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oranetted(sfnet) OraNetted Was a web scrapper completely built in Oracle d... DOWNLOAD
gsvit(sfnet) GSvit Fast FDTD solver with graphics card support. Op... DOWNLOAD
iphoneanalyzer(sfnet) IPhone Analyzer IOS6 and recent iTunes updates have broken a fe... DOWNLOAD
geocoding(sfnet) GeoCoding Integrates your code with Google GeoCoding Library DOWNLOAD
hotswitchres(sfnet) Hot Switch Resolution This little application is primarily for changi... DOWNLOAD
atomictanksport(sfnet) Atomic Tanks Portable Trainer It's a trainer created by me. DOWNLOAD
jgates(sfnet) Java JSON The JBRGates is a lightweight library that seri... DOWNLOAD
smscbridge(sfnet) SMSCBridge Base on SMPP3.3/3.4, fully support TLV function... DOWNLOAD
fortesdk(sfnet) ForteSDK Some C++ source code to load a rcf from Forte i... DOWNLOAD
ngilio-digest(sfnet) Digest Developed in C # on. Net Framework V2.0 Digest ... DOWNLOAD
tintedwindow(sfnet) Tinted Window Does it hurt when you read black on white? Tin... DOWNLOAD
auto-shutdown(sfnet) Auto shutdown With this tool you can schedule a shutdown or r... DOWNLOAD
pulsefrequency(sfnet) Jotaf's Tutorial This is my first Roguelike project, written in ... DOWNLOAD
pro2013(sfnet) pro2013 DOWNLOAD
beancmpr(sfnet) Bean Compare Java Bean comparison utility. DOWNLOAD
postnews(sfnet) Postnews Postnews is a small command line utility writte... DOWNLOAD
ioc-di(sfnet) IOC IOC/DI Container for Java DOWNLOAD
twmsupercalcula(sfnet) TWM Super Calculator DOWNLOAD
muvid(sfnet) Muvid Video Converter A simple video converter based on the ffmpeg pr... DOWNLOAD
whiteleyscouts(sfnet) whiteleyscouts DOWNLOAD
lady-n-monsters(sfnet) The beautiful lady & the monsters The beautiful lady & the monsters © Suryaka... DOWNLOAD
wizwes(sfnet) WiZWeS WiZWeS is a graphical assistant to create REST ... DOWNLOAD
countrystyleacc(sfnet) country style accents Refinishing furniture, unique home decor, and e... DOWNLOAD
twgpa(sfnet) TWGPA Mail agent TWGPA is a java based e-mail client. Supports p... DOWNLOAD
itbs(sfnet) Isometric Turn-Based Strategy The end-goal is a deep, complex tactical turn-b... DOWNLOAD
nepelton(sfnet) Nepelton Nepelton is a FPS game built for High School St... DOWNLOAD
btcechartfeed(sfnet) BTCeChartFeed This software imports Market data int... DOWNLOAD
openlibman(sfnet) Open Library Mangement System The Open Library Mangement System is a project ... DOWNLOAD
monolingual(sfnet) Monolingual Monolingual is a program for removing unnecessa... DOWNLOAD
helgeswblade(sfnet) Helge's Switchblade v0.8 Helge's Switchblade is a portable troubleshooti... DOWNLOAD
neonunknown(sfnet) Into The Unknown An Earth robot from the middle ages crash-lands... DOWNLOAD
s-marketprice(sfnet) Steam Market Price Steam Market toast that shows the lowest price ... DOWNLOAD
ramona(freshmeat) Ramona Ramona is an enterprise-grade runtime superviso... DOWNLOAD
fwsnort(freshmeat) fwsnort fwsnort translates snort rules into an equivale... DOWNLOAD
ora-logger(sfnet) Ora Logger The Ora-Logger application is an advanced loggi... DOWNLOAD
jobjectjs(sfnet) jObject.js jObject.js is a Simple JavaScript API to help u... DOWNLOAD
woamm(sfnet) 5amm 美眉图片站点 DOWNLOAD
bitnami-drupal(sfnet) BitNami Drupal BitNami Drupal is a collection of free, ready-t... DOWNLOAD
woamm1(sfnet) 5amm1 美眉图片站 DOWNLOAD
jaffedora(sfnet) jafFedora jafFedora is a set of CakePHP models plus datas... DOWNLOAD
cbfoundation(sfnet) cb-foundation DOWNLOAD
fortranmake(sfnet) fake: Fortran Makefile Utility fake is a shell-script program that creates a M... DOWNLOAD
cdemu-for-linux(freshmeat) CDemu for Linux CDemu for Linux is a software suite consisting ... DOWNLOAD
rtext(freshmeat) RText RText is a fully customizable programmer's text... DOWNLOAD
gmorgan(sfnet) gmorgan Gmorgan is a midi processor. It can be voiced u... DOWNLOAD
inishell(freshmeat) INIshell INIshell is a graphical INI file generator. A s... DOWNLOAD
pocket-bandit(freshmeat) Pocket Bandit Pocket Bandit is a slot machine game for Androi... DOWNLOAD
bluefog(freshmeat) Bluefog Bluefog is a tool that can generate an essentia... DOWNLOAD
xost(freshmeat) XOST XOST is a front end for the Simile Timeline tha... DOWNLOAD
dont-panic(sfnet) Don't Panic! Don't want to get busted by your boss or your t... DOWNLOAD
jsclipper(sfnet) Javascript Clipper The Javascript Clipper library performs clippin... DOWNLOAD
buffercompress(sfnet) buffer compression library In memory compression and decompression routine... DOWNLOAD
tar2zip(sfnet) Tar to Zip converter Tar to Zip converter is Windows script that tra... DOWNLOAD
ctechapocalypse(sfnet) C-Tech Apocalypse DOWNLOAD
nua(sfnet) nua nua is an another implementation of the numeric... DOWNLOAD
advertisementma(sfnet) Advertisement Management system The project Advertisement Management system is ... DOWNLOAD
tcpipmanager(sfnet) TCP/IP Manager TCP/IP Manager is designed to help computer use... DOWNLOAD
kypeless(sfnet) Kypeless Kypeless encapsulates strong symmetric and asym... DOWNLOAD
robinhood(sfnet) Robinhood Policy Engine Policy engine and reporting tool for large file... DOWNLOAD
sharpfiles(sfnet) Sharp Files Sharp Files is a P2P client to share all your f... DOWNLOAD
orasvn(sfnet) OraSVN SVN Version Control your Oracle Sources directl... DOWNLOAD
po-auto-tran(sfnet) po-auto-translator Translating GetText PO and POT files from one n... DOWNLOAD
ylibgameengine(sfnet) yLib Game Engine Advanced ATL based 2D/3D(CPU,GPU) game engine l... DOWNLOAD
signaviocontent(sfnet) Signavio ContentProvider for iQser GIN ContentProvider for Signavio BPMN Process integ... DOWNLOAD
dagaz(sfnet) DAGAZ Chess game DOWNLOAD
secrets(sfnet) Hide my message Secrets is a Java application allow you to hide... DOWNLOAD
findhidden(sfnet) Find Hidden Find Hidden is a handy utility designed to sear... DOWNLOAD
dvdtothenewipad(sfnet) DVD to The New iPad 3 Ripper The software features DVD & Blu-ray decrypt... DOWNLOAD
wikiaspnet(sfnet) Wiki Wiki (also known as a wiki engine or wi... DOWNLOAD
imdb-movie-fetcher(freshmeat) IMDB movie fetcher IMDB movie fetcher is a script to search and ge... DOWNLOAD
twas(sfnet) Tenacious WLAN Association Script Automated script that continues to try all dete... DOWNLOAD
ecommands(freshmeat) ECommands ECommands is intended to make it easy to execut... DOWNLOAD
premake(freshmeat) Premake Premake is a build configuration tool. Describe... DOWNLOAD
pentaleon2(sfnet) Decaleon Esperanto Translator - translates grammatic sen... DOWNLOAD
sarissa(sfnet) Sarissa Sarissa is a cross-browser ECMAScript lib that ... DOWNLOAD
tidbits(sfnet) Tidbits Tidbits is a web-based digital wallet. Use it t... DOWNLOAD
viewmax(sfnet) ViewMAX CCTV DVR ViewMAX is a feature enhanced branch of ZoneMin... DOWNLOAD
wobzilla(sfnet) Wobzilla Wobzilla is component framework for building do... DOWNLOAD
teddy(sfnet) Teddy Teddy is general graphics application framework... DOWNLOAD
slackerchat(sfnet) SlackerChat SlackerChat is a chat program built for (but no... DOWNLOAD
vegaogre(sfnet) Vega Strike Ogre Edition The Ogre adaptation of Vega Strike. This has be... DOWNLOAD
eprtoolbox(sfnet) EPRtoolbox A toolbox for loading, handling and plotting El... DOWNLOAD
pissenlit(sfnet) pissenlit [EN] Pissenlit is a web/LaTeX server. Visitors ... DOWNLOAD
tcpchannel(sfnet) TcpChannel TcpChannel is a simple, small API to allow proc... DOWNLOAD
thimble(sfnet) Thimble Thimble is a multi-thread Executor implementati... DOWNLOAD
stsealer(sfnet) StackTraceSealer StackTraceSealer is a JConsole plugin with its ... DOWNLOAD
itermd(sfnet) itermd For simulations or modeling studies of regulati... DOWNLOAD
houseoffear(sfnet) House of Fear No description DOWNLOAD
mailsleuth(sfnet) MailSleuth Content Managment System Mailsleuth is an email content management syste... DOWNLOAD
t-dphysicssim(sfnet) 3-DPhysicsSim 3-DPhysicsSim is an interactive 3-D physics sim... DOWNLOAD
sniffmykeys(sfnet) SniffMyKeys DOWNLOAD
dbm-project(sfnet) Database Deployment Manager DBM is a Database Deployment Manager applicatio... DOWNLOAD
jlightchesslib(sfnet) JLightChessLib This chess library will focus on checking legal... DOWNLOAD
flog(sfnet) Flash Frontend for CMS and blogs Flash Frontend for CMS and blogging softwares l... DOWNLOAD
excompcel(sfnet) EXcompCEL An easy to use Java Desktop Tool to compare Exc... DOWNLOAD
astrolabium2(sfnet) AstrolabiumPlus Virtual Planetarium and other astronomical calc... DOWNLOAD
cqinet(sfnet) CQiNet Voice over IP (VoIP) software specifically for ... DOWNLOAD
pennysms(sfnet) PennySMS PennySMS is an easy to use application that all... DOWNLOAD
residualvm(sfnet) ResidualVM ResidualVM is a cross-platform 3D game interpre... DOWNLOAD
tds2dbg(sfnet) tds2dbg A tool to convert Borland tds debug symbol file... DOWNLOAD

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