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codelibrary(sfnet) code library Code library is written in visual basic. This a... DOWNLOAD
appldr(sfnet) AppLoader AppLoader is a small shell for Windows, that ca... DOWNLOAD
lecmanageplugin(sfnet) lecmanage_plugin No description DOWNLOAD
zfind(sfnet) zfind Many times, developers (or even, normal users) ... DOWNLOAD
omff8859(sfnet) omff8859 omff8859 is an OmniMark library for conversion ... DOWNLOAD
pubit(sfnet) Pub It generate images automatically with the given te... DOWNLOAD
b2g(sfnet) B2G DOWNLOAD
mactrack(sfnet) MacTrack DOWNLOAD
airvoluti0n(sfnet) Airvolution DOWNLOAD
acrotsr(freshmeat) acrotsr acrotsr is an IRC game in which players are giv... DOWNLOAD
stdlibjs(sfnet) stdlib.js DOWNLOAD
rpc2phone(sfnet) RPC2Phone Rista PC to Phone ,With SMS and to do phone ca... DOWNLOAD
authforce(freshmeat) authforce Authforce is an HTTP authentication brute force... DOWNLOAD
musicextras(freshmeat) Musicextras Musicextras is a program for automatically retr... DOWNLOAD
mapito(freshmeat) Mapito Mapito is a platform for editing and sharing sp... DOWNLOAD
variablethickne(sfnet) VariableThicknessLines DOWNLOAD
rista22(sfnet) Rista22 Rista Web Browser 2.2 addition control vb6 DOWNLOAD
wwine(freshmeat) wwine wwine is a simple Wine wrapper. It supports sev... DOWNLOAD
enc2ly(freshmeat) Enc2ly Enc2ly is a small tool for dumping musical info... DOWNLOAD
hs-virtualdisk(sfnet) Virtual Disk DOWNLOAD
router-bits(sfnet) ASTECH Router Bits DOWNLOAD
snake-hbios(sfnet) Snake This one-player Snake game is written in c++ us... DOWNLOAD
gunpoint(sfnet) Colony 12 In 2235, human civilization is collapsing under... DOWNLOAD
gratex(sfnet) GraTeX Java application for creating graphs, with a si... DOWNLOAD
d2att(sfnet) d2att DOWNLOAD
ztky02(sfnet) ztky02 This project DOES incorporate, access, call upo... DOWNLOAD
umacsofypp(sfnet) Intelligent Shopping Assistant DOWNLOAD
stlport(sfnet) STLport Multiplatform C++ Standard Library (STL impleme... DOWNLOAD
ossgathering(sfnet) ossGathering ossGathering collects information of the open s... DOWNLOAD
blinkensisters(sfnet) BlinkenSisters Jump'n'Run "Blinkensisters - Hunt for The Lost Pixels... DOWNLOAD
cmdtools(sfnet) Command Tools suite of command