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turboforth(sfnet) TurboForth A fast and compact Forth implementation for the... DOWNLOAD
xlw(sfnet) XLW - A C++ wrapper for the Excel C API XLW is a C++ wrapper for the Excel C API descri... DOWNLOAD
daemonservice(sfnet) libdaemonservice Easy to use cross-platform C library for creati... DOWNLOAD
unix-connect(sfnet) unix-connect Unix-Connect kann sehr vielseitig eingesetzt we... DOWNLOAD
pyrpm(sfnet) PyRPM PyRPM is an experimental project to look at RPM... DOWNLOAD
giftcurs(sfnet) giFTcurs Cursed frontend to the giFT daemon. Moved to ht... DOWNLOAD
z80ex(sfnet) z80ex Z80~Ex is the portable ZiLOG Z80 CPU emulator d... DOWNLOAD
heartheradio(sfnet) HearTheRadio With HearTheRadio you can listen to Radio. That... DOWNLOAD
opbdp(sfnet) opbdp opbdp is an implementation in C++ of an implici... DOWNLOAD
notasystem(sfnet) notasystem Java GUI Bluetooth text file sender DOWNLOAD
rijst-trams(sfnet) TRAMS DOWNLOAD
fetchmail(sfnet) Fetchmail - the mail-retrieval daemon Fetchmail is a mail retrieval daemon that can d... DOWNLOAD
yogpstopmcmods(sfnet) yogpstop Minecraft(Bukkit) Mods yogpstop's minecraft(bukkit) mods is release in... DOWNLOAD
gensignfromldap(sfnet) GenerateSignatureFromLDAP Small signature generator for Microsoft Outlook... DOWNLOAD
phpeasymin(freshmeat) phpEasyMin phpEasyMin is a tool for minimizing multiple Ja... DOWNLOAD
psad(freshmeat) Port Scan Attack Detector The Port Scan Attack Detector (psad) is a colle... DOWNLOAD
rizz(sfnet) Rizz Rizz is an RSS Reader which opens in the icon f... DOWNLOAD
bigsortedlist(sfnet) bigsortedlist A library written in C that provides a sorted l... DOWNLOAD
trclasslibrary(sfnet) TR Class Library This project is a library containing a pack of ... DOWNLOAD
hubit-vtm(sfnet) HubIt Chronicle/Map bundler for VtM:R HubIt is a new way to create chronicles for VtM... DOWNLOAD
desktopreversei(sfnet) Goggles for desktop & Internet Goggles for desktop & Internet lets you sea... DOWNLOAD
woped(sfnet) WoPeD WoPeD is a Java-based graphical workflow proces... DOWNLOAD
mxplay(sfnet) mxPlay An audiomedia player for Atari computers. Feat... DOWNLOAD
arduinorc(sfnet) Arduino Radio Control With this software you can build a custom multi... DOWNLOAD
honeydrive(sfnet) HoneyDrive HoneyDrive is the premier honeypot Linux distro... DOWNLOAD
jymag(sfnet) JYMAG JYMAG (Java Your Music And Graphics) is a free ... DOWNLOAD
imyplay(sfnet) imyplay IMYplay is a player for iMelody (IMY) files. It... DOWNLOAD
vplg(sfnet) Visualization of Protein-Ligand Graphs The Visualization of Protein-Ligand Graphs (VPL... DOWNLOAD
ccnet(sfnet) CruiseControl.NET CruiseControl.NET is an automated continuous in... DOWNLOAD
npppythonscript(sfnet) Notepad++ Python Script A Python Scripting plugin for Notepad++ Complet... DOWNLOAD
transkribe(sfnet) TransKribe TransKribe is a very simple, rather unfinished ... DOWNLOAD
supersync1(sfnet) SuperSync A file synchronization/backup utility. Designed... DOWNLOAD
libreaquarium(sfnet) LibreAquarium SME LibreAquarium is an Aquarium management sys... DOWNLOAD
nevezz(sfnet) Nevezz This is a program aiming to be simple, easy to ... DOWNLOAD
mrenamer(sfnet) SimpleMovieRenamer You're tired of download movies and spend too m... DOWNLOAD
go-aop-php(freshmeat) Go! Go! is a PHP 5.4 library that allows developers... DOWNLOAD
bogofilter(sfnet) bogofilter -- Fast Bayesian Spam Filter The bogofilter package implements a fast Bayesi... DOWNLOAD
qqq(sfnet) qqq Explore your mind, extract your reasons, determ... DOWNLOAD
rapidprops(sfnet) RapidProps RapidProps is a Java library that facilitates t... DOWNLOAD
novatux(sfnet) GNU Novatux GNU NovaTux ist eine Distribution von Flash-Ima... DOWNLOAD
slickmsg(sfnet) slickMsg slickMsg is a minimalistic disussion forum / bu... DOWNLOAD
tablatureplayer(sfnet) Tablature Player Purpose of Project The purpose of this project... DOWNLOAD
viewdix(sfnet) ViewDix Small Android application that provides access ... DOWNLOAD
symdiff(freshmeat) SYMDIFF SYMDIFF is a tool for symbolic differentiation ... DOWNLOAD
phconv(sfnet) PhConv PhConv is a very simple but usefull base conver... DOWNLOAD
searchcm4(sfnet) SearchCM4 A scout tool for Championship Manager 4 DOWNLOAD
bookling(freshmeat) Bookling Bookling is a simple eBook manager designed to ... DOWNLOAD
gdesktopchanger(freshmeat) gDesktopChanger gDesktopChanger is a simple wallpaper changer f... DOWNLOAD
blunderchess(sfnet) Blunder Chess Tools A repository of software tools related to chess... DOWNLOAD
