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xjiss(sfnet) xjiss Simple software synthesizer that lets you play ... DOWNLOAD
dotnetvnc(sfnet) .NET VNC Viewer .NET VNC Viewer is a VNC viewer written entirel... DOWNLOAD
swami(sfnet) Swami Project A SoundFont editor and other software for editi... DOWNLOAD
vhman(sfnet) vhostManager vhostManager is utility from managing configura... DOWNLOAD
offo(sfnet) Objects for Formatting Objects Objects for Formatting Objects makes accessory ... DOWNLOAD
pasdoc(sfnet) pasdoc Pasdoc generates documentation for Pascal units... DOWNLOAD
pir(sfnet) pyirrlicht Python ctypes module for the Irrlicht Engine SD... DOWNLOAD
blckscreen(sfnet) Black Screen A simple Java Application to easily make your s... DOWNLOAD
avrtietovisa(sfnet) avr tietovisa Tänne tallennetaan ohjelmoinnin jatkokurssin ti... DOWNLOAD
textspammer(sfnet) Text Spammer DOWNLOAD
viennawd(sfnet) ViennaWD The ViennaWD library comprises methods, approac... DOWNLOAD
mojopanelsf(sfnet) MojoPanel Simple Forum A simple forum script using PHP & MySQL DOWNLOAD
mtn-browse(sfnet) Monotone Browser A graphical browser for examining Monotone VCS ... DOWNLOAD
voipmonitor(sfnet) VoIP monitor VoIPmonitor is open source network packet sniff... DOWNLOAD
cozaocom(sfnet) DOWNLOAD
jagcamlib(sfnet) Java AGCam Library Java wrapper for the AGCamLib webcam Library us... DOWNLOAD
draughtsdotnet(sfnet) DraughtsDotNet This project is intended to realize the board g... DOWNLOAD
dmeas(sfnet) DMEAS DMEAS is a user-friendly DNA methylation analys... DOWNLOAD
ctutor(sfnet) CTutor CTutor是一个完全开源的lms系统,即学习管理系统 ... DOWNLOAD
blackcatbrowser(sfnet) Black Cat Browser Fast. Portable. Blackcatable! Qt-Webkit Browse... DOWNLOAD
smbspider(sfnet) SMBSpider The SMBSpider search in a netwok for public win... DOWNLOAD
pymodo(sfnet) PyModo The goal of this script is to eliminate selecti... DOWNLOAD
posinv(sfnet) Point of sale / Inventory control The goal is to have a simple Inventory manageme... DOWNLOAD
flexoodb(sfnet) Flexible Object Oriented Persistence DB Flexoodb stands for Flexible Object Oriented Da... DOWNLOAD
mochadoom(sfnet) Mocha Doom A -quite ambitious- project to create a functio... DOWNLOAD
gofish(sfnet) GoFish Gopher Server GoFish is a very simple gopher/web server. It i... DOWNLOAD
regexrenamer(sfnet) RegexRenamer RegexRenamer is a powerful user-friendly graphi... DOWNLOAD
zhurnal2sms(sfnet) Zhurnal2SMS A simple application to account for student per... DOWNLOAD
viennaipd(sfnet) ViennaIPD The ViennaIPD is a powerful control language wh... DOWNLOAD
minprolan(sfnet) MPL The goal of this project is to define a minimal... DOWNLOAD
q3dviewer(sfnet) q3DViewer Simple 3D viewer based on QT and VTK DOWNLOAD
inmortalromv32j(sfnet) Inmortal Rom V3.2 JB I9300 DOWNLOAD
microconvnum(sfnet) convert from binary to decimal c++ code DOWNLOAD
aspcode(sfnet) aspcode DOWNLOAD
hdmusti7162(sfnet) HDMU E2 for Sti7162 boxes DOWNLOAD
jminti(sfnet) jmint jMINT is a integration fault injection tool whi... DOWNLOAD
sudtest(sfnet) sudtest DOWNLOAD
sparklemedia(sfnet) Sparkle Media Player Media player and manager. DOWNLOAD
extasycms(sfnet) Extasy CMS Extasy CMS general codeline DOWNLOAD
dtwhiteboard(sfnet) Desktop Whiteboard Sketch up ideas and take notes for your next pr... DOWNLOAD
absarios(sfnet) Absar_ios DOWNLOAD
betaall-star42(sfnet) Beta/Pre-releases for All-Star 4.2 ROM DOWNLOAD
jldap(sfnet) Java LDAP Engine LdapEngine, which includes an easy, more natura... DOWNLOAD
hungergamesapp(sfnet) HungerGamesApp DOWNLOAD
sentenceparser(sfnet) Sentence Parser for JAVA This is a code for the sentence parsing that do... DOWNLOAD
pythonportablea(sfnet) Python Portable App A portable app version of Python. DOWNLOAD
fastwork(sfnet) FastWork FastWork, an installer of Apache, MySql and PHP... DOWNLOAD
pureftpd(sfnet) Pure-FTPd Pure-FTPd is a fast, production-quality, standa... DOWNLOAD
contablevbnet(sfnet) Contable VB.NET Este proyecto es el desarrollo de un sistema co... DOWNLOAD
freeems(sfnet) FreeEMS Free & open source Engine Management System... DOWNLOAD
fourever(sfnet) 4Ever XML Framework The 4Ever framework provides a OO access layer ... DOWNLOAD
bayesloc(sfnet) Bayesloc Given a set of seismic arrivals for one or more... DOWNLOAD
dylanrhowto(sfnet) HowTo DOWNLOAD
deda-gui(sfnet) GUI for DEDA <This project has been completely rewrote an... DOWNLOAD
proyectosaal(sfnet) proyectosaal DOWNLOAD
strawberryhft(sfnet) Strawberryhft Student-project of HfT-Stuttgart Germany. -Plan... DOWNLOAD
lxwfr(sfnet) L?W.FR Create, Edite, and more project.... DOWNLOAD
watfich(sfnet) Watch File Changes The program monitors file size and time stamp m... DOWNLOAD
databaseconnect(sfnet) IC DOWNLOAD
bbl(sfnet) Battlelog Bad Launcher С помощью этой программы не обязательно запуска... DOWNLOAD
webtranslate(sfnet) webtranslate A web interface for generating gettext .po file... DOWNLOAD
rfcmesoamericaa(sfnet) RFC Mesoamerica & Andes DOWNLOAD
knottheorist(sfnet) KnotTheorist Draw or import knots, as described by the field... DOWNLOAD
extensionindexe(sfnet) Extension Indexer This is a small software that permits to perfor... DOWNLOAD
notepadx(sfnet) Notepad X STOP!!! This has moved to github! DOWNLOAD
napatacms(sfnet) Napata CMS A CMS for sites that are biased towards sharing... DOWNLOAD
nequimcontacts(sfnet) (NCS) NEQUIM Contact System NEQUIM Contact System (NCS) is a system to gene... DOWNLOAD
lightwallet(sfnet) LightWallet LightWallet is a open source lightweight J2ME p... DOWNLOAD
robotics-ctrlui(sfnet) RoboticsControlUI DOWNLOAD
cadastrodemembr(sfnet) Cadastro de Membros 2.0 Cadastra Igreja, Cadastra Membros de Igrejas co... DOWNLOAD
detitusprojects(sfnet) de.titus-projects collection This is a collection of smart usefull framework... DOWNLOAD
monitoria2011(sfnet) monitoria2011 Este projeto contem a descrição em VHDL e veril... DOWNLOAD
syin(sfnet) SYIN DOWNLOAD
falconcpp(sfnet) Falcon C++ Falcon C++ is a IDE that was developed to turn ... DOWNLOAD
adium(sfnet) Adium Adium is an open source, multi-protocol instant... DOWNLOAD
mp3dra(sfnet) MP3 Dynamic Range Analyzer Mp3 files DYNAMIC RANGE analyzer, test dynamic ... DOWNLOAD
smtoolkit(sfnet) State Machine Toolkit A generic state machine in C#, based on impleme... DOWNLOAD
jtables(sfnet) JTables JTables is a simple and lightweight framework t... DOWNLOAD
inn17(sfnet) INN17 A very simple software to manage patients' endo... DOWNLOAD
ajax-explorer(sfnet) Ajax File Manager - AjaxExplorer Need to handle your server files as easy as OS ... DOWNLOAD
samproxy10(sfnet) Sam Proxy 1.0 This is SamProxy Version Created For learning u... DOWNLOAD
gooeycl(sfnet) GooeyCL Designed to make easy things easier, GooeyCL in... DOWNLOAD
tku(sfnet) tku Asia TuKu DOWNLOAD
wizardschess(sfnet) Wizard's Chess Wizard's Chess developed in Unity. DOWNLOAD
megacom(sfnet) MegaCOM Application which can transfer and/nand receive... DOWNLOAD
viewgcode(sfnet) ViewGcode This program can read a Gcode file and draw thi... DOWNLOAD
fieldviewer(sfnet) Eclipse FieldViewer Eclipse FieldViewer is a structured viewer comp... DOWNLOAD
rubyfrutz(sfnet) Ruby Frutz A small game written in ruby where you have to ... DOWNLOAD
icinga(sfnet) Icinga Note: Downloads have been moved. See http://www... DOWNLOAD
minimpy(sfnet) MinimPy MinimPy is a desktop application program for se... DOWNLOAD
mrorder(sfnet) MROrder MROrder is an automated MapReduce job ordering ... DOWNLOAD
galsoftwpthemes(sfnet) Galsoft WP Themes DOWNLOAD
tupso(sfnet) Combining One-Class Classifiers We examine various methods for combining the ou... DOWNLOAD
relogiodigital(sfnet) relogio-digital Este é a descrição de um relogio digital em VHD... DOWNLOAD
qtqt003(sfnet) qtqt003 qtqt003 DOWNLOAD
pykf(sfnet) PyKF Kalman filtering methods for Python DOWNLOAD
quimeleon(sfnet) Quimeleon A trivia game engine for those who want to pres... DOWNLOAD
mqweb(sfnet) MQweb MQWeb is now hosted on GitHub: https://github.c... DOWNLOAD
transmissionosd(sfnet) TransmissionOsd WDTVExt Plugin Permits interaction with transmission-daemon vi... DOWNLOAD
dijkstra-csharp(sfnet) Dijkstra's Algorithm C# Implementation C# OO Implementation of Dijkstra's algorithm ai... DOWNLOAD

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