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cmd-utils(sfnet) cmd-utils - CMD Script Utilities This is a collection of small utilities written... DOWNLOAD
guitarscale(sfnet) Guitar Scale Expert Dictionary of the most used scales for guitar. ... DOWNLOAD
winrosh(sfnet) Robbie's Shell for Windows winrosh is Robbie's Shell for Windows. It is a ... DOWNLOAD
cfrhino(sfnet) cfRhino A compact development framework for Adobe ColdF... DOWNLOAD
cmdt(sfnet) Commandos Developing Toolkit The toolkit is mainly used in modification in C... DOWNLOAD
snortinlinead(sfnet) Snort-inline add-on ipcop v2 Snort-inline add-on is an Intrusion Prevention ... DOWNLOAD
muterm(sfnet) MU Terminal MUTerm is a Com Port ( Rs232, Rs485 etc ) commu... DOWNLOAD
sodilinuxforlim(sfnet) SoDiLinux 2013 - WiildOs based A tutt'oggi ne abbiamo distribuiti 1500 copie i... DOWNLOAD
eqip(sfnet) eQip eQip is a project that brings QNX to PDAs and o... DOWNLOAD
true198(sfnet) true DOWNLOAD
oshlmod(sfnet) Contention Wars : An Open Source HL-Mod Contention Wars: An open source Half-Life mod. ... DOWNLOAD
firstwars(sfnet) First Wars MMO a new form of mmo...more info to come later... DOWNLOAD
starcraftcorect(sfnet) Starcraft Color Distortion Corrector just a corrector for the color distortion in st... DOWNLOAD
masqu(sfnet) MasQu MasQU is a code for calculating derivatives on ... DOWNLOAD
flatgen(sfnet) Flatgen Flatgen is a graphical program for creating sup... DOWNLOAD
minleft(sfnet) MinLeft DOWNLOAD
gdadbcopy(sfnet) GdaDbCopy Based on libgda, this simple utility copies sch... DOWNLOAD
themesbean(sfnet) themes DOWNLOAD
netflix-viewer(sfnet) Netflix Viewer DOWNLOAD
poco(sfnet) POCO C++ Libraries NOTE: Current source code as well as bugs/patch... DOWNLOAD
php-addressbook(sfnet) PHP Address Book Simple, web-based address & phone book, con... DOWNLOAD
aoip(sfnet) Audio over IP Interoperability Engine. This project aims to build a software reference... DOWNLOAD
smartdupe(sfnet) SmartDupe SmartDupe is bash script which replaces file Du... DOWNLOAD
skope(sfnet) Skope Surveillance Suite NOTE: This project is deprecated due to obsolet... DOWNLOAD
bakedjb(sfnet) Baked-jb Welcome to a #teamBAKED production. Where our g... DOWNLOAD
neper(sfnet) Neper Neper is a software package for polycrystal gen... DOWNLOAD
dbmaster(sfnet) DbMaster DbMaster is an end-user software to manage DBMS... DOWNLOAD
appthevote(sfnet) App The Vote Inspired by the "Rock The Vote" effor... DOWNLOAD
rudiments(freshmeat) Rudiments Rudiments is a C++ class library providing base... DOWNLOAD
flexformatter(sfnet) Flex Formatter **Click 'Browse all files' to see the release n... DOWNLOAD
buildception(sfnet) Buildception custom mod pack for minecraft DOWNLOAD
minecraftdos(sfnet) MinecraftDOS DOWNLOAD
mathsrace(sfnet) Maths Race Open Source Education Game written in C++. Targ... DOWNLOAD
officexml-steg(sfnet) Information hiding based OfficeXml files The app use the idea of text segment to hide in... DOWNLOAD
oswinux(sfnet) Winux OS Una distro Basada en Ubuntu que aparenta ser wi... DOWNLOAD
gravitysimulato(sfnet) Gravity Simulator This application started out as a study of Newt... DOWNLOAD
anclock(sfnet) AnClock Analog clock with javascript and css3 DOWNLOAD
open-dbexpress(sfnet) Open source dbExpress drivers DbExpress driver for ODBC. Supports Delphi 7 &a... DOWNLOAD
gobo-eiffel(sfnet) Gobo Eiffel Project The Gobo Eiffel Project provides the Eiffel com... DOWNLOAD
womacs(sfnet) Womacs Womacs is a set of VBA macros to add Emacs styl... DOWNLOAD
c-cpp-calender(sfnet) C/C++ Calendar 3.0 It is a simple Calendar App developed using C a... DOWNLOAD
onlinephpide(sfnet) Online PHP IDE Free online PHP IDE for editing files on your F... DOWNLOAD
xeenutilities(sfnet) XeenUtilities A set of utilities to edit resource and savegam... DOWNLOAD
rawgeno(sfnet) RawGeno RawGeno Version 2.0-1 is released! RawGeno is a... DOWNLOAD
loginprecheck(sfnet) Client Side Login Authentication Helper Most often we input wrong passwords due to CAPS... DOWNLOAD
gustysserpents(sfnet) Gusty's Serpents Gusty's Serpents is a 3D adaptation of the clas... DOWNLOAD
fadian(sfnet) FaDiAn FaDiAn is a very simple small tool (written in ... DOWNLOAD
tinycad(sfnet) TinyCAD TinyCAD is a program for drawing electrical cir... DOWNLOAD
kk-70517202(sfnet) yule DOWNLOAD
infoumaos(sfnet) Infouma OS Infouma OS is a Linux-Mint based Distro made fo... DOWNLOAD
fbsd-carddeck(sfnet) KDE Carddeck for FreeBSD FreeBSD KDE Carddeck designed using the FreeBSD... DOWNLOAD
lionsync(sfnet) LionSync DOWNLOAD
fdsim(sfnet) fdsim a simple circuit simulator DOWNLOAD
epmanonlineproj(sfnet) E-PM: An Online Project Manager The proposed system ‘E-PM: An Online Project Ma... DOWNLOAD
quazip(sfnet) QuaZIP A Qt/C++ wrapper for Gilles Vollant's ZIP/UNZIP... DOWNLOAD
booggie(sfnet) booggie booggie brings object-oriented graph grammars i... DOWNLOAD
freeciv(sfnet) Freeciv Freeciv is a free turn-based multiplayer strate... DOWNLOAD
janimationshop(sfnet) JAnimationShop -The Animation Editor JAnimationShop is a Frame Level Animation edito... DOWNLOAD
sqlrelay(freshmeat) SQL Relay SQL Relay is a persistent database connection p... DOWNLOAD
javaspeedtest(sfnet) Java Code Speed Test The SpeedTest program is used to test the speed... DOWNLOAD
adg(sfnet) Automatic Drawing Generation The ADG library (Automatic Drawing Generation) ... DOWNLOAD
qooxdoo-contrib(sfnet) qooxdoo-contrib qooxdoo-contrib is an integral part of the qoox... DOWNLOAD
icons-gifs-pngs(sfnet) ICONS - GIFs and PNGs 886 Icons in GIF and PNG formats. Suitable for... DOWNLOAD
pulsasolusicomg(sfnet) Grosir pulsa online Distributor Pulsa Elektrik Mur... DOWNLOAD
stormsiren(sfnet) StormSiren StormSiren is an Internet application that allo... DOWNLOAD
swingme(sfnet) Swing ME A Java ME (J2ME) implementation of Swing GUI, w... DOWNLOAD
opentrack(sfnet) OpenTrack OpenTrack is Firefox extension which is a combi... DOWNLOAD
firecatpackage(sfnet) Firecat package for Firefox Firecat package project aims to group a list of... DOWNLOAD
jmatio(sfnet) JMatIO - Matlab's MAT-file I/O in JAVA Matlab's MAT-file I/O API in JAVA. Supports Mat... DOWNLOAD
openrods(sfnet) RODS RODS (Real-time Outbreak and Disease Surveillan... DOWNLOAD
lstomp(sfnet) lstomp lStomp is a programmable vst effect host/contro... DOWNLOAD
darksabre76apps(sfnet) darksabre76's Apps This project encapsulates my PA.c apps. Current... DOWNLOAD
atunes(sfnet) aTunes aTunes is a powerful, full-featured, cross-plat... DOWNLOAD
vulcanproject(sfnet) Vulcan Project This project does not update here anymore. This... DOWNLOAD
emushownet(sfnet) Emushow - Manager Of Roms Emushow is the most powerful Manager For your R... DOWNLOAD
microworld-db-2(sfnet) Micro World Data Bank (MWDB2) System The MWDB2 project is a combination of cartograp... DOWNLOAD
rootlocussuite(sfnet) Root Locus A very basic executable file compiled via MATLA... DOWNLOAD
safecap(sfnet) safecap The overall aim of the SafeCap project is to de... DOWNLOAD
zibaldone(sfnet) zibaldone Description zibaldone is a c++ library for mul... DOWNLOAD
phagewarz(sfnet) phageWarz Fabulous virus game! DOWNLOAD
cc-classes(sfnet) CC Classes And Objects To generate classes and objects which contain o... DOWNLOAD
pakukoctroms(sfnet) pakukoct Roms DOWNLOAD
mplayer-ww(sfnet) MPlayer WW MPlayer modified by william0wang DOWNLOAD
tnbhome(sfnet) tnbhome 全日康治疗,御健治疗仪,华汉系列各类治疗仪器网... DOWNLOAD
digitalclock55(sfnet) Digital Clock Digital Clock is an application that allows for... DOWNLOAD
euphoriasdk(sfnet) euphoriasdk Euphoria is a 2 Game Engine and Development kit... DOWNLOAD
gundercrypt(sfnet) gundercrypt A CLI text ciphering program and library writte... DOWNLOAD
ezdigest(sfnet) EzDigest EzDigest utilizes Java's MessageDigest to calcu... DOWNLOAD
isncassebricke(sfnet) ISN casse bricke DOWNLOAD
androidkopiazap(sfnet) Android Kopia Zapasowa DOWNLOAD
polarfish(sfnet) PolarFish This software is to keep older models of the fi... DOWNLOAD
cekod(sfnet) Kutuphane Yonetim Kütüphane Yönetim ; Kullanıcı dostu arayüzü, ge... DOWNLOAD
bluetoothjsr82d(sfnet) BluetoothJSR82Demo for OS 7.1 BlackBerry The code bases on the following Github sample. ... DOWNLOAD
lastfmlibnet(sfnet) LastFmLib.Net This is a port of's WebAPI plus their A... DOWNLOAD
kubisland(sfnet) KubIsland DOWNLOAD
bugdeliver(sfnet) BugDeliver In this game you must control a bug that has to... DOWNLOAD
pwrp(sfnet) PacketWise Report Portal The Report Portal is a flexible & intuitive... DOWNLOAD
cms230(sfnet) 230 CMS This project has been superseded by Napata CMS.... DOWNLOAD
frevo(sfnet) Frevo FREVO is an open-source framework developed in ... DOWNLOAD
dbtrans(sfnet) dbtrans A very small java library (less than 20 classes... DOWNLOAD

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