pcapfix(freshmeat) pcapfix pcapfix is a repair tool for corrupted pcap and... DOWNLOAD
timeline-2(freshmeat) Timeline Timeline is a cross-platform application for di... DOWNLOAD
mdiutilities(freshmeat) MDIUtilities MDIUtilities provides a set of utility classes ... DOWNLOAD
tspsg(sfnet) TSP Solver and Generator TSPSG is intended to generate and solve Travell... DOWNLOAD
patchwork-php-library(freshmeat) Patchwork PHP library Patchwork is a PHP library that makes it possib... DOWNLOAD
miditool(sfnet) Midi Player Tool Piano function Tonality settings Play scales PC... DOWNLOAD
ghost4j(sfnet) Ghost4J Project is now hosted on GitHub at https://git... DOWNLOAD
fun4j(sfnet) fun4j fun4j brings functional programming to the JVM.... DOWNLOAD
skyballgame(sfnet) blender breakout blender breakout is a simple open source game m... DOWNLOAD
topiaryexplorer(sfnet) Topiary Explorer TopiaryExplorer has moved to GitHub. Find the n... DOWNLOAD
yapbam(sfnet) Yapbam Yapbam (Yet Another Personal Bank Account Manag... DOWNLOAD
modern-computer-flatboat(freshmeat) modern computer flatboat modern computer flatboat is a mobile PDF viewer... DOWNLOAD
xml-grammarbase(freshmeat) XML-GrammarBase XML-GrammarBase provides CPAN authors with some... DOWNLOAD
visualirc(sfnet) Visual IRC Visual IRC is a feature-rich, fully customizabl... DOWNLOAD
msgparser(freshmeat) msgparser msgparser is a small Java library that parses O... DOWNLOAD
oddlocker(sfnet) ODDLocker ODDLocker is a small, handy application that lo... DOWNLOAD
wbrcs(sfnet) Online Resource Management system This is our year 2 project, aiming at helping m... DOWNLOAD
uak(sfnet) uak UNIX/Linux accounting (pacct), login (utmp,ps) ... DOWNLOAD
md5hashcracker(sfnet) MD5HashCracker The MD5 hash algorithm is widely used and is vu... DOWNLOAD
cratoslion(sfnet) Cratos-Lion Theme gtk style macOS x for xfce 4.x DOWNLOAD
otterunittest(sfnet) Otter Unit Test Framework Otter Unit Test Framework is a tool which perfo... DOWNLOAD
javawallchanger(sfnet) Wallpaper Changer Uses java swing to create the GUI of the Wallpa... DOWNLOAD
osdatevv(sfnet) osDate V.V osDateVV is a version 2 of osDate. After its gr... DOWNLOAD
blacksunlight(sfnet) stuff DOWNLOAD
jcomponents(sfnet) JComponents DOWNLOAD
ccrs(sfnet) CCRS No description DOWNLOAD
crcontrol(sfnet) CD-Rom Control The CD-Rom Control is an X Window control panel... DOWNLOAD
rrdmonitor(sfnet) RRDMonitor Monitoring framework for core Linux performance... DOWNLOAD
me4m-properties(sfnet) MakeEasy4Me: Properties One desktop application to make more easy put e... DOWNLOAD
wl24xx(sfnet) 2.4.x WL24XX radiolan driver this will (when completed) be a kernel module f... DOWNLOAD
ourschool(sfnet) OurSchool OurSchool project is like triangle between pupi... DOWNLOAD
linkdb-afrosoft(sfnet) LinkDB LinkDB is a Link DataDase. This means that Link... DOWNLOAD
rsensing(sfnet) rsensing Several functions for spatial analysis DOWNLOAD
garlicsim(sfnet) GarlicSim GarlicSim is an ambitious open-source project t... DOWNLOAD
ntiscreensaver(sfnet) NTI screen saver NT I screen saver software application is free ... DOWNLOAD
oclibrary(sfnet) Object Conversion Library The Object Conversion Library aims to provide d... DOWNLOAD
vemsql(sfnet) Vemsql Gestor de bases de datos diseñado para trabajar... DOWNLOAD
checkhuman(sfnet) check-human-captcha Very simple way of stopping robots using specif... DOWNLOAD
dragonms(sfnet) DragonMS No description DOWNLOAD
areaone(sfnet) Areaone IRC Daemon The Areaone IRCd is an extensive implementation... DOWNLOAD
osprey-network(sfnet) Osprey Network Visualization System Osprey is a software platform for visualization... DOWNLOAD
fsight(sfnet) Foresight Foresight is a LGPLed wrapper that currently b... DOWNLOAD
softart(sfnet) SoftArt SoftArt has been moved to google code server. C... DOWNLOAD
mcecontroller(sfnet) MCE Controller MCE Controller home page: http://mcec.codeplex... DOWNLOAD
satierfsofware(sfnet) OtanersatierF Software This is the installer of all applications creat... DOWNLOAD
u8800cm9(sfnet) U8800 CM9 DOWNLOAD
pronac(sfnet) Pronac MediaMonkey Extension A music recommendation engine. It is meant to b... DOWNLOAD
baofengloader(sfnet) baofeng loader The project name has changed to the Chirp LiveC... DOWNLOAD
smallticket(sfnet) ticket Small ticket management system designed to be u... DOWNLOAD
jhyenae(sfnet) JHyenae JHyenae is an entirely overworked Java port of ... DOWNLOAD
ipacrack(sfnet) ipa-crack No description DOWNLOAD

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