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appscale(freshmeat) AppScale AppScale is a platform that allows users to dep... DOWNLOAD
rootfinder(sfnet) RootFinder RootFinder provides the implementation of all t... DOWNLOAD
rif4j(sfnet) RIF4J A Java object model for the Rule Interchange Fo... DOWNLOAD
robotseeintrptr(sfnet) RobotSeeInterpreter RobotSee is a language as easy as Basic, with t... DOWNLOAD
bdf2c(sfnet) bdf2c - BDF Font to C source convertor Converts bdf font files into C include files. T... DOWNLOAD
procoderz(sfnet) Procoderz Team Albanian Procoderz Team Albanian © [ Grey Hat ] Here yo... DOWNLOAD
opendedup(freshmeat) Opendedup Opendedup is a deduplication-based filesystem a... DOWNLOAD
fermifab(sfnet) FermiFab A particle physics toolbox for small fermionic ... DOWNLOAD
lxardoscope(sfnet) lxardoscope LXARDOSCOPE is a dual channel oscilloscope appl... DOWNLOAD
kwamoja(freshmeat) KwaMoja KwaMoja is a system that helps you manage your ... DOWNLOAD
maymyo(sfnet) maymyo Maymyo, named after a Myanmarese hill station, ... DOWNLOAD
dbsfilt(sfnet) DBSFILT DBSFILT is a matlab toolbox designed to detect ... DOWNLOAD
wpkg(sfnet) wpkg Automated software deployment, upgrade and remo... DOWNLOAD
vistrails(sfnet) VisTrails VisTrails is a new scientific workflow manageme... DOWNLOAD
mysqlphplib(sfnet) PHP MySQL class This is a class that make life with MySQL and P... DOWNLOAD
webtesteronline(sfnet) WebTester Online Testing WebTester is a full featured solution for onlin... DOWNLOAD
pnotes(sfnet) PNotes PNotes is light-weight, flexible, skinnable man... DOWNLOAD
alovoice(sfnet) alovoice Tổng đài nhận dạng tiếng nói tiếng việt DOWNLOAD
mumb1e(sfnet) mumb1e Administration Tool for Mumble -/- Murmur Serve... DOWNLOAD
bcecpks(sfnet) BasicCard Elliptic Curve PKS A smart card-based public key cryptography syst... DOWNLOAD
la-nai(sfnet) LiteCMS LiteCMS is a CMS-like system that has basic mod... DOWNLOAD
tinypascalforti(sfnet) Tiny Pascal for TI83p and TI84 Tiny Pascal for TI8x is a full Pascal and Assem... DOWNLOAD
felicityred(sfnet) Felicity Red Felicity Red is a Hack 'n Slash game in which y... DOWNLOAD
jsmol(sfnet) JSmol JSmol is the extension of the Java-based molecu... DOWNLOAD
evesoc(sfnet) EveSoc This project's goal is to provide a simple but ... DOWNLOAD
phpjpglib(sfnet) PHP JPG class This is a class that lets you EASILY read image... DOWNLOAD
oopinyinguide(sfnet) oopinyinguide OO Pinyin Guide is a Java extension for OpenOff... DOWNLOAD
phperrormanager(sfnet) PHP ErrorManager class Singleton php class to report errors, manage er... DOWNLOAD
ff-manager(sfnet) Member Management for Fire Fighters This program is meant to manage members of volu... DOWNLOAD
gtk2-perl(sfnet) gtk2-perl Perl bindings for Gtk+ 2.x, and 3.x, plus a few... DOWNLOAD
premake(sfnet) Premake Describe your software project with a full-feat... DOWNLOAD
cromacode(sfnet) Chromacode for C++ すぐに色付け & C/C++ プロジェクトを HTML ド...
hcal(sfnet) HCAL - HTML Calendar Support HCAL はメールできる HTML カレンダーを作成する方...
synergykm(sfnet) SynergyKM This site is not used anymore. For latest versi...
artificialjavaz(sfnet) JAZOO - Java Artificial Zoo Jazoo. The Zoo of virtual evolving creatures. M... DOWNLOAD
encuestame(sfnet) encuestame Encuestame is an open source CMS to make severa... DOWNLOAD
phpdbtable(sfnet) PHP DBTable class This is a PHP class that provides frequently us... DOWNLOAD
maven-javafxdoc(sfnet) Maven Javafxdoc Plugin maven-javafxdoc-plugin: A maven plugin for gene... DOWNLOAD
autorevision(freshmeat) autorevision autorevision extracts metadata about the curren... DOWNLOAD
imgjavaprocess(sfnet) Image Processing Java Exercises This is a project I've created on Computer Scie... DOWNLOAD
mawk(freshmeat) MAWK Mawk (Mike's AWK) is an interpreter for the AWK... DOWNLOAD
saasposepdf(freshmeat) Aspose.Pdf for Cloud Aspose.Pdf for Cloud is a REST API to create, e... DOWNLOAD
fwknop(freshmeat) fwknop fwknop implements an authorization scheme calle... DOWNLOAD
controlremote(sfnet) RemoteMaster This project\'s goal is to replace and extend E... DOWNLOAD
fcut(sfnet) FCut Foam cutting software for driving hot-wire 4-ax... DOWNLOAD
starvoyager(freshmeat) Star Voyager Star Voyager is a Star Trek-themed game with a ... DOWNLOAD
javatxteditor(sfnet) Java Simple Text Editor Simple, easy to code Java Text Editor. It's mai... DOWNLOAD
cord(sfnet) CoRD CoRD is a Mac OS X remote desktop client for Wi... DOWNLOAD
opendro(sfnet) OpenDRO OpenDRO is an open source project to develop em... DOWNLOAD
sjcf(sfnet) sjcf The Secure Java Code Filter (SJCF) provides an ... DOWNLOAD
flashvideodl(sfnet) Flash Video Downloader - AutoHotKey This Open source project makes use of FFMPEG an... DOWNLOAD
imgrecognition(sfnet) Image Recognition in Java This is an attempt to create simple image recog... DOWNLOAD
opengeotracker(sfnet) OpenGeoTracker Lets you monitor your GPS-phone. You have full ... DOWNLOAD
glogg(freshmeat) glogg glogg is a multi-platform GUI application to br... DOWNLOAD
epesibimcrm(freshmeat) EPESI EPESI is a Web application for managing busines... DOWNLOAD
youtubebar(sfnet) YouTube Toolbar YouTubeToolbar - A Toolbar for your Explorer. U... DOWNLOAD
o2oo(freshmeat) O2OO O2OO reads sensor data from a car into a sqlite... DOWNLOAD
radioplayer1(sfnet) Radio player Radio player met dit programma kan je makkelijk... DOWNLOAD
joomla16finnish(sfnet) Joomla! Finnish Käännösprojekti Joomla! Suomi(Finnish) kielitie... DOWNLOAD
mimochodem(sfnet) Mimochodem Screensaver Mimochodem Screensaver is a Windows screensaver... DOWNLOAD
owlapi(sfnet) OWL API A Java interface and implementation for the W3C... DOWNLOAD
webmann(sfnet) Web Man Web Man controls the large-scale aspects of you... DOWNLOAD
bloxdemo(sfnet) Blox - java demo Demonstration of graphics made in Java. Very si... DOWNLOAD
monitoring-spooler(freshmeat) Monitoring-Spooler Monitoring::Spooler is a handy queue manager fo... DOWNLOAD
lampschool(sfnet) LAMPSchool Registro elettronico scolastico On Line Open So... DOWNLOAD
alinuoc(sfnet) alinouc sentence aligner A user friendly graphical tool for sentence ali... DOWNLOAD
craftservers(sfnet) CraftServers DOWNLOAD
epydoc(sfnet) Python API documentation generation tool Epydoc is a tool for generating API documentati... DOWNLOAD
openfileaid(sfnet) OpenFileAid OpenFileAid is aimed to help people working wit... DOWNLOAD
jverein(sfnet) jverein Open Source Vereinsverwaltung für Linux, Window... DOWNLOAD
texttool(sfnet) TextTool: Textual Conversion Utility !TextTool コンソール ユーティリティは ASCII レ...
supersensetag(sfnet) SuperSenseTagger The software annotates text with 41 broad seman... DOWNLOAD
roborescue(sfnet) Robocup Rescue Simulation Project The Robocup Rescue Simulation Project attempts ... DOWNLOAD
wxpack(sfnet) wxPack NOTE: This project page is dead. Please visit t... DOWNLOAD
femfumcali2copi(sfnet) GNU FemFum_CaLi2CoPi PS Applet CaLi2CoPi is a multiplatform PDF parser library... DOWNLOAD
forge(sfnet) Forge 全ゲノムアセンブラは、異なった種類のDNAシークエ... DOWNLOAD
eyephonetracker(sfnet) eyePhoneTracker This Windows utility attempts to find an Apple ... DOWNLOAD
newname(sfnet) 我要取名字(chinese name) 產生五格皆為吉數的名字筆劃,顯示其筆劃五格及五... DOWNLOAD
wpscrackgui(sfnet) WPSCrackGUI WPSCrackGUI es una interfaz gráfica para el cra... DOWNLOAD
textenpedia(sfnet) TextEnpedia TextEnpedia is a basic Encyclopedia Creator wit... DOWNLOAD
foxfire(sfnet) Firefly's Foxfire DOWNLOAD
yawp(sfnet) yaWP Yet Another Weather Plasmoid DOWNLOAD
treepie(sfnet) TreePie TreePie : a simple way to display disk usage. I... DOWNLOAD
projectf(sfnet) Project F DOWNLOAD
ldshake(sfnet) LdShake LdShake is a Web 2.0 tool for the social sharin... DOWNLOAD
jolie(sfnet) Jolie Jolie is the first full-fledged programming lan... DOWNLOAD
birthright(sfnet) Birthright Adobe AIR application to help Game Master manag... DOWNLOAD
itunesrepair(sfnet) iTunes Library Repair This project is a (platform independent) tool t... DOWNLOAD
xiron(sfnet) xiron xiron is a rapid development framework to build... DOWNLOAD
ddss(sfnet) Diagnosis Decision Support System The Diagnosis Decision Support System (DDSS) is... DOWNLOAD
myformsitalia(sfnet) myForms Nato come una libreria ad uso personale. Si è e... DOWNLOAD
sccnb(sfnet) Netbeans plugin for SableCC Netbeans module for SableCC, actually syntax hi... DOWNLOAD
roaat-regular(sfnet) Roaat Regular Typographic Features I created a Khmer font. Because Khmer ist quite... DOWNLOAD
openhelisphere(sfnet) Open HeliSphere The Open HeliSphere project encompasses the bio... DOWNLOAD
javame(sfnet) java me my book about java language and design pattern ... DOWNLOAD
onefit(sfnet) OneFit DOWNLOAD
skydragononespr(sfnet) SkyDragon One S Proyect DOWNLOAD
pyspread(sfnet) pyspread Pyspread is a non-traditional spreadsheet appli... DOWNLOAD
calfem(sfnet) CALFEM CALFEM is an interactive computer program for t... DOWNLOAD
zampphp(sfnet) Zamp PHP Zamp PHP is a rapid development framework for P... DOWNLOAD

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