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mariosurvival(sfnet) Mario Survival This is a variation of the classic Mario game i... DOWNLOAD
imppath(sfnet) ImpPath Very basic path manipulation library. Aims to b... DOWNLOAD
buddywatcher(sfnet) BuddyWatcher Watch your roaming buddies in a GPS network on ... DOWNLOAD
launcherparadie(sfnet) launcher paradieminecraft DOWNLOAD
ptr(sfnet) ptr.h ptr.h is a c++ smart pointer template which use... DOWNLOAD
kenozooid(freshmeat) kenozooid Kenozooid is software used to plan and analyze ... DOWNLOAD
hifito(sfnet) Hifito Hifito is a small utility for Windows, which al... DOWNLOAD
saadrincon(sfnet) A Compressed Enhanced Suffix Array Index We have moved our project to github. https://g... DOWNLOAD
rista35(sfnet) Rista35 Rista Web Browser 3.5 , with additional facilit... DOWNLOAD
androidmysqllog(sfnet) Android MySql Login DOWNLOAD
imjava(sfnet) instantmessage kleines einfaches Java-Instant-Message - Programm DOWNLOAD
spolgenerator(sfnet) SpoligoforestGenerator DOWNLOAD
legendofthograd(sfnet) Legend Of Thograd Legend Of Thograd is a free text based game mad... DOWNLOAD
monostep(sfnet) MonoStep MonoStep is planned to be a toolbar for use wit... DOWNLOAD
linkseek(sfnet) LinkSeek Finds Windows shortcut (.lnk) files. Options ar... DOWNLOAD
massemail(sfnet) Massemail yawit=you are worth it massemail 邮件批量群发 DOWNLOAD
unidockynapse(sfnet) UniDockyNapse Adwaita Gala 12.04.4 Version with Liquorix Zen Preempt kernel is in ... DOWNLOAD
gpg-crypter(sfnet) GPG-Crypter GPG-Crypter is a graphical front-end to GnuPG(G... DOWNLOAD
edge2(sfnet) hyper3DGE Project As a continuation of the EDGE Project, hyper3DG... DOWNLOAD
mobileprint(sfnet) MobilePrint * MOBILE PRINT Android 2.1 application that can... DOWNLOAD
keyloggerbetave(sfnet) Keylogger BETA version Put this app on the victim PC and this software... DOWNLOAD
auroracp(sfnet) Aurora CP DOWNLOAD
schedule-it(sfnet) Schedule_IT Schedule IT is a web-based tool design by Syste... DOWNLOAD
repositorioinge(sfnet) repositorioingensoftware DOWNLOAD
rayosalmond(sfnet) RayOS Almond RayOS Almond is a desktop operating system base... DOWNLOAD
fem3d(sfnet) fem3d Basics of a CAD System. Lets users build 3D mod... DOWNLOAD
anygamedownload(sfnet) Any Game Downloader Any Game Downloader with over 1,300 games in th... DOWNLOAD
brianstweakedth(sfnet) Brian's Tweaked Themes 説明はありません。 DOWNLOAD
gogui(sfnet) GoGui Graphical interface to programs that play the g... DOWNLOAD
equivalencepart(sfnet) Equivalence Partition Organizer Equivalence Partition Organizer is a tool to ed... DOWNLOAD
lmsapi(sfnet) LMSAPI: C interface for SICK LMS200 LMSAPI is a framework library for getting acces... DOWNLOAD
poppy-beta-rc(sfnet) Poppy - Web Interface Generator Poppy is a visual markup editor that runs in a ... DOWNLOAD
perueduca(sfnet) F14 Base - Servidores y Estaciones Sistema operativo de rápida instalación para se... DOWNLOAD
ymiryun(sfnet) ymiryun DOWNLOAD
wifizone06(sfnet) wifizone06 DOWNLOAD
sifscenarist(sfnet) SIFscenarist SIFscenarist allows you to assemble animation S... DOWNLOAD
openstopmotion(sfnet) OpenStopMotion An open source software for capturing stop moti... DOWNLOAD
enbudget(sfnet) DivvyUp Personal Finance DivvyUp is a simple application that uses the e... DOWNLOAD
done(sfnet) League of Legends Utility This project has been discontinued due to perso... DOWNLOAD
zhouzhengyi(sfnet) zhouzhengyi geggerh DOWNLOAD
secmw(sfnet) Secure Building Automation Middleware Goal of the project is to provide a secure midd... DOWNLOAD
mailcontrolpc(sfnet) MailControl Program check configured e-mail and if email ar... DOWNLOAD
visadpugnam(sfnet) Vis ad Pugnam Symbolic graphic. OpenGL. 5 buildings: Barrack... DOWNLOAD
ms-pacman(sfnet) Ms. Pac-Man Framework This Java-application contains all required com...
fightingfantasy(sfnet) Fighting Fantasy Framework With FFFramework you can create your own inter... DOWNLOAD
cjoap(sfnet) Clanjor Open Art Project Original Open Music, Original Open Movies, Orig... DOWNLOAD
webflowchina(sfnet) webflowchina This is web-based j2ee application of workflow. DOWNLOAD
egap(sfnet) egap Egap is an Eclipse plugin for the Guice Depende... DOWNLOAD
amazingmaze(sfnet) Amazing Maze Ein verrücktes Brettspiel für die ganze Familie. DOWNLOAD
aimpseeker(sfnet) AIMPSeeker Tool for seeking lost / renamed / removed / rep... DOWNLOAD
prefixed-properties(freshmeat) Prefixed Properties Prefixed Properites extends java.util.Propertie... DOWNLOAD
fggq(sfnet) fggq fggq DOWNLOAD
simpleweb-socke(sfnet) Simple Web-Socket Server THE PROJECT DEVELOPMENT IS SUSPENDED FOR NOW AN...
firstfps(sfnet) First FPS DOWNLOAD
diktyologia(sfnet) Diktyologia Diktyologia is software for investigating compl... DOWNLOAD
trinlibr(sfnet) Trouble in Libreland Trouble in Libreland is a 2D real-time strategy... DOWNLOAD
jcsatlasserver(sfnet) JCS Atlas (server) DOWNLOAD
dsi(freshmeat) dsi dsi is a simple game of invading aliens. You mu... DOWNLOAD
inkus(sfnet) Inkus This framework is essentially a Service Develop... DOWNLOAD
misfilsbuff(sfnet) Misfil's Buff Last Version 2.4 (24/01/2012) ----------------... DOWNLOAD
jskat(sfnet) JSkat JSkat is an implementation of the German card g... DOWNLOAD
ntwib(sfnet) netwib Netwib provides sniff, spoof, client, server an... DOWNLOAD
saint-cms(freshmeat) Saint CMS Saint CMS is a combination CMS and eCommerce pa... DOWNLOAD
stkmodular(sfnet) STK::modular Tools to be used with Perry Cook and Gary Scavo...
ntwag(sfnet) netwag Netwag provides a graphical interface to networ... DOWNLOAD
ntwox(sfnet) netwox Toolbox netwox helps to find and solve network ... DOWNLOAD
cyprus-env(sfnet) cy.prus cy.prus is a cross platform simulation environm... DOWNLOAD
yazoo(sfnet) Yazoo scripting language Yazoo is a command-line scripting language and ... DOWNLOAD
ihmccmaptoolspo(sfnet) IHMC CmapTools Portable This is the portable version of the IHMC CmapTo... DOWNLOAD
nukedklan(sfnet) Nuked-Klan Nuked-Klan est un CMS open source. Il permet d'... DOWNLOAD
ganizor(sfnet) Ganizor Ganizor is an enterprise style system built for... DOWNLOAD
uptimechecker(sfnet) UptimeChecker This small program was created 2 years ago with... DOWNLOAD
julinuxvmwareim(sfnet) JU linux vmware image DOWNLOAD
webexercisefate(sfnet) Web Exercise (FaTe) FaTe was an exercise in web development I used ... DOWNLOAD
kernelhuaweiu86(sfnet) Kernel_Huawei_u8650_c8650 DOWNLOAD
openimageshop(sfnet) OpenImageShop - yet another webshop This project is a LAMP-based software collectio... DOWNLOAD
dbfconverter(sfnet) Dbf converter dbfconverter converts dbf files database into s... DOWNLOAD
glassomium(freshmeat) Glassomium Glassomium is a window manager for multi-touch ... DOWNLOAD
cthpool2(sfnet) cthpool2 This is a fork of to prov... DOWNLOAD
lebah(sfnet) Light and Easy Portal-based Framework Light and Easy Business ArcHitecture (LEBAH), a... DOWNLOAD
ufowardriving(sfnet) UFOWardriving UFO Wardriving homepage: L... DOWNLOAD
bigpond(sfnet) BigPond Usage for Rainmeter Simple meters for monitoring your BigPond data ... DOWNLOAD
instsearch(sfnet) InstSearch Are you tired of every time you connect your we... DOWNLOAD
se7enlibs-as3(sfnet) Se7enLibs (AS3) This library has a collections of classes which... DOWNLOAD
text2xml(sfnet) Text2XML Text2XML provides a simple, declarative method ... DOWNLOAD
vkmacroslibrary(sfnet) VK Macros library DOWNLOAD
audtest(sfnet) AudioTester AudioTester is a small command line tool that c... DOWNLOAD
thepsychicgame(sfnet) The Psychic Game By entering stuff about you, this can tell who ... DOWNLOAD
puretesting(sfnet) pure The goal of pure is to deliver a test suite whi... DOWNLOAD
cantools(sfnet) cantools cantools is a set of command line tools for dea... DOWNLOAD
hchatd(freshmeat) hchatd hchatd is a simple chat server, written in (alm... DOWNLOAD
horrors-of-democracy(freshmeat) Horrors of Democracy Horrors of Democracy is a game in which the cha... DOWNLOAD
aonm(sfnet) Avatar On Memberlist Ads a avatar on the phpbb memberlist. Rolling y... DOWNLOAD
theb(sfnet) thebyani mirror DOWNLOAD
kangasound(sfnet) Kangas Sound Editor This kangaroo-themed program allows the user to... DOWNLOAD
deadbeef-fb(sfnet) DeaDBeeF Filebrowser plugin A filebrowser plugin for the DeaDBeeF audio pla... DOWNLOAD
pims1(sfnet) PIMs1 PIMed is a tool for the creation of presentatio... DOWNLOAD
examenswfree(sfnet) examen Examen Software Libre (Implementacion de Servid... DOWNLOAD
lessonscheduler(sfnet) LessonScheduler This is a very simple program made with intenti... DOWNLOAD
taotaotour(sfnet) taotaotour taotaotour DOWNLOAD

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