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salesmanagecalc(sfnet) Sales manage calculator DOWNLOAD
bsdrp(sfnet) BSD Router Project BSD Router Project (BSDRP) is a open source rou... DOWNLOAD
spdo(sfnet) SPDO SPDO is two PDOs. One PHP Database Object and o... DOWNLOAD
cacti-reportit(sfnet) Cacti-ReportIt REPORTIT is designed as a plugin for use with c... DOWNLOAD
marriagedamourd(sfnet) Marriage Damour download DOWNLOAD
vimerito2(sfnet) Vimerito 2 MVC Vimerito 2 ist ein objektorientiertes PHP-Frame... DOWNLOAD
atomschlag(sfnet) Atomschlag Atomschlag is a project of writing a Webkit-bas... DOWNLOAD
pdmlpayloadcopy(sfnet) Wireshark pdml file payload copy I required a method of saving the UDP packet st... DOWNLOAD
bthubstats(sfnet) Router Stats We all know what it is like when your internet ... DOWNLOAD
weedkiller(sfnet) Weed Killer Weed Killer is a .NET solution to prune aged fi... DOWNLOAD
evex(sfnet) Evex Evex is an "Ada flavored", full-featu... DOWNLOAD
weberp-payroll(sfnet) weberp-payroll webERP-hrm is a branch of webERP that tackles h...
marineapi(sfnet) Java Marine API Java Marine API is an NMEA 0183 library for Jav... DOWNLOAD
libskypeapi(sfnet) libSkypeAPI This is a general-purpose library for communica... DOWNLOAD
blacknova(sfnet) BlackNova Traders BlackNova Traders is a web-based, multi-player ... DOWNLOAD
seriam(sfnet) SERiaM A simple API, written in C, for accessing the S... DOWNLOAD
mp3alarm(sfnet) MP3 Alarm A Windows application that plays an MP3 file at... DOWNLOAD
mwec(sfnet) MediaWiki-EmbedChessboard MediaWiki extension to display a chessboard fro... DOWNLOAD
bt5vmbymmca(sfnet) bt5vm DOWNLOAD
kemimall(sfnet) Kemi mall DOWNLOAD
arachnesweb(sfnet) Arachne This is dedicated to development of a small cla... DOWNLOAD
quickti(sfnet) QuickTipp
tauproject(sfnet) TAU Herramienta destinada a los Departamentos de In... DOWNLOAD
mobilepccomm(sfnet) Mobile PC Communicator a mobile-pc bluetooth communication project whe... DOWNLOAD
ats-lang(sfnet) The ATS PL System The programming language ATS unifies specificat... DOWNLOAD
ahcitool(sfnet) ahcitool Packet Digital's simple tool to query and confi... DOWNLOAD
ofset(sfnet) OFSET Organization for Free Software in Education and... DOWNLOAD
rtcmix-pd(sfnet) rtcmix~ for Pd RTcmix is a real-time software language for dig... DOWNLOAD
bestcustomlink(sfnet) Best Custom Link Widget Custom Link Widget Plugin is a Free WordPress p... DOWNLOAD
edgimonitoring(sfnet) EDGI Monitoring Monitoring System for EDGI Infrastructure DOWNLOAD
fmstream(sfnet) fmstream fmstream provides an interface to read data fro... DOWNLOAD
qui4mplayer(sfnet) QUI for MPlayer QUI for MPlayer is a QT-based MPlayer GUI. It a... DOWNLOAD
j2b(sfnet) Java2Bean j2b provides an intuitive interface for users t... DOWNLOAD
epanet-rtx(sfnet) EPANET-RTX ** This project has moved to GitHub. ** ** htt... DOWNLOAD
trust-forum(sfnet) Trust-Forum project A system of public and private web forums, to r... DOWNLOAD
kepleroskerneld(sfnet) Kepler OS Kernel Dev Compiling Kernel for Kepler OS, compatible with... DOWNLOAD
mn-tm(sfnet) Mnemosyne Plugin for TeXmacs The Mnemosyne plugin for TeXmacs allows you to ... DOWNLOAD
wall-changer(sfnet) Wallch ( Wallpaper Changer ) Wallch is a general purpose Wallpaper Changer f... DOWNLOAD
vantageexplorer(sfnet) vantage-explorer German: Dieses Programm dient zum verwalten des... DOWNLOAD
tbwbrailletutor(sfnet) Braille Writing Tutor The Braille Writing Tutor, a project of TechBri... DOWNLOAD
phpengin(sfnet) php_engine PHP Engine est un Dating CMS : Un CMS de site d...
authfail(sfnet) authfail authfail is a tool for adding IP addresses of t... DOWNLOAD
codesh(sfnet) CODESH The CODESH (COllaborative DEvelopment SHell) pr... DOWNLOAD
littleprojectma(sfnet) LittleProjectManager A little web tool for helping managers to follo... DOWNLOAD
realityemu(sfnet) RealityEmu RealityEmu est un emulateur creer sous les base... DOWNLOAD
tusquets(sfnet) Tusquets Sistema de gestión integral para la editorial DOWNLOAD
yourdomainname(sfnet) Your.Domain.Name If you have many domain names you need a tool t... DOWNLOAD
dynamicregister(sfnet) Dynamic Register V1.5.3 Script de registro dinámico php,mysql, jquery, ... DOWNLOAD
testforpub(sfnet) testforpub DOWNLOAD
lpmcalc(sfnet) Loan Payment Matrix Calculator A Perl CGI script which calculates a matrix of ... DOWNLOAD
chgrep(sfnet) chgrep program for changing oldpattern to newpattern i... DOWNLOAD
slavankaos(sfnet) SlavankaOS LiveCD Slackware GNU/Linux based with default r... DOWNLOAD
vmfp(sfnet) VMFP (Virtual MultiFunction Printer) VMFP is an LPD text filter (input filter) writt... DOWNLOAD
openfencing(sfnet) OpenFencing OpenFencing's goal is to provide fencing clubs ... DOWNLOAD
tailblazer(sfnet) TailBlazer TailBlazer is a graphical version of the UNIX '... DOWNLOAD
randtest(sfnet) Random Bit Generator Test Suite The Random Bit Generator Test Suite will take i... DOWNLOAD
nset(sfnet) SATZ SATZ is a computerized translation of the card ... DOWNLOAD
mlocate(freshmeat) mlocate mlocate is a new locate implementation. The &qu... DOWNLOAD
cdocumenter(sfnet) Cdoc Cdoc is a C documentation tool. It generates we... DOWNLOAD
worldofempires(sfnet) World Of Empires JustEmpire and TEmpire (Tiny Empire) are two Em... DOWNLOAD
serialport(sfnet) SerialPort for Java SerialPort - provides Java with access to seria... DOWNLOAD
isn(sfnet) ISN Programmes d'ISN crées par Guigui et Bel DOWNLOAD
pyxmdb(sfnet) pyxmdb pyxmdb is a database utility for exporting and ... DOWNLOAD
clac(sfnet) clac: Command Line Advanced Calculator clac (Command Line Advanced Calculator) evaluat... DOWNLOAD
stegaleniker(sfnet) stegaleniker Reading test for pupiles with character recogni... DOWNLOAD
phango-shop(freshmeat) Phango Shop Phango Shop is a complete system for creating o... DOWNLOAD
openmeetings(freshmeat) Apache OpenMeetings Apache OpenMeetings is a multi-language customi... DOWNLOAD
minispotpay(sfnet) minispotpay DOWNLOAD
robocup-msl(sfnet) RoboCup Mid-Sized League Robocup MSL is the mid sized league of robocup ... DOWNLOAD
findthegummy(sfnet) Find The Gummy Kids, can you find the hidden gummy bears? Ther... DOWNLOAD
trpautorepair(sfnet) TrpAutoRepair DOWNLOAD
woctave(sfnet) WOctave A light weight native windows application works... DOWNLOAD
piwigo(freshmeat) Piwigo Piwigo is photo gallery system for the Web. The... DOWNLOAD
filemakerasciic(sfnet) Filemaker Ascii Code plugin A filemaker plugin that converts text into asci... DOWNLOAD
blister(sfnet) Blister Blister is an extremely fast, scalable, lightwe... DOWNLOAD
xliffroundtrip(sfnet) xliffRoundTrip Tool xliffRoundTrip automates a roundtrip between an... DOWNLOAD
roman(sfnet) Roman Numeral Conversion API This project performs Roman numeral conversions... DOWNLOAD
ditaxliff(sfnet) DITA-XLIFF Roundtrip for OT This tool will enable a user to transform an en... DOWNLOAD
chksmchkfile(sfnet) chksm-chkfile Calculate MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256 checksum hashes f... DOWNLOAD
xubuntu-pl(sfnet) Xubuntu-pl DOWNLOAD
ajax-chat(sfnet) AJAX Chat - Open Source Web Chat AJAX Chat is a fully customizable web chat impl... DOWNLOAD
syslogviewer(sfnet) Syslog Viewer Simple (low requirements) log viewer for use in... DOWNLOAD
esdl(freshmeat) Erlang SDL Esdl is library for accessing SDL and OpenGL th... DOWNLOAD
sapomusic(sfnet) Sapo Music <WARNING!> <Stupid code that i've wrot... DOWNLOAD
autit(sfnet) autit DOWNLOAD
puspaspeller(sfnet) Puspa Speller This spelling checker is able to give good phon... DOWNLOAD
cispath(sfnet) cispath DOWNLOAD
cppreflective(sfnet) reflective Reflective is a C++ library providing detailed ... DOWNLOAD
tilecitychung(sfnet) TileCity_chung Tilecity chung is a free car in the city buildi... DOWNLOAD
pipedump(sfnet) pipedump The pipedump forks a process and then executes... DOWNLOAD
stevesautoclike(sfnet) Steve's AutoCliker DOWNLOAD
pagination4java(sfnet) Pagination 4 java Read wiki to more details. DOWNLOAD
filestorepo(sfnet) FilesToRepository Java tool which allows to easily back-up and sy... DOWNLOAD
animeverwalter(sfnet) Animeverwalter Animeverwalter is a further developing program ... DOWNLOAD
ophcrack(sfnet) ophcrack Ophcrack is a Windows password cracker based on... DOWNLOAD
hackerjlymailer(sfnet) HackerJLY Mailer HackerJLY 邮件群发器 - 简单但是功能强大 Hack... DOWNLOAD
ubuntulivevm(sfnet) ubuntulivevm Portable open-source ready-to-run Ubuntu virtua... DOWNLOAD
dazh(sfnet) dazh DOWNLOAD
neembuuuploader(sfnet) Neembuu Uploader Neembuu Uploader v2.9.5 is a free and opensourc... DOWNLOAD
ina(sfnet) InA - Installation Assistant InA is an In(stallation-)A(ssistant) to install... DOWNLOAD

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