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classtwo(sfnet) ClassTWO DOWNLOAD
ninjatext(sfnet) Ninja Text Editor Ninja Text Editor is, as its name implies, a te... DOWNLOAD
ffvideo(sfnet) FFVideo FFVideo uses ffmpeg, screen-capture-recorder, a... DOWNLOAD
wats(sfnet) Web-based Asset Tracking System A LAMP-based inventory system designed for scho... DOWNLOAD
lft-ialp(sfnet) Ucheba Cross-platform program for Integrated Automatio... DOWNLOAD
pygermanwhist(sfnet) PyGermanWhist A Python implementation of German Whist. Germa... DOWNLOAD
folderarch(sfnet) Folder Arch folder arch allows you to create a new folder s...
meerapersonal(sfnet) Meera Personal
brickmoviehelp(sfnet) Brick Movie Help (DELPHI XE 2) I very simple Tool I wrote to help me creating ... DOWNLOAD
xwce(sfnet) XWICKED: Crossword editor Open Source program is designed for create the ... DOWNLOAD
red1(sfnet) red1 Powerful and completely Free Open Source Budget... DOWNLOAD
siggi(sfnet) SIGGI This is the SIGGI program used for a diploma th... DOWNLOAD
pasoiu-2012(sfnet) pasoiu-2012 DOWNLOAD
deepmethod(sfnet) DEEP The Differential Evolution, introduced in 1995 ... DOWNLOAD
severalfriend(sfnet) severalfriend DOWNLOAD
javasend(sfnet) JAVASEND The Application JAVASEND is developed in JAVA a... DOWNLOAD
kirstensviewers(sfnet) Kirstens Viewers Opensource Created Custom Viewers For Virtual W... DOWNLOAD
jsimplex(sfnet) jSimpleX Visual XSL Transformation Tool A Visual XSL Transformation Tool written in Jav... DOWNLOAD
sendipservice(sfnet) SendIP WinService A program which detects the ip-address of the c... DOWNLOAD
simplexslt(sfnet) SimpleXSLT Transformation Tool A Visual XSL Transformation Tool written in .NE... DOWNLOAD
gfft(sfnet) GFFT Generic simple and efficient Fast Fourier Trans... DOWNLOAD
xwcv(sfnet) XWICKED: Crossword viewer Open Source program is designed for easy guessi... DOWNLOAD
darksidefonts(sfnet) Darkside Fonts -- DARKSIDE Fonts -- inspired by TDJ's (theder... DOWNLOAD
flatfolder(sfnet) flatfolder Windows application that lets you select one or... DOWNLOAD
imagetosize(sfnet) ImageToSize DOWNLOAD
strutter(sfnet) Strutter Programmatically Struts configuration. Reduce S... DOWNLOAD
lilila(sfnet) Lilila Lilila manages suspend-wakeup cycles. You can s... DOWNLOAD
speedsim(sfnet) SpeedSim SpeedSim is an OGame ( combat simulat... DOWNLOAD
wjcqu(sfnet) wjcqu My college life in the most excited time in my ... DOWNLOAD
pyproperties(sfnet) PyProperties pyproperties provides support for properties fi... DOWNLOAD
dataforproject(sfnet) data for project No description DOWNLOAD
minesweeper3d(sfnet) Minesweeper 3D Minesweeper 3D In Minesweeper 3D you have on o... DOWNLOAD
vehiclebooking(sfnet) Vehicle Booking and Management System Vehicle Management System is developed and cust... DOWNLOAD
nmr-relax(freshmeat) relax relax is a program designed for the study of th... DOWNLOAD
pvaultxml(sfnet) Password Vault XML Password Vault XML is a VB.NET application that... DOWNLOAD
securix(sfnet) Securix GNU/Linux Securix GNU/Linux is Linux distribution based o... DOWNLOAD
nrfitproject(sfnet) NRFit Neutron and X-ray reflectivity analysis pack (I... DOWNLOAD
mynes(sfnet) My Nes My NES is a portable, open source, low level NE... DOWNLOAD
ompispecto(sfnet) OMPISpecto Open MPI application monitoring (and steering) ... DOWNLOAD
adv-emp-rec-v1(sfnet) Advance Employee Record v1.0 DOWNLOAD
rtraspberrylinu(sfnet) RT Raspberry Linux DOWNLOAD
saeapplications(sfnet) SAE applications data connection code Codes for SAE(Sina Application Engine)applicati... DOWNLOAD
androidnote(sfnet) AndroidNote Android note is just like notepad a plain text ... DOWNLOAD
sercd(sfnet) sercd sercd is an RFC 2217-compliant serial port redi... DOWNLOAD
loic(sfnet) LOIC Low Orbit Ion Cannon. The project just keeps an... DOWNLOAD
audacious-dvb(sfnet) Audacious DVB Input Plugin An Audacious input plugin that enables Audaciou... DOWNLOAD
ultrastardx(sfnet) UltraStar Deluxe Karaoke game inspired by the Singstar™ game ava... DOWNLOAD
delugebuilds(sfnet) Deluge Builds A repository for pre-built open source software... DOWNLOAD
code-browser(freshmeat) Code Browser Code Browser is a folding and outlining editor.... DOWNLOAD
avrlibc(freshmeat) avr-libc AVR Libc is a high quality C library for use wi... DOWNLOAD
wordtrans(sfnet) Multi Language Word Translator Front-end para varios diccionarios, incluyendo ... DOWNLOAD
extendedtactoe(sfnet) Extended Tac Toe Initial Release: No Epic Tac Toe PvP (online) a... DOWNLOAD
c4(freshmeat) C4 C4 is a creative-coding framework which lets yo... DOWNLOAD
tdm-gcc(sfnet) TDM-GCC MinGW Compiler The most recent stable releases from the GCC co... DOWNLOAD
custom-iss(sfnet) Customizable Instruction Set Simulator Project is planned to be an extandable and cust... DOWNLOAD
passwdsafe(sfnet) PasswdSafe Port of the Password Safe application to Android DOWNLOAD
jid(freshmeat) JID JID is a system which can deserialize, update, ... DOWNLOAD
niflibbuilds(sfnet) niflibbuilds compiled niflibs version into dll DOWNLOAD
openinfinity(sfnet) Open Infinity Open Infinity framework is based on architectur... DOWNLOAD
seesea(sfnet) See Sea The See Sea project is a set of different java ... DOWNLOAD
gpstracks2kml(sfnet) Convert GPS-Tracks to KML Convert user-saved tracks from GPS-Tracks for i... DOWNLOAD
walkingtoolsgpx(sfnet) WalkingToolsGpx NOTE: There is no longer a downloadable desktop...
