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luasbangun(sfnet) luas-bangun DOWNLOAD
djproject(sfnet) The DJ Project The DJ Project is a set of tools to improve Jav... DOWNLOAD
rdbtoonto(sfnet) RDBToOnto RDBToOnto allows to automatically generate fine... DOWNLOAD
stockbook(sfnet) Stockbook DOWNLOAD
tinydsp(sfnet) tiny-DSP library Tiny-DSP library contains c sources of a fast, ... DOWNLOAD
wincommandline(sfnet) Windows CommandLine -Transparancy causes major breaks -ls, system, ... DOWNLOAD
stammbaumklein(sfnet) Stammbaum Klein Das ist der Stammbaum der Familie Klein DOWNLOAD
vhs-krypton(sfnet) Krypton Project DOWNLOAD
siscalculator(sfnet) SisCalculator DOWNLOAD
borderlandsdps(sfnet) Borderlands DPS Calculator Damage Per Second - Calculator for the game &qu... DOWNLOAD
jawokado(sfnet) jawokado AWK-like tool based on java with bindings to ja... DOWNLOAD
virtualslight(sfnet) VirtualStageLight The goal of this software is to provide an easy... DOWNLOAD
apfinder(sfnet) AP_Finder DOWNLOAD
brewscript(sfnet) BrewScript BrewScript is a web application for helping ho... DOWNLOAD
mdacp(sfnet) MDACP Molecular Dynamics Simulation Code parallelized... DOWNLOAD
tuxpaint(sfnet) Tux Paint Tux Paint is a free, award-winning drawing prog... DOWNLOAD
sserver(sfnet) The RoboCup Soccer Simulator The RoboCup Soccer Simulator is a research and ... DOWNLOAD
ogla(sfnet) OGLA a computer game using opengl & sdl, a 3d be... DOWNLOAD
checkbackuppcsh(sfnet) check_backuppc_shares This bash-script checks that backups are not to... DOWNLOAD
ccraft(sfnet) c-craft Ein kleines spiel, noch unfertig, wird jedoch s... DOWNLOAD
masps(sfnet) Masps DOWNLOAD
maintainer(sfnet) maintainer For cleaning files and directories periodically... DOWNLOAD
sqlite-android(sfnet) SQLite-Simple-Android DOWNLOAD
possession(sfnet) Possession POS A POS (Point Of Sale) system for retailers base... DOWNLOAD
ironsimu(sfnet) Simutrans Iron Bite The Iron Way, aka Simutrans Iron Bite, is a fre... DOWNLOAD
writexml(sfnet) Write XML Write XML is a Java library for writing well-fo... DOWNLOAD
wearehiddenchro(sfnet) wearehidden chrome app a addon for google chrome for the wearehidden s... DOWNLOAD
reef3d(sfnet) REEF3D REEF3D is an open-source computational fluid dy... DOWNLOAD
rhinmateogvlwfk(sfnet) Password generator Java CUI application Password generator Java CUI application. DOWNLOAD
sgmprogressbars(sfnet) sgmProgressBars Powerful progress bars for Delphi List of comp... DOWNLOAD
serverenric(sfnet) ServerEnric DOWNLOAD
usbcontroller(sfnet) USB Controller This apps will help you to enable and disable U... DOWNLOAD
simplewebspider(sfnet) Simple Web Spider Other spiders has a limited link depth, follows... DOWNLOAD
lpkb(sfnet) Low Performance Knowledge Base Structured everyday ideas . DOWNLOAD
csydownbox(sfnet) csydownbox csydownbox DOWNLOAD
glucat(sfnet) GluCat: Clifford algebra templates GluCat is a generic library of C++ templates th... DOWNLOAD
asyncoro(sfnet) asyncoro asyncoro is a Python framework for developing c... DOWNLOAD
ringitupscoring(sfnet) Ring It Up Scoring Calculator DOWNLOAD
galaxys3deals(sfnet) Galaxy S3 Contracts Comparison Tool A very simple and easy to use tool made in .Net... DOWNLOAD
lvefuel(sfnet) LVE-Fuel DOWNLOAD
pellucid(sfnet) Pellucid Pellucid is a JAVA library for transparent acce... DOWNLOAD
procserv(sfnet) procServ Process Server procServ is a wrapper that starts an arbitrary ... DOWNLOAD
mediamaster(sfnet) MediaMaster This program is meant to be a replacement for a... DOWNLOAD
rfrl(sfnet) Rising Force the Roguelike Цель проекта - создание roguelike игры на основ... DOWNLOAD
ajabberwocky(sfnet) Jabberwocky Jabberwocky is a jabber client software for Ami... DOWNLOAD
airrac(sfnet) Open Airline Revenue Accounting That project aims at delivering a reference imp... DOWNLOAD
smallbasic(sfnet) SmallBASIC SmallBASIC is a fast and easy to learn BASIC la... DOWNLOAD
openhpi(sfnet) Open HPI Open HPI is an open source implementation of th... DOWNLOAD
gtk2hack(sfnet) Gtk2Hack Gtk2Hack is a nice graphical frontend for the p... DOWNLOAD
archivist(sfnet) Archivist Archivist is a program for "Magic the Gath... DOWNLOAD
unicxaos(sfnet) unicxa-OS DOWNLOAD
einstein(sfnet) EINSTEIN EINSTEIN (Expert system for an Intelligent Supp... DOWNLOAD
wphfforwin7(sfnet) wphfxwin7 Simple Windows client for HylaFax server. This ... DOWNLOAD
themoneygalaxy(sfnet) themoneygalaxy DOWNLOAD
phpipam(sfnet) phpipam phpipam is an open-source web IP address manage... DOWNLOAD
clementinedl(sfnet) Clementine Lecteur de musique multi-plateforme. DOWNLOAD
epix(sfnet) Epix Power Support Epix Power Support is a customizable Customer S... DOWNLOAD
kwave(freshmeat) kwave Kwave is a 24-bit sound editor that allows simp... DOWNLOAD
sleepmanager(sfnet) Sleep Manager Put your computer to sleep on a remaining time.... DOWNLOAD
nomacs-herbie(sfnet) Herbie - Diagnostics Herbie is a CPU monitoring software that perfec... DOWNLOAD
dircmp2(sfnet) Shell dircmp 2 A shell script to recursively compare 2 directo... DOWNLOAD
jacas(sfnet) JaCAS JaCAS is (for now) a very basic symbolic manipu... DOWNLOAD
reg2run(sfnet) Reg2Run Reg2Run - utility, that adds an application's l... DOWNLOAD
bakefile(sfnet) Bakefile Bakefile development was moved to GitHub: https... DOWNLOAD
awstats(sfnet) AWStats AWStats is a free powerful and featureful serve... DOWNLOAD
rubytarot(sfnet) Ruby Tarot Ruby scripts to select 3 tarot cards representi... DOWNLOAD
alfrescodesktop(sfnet) Desktop Sync for Alfresco This application synchronizes files between a c... DOWNLOAD
texcode(sfnet) TexCode - A TexScript Interpreter A free interpreter featuring TexScript, a scrip... DOWNLOAD
wurmtoolbox(sfnet) Wurm Online Toolbox DOWNLOAD
imagemyzip(sfnet) IMZ Image My Zip (IMZ) is a small standalone Zip to... DOWNLOAD
passphrase-gen(sfnet) passphrase-generator Easy to use command line based strong passphras... DOWNLOAD
classobject(sfnet) Class-Object ClassObject and PackageObject (distributed in t... DOWNLOAD
aokpnightlybuil(sfnet) AOKP Nightly Builds - Fully Loaded Go here for full description : http://forum.xda... DOWNLOAD
reqmodeler(sfnet) REQ Modeler REQ Modeler는 공개용 UML을 지원하는 모델링 툴... DOWNLOAD
superbeas(sfnet) SuperBeast 100 percent supercharged super beast s g h t 98... DOWNLOAD
freegame4u(sfnet) Download Game | Tai game mien phi DOWNLOAD
fortitude(sfnet) fortitude DOWNLOAD
gurpstrek(sfnet) GurbsStarTrek This project will control the playing of Gurbs ... DOWNLOAD
sail7(sfnet) sail7 Sail7 is an analysis tool based on the linear p... DOWNLOAD
megacubo-br(sfnet) Megacubo Megacubo is a IPTV tuner application written in... DOWNLOAD
glux(sfnet) GLUX GLUX stands for OpenGL Useful eXtensions. It pr... DOWNLOAD
sslverification(sfnet) sslverification Python based tool to verify SSL certificates. DOWNLOAD
flickrfs(sfnet) Flickr Filesystem Create a virtual userspace filesystem which all... DOWNLOAD
libre(sfnet) RE: a regexp library for OCaml RE is a fast regular expression library for OCa... DOWNLOAD
chisquaredcal(sfnet) Chi Square Calculator This Chi Squared Calculator allows the user to ... DOWNLOAD
jdeva(sfnet) JDeva a framework for processing different input sour... DOWNLOAD
snmptraptools(sfnet) snmptraptools Snmptraptools is a set of SNMP handling tool fo... DOWNLOAD
quanto(sfnet) quanto A web based service helping students to find tu... DOWNLOAD
bibliacelular(sfnet) Bíblia sagrada para celular Uma bíblia para celular desenvolvida com J2ME. ... DOWNLOAD
mantis2go(sfnet) Mantis2Go Mantis2Go is an out of the box installation of ... DOWNLOAD
excelis(sfnet) Excelis Imageboard Software Excelis is a script written in PHP, made for cr... DOWNLOAD
turpentine(freshmeat) Turpentine Turpentine is a Magento extension to improve Ma... DOWNLOAD
usc-it(sfnet) USC IT documents USC IT documents DOWNLOAD
skyproc(sfnet) Skyproc DOWNLOAD
f-fileman(sfnet) ffileman f-fileman is a web based file and directory man... DOWNLOAD
asterionjsf(sfnet) Asterion for JSF Sep 15, 2012: Version 2.0 released! Asterion f... DOWNLOAD
fastdirtree(sfnet) FastDirTree crossplatform filemanager, with frendly gui int... DOWNLOAD
triagetools(sfnet) TriageTools TriageTools is a collection of tools for partit... DOWNLOAD
fudan-sakai(sfnet) 复旦Sakai共享版 复旦大学信息办维护,强化了中文支持的Sakai版本。 DOWNLOAD
exman(sfnet) ExMan ExMan is a small, lightweight personal accounti... DOWNLOAD

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