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burlycrm(sfnet) BurlyCRM BurlyCRM is a customer relationship management ... DOWNLOAD
moviewport(sfnet) MoViewport On 15.08.2012 at 11:03 MoLab ( got... DOWNLOAD
mikhailt999(sfnet) MiKHail.T999 Custom for d2tmo DOWNLOAD
codegenconnect(sfnet) Code Generator for .Net and SQL Server Generate code to insert and update data of a ta... DOWNLOAD
poppawid(sfnet) Poppawid popper_mod-wid is a free, full featured web bas... DOWNLOAD
godfathercompac(sfnet) Godfather Compact Edition Small browser for Godfather 5 families game. On... DOWNLOAD
awesomeguy(sfnet) Awesomeguy Awesomeguy started as a homebrew game for the N... DOWNLOAD
sipanalzyer(sfnet) Distributed SIP Analyzer Distributed SIP Analyzer is a SIP protocol anal... DOWNLOAD
directshownet(sfnet) DirectShow .NET .NET c# directshow lib, capture and playback us... DOWNLOAD
vietime(sfnet) VietIME A cross-platform Vietnamese Input Method Editor... DOWNLOAD
vietunicode(sfnet) VietUnicode Supporting the development, conversion, and upg... DOWNLOAD
impulse3d(sfnet) Impulse - Visualize Engineering Concepts This program is a graphical visualization of va... DOWNLOAD
rfk(sfnet) robotfindskitten In 1997, Peter A. Peterson II held a contest fo... DOWNLOAD
phptaxonomy(sfnet) phpTaxonomy phpTaxonomy is aimed at providing a framework f... DOWNLOAD
unicodeconvert(sfnet) UnicodeConverter A Java/Windows/.NET conversion utility. Convert... DOWNLOAD
zxed(sfnet) zxED zxED allows users to load in popular ZX Spectru... DOWNLOAD
ligeropt(sfnet) Liger An Open Source C++ Integrated Optimization Envi... DOWNLOAD
paysmj(sfnet) Pay SMJ Pay SMJ is an application developed to create t... DOWNLOAD
chat-server-2(sfnet) Chat Server It is a simple application used for chatting wi... DOWNLOAD
mbj(sfnet) MBJ Free SNMP MIB Browser written in Java. Provides... DOWNLOAD
bizunitcompare(sfnet) BizUnitCompare THIS PROJECT HAS NOW MOVED TO GITHUB: https://g... DOWNLOAD
grobid(sfnet) grobid We moved to GitHub: DOWNLOAD
encm339(sfnet) ENCM 339 DOWNLOAD
energycomplex(sfnet) Energy Complex Find the equilibrium condition for a commodity ... DOWNLOAD
arduinohexup(sfnet) Arduino Hex Uploader DOWNLOAD
elxp(sfnet) Elevate EXtreme Project PT_BR: O objetivo do ELXP é dispor de uma ferra... DOWNLOAD
mars-sim(sfnet) Mars Simulation Project The Mars Simulation Project is an open source J... DOWNLOAD
modulos(sfnet) Modular Operating System - ModulOS The aim of this project is to develop a modular... DOWNLOAD
nativeviewer(sfnet) NativeViewer NativeViewer is a Visual Studio extension for v... DOWNLOAD
zpg(sfnet) Zero-Player Game Zero-Player Game is a roguelike in which the pl... DOWNLOAD
sistemadetorneo(sfnet) Sistema de Torneo Futbol Creador de Torneos de Futbol Soccer DOWNLOAD
vietocr(sfnet) VietOCR Provides optical character recognition (OCR) so... DOWNLOAD
media-coder(sfnet) Media Coder Media Coder is a program designed to edit and c... DOWNLOAD
pdinterpol(sfnet) pd-interpol DOWNLOAD
zhonghua(sfnet) 微尘影音 DOWNLOAD
linguisticsoft(sfnet) Linguistic software DOWNLOAD
vietpad(sfnet) VietPad A Java/.NET full-featured cross-platform Vietna... DOWNLOAD
tess4j(sfnet) Tess4J A Java JNA wrapper for Tesseract OCR API DOWNLOAD
porthole(sfnet) Porthole Porthole is a GTK-based Portage/Pkgcore package... DOWNLOAD
classhidra(sfnet) ClassHidra ClassHidra, Java open-source ModelViewControlle... DOWNLOAD
openvsecurity(sfnet) Open Vsecurity this project aim to have a very simple and effe... DOWNLOAD
coolmathtricks(sfnet) Cool Mathematic Tricks Cool Mathematic Trick in DOS format DOWNLOAD
netticketsystem(sfnet) Ticket System Ticket System software, (also ITS, Issue tracki... DOWNLOAD
yodl(sfnet) Yodl: Your Own Document Language Yodl is a package that implements a pre-documen... DOWNLOAD
csclub(sfnet) Computer Science Club DOWNLOAD
wideframework(sfnet) WIDE Framework The overall goal of the framework is to provide... DOWNLOAD
areca(sfnet) Areca Backup Areca-Backup is a file backup software that sup... DOWNLOAD
skbrowser(sfnet) S.K browser DOWNLOAD
cycleushare(sfnet) CycleUShare DOWNLOAD
atiscope(sfnet) ATI_SCOPE SCOPE is an open source dual redundant traffic ... DOWNLOAD
radyodipses(sfnet) radyodipses Radyo Dipses - Windows Player DOWNLOAD
scspectrometer(sfnet) ScSpectrometer Spectrometer software for school use. Applicat... DOWNLOAD
officetools(sfnet) Office Tools Offiice Tools is a free, work in progress, open... DOWNLOAD
unicodeproblem(sfnet) UnicodeProblem DOWNLOAD
lingmem(sfnet) LingMEM Language vocabulary and pronunciation learning ... DOWNLOAD
wgetpro(sfnet) WgetPRO Wget "PRO" edition - with additional ... DOWNLOAD
slideshowsoft(sfnet) SlideShow Software Create and Run Slideshows with ease. Configurab... DOWNLOAD
sg-packetfilter(sfnet) SunGazer PacketFilter The SunGazer PacketFilter is a small and simple... DOWNLOAD
provean(sfnet) provean PROVEAN (Protein Variation Effect Analyzer) is ... DOWNLOAD
lyfe2dengine(sfnet) Lyfe 2D Engine DOWNLOAD
ikewiki(sfnet) IkeWiki IkeWiki is a special kind of Wiki (a "Sema... DOWNLOAD
compactstuff(sfnet) CompactStuff Allows for compression of seeds, saplings, cobb... DOWNLOAD
kradio(sfnet) KRadio KRadio is an AM/FM/Internet radio application f... DOWNLOAD
revolude(sfnet) Revolude Engine Revolude is a procedurally generated 3D engine ... DOWNLOAD
flashforth(sfnet) FlashForth: for PIC and Atmega FlashForth is a standalone Forth system for the... DOWNLOAD
blulm(sfnet) BluLM BluLM is a learning manager program for suited ... DOWNLOAD
calanda07(sfnet) Calanda08 Calanda 0.8 is a PHP based event calendar that ... DOWNLOAD
galleryshuffle(sfnet) GalleryShuffle GalleryShuffle is a PHP and MySQL image album m... DOWNLOAD
allmost(sfnet) OS Build OS Build GNU/Linux derivative targetting the de... DOWNLOAD
ourorgan(sfnet) GrandOrgue GrandOrgue is a sample based pipe organ simulat... DOWNLOAD
suncult(sfnet) Sun Cult Worldwide Sunrise, Sunset, Twilight Times and M... DOWNLOAD
stick2xyz(sfnet) Stick Figure Viewer/Converter A useful utility for producing stick figure ani... DOWNLOAD
ilios2(sfnet) ilios 2 curriculum management system This Project has now moved to Github ( DOWNLOAD
fixedmemprime(sfnet) Fixed-Memory Prime Number Generator A small utility that can generate prime numbers... DOWNLOAD
locusvu(sfnet) locusvu LocusVu is a novel Java based software tool tha... DOWNLOAD
reinosperdidos(sfnet) Reinos PerdidosAO DOWNLOAD
sunlands(sfnet) Sunland Villagers Currently it's just an LWJGL based landscape re... DOWNLOAD
openrpg-gde(sfnet) OpenRPG Development kit and libraries Open source kit/library collection for use in d... DOWNLOAD
simplex(sfnet) SimpLex Lexical Parser Generic Lexer which along with a language defin... DOWNLOAD
explanations(sfnet) explanations A Java implementation of wide range of black bo... DOWNLOAD
xbase-script(sfnet) xBaseScript xBaseScript (PP.exe) is an open source enhanced... DOWNLOAD
openemm(sfnet) OpenEMM e-mail & marketing automation OpenEMM is a web-based enterprise application f... DOWNLOAD
oorienteering(sfnet) OpenOrienteering Open Orienteering is a collection of tools whic... DOWNLOAD
owl2query(sfnet) owl2query OWL2Query is a an OWL2 query and meta-query eng... DOWNLOAD
oocframework(sfnet) OO C Framework Framework written in C language using OO concep... DOWNLOAD
moneydust(sfnet) moneydust Projekt zum verwalten von Privatinsolvenzen und... DOWNLOAD
js-calendar(sfnet) jsMultiCalendar JS script jsMultiCalendar is a free javascript used to em... DOWNLOAD
lglcdnet(sfnet) LgLCD.Net A small wrapper around the Logitch LCD SDK. Al... DOWNLOAD
gifframe(sfnet) GifFrame GifFrame is a simple java program that, given a... DOWNLOAD
lifetype(sfnet) LifeType Blogging platform built with PHP, designed with... DOWNLOAD
onlinesongbook(sfnet) Online Songbook The Online Songbook is a web interface to a dat... DOWNLOAD
diropus4(sfnet) Directory Opus Directory Opus 4, the legendary filemanager for... DOWNLOAD
libgta(freshmeat) libgta Libgta implements the Generic Tagged Arrays (GT... DOWNLOAD
toss(sfnet) Toss Toss is a program which allows to explore the u... DOWNLOAD
openbrainy(sfnet) OpenBrainy Electronic system for the popular brain games l... DOWNLOAD
usbip(sfnet) The USB/IP Project The USB/IP Project aims to develop a general US... DOWNLOAD
tspeak(sfnet) Teamspeak Peak View who is in TeamSpeak without even logging i... DOWNLOAD
cmme(sfnet) CMME CMME, Content Management Made Easy is an open s... DOWNLOAD
chicken(sfnet) Chicken Chicken is a VNC client for Mac OS X. A VNC cli... DOWNLOAD
djbeans(sfnet) djbeans DJBeans is an application configuration tool to... DOWNLOAD

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