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phcomp(sfnet) Ph_comp Using a simple htaccess security system, enable... DOWNLOAD
coceso(sfnet) CoCeSo CoCeSo is a web application depending on a data... DOWNLOAD
fragmentlinks(sfnet) Web Annotation with Fragment Ids This Projects aims to create a server-client ar... DOWNLOAD
pacmantree(sfnet) PacmanTree Program to help using Arch Linux Pacman package... DOWNLOAD
areas(sfnet) Areas DOWNLOAD
spearcross(sfnet) Spear Spear is a extension of Pike language . Spear a... DOWNLOAD
exip(sfnet) EXIP The main objective of the EXIP project is to pr... DOWNLOAD
classgen(sfnet) classgen classgen is a Java class generator. It produces... DOWNLOAD
crowd3(sfnet) Crowd3 Crowd3 creates images of crowd scenes (a kind ... DOWNLOAD
mbsplot(sfnet) MBSPlot DOWNLOAD
miniproics(sfnet) Sony ICS Sony official ICS DOWNLOAD
formaid(sfnet) FoRMAiD FoRMAiD is an object oriented (OO) web developm... DOWNLOAD
oxymousprime(sfnet) Oxymous Prime This game is a hybrid between a shot'em up and... DOWNLOAD
jikesrvm(sfnet) Jikes RVM Jikes RVM (Research Virtual Machine) provides a... DOWNLOAD
planningabsence(sfnet) PlanningAbsences Planning de Gestion des Absences et Conges, pou... DOWNLOAD
dynamichtml5for(sfnet) Dynamic HTML5 form DOWNLOAD
vpn3in1(sfnet) VPN3in1 DOWNLOAD
vqmmath(sfnet) Vector,quaternion,matrix math library Over 75 C++ function for working with vectors, ... DOWNLOAD
grothefileshare(sfnet) Thomas Grothe PHP File Sharing System No description DOWNLOAD
jam-daq(sfnet) Jam--Nuclear Physics Data Acquisition Jam is an easy-to-use self-contained data acqui... DOWNLOAD
xye(sfnet) Xye Xye is an abstract puzzle game in which you dir... DOWNLOAD
sslh(freshmeat) sslh sslh accepts connections in HTTP, HTTPS, SSH, O... DOWNLOAD
secs(sfnet) secs This project aims to provide various open sourc... DOWNLOAD
cpdfwriterig(sfnet) cPdfWriter_ig Image_Graph driver for PDF export without using... DOWNLOAD
eastlab1(sfnet) EASTLAB Video Player Plays YouTube videos after a minor alteration o... DOWNLOAD
pgportal(sfnet) P-GRADE Grid Portal P-GRADE Grid Portal is a web based environment ... DOWNLOAD
noodlejump(sfnet) Noodle Jump Noodle Jump is a customizable multi platform ca... DOWNLOAD
licht2(sfnet) 2licht Irrlicht Engine Wrapper 2licht's aim is to provide a collection of wrap... DOWNLOAD
cashbox455(sfnet) cashbox455 cashbox455 was created to make managing cash ea... DOWNLOAD
hierdgsim(sfnet) Hierarchical Desktop Grid Simulator The software is related to the PhD thesis of Zo... DOWNLOAD
autocnki(sfnet) autocnki autocnki is a tool to automatically download cn... DOWNLOAD
simplexor(sfnet) Simple XOR A simple XOR Encrypter and Decrypter. Written i... DOWNLOAD
alreo(sfnet) Alreo web framework DOWNLOAD
doff(sfnet) Display Power Off Utility Display power off utility. Allows to power off ... DOWNLOAD
lumenliquid(sfnet) LumenLiquid LumenLiquid is a game engine which offers high ... DOWNLOAD
sutekh(sfnet) Sutekh A python library for searching and managing a c... DOWNLOAD
ddmore(sfnet) DDMoRe DDMoReサブパッケージの親プロジェクト。 DDMoReの... DOWNLOAD
q-2(sfnet) Q2 - Wolfram Alpha for J2ME Wolfram Alpha implementation for J2ME mobile de... DOWNLOAD
wind1051(sfnet) wind1051 this is an site DOWNLOAD
comgamesforvb(sfnet) COMGamesForVB A end-user client UI front-end, and server-back... DOWNLOAD
vif(sfnet) VIF The aim of the project VIF is to create a next ... DOWNLOAD
libunicows(sfnet) libunicows libunicows makes writing Unicode-enabled applic... DOWNLOAD
graphdb(sfnet) Graph Database This is an academic project to build a graph da... DOWNLOAD
latexplanidi(sfnet) Latex Documentclass Plan Nacional I+D+i El objetivo de este proyecto es adecuar la plan... DOWNLOAD
youngbinstf2map(sfnet) Youngbins_TF2Maps YoungBin's TF2 Maps file host page DOWNLOAD
dbfpy(sfnet) dbfpy Python module for reading and writing DBF files... DOWNLOAD
chinaschool(sfnet) school Chinese College Yellow Pages DOWNLOAD
ajive(sfnet) AJIVE Ajax technology is play some big roll in the we... DOWNLOAD
unitydark(sfnet) Unity Dark My all new Unity Dark Re-Spin 12.04.I have spen... DOWNLOAD
jednajestprawda(sfnet) JednaJestPrawda-Katolicka DOWNLOAD
zzj(sfnet) blog blog DOWNLOAD
puttymanager(sfnet) PuTTY Manager Tabbed PuTTY Interface! Features: A tabbed in... DOWNLOAD
atari800(sfnet) Atari800 Emulator of Atari 800/800XL/130XE/5200 with var... DOWNLOAD
stats-in-th-joomla-module(freshmeat) Stats In Th Joomla module Stats In Th is a Joomla! module which displays... DOWNLOAD
cong2sophonegap(sfnet) Cong2SoPhoneGap DOWNLOAD
adcd(freshmeat) Adcd Adcd is a text mode CD player for GNU/Linux. It... DOWNLOAD
microterm(sfnet) microterm wxWidgets / gtk visual serial port terminal. Al... DOWNLOAD
scplayer(sfnet) ScPlayer ScPlayer is network oriented audio player which... DOWNLOAD
ecm-planet(sfnet) ECM This software implements Ellipsoidal Cube Maps ... DOWNLOAD
tableaupublish(sfnet) TableauPublisher Prevent report chaos on Tableau Server! Python... DOWNLOAD
hybridcombatins(sfnet) Hybrid Combat installer DOWNLOAD
stellissimotext(sfnet) Stellissimo Text Box for Wordpress This plugin adds a box that contains any inform... DOWNLOAD
gnu-gengetopt(freshmeat) GNU gengetopt GNU gengetopt takes a simple description of ar... DOWNLOAD
zpub(freshmeat) zpub zpub is a server to collaboratively work on Doc... DOWNLOAD
qinterference(sfnet) QInterference QInterference can visualize batch of double sli... DOWNLOAD
monprojetbidon(sfnet) MonProjetBidon C'est un test pour voir comment on crée un proj... DOWNLOAD
libb(sfnet) The B library A cross-platform C++ library of container and u... DOWNLOAD
surfnanodots(sfnet) SURF-nanodots This was my first big programming project. I'd ... DOWNLOAD
lsdmap(sfnet) LSDMap LSDMap is a set of Fortran90 codes parallelised... DOWNLOAD
twogo4x(sfnet) 2go4x By downloading 2go4x.jar and using it on your p... DOWNLOAD
trollproject2(sfnet) Troll Project 2 A tricky application. DOWNLOAD
trollproject3(sfnet) Troll Project 3 A tricky application. DOWNLOAD
galculator(sfnet) galculator galculator is a GTK 2 / GTK 3 based scientific ... DOWNLOAD
uwcampusnav(sfnet) UW Campus Navigator The UW Campus Navigator provides new students w... DOWNLOAD
relations-rcp(sfnet) Relations RCP Relations RCP is a personal wiki style applicat... DOWNLOAD
vrrpd(sfnet) VRRP -Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol VRRPd is an implementation of Virtual Router Re... DOWNLOAD
ps-color-picker(sfnet) Paintshop-like Color Picker Color Picker with HSV, RGB and Alpha DOWNLOAD
gnuaccounting(sfnet) GnuAccounting An open-source java accounting application that... DOWNLOAD
minecraftmodman(sfnet) MinecraftModManager When completed it should allow simultaneous lau... DOWNLOAD
whf(sfnet) WHF WHF: Windows Hook Framework is a project create... DOWNLOAD
pss-pv-assesm(sfnet) Producer Value Assessment for PSS DOWNLOAD
trollproject(sfnet) Troll Project 1 A tricky application. DOWNLOAD
activityplanner(sfnet) ActivityPlanner wewfjkopew DOWNLOAD
net-simulator(sfnet) NET-Simulator NET-Simulator was created to help lecturers and... DOWNLOAD
phpphonebook(sfnet) Simple Phonebook DOWNLOAD
lib-data-io(sfnet) lib_data_io lib_data_io is a set of PHP libraries designed ... DOWNLOAD
hte(freshmeat) The HT Editor HT is a file editor/viewer/analyzer for executa... DOWNLOAD
rikulo-gap(freshmeat) Rikulo Gap Rikulo Gap is a bridge implementation of the Ap... DOWNLOAD
belovak(sfnet) Annuaire Annuaire is a list manager freeware (GPL) for W... DOWNLOAD
eclim(freshmeat) eclim eclim is a set of Eclipse and Vim plugins to in... DOWNLOAD
uarnwded213178(sfnet) GDMOINVEXP DOWNLOAD
easypromptc(sfnet) epc epc - Easy Prompt Changer. A simple, maybe unne... DOWNLOAD
forte-the-game(sfnet) Forte Build walls to stop attacking enemies. Gain res... DOWNLOAD
bridgelinux(sfnet) Bridge Linux Bridge Linux is an Arch derivative that include... DOWNLOAD
debi(sfnet) debi GNU/linux debi GNU/linux is a Lightweight debian based di... DOWNLOAD
acpuproject(sfnet) ACPUProject In this project I'll try to reinvent the wheel ... DOWNLOAD
perftence(sfnet) Perftence Performance test engine written in Java and exp... DOWNLOAD
cgformfive(sfnet) cg-formfive Written in PHP and HTML with some moz-kit exten... DOWNLOAD
ps-killer(sfnet) pskiller pskiller - console task manager for windows. DOWNLOAD

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