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thegreatgranitestate(sfnet) The Great Granite State DOWNLOAD
webminnetac(sfnet) webminnetac Network accounting package designed around xt_A... DOWNLOAD
jxt4noteplusj(sfnet) Jxt4NotePlusJ Jxt4NotePlusJ is a Java application that lets y... DOWNLOAD
photoz(sfnet) photoz Photo management app written in Java, aimed at ... DOWNLOAD
swatwork(sfnet) Swatwork File releases by user swatwork.
fastbombesim(sfnet) Parallelized Turing bombe simulation This project involves implementing simulations ... DOWNLOAD
tsciitounicode(sfnet) tsciitounicode This is a application for TSCII to unicode conv... DOWNLOAD
nevix(sfnet) NeviX NeviX is a lightweight desktop client that list... DOWNLOAD
mod_auth_aix(freshmeat) mod_auth_aix mod_auth_aix is an Apache module which allows t... DOWNLOAD
eap-easyadmin(sfnet) Easy Web Space Admin Easy Web Space Admin aims to be a one stop way ... DOWNLOAD
tinyproxy(sfnet) Tinyproxy Tinyproxy is a fast light-weight HTTP proxy for... DOWNLOAD
njs(sfnet) NJS JavaScript Interpreter NJS is an independent implementation of the Jav... DOWNLOAD
ideascan(sfnet) IBM Ideascan 2000 USB SANE driver Developement of a SANE driver for the IBM IdeaS... DOWNLOAD
neglight(sfnet) Negative Light A free program for creating, manipulating, and ... DOWNLOAD
pixie(sfnet) Pixie Pixie is a photorealistic renderer that uses a ... DOWNLOAD
synth(freshmeat) Synth Synth is a C++ template framework - a set of co... DOWNLOAD
logeraser(sfnet) LogEraser Eraser delete the old log files. For example, ... DOWNLOAD
receipt(sfnet) Apodeixeto 領収書のソフトウェアを格納する DOWNLOAD
fbdb(sfnet) Fritz!Box Telefon-dingsbums Das Fritz!Box Telefon-dingsbums ist ein Outlook... DOWNLOAD
svn20100216(sfnet) svn20100216 hheheehehdfdsfdsfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdf DOWNLOAD
cloudbrok(sfnet) cloudbrok cloud broker is the one which is present in bet... DOWNLOAD
emicalcu(sfnet) EMI IRR Calculator This software calculates and manages EMI and IR...
korz(sfnet) Korz DOWNLOAD
paromfacebookfanpages(sfnet) PA-ROM_FACEBOOK_FAN_PAGES No description DOWNLOAD
qtgent(sfnet) qtgent Visualization of PCB (printed circuit board) de... DOWNLOAD
risksdl(sfnet) RiskSDL Risiko like SDL game DOWNLOAD
mlive(sfnet) mlive Server for the distribution of live media on hi... DOWNLOAD
myffl(sfnet) my Free Fantasy League myFFL provides easily parsable NFL stats. DOWNLOAD
excoflare(sfnet) Excoflare PHP Framework This is very basic and use full framework (stru... DOWNLOAD
ctheme(sfnet) Console Palette Theme Tools Tools to modify the console palette in linux us... DOWNLOAD
ktaskmgr(sfnet) kTaskMgr for OS/2 kTaskMgr presents information about processes, ... DOWNLOAD
gwloto(sfnet) gwloto Gwloto is a hazardous energy control plan manag... DOWNLOAD
pctvgtk(sfnet) Pinnacle PCTV Deluxe/Bungee GUI Pinnacle PCTV Deluxe/Bungee Gtk-2 and Tcl/Tk GU... DOWNLOAD
cdialog(freshmeat) cdialog Dialog allows you to present a variety of quest... DOWNLOAD
maximus(sfnet) Maximus BBS The full source code release of the Maximus bul... DOWNLOAD
transformer4j(sfnet) Transformer4j It happens often, you need to transfer an objec... DOWNLOAD
probemaskingpipeline(sfnet) probe masking pipeline A probe masking pipeline for comparative transc... DOWNLOAD
php5dfframework(sfnet) PHP5 DFFramework PHP5 DFFramework is an object orient and modula... DOWNLOAD
b2b-project(sfnet) The B2B eCommerce Project This is a working Java Server Pages based Shopp... DOWNLOAD
nfrequencies(sfnet) Nfrequencies Perform multivariate analysis based on di-nucle... DOWNLOAD
wndclasses(sfnet) wndclasses Windows programming classes and objects for Win... DOWNLOAD
daw-tool(sfnet) DAW Tool Aplicación web capaz de gestionar peticiones de... DOWNLOAD
subterfugue(sfnet) SUBTERFUGUE SUBTERFUGUE is a framework for observing and pl... DOWNLOAD
php-ffa(sfnet) PHP-Free-For-All With this script, we utilize PHP and SQL to pro... DOWNLOAD
corewar(sfnet) Corewar Corewar is a game played vicariously through th... DOWNLOAD
nubdi(sfnet) nu-BDI nu-BDI is an extension of the Jason agent inter... DOWNLOAD
mojoportal(sfnet) mojoPortal mojoPortal is an accessible, compliant, extensi... DOWNLOAD
nope(sfnet) Nope Nope is an Open Source, lightweight alternative... DOWNLOAD
amserial(sfnet) AMSerialPort This is a set of Cocoa wrapper classes to acces... DOWNLOAD
sinsinde(sfnet) sinsinde Codificacion y decodificacion DOWNLOAD
phpdocannot(sfnet) PHP DocAnnotation PHP DocAnnotation is a small framework (using t... DOWNLOAD
beziersignature(sfnet) BezierSignature A simple .NET signature box for handheld applic... DOWNLOAD
cdeactividades(sfnet) cdeactividades Permite que un grupo de personas pueda mantener... DOWNLOAD
pcproject(sfnet) pcproject Progetto del Loreti su SF DOWNLOAD
teachtool(sfnet) TeachTool DOWNLOAD
gr0(sfnet) gr0 want to do something with HTML5
eslnewsreader(sfnet) ESL News Reader Add to your website the ESL news from all the c... DOWNLOAD
sportssurvey(sfnet) 2010 Sports Survey Survey for public to determine recreation activ... DOWNLOAD
dbmshids(sfnet) DBMS Host Intrusion Detection System This project develops a DBMS Host Intrusion Det... DOWNLOAD
demandware(sfnet) Demandware This is for developers using the Demandware Pla... DOWNLOAD
cppserver(sfnet) cppserver A pet project of mine to create a modular serve... DOWNLOAD
uuidsort(sfnet) uuidsort This is the project to sort the 10>8 DOWNLOAD
icehorsetools(sfnet) Icelandic Horse Competition Software Software for the management of Icelandic Horse ... DOWNLOAD
mitschnitter(sfnet) Mitschnitter Der Mitschnitter kann HTML-Chats, -Seiten und a... DOWNLOAD
hoteltl2(sfnet) hoteltl2 Texnologia Logismikou 2, 2010-11 Xeimerino, Gro... DOWNLOAD
silcmob(sfnet) SILCMOB Container DOWNLOAD
tzw(sfnet) tzw a free shooter develop lib based on acknex engi... DOWNLOAD
dastory(sfnet) DaStory DaStory is a simple PHP5 application used to pl... DOWNLOAD
hpcomm(sfnet) HPComm HPComm is a free Windows program to connect PCs... DOWNLOAD
asautokey(sfnet) ASAutoKey ASAutoKey is a windows application written in C... DOWNLOAD
noutm(sfnet) NoUTM no brainer utm, that allow you to content filter DOWNLOAD
wmf(sfnet) WMF - Web Mail Folder Converting emails to html. Made for archive mai... DOWNLOAD
panda(sfnet) panda A PDF generation API written in C DOWNLOAD
web-pda(sfnet) web-pda Allow PDAs to synchronize via the web DOWNLOAD
imodz(sfnet) imodz OpenSource Mac OS X project to create simple Ap... DOWNLOAD
campora(sfnet) cAMPora Reproductor MP3 Nacional y Popular DOWNLOAD
jellytime(sfnet) JellyTime DOWNLOAD
chlone(sfnet) CHLone CHLone is a CGNS/SIDS compliant mapping on HDF5... DOWNLOAD
web20pgadmin(sfnet) web20pgadmin Web based PostgreSQL Administration tool for de... DOWNLOAD
gnujiko801(sfnet) Gnujiko 8.01 Gnujiko - Open-source Business Application fram...
carsalessystem(sfnet) carSalesSystem A System to upload photos of cars and advertise... DOWNLOAD
geneutils(sfnet) GeneUtils Small utilities to ease everyday jobs in bioinf... DOWNLOAD
bjui(sfnet) Black Jack swing GUI Personal project. DOWNLOAD
firemonkios(sfnet) FireMonk iOS DOWNLOAD
principalcomponentanalysis(sfnet) principal component analysis DOWNLOAD
menument(sfnet) menument Creates comfortable menus for your multiboot CD... DOWNLOAD
linearopenings(sfnet) CUDA-based Linear Openings Fast opening with linear SE on CPU and GPU usin... DOWNLOAD
log4net(sfnet) Logging framework for .NET Log4net has moved to DOWNLOAD
sudoken(sfnet) Sudoken - a Java sudoku game Sudoken is a free sudoku game written in Java. ... DOWNLOAD
unreal(sfnet) UnrealIRCd Unreal is a IRCd based on the Dreamforge branc... DOWNLOAD
retewtre(sfnet) 55555 dsafdsafdgfdhgfhgjhjg DOWNLOAD
ogzq(sfnet) OGZQ DOWNLOAD
referendum(sfnet) The Referendum Group Understanding Tool Referendum is a community-creation web toolkit ... DOWNLOAD
dejalinux(sfnet) DejaLinux Le projet DejaLinux vise la création d'un live-... DOWNLOAD
wavexx-gallery(freshmeat) fgallery "fgallery" is a static photo gallery ... DOWNLOAD
amphibian(sfnet) JFrog - Game Engine Framework JFrogの無料配布のコンポーネント指向フレームワー... DOWNLOAD
farmville2(sfnet) Farmville Everything about farmville. Automatic plow, see... DOWNLOAD
maghribifonts(sfnet) maghribifonts The aim of this project is to develop High qual... DOWNLOAD
infoerp(sfnet) infoERP infoERP is a light weight weberp for online ord... DOWNLOAD
gsbjavarioub(sfnet) GSB JAVA

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