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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
xtravianix(sfnet) XtravianiX DOWNLOAD
rdwinbackup(sfnet) RD's Little Windows Backup Backup your data! - Easy and save. Each new bac... DOWNLOAD
opensrsjava(sfnet) OpenSRS Pure Java Client A Pure Java implementation of the OpenSRS clien... DOWNLOAD
forth-brainless(sfnet) brainless A chess-playing program written in ANS Forth. U... DOWNLOAD
mplayer-jz47xx(sfnet) mplayer-jz47xx An MPlayer Vidix driver for the Ingenic JZ47xx ... DOWNLOAD
rpsdb(sfnet) rockpaperscissorsdynamiteballoon DOWNLOAD
floobb(sfnet) flooBB flooBB is an easy to use bulletin board system ... DOWNLOAD
msob(sfnet) msob 通过读取主板时间,计算运行某段代码所用时间 DOWNLOAD
cyberstorm(sfnet) Cyberstorm Easy, powerful and great working new Linux syst... DOWNLOAD
mania-rom-v1(sfnet) MANIA ROM DOWNLOAD
msgc(sfnet) MSGC MSGC keeps dedicated server games of the game H... DOWNLOAD
bits-a-gogo(sfnet) bits-a-gogo (obsolete) This project has been integrated with project h... DOWNLOAD
zandminigolf(sfnet) Zandronum Minigolf Zandronum is a port of ZDoom which is a port of... DOWNLOAD
icsdeleter(sfnet) ICS Deleter A small tool to delete old entries in a ICS-Cal... DOWNLOAD
bpandp(sfnet) BPandP DOWNLOAD
backuprotator(sfnet) BackupRotator BackupRotator is a small Java utility to rotate... DOWNLOAD
analyzematrix(sfnet) analyzematrix analyzematrix is a command line tool for learni... DOWNLOAD
cses-archive(sfnet) CSES Data-Archiving Campbell Scientific Environmental Sensor Data A... DOWNLOAD
galaxywsght679m(sfnet) Galaxy W SGH-T679M DOWNLOAD
gtkdbfeditor(sfnet) GTK DBF Editor A simple editor for dbf files. The editor is bu... DOWNLOAD
polygnome(freshmeat) Polygnome Polygnome is a polyrhythmic metronome. It allo... DOWNLOAD
indi(freshmeat) INDI INDI is an instrument-neutral distributed inter... DOWNLOAD
osgraphx(freshmeat) osGraphX osGraphX is a 3D file viewer. Based on opensce... DOWNLOAD
spina(freshmeat) SPINA SPINA is software for determining constant stru... DOWNLOAD
kcov(freshmeat) kcov Kcov is a code coverage tester based for compil... DOWNLOAD
notp(sfnet) notP Notp is a collection of shell scripts and a sim... DOWNLOAD
diffimg(freshmeat) DiffImg DiffImg is a simple image comparison tool which... DOWNLOAD
contentpack(sfnet) P-SH DarkRP Content Pack DOWNLOAD
theres(sfnet) TheRescue DOWNLOAD
meinown(sfnet) mein own is mein own software DOWNLOAD
accutag(freshmeat) GPUMarkerTracker GPUMarkerTracker is a tracking software library... DOWNLOAD
securify(freshmeat) securify securify is a class that generates passwords by... DOWNLOAD
pydsh(freshmeat) Pydsh PyDSH is a toolset to help simplify the adminis... DOWNLOAD
doctool(freshmeat) DocTool DocTool is a documentation tool for C/C++. It ... DOWNLOAD
opencheckout(freshmeat) openCheckout openCheckout is a simple POS system. DOWNLOAD
charon-suite(sfnet) Charon An open source optical flow algorithm framework... DOWNLOAD
extract-name-from-email-addres(freshmeat) Extract Name from Email Address Extract Name from Email Address extracts a pers... DOWNLOAD
folderstyle(sfnet) FolderStyle FolderStyle is an application (now discontinued... DOWNLOAD
rayreader(sfnet) RayReader RayReader is a basic RSVP (Rapid Serial Visual ... DOWNLOAD
perfscreen(sfnet) PerfScreen PerfScreen is an app (now discontinued) which d... DOWNLOAD
simplertext(sfnet) Simpler Text A Low memory and simple text editor. Has the ab... DOWNLOAD
modvdcxxzfldzio(sfnet) Zero Sum Game Solver JavaScript Library Zero Sum Game Solver JavaScript Library DOWNLOAD
amglib(sfnet) AMGLib A 3D Engine for PSPSDK coders with 3D functions... DOWNLOAD
varargs(sfnet) varargs DOWNLOAD
mxhero(freshmeat) mxHero mxHero is a platform for email enhancing plugin... DOWNLOAD
woimvim(freshmeat) HyperList HyperList.vim is a Vim plugin for handling Hype... DOWNLOAD
repocafe(freshmeat) Repocafe Repocafe helps users and admins manage subversi... DOWNLOAD
jfastcgi(sfnet) jFastCGI This project allows a servlet container to act ... DOWNLOAD
tronautomation(sfnet) Tron Tron is a console application (now discontinued... DOWNLOAD
phpsession(freshmeat) phpSession phpSession is a session-handling abstraction mo... DOWNLOAD
pagi(freshmeat) PAGI PAGI is a PHP AGI (Asterisk Gateway Interface) ... DOWNLOAD
tsclient(sfnet) Terminal Server Client [tsclient] Terminal Server Client [tsclient] is a GTK2 fro... DOWNLOAD
etipitaka-prog(sfnet) E-Tipitaka โปรแกรมสืบค้นพระไตรปิฎก (ไทย-บาลี) DOWNLOAD
chreader(sfnet) CHReader CHReader is an application (now discontinued) w... DOWNLOAD
bofpatcher(sfnet) BotF Patcher BotF Patcher is a tool for adding and removing ... DOWNLOAD
fpsvivi(sfnet) FPS_Vivi DOWNLOAD
erepair(sfnet) e-repair remote desktop DOWNLOAD
elchfrog(sfnet) Elchfrog DOWNLOAD
phpmylogin(sfnet) PHPmyLogin PHPMyLogin is an secure module based authentica... DOWNLOAD
blacken(freshmeat) Blacken Blacken is a Java library for Roguelike develo... DOWNLOAD
lmh-calculator(sfnet) LMH Rechner A tool to calculate various settings for the rc... DOWNLOAD
buildbox(sfnet) buildbox BuildBox is set of tools and plugins based on M... DOWNLOAD
esednice(sfnet) eSednice DOWNLOAD
diplesednice(sfnet) dipleSednice DOWNLOAD
hary(sfnet) Hary Cocoa utility for the classification of books, ... DOWNLOAD
chatik(sfnet) Chatik Simple, small, portable, free, open source, ind... DOWNLOAD
live-miner(sfnet) live-miner Burn this image to a CD, or write it to a USB s... DOWNLOAD
blindtdcs(sfnet) BlindTDCS Calculates numeric stimulation codes for transc... DOWNLOAD
libxml2-pas(sfnet) Libxml2 for pascal Pascal units accessing the popular XML API from... DOWNLOAD
javamutex(sfnet) JavaMutex Freely redistributable open source 100% pure Ja... DOWNLOAD
spellathon(sfnet) Spellathon Spellathon is a simple word puzzle game. You ar... DOWNLOAD
soar(sfnet) Soar Soar is a general cognitive architecture for de... DOWNLOAD
niahsdc(sfnet) Niah (Statistical Disclosure Control) Niah is a simple java tool for use in statistic... DOWNLOAD
skypemusicmood(sfnet) SkypeMusicMood A simple status bar item that sets your Skype m... DOWNLOAD
trgamestore(sfnet) TRGameStore Knight Online DOWNLOAD
visualdebug(sfnet) Debug Visualization Tools This is a research project aimed at providing t... DOWNLOAD
javasourcecode(sfnet) java source jsp editor java source code DOWNLOAD
ioccontainer(sfnet) LogikBug's IoC Container LogikBug's IoC dependency injection container i... DOWNLOAD
filmriss(sfnet) Film//Riss Film//Riss will ease the process of cutting com... DOWNLOAD
amake(sfnet) Alexis Make Maintain your software with amake (a make utili... DOWNLOAD
apple-emulator(sfnet) AppleEmulator An Apple ][, ][+, ][e, //c emulator written in ... DOWNLOAD
x5wahabj(sfnet) theportalgame DOWNLOAD
boost-extras(sfnet) Boost Extras Helper classes and functions to ease the use of... DOWNLOAD
fleetingpm(sfnet) Fleeting Password Manager Fleeting Password Manager is a program that gen... DOWNLOAD
haoluck(sfnet) haoluck DOWNLOAD
county(sfnet) County County is a time measurement instrument that in... DOWNLOAD
symboliccpp(sfnet) SymbolicC++ SymbolicC++ is a general purpose computer algeb... DOWNLOAD
fandemcool(sfnet) fandemcool Visit - Sharing and Free ... DOWNLOAD
img-recognition(sfnet) NN Image Recognition (with source-code) It can predict digits from 0-9 with Artificial ... DOWNLOAD
reemmediaplayer(sfnet) Reem Media Player A media player that can load Hebrew subtitles i... DOWNLOAD
net-interface(sfnet) Net::Interface Net::Interface is a module that allows access t... DOWNLOAD
sscross(sfnet) sscross How To Build WordPress Blog DOWNLOAD
qxgedit(sfnet) QXGEdit QXGEdit is a Qt GUI for editing MIDI System Exc... DOWNLOAD
bb232sda12datal(sfnet) B&B 232SDA12 Data Logger Data logger software to interface with the B&am... DOWNLOAD
madapplauncher(sfnet) MadAppLauncher A simple application launcher. Group applicatio... DOWNLOAD
g1bc(sfnet) Gooper1 Building Creator NOTE: G1BC IS NOT READY FOR DOWNLOAD YET. G1... DOWNLOAD
qmidictl(sfnet) QmidiCtl QmidiCtl is a MIDI remote controller applicatio... DOWNLOAD
py3dn(sfnet) Py3DN Py3DN, is an open-source solution providing inn... DOWNLOAD
againyuimidi(sfnet) Again - Yui MIDI DKFJIEJLDKJIFE DOWNLOAD
swdmr(sfnet) swDMR DOWNLOAD

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