endlos(sfnet) Endlos - Multithreaded Fractals Platform independend, multithreaded fractal gen... DOWNLOAD
dhcpy6d(sfnet) dhcpy6d Dhcpy6d delivers IPv6 addresses for DHCPv6 clie... DOWNLOAD
vik-falegutasor(sfnet) Viktorina DOWNLOAD
slidesdissertat(sfnet) slides-dissertation no description DOWNLOAD
lifocon(sfnet) LIstFOrmatCONverter Sometimes an upgraded application changes data ... DOWNLOAD
web-file-viewer(sfnet) Web File Viewer WFV is a simple PHP file to put in the root of ... DOWNLOAD
runescapegoldge(sfnet) RuneScape Gold Generator No description DOWNLOAD
mathdocs(sfnet) Mathematics Documents DOWNLOAD
trivialserializ(sfnet) Trivial Serialization Library Trivial Serialization Library (TSL) is a simple... DOWNLOAD
big5toutf8conve(sfnet) Big5_to_utf8_convert.PHP DOWNLOAD
psvlib(sfnet) PSV Delphi Components Library PSV Delphi Components Library contains set of O... DOWNLOAD
spnkr(sfnet) SPnKr This program is designed to determine the corre... DOWNLOAD
inkscapemap(sfnet) Inkscape Map A simple tools to generate HTML imagemap or coo... DOWNLOAD
wadndadncommons(sfnet) wad'n dad'n Commons Common APIs and Utilities for wad'n dad'n projects DOWNLOAD
blurrytxt(sfnet) Blurry txt [ENGLISH] With this program you can easily encr... DOWNLOAD
devkitpropalib(sfnet) DevKitPro_PAlib Une version de devkitpro et palib compatible. DOWNLOAD
gitstregister(sfnet) GITST Register GITST Register is an alternative free component... DOWNLOAD
facebookcracker(sfnet) FaceBook Cracker No description DOWNLOAD
e85(sfnet) eckit My project of ethanol conversion kit for gasoli... DOWNLOAD
anonimizersh(sfnet) {bash script} V1.0 Operative Systems ... DOWNLOAD
mantisplay(sfnet) mantis_play DOWNLOAD
treedb(sfnet) treedb treedb can implement malloc functionality, and ... DOWNLOAD
sshguard(sfnet) sshguard sshguard protects hosts from brute force attack... DOWNLOAD
droll(freshmeat) Droll Droll is a Ruby library providing dice roller f... DOWNLOAD
simpleprogrammi(sfnet) Simple Programming Language SPL is a programming language for people who ar... DOWNLOAD
sixfireusb(sfnet) TerraTec DMX 6Fire USB Linux ALSA driver Linux driver for the USB box from TerraTec, DMX... DOWNLOAD
f-sync(sfnet) F-Sync Multitask folder synchronization. Synchronize f... DOWNLOAD
subit-app(sfnet) SubiT-App With SubiT, you can download subtitles to your ... DOWNLOAD
jacky040607(sfnet) jacky040607 DOWNLOAD
shielausbshield(sfnet) Shiela USB Shield Shiela USB Shield is a powerful first line defe... DOWNLOAD
jacky050507(sfnet) jacky050507 DOWNLOAD
simplebutton(sfnet) SimpleGame DOWNLOAD
obamaspeechcomm(sfnet) Obama Speech Commentary The Obama Speech Paragraph turn Commentary, ins... DOWNLOAD
openscadeditor(sfnet) openSCAD Editor A free editor for openSCAD based on .NET Scinti... DOWNLOAD
edwardward(sfnet) Edward DOWNLOAD
lituo(sfnet) lituoweb here is something about me DOWNLOAD
laudanum(sfnet) Laudanum Laudanum is a collection of injectable files, d... DOWNLOAD
pdf-to-jpg(sfnet) PDF Converter Free PDF converter. Convert PDF to JPG Fast and... DOWNLOAD

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