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udoc(sfnet) UDoc UDoc is a dynamic UML-like vizualizer. Now we c... DOWNLOAD
rdfadev(sfnet) RDFa Developer Firefox add-on that displays and checks RDFa. ... DOWNLOAD
openresort(sfnet) OpenResort PMS Properties Management System, web application f... DOWNLOAD
documentwf(sfnet) DocumentWF Document WorkFlow application, include: Data... DOWNLOAD
awarnewproject(sfnet) New Project This sofware create a simple folders for all yo... DOWNLOAD
hinot(sfnet) HiNot HilfeInderNot - help in emergency This PHP proj... DOWNLOAD
phpbb3-czech(sfnet) Cesky preklad phpBB3 Český překlad phpBB3 "Olympus" / Czec... DOWNLOAD
swtswing(sfnet) SWTSwing SWTSwing is a port of SWT to Swing. It replaces... DOWNLOAD
iplsqldeveloper(sfnet) iPL/SQL Developer iPL/SQL Developer is a reference PL/SQL Develop... DOWNLOAD
edittool(sfnet) EditTool EditTool sector editing software is disk, the d... DOWNLOAD
cjson(sfnet) cJSON An ultra-lightweight, portable, single-file, si... DOWNLOAD
haldricjellybea(sfnet) haldricjellybean samsung galaxy s3 custom firmware DOWNLOAD
dexpuzzle(sfnet) DexPuxzle Refer to DOWNLOAD
jfcm(sfnet) JFCM Java implementation of Fuzzy Cognitive Maps (FC... DOWNLOAD
multilevelmenu(sfnet) Dynamic Menu in PHP The dynamic multi level drop down menu is desig... DOWNLOAD
elastik(sfnet) Elastik A very flexible web based ticket/issue tracker ... DOWNLOAD
html2jss(sfnet) HTML2JSS This is a JavaScriptStream generator. I consid... DOWNLOAD
jq19(sfnet) jq19 Esta libreria genera un fichero segun la norma ... DOWNLOAD
wfrpv1(sfnet) WFRP 1st Edition Ruleset Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1st edition ruleset ... DOWNLOAD
hoereranzeige(sfnet) Hörer-Anzeige DOWNLOAD
simplechip8(sfnet) simple_chip8 virtual architecture chip8 C++ emulator DOWNLOAD
xbnbt(sfnet) =Xotic= Edition of BNBT (XBNBT) XBNBT is a modifed BNBT BitTorrent tracker writ... DOWNLOAD
tablet2osc(sfnet) tablet2osc Tool to send OSC messages with a graphic tablet DOWNLOAD
qubesos(sfnet) Qubes OS Qubes is an open source operating system design... DOWNLOAD
vbwsus(sfnet) vbWSUS Fine tune the Windows Update behavior from a ce... DOWNLOAD
mpxplay(sfnet) Mpxplay audio/video player Mpxplay is a commander-style console audio play... DOWNLOAD
unreadtb(sfnet) Unread notifier for TB This software couples together with the extensi... DOWNLOAD
trollproject4(sfnet) Troll Project 4 A tricky application. DOWNLOAD
superkernel(sfnet) SuperKernel Note: the project is basically dead, as I start... DOWNLOAD
dclib(sfnet) dlib C++ Library Dlib is a C++ toolkit containing machine learni... DOWNLOAD
punit(sfnet) PUnit PUnit is an easy utility to perform regression ... DOWNLOAD
punycms(sfnet) punyCMS A small, flexible and dynamic PHP Content Manag... DOWNLOAD
manjarotest(sfnet) Manjaro Testbuilds Manjaro Linux is a Linux Distribution based on ... DOWNLOAD
xwlpx(sfnet) XWLPX DOWNLOAD
pavian-project(sfnet) PaViAn A Tool for Retrieval, Visualization and Analysi... DOWNLOAD
pdidatavaultfw(sfnet) PDI Data Vault framework A metadata driven 'tool' to automate loading a ... DOWNLOAD
mochad(sfnet) mochad mochad is a Linux TCP gateway daemon for the X1... DOWNLOAD
pidloopsimulato(sfnet) PID Loop Simulator Building controls often have a PID Loop (Propor... DOWNLOAD
wpmusicplayer(sfnet) Windows Phone Music Player DOWNLOAD
soundswitch(sfnet) sound device switcher made by xvital (moheeb al-jaroudi DOWNLOAD
ezbionet(sfnet) ezBioNet ezBioNet is a biological modeling and simulatio... DOWNLOAD
gameofthedead(sfnet) gameofthedead 説明はありません。 DOWNLOAD
pyrotate(sfnet) pyrotate English: Pyrotate is Python program for log fil... DOWNLOAD
oag(sfnet) OAG Library OAG is open source library written in c++. With... DOWNLOAD
asemon(sfnet) asemon Tool for monitoring Sybase products (ASE, RS, I... DOWNLOAD
wbx(sfnet) wbx DOWNLOAD
emailbloatetc(sfnet) email.bloat.etc No description DOWNLOAD
crazyplane(sfnet) CRAZY_PLANE Fliegen Sie mit einem Flugzeug, passen Sie jedo... DOWNLOAD
adapro(freshmeat) Adapro Adapro is a customizable multi-user word proces... DOWNLOAD
roguewarts(freshmeat) RogueWarts RogueWarts is roguelike game themed on the Harr... DOWNLOAD
tspsg(freshmeat) TSP Solver and Generator TSPSG is intended to generate and solve "t... DOWNLOAD
testni1(sfnet) testni1 Testni projekt.. za testirat kako to deluje:&... DOWNLOAD
jstreamon(sfnet) JStreaMon - Java Stream Monitor JAVA based tool for easy and realtime monitorin... DOWNLOAD
sphp(sfnet) Simple PHP Scripts A collection of practical and useful PHP script... DOWNLOAD
giproject2(sfnet) GIproject2 DOWNLOAD
j2objc(freshmeat) j2objc J2ObjC is a tool from Google that translates Ja... DOWNLOAD
bbproject1(sfnet) project1 DOWNLOAD
pyirdg(sfnet) pyIRDG pyIRDG is a program written in Python to genera... DOWNLOAD
sfftools(sfnet) SFF Tools The SFF tools allow you to deal with group 3 fa... DOWNLOAD
pvflauncher(sfnet) PVF Launcher PVF Launcher allows you to run a normal applica... DOWNLOAD
pralin(freshmeat) Praliné Praliné is a functional Web testing tool built ... DOWNLOAD
sitecheckerserv(sfnet) SiteCheckerServer This windows service will track user defined si... DOWNLOAD
racktables(freshmeat) RackTables RackTables is a tool to manage tens of racks, h... DOWNLOAD
webminingtjto(sfnet) webminingtjto DOWNLOAD
ndefpack(sfnet) ndefpack ndefpack is a pack of tools for creating EasyFl... DOWNLOAD
xautomation(sfnet) Xaut (formerly Xautomation) Python library to automate X11. Simulate mouse ... DOWNLOAD
pbank(sfnet) PiggyBank DOWNLOAD
hdk(sfnet) Hauzer's Dota Keys HDK is an AutoHotkey script for DotA. It featur... DOWNLOAD
rst2pdf(freshmeat) rst2pdf rst2pdf is a tool to convert Restructured Text ... DOWNLOAD
ynot(sfnet) ynot Ynot is a scripting language easy to read and t... DOWNLOAD
certexpalerter(sfnet) Certificate Expiration Alerter The Certificate Expiration Alerter helps IT dep... DOWNLOAD
daft(sfnet) Database Fishing Tool DaFT is a frontend to any database that can be ... DOWNLOAD
osmdl(sfnet) OSMDL OSMDL est un simple script permettant de téléch... DOWNLOAD
tranxbean(sfnet) TranXBean TranXBean provides the easiest way to help you ... DOWNLOAD
jonguymovies(sfnet) Animations DOWNLOAD
bondinfo(sfnet) BondInfo BondInfo is used for analysis of interatomic di... DOWNLOAD
pvqt(sfnet) Panini perspective tool Panini is a visual tool for creating perspectiv... DOWNLOAD
diana-dasm(sfnet) Diana Disassembler DiDasm is a small and fast disassembler, useful... DOWNLOAD
anacondas(sfnet) ANACONDAS Implementation of HYCOM physical ocean model wi... DOWNLOAD
usleep(sfnet) Wrapper for usleep This is just an usleep wrapper for sh scripts t... DOWNLOAD
p910nd(sfnet) p910nd p910nd is a small printer daemon intended for d... DOWNLOAD
wlviewer(sfnet) Lumber Analysis This is a web application, using thing applicat... DOWNLOAD
santisincroniza(sfnet) sincroniza Crea un sistema de actualización de carpetas au... DOWNLOAD
gn2d(sfnet) gn2d To recognize the cancer genes DOWNLOAD
eclipse-cs(sfnet) Eclipse Checkstyle Plug-in The Eclipse Checkstyle plug-in integrates the C... DOWNLOAD
iitbpdc(sfnet) iPDC - Free Phasor Data Concentrator iPDC is a free Phasor Data Concentrator that co... DOWNLOAD
jlmx(sfnet) Java LAN Messenger a java based LAN messenger CHECK OUT AND SUPPO... DOWNLOAD
huazhuangpin(sfnet) huazhuangpin 化妆品论坛交流化妆品论坛交流化妆品论坛交流化妆... DOWNLOAD
pgintcl(sfnet) Pure-Tcl Interface to PostgreSQL pgintcl is a Tcl interface to the PostgreSQL da... DOWNLOAD
cmslavvolol(sfnet) cmslavvolol No description DOWNLOAD
ppe5(sfnet) ppe3 sdfgsfgsfg DOWNLOAD
envmailgmaihot(sfnet) enviar email pelo gmail / hotmail programa para envio de email peo gmail ou hotma... DOWNLOAD
carrodecompras(sfnet) Carro de Compras DOWNLOAD
oberonplm(sfnet) Oberon PLM Oberon PLM is a Web based PLM/PDM, built on Obe... DOWNLOAD
gw-calc(sfnet) gw-calc gWcalc is a graphics front-end for Kyle Wheeler... DOWNLOAD
cbrpager(sfnet) cbrPager A no-nonsense, simple to use, small viewer for ... DOWNLOAD
xraysim(sfnet) XRaySim Open-source CT/ Radiography simulation package.... DOWNLOAD
feri(sfnet) MIDP/Android Game Fish Eating Fish Fish Eating Fish Game for mobiles supporting j2... DOWNLOAD
arabica(sfnet) Arabica XML and HTML Toolkit for C++ Arabica is an XML and HTML processing toolkit w... DOWNLOAD
pfc2ide(sfnet) pfc2ide pfc2ide is a GUI front end for the Pascal-FC co... DOWNLOAD

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