubuntu Distributi... DOWNLOAD
gnuchess(freshmeat) GNU Chess GNU Chess lets most modern computers play a ful... DOWNLOAD
slashcode(sfnet) Slash Slash is a database-driven web application serv... DOWNLOAD
loconetovertcp(sfnet) LocoNet over TCP Client-server based software that talks to Digi... DOWNLOAD
enzyme(sfnet) Enzyme: PHP profile/object community mgr A content management system for collecting, edi... DOWNLOAD
asmail(sfnet) asMail Asmail is a "mail-checker" like xbiff... DOWNLOAD
jbidwatcher(sfnet) JBidwatcher eBay bidding, sniping, and tracking tool. Platf... DOWNLOAD
spacestorm(sfnet) spacestorm Spacestorm is a space opera shoot'em up videoga... DOWNLOAD
jpim(sfnet) Java PIM Library jPim is an Open Source effort to implement a PI... DOWNLOAD
cajun(sfnet) cajun Cajun turns your computer into a car audio devi... DOWNLOAD
powermgr(sfnet) powermgr powermgr is a Perl script that glues together a... DOWNLOAD
myhomeswitch(sfnet) MyHome A Home Automation Project developed using Rabbi... DOWNLOAD
pam-ssh-agent(sfnet) pam_ssh_agent PAM module that spawns a ssh-agent and adds ide... DOWNLOAD
gnuprolog(freshmeat) GNU Prolog GNU Prolog is a free Prolog compiler with const... DOWNLOAD
kowalski(freshmeat) Kowalski The Kowalski project aims to provide a data dri... DOWNLOAD
pyme(freshmeat) pyme pyme is a minimalistic GUI editor. Its feature ... DOWNLOAD
nmailserver(sfnet) NMail NMail provides an SMTP client & server alon... DOWNLOAD
n-type(sfnet) n-type N-Type is a well-rounded typing tutor for all l... DOWNLOAD
phplsa(sfnet) phplsa Latent Semantic Analysis extension for PHP. Thi... DOWNLOAD
python2010(sfnet) python2010 Test project DOWNLOAD
neurorazer(sfnet) NeuroRazer-ESPAÑOL NeuroRAZER es un videojuego de coches gratuito ... DOWNLOAD
gscheduler(sfnet) General Purpose Project Scheduler This is a GNOME-based tool to keep track of a s... DOWNLOAD
cosmicdrift(sfnet) Cosmic Drift Alpha version, for windows and linux. No sound ... DOWNLOAD
javakaraoke(sfnet) The Java Karaoke Project The Java Karaoke project is implementing Karaok... DOWNLOAD
tmsim(sfnet) TM Sim プロジェクトは、決定性チューリング機械シミュレ... DOWNLOAD
pass(sfnet) Python Active Scripting Server The Python Active Scripting Server provides an ... DOWNLOAD
tm32dis(sfnet) TriMedia TM32 disassembler DOWNLOAD
awesomerpg(sfnet) Awesome RPG Awesome RPG is a simplistic game shell designed... DOWNLOAD
projetluckylok(sfnet) Projet Lucky lok Projet Lucky Lok DOWNLOAD
jhashcalc(sfnet) jHashCalc jHashCalc is a GPL implementation of the popula... DOWNLOAD
javamado(sfnet) JavaMado DOWNLOAD
parallelrealm2(sfnet) Parallel Realm Parallel Realm Alternate Reality 3D DOWNLOAD
radiobuntu(sfnet) Radiobuntu DOWNLOAD
joomseed(sfnet) joomseed Joomseed is a pre-installed Joomla! + extension... DOWNLOAD
angela(sfnet) angela! angela! is a graph editor. It is designed in C/... DOWNLOAD
dacpei(sfnet) DACPEI DACPEI is a WYSIWUG Software for Conceptual des... DOWNLOAD
ieselectstyle(sfnet) Internet Explorer Select Style Styling the select in Internet Explorer 6 and 7... DOWNLOAD
rb-translator(sfnet) rb-translator Resource Bundle Translator is a java applicatio... DOWNLOAD
m-o-s-e(sfnet) Modular System of Encryption Logiciel mettant en oeuvre des systèmes de chif... DOWNLOAD
bo2k(sfnet) BO2K BO2K is a remote administration tool for Window... DOWNLOAD
d3informatics(sfnet) Drop List Query Maker App for make mysql querys for drop table DOWNLOAD
hartmath(sfnet) Java Math-CAS Symbolic math Java applet. Features: big numbe... DOWNLOAD
openvpn-als(sfnet) OpenVPN ALS OpenVPN ALS is a web-based SSL VPN server writt... DOWNLOAD
aprsmapserv(sfnet) APRS Mapping Server APRS Comprehensive Mapping Server DOWNLOAD
autoinstallsoft(sfnet) Auto Install Software Phần mềm việt nam sử dụng ngôn ngữ autoit để th... DOWNLOAD
bp4ip(sfnet) BashPodder4iPods BashPodder4iPods is just what it sounds like - ... DOWNLOAD
spearos(sfnet) spearos el os creado por videomsil basado en linux DOWNLOAD
javascript101(sfnet) javascript101 Educational scripts. DOWNLOAD
zip2xml(sfnet) zip2xml A tool for direct ZIP archive (ODF/OOXML format... DOWNLOAD
desktools(sfnet) desktools Some Tools for Powerful Users DOWNLOAD
libcgi(sfnet) LibCGI LibCGI is a simple to use and powerful library ... DOWNLOAD
megan(sfnet) Megan Template Engine Megan is a simple, easy-to-use, light-weight an... DOWNLOAD
nisql(sfnet) Not Interactive SQL nisqlのMicrosoft SQL Server 2000およびMSDEを使... DOWNLOAD
audiotestfiles(sfnet) Audio test files Audio test files (e.g. Audacity multi channel, ... DOWNLOAD
norfolk(sfnet) Norfolk Household Financial Manager This PHP/MySQL-based web application is a house... DOWNLOAD
refractor(sfnet) Refractor Diagrammer for .Net Assemblies, also support fo... DOWNLOAD
xube(sfnet) Xube An EFFICIENT Engine which uses a unique way to ... DOWNLOAD
paos(sfnet) Python Active Object Server Paos is a server for Python objects and event n... DOWNLOAD
chimp(sfnet) CHIMP HIerarchical Modeling Program CHIMP aims to provide a complete suite of tools... DOWNLOAD
ao4b(sfnet) easy_c Easy programming for several platforms using C/... DOWNLOAD
gentv(sfnet) Generic TV Generic TV is a java visualization tool. It rea... DOWNLOAD
pastool(sfnet) pastool perform PAS-seq analysis DOWNLOAD
atomgrid-konsola(sfnet) AtomGrid-Konsola DOWNLOAD
proyecto-pp(sfnet) proyecto-pp (tengo que calificar este proyecto como abandon... DOWNLOAD
provaa(sfnet) provaa prova di creazione progetto DOWNLOAD
speedy(sfnet) Speedy Mousesimulator A simple Petsimulator, containing abillities li... DOWNLOAD
cincosecurity(sfnet) CincoSecurity Module CincoSecurity module offers big flexibility to ... DOWNLOAD
pcapdif(sfnet) pcap_diff pcap_diff is a C project, can be used to compar... DOWNLOAD
fbslideshow(sfnet) Facebook Slideshow Facebook desktop application written in C# usin... DOWNLOAD
airopsk(sfnet) AiroPSK A short WPA Handshake finder using a online dat... DOWNLOAD
nitool(sfnet) nitool Nature Inspired Toolbox is a software tool mean... DOWNLOAD
rplay(sfnet) rplay rplay is a flexible network audio system that a... DOWNLOAD
javarandom(sfnet) Java Random Numbers - Random.Org API Very lightweight and easy to use library that a... DOWNLOAD
efinanciero13(sfnet) E Financiero 1.5 En cuanto a ingeniería Económica: Intereses eq... DOWNLOAD
supertar(sfnet) supertar Supertar in a "simple" but powerfull ... DOWNLOAD
elw(sfnet) The Embedded Linux Workshop The Embedded Linux Workshop is an open source p... DOWNLOAD
kweather(sfnet) KWeather This applet places the current weather informat... DOWNLOAD
slice(sfnet) SLICE Slice is an important part of the Website META ... DOWNLOAD
deiumabrowser(sfnet) Deiuma Browser DOWNLOAD
alathecrypto(sfnet) ALA ALA, a two-step SHA-256 Crypto, terracoin clone... DOWNLOAD
arahabikarpg(sfnet) Project Arahabika Non-fighting Online RPG Environment for community. DOWNLOAD
ianaglyph(sfnet) iAnaglyph iAnaglyph is a Cocoa application for generating... DOWNLOAD
topmusic2010(sfnet) topmusic2010 STUDIO FM 99 TUDO DE BOM PRA VOCÊ DOWNLOAD
tabshero(sfnet) TabsHero Basically TabsHero is a tabs administrator with... DOWNLOAD
dineshplayer(sfnet) FLVPlayer this my own FLVPlayer DOWNLOAD
edureka(sfnet) eduReka Educational Browser The first Educational browser. DOWNLOAD
deskblox(sfnet) DeskBlox Deskblox is a scripting engine that integrates ... DOWNLOAD
pmaudio(sfnet) pmaudio Precise MPEG Audio Decoder - Open source (GPL) ... DOWNLOAD
qxv(freshmeat) qxv qxv is an image viewer whose interface is key-t... DOWNLOAD
smbfs-mounter(freshmeat) smbfs-mounter smbfs-mounter automatically mounts smb-shares o... DOWNLOAD
macrosystem(sfnet) MacroSystem MacroSystem is a powerful C++ template system d... DOWNLOAD
labelgrid(freshmeat) labelgrid labelgrid is a Web-based label design and print... DOWNLOAD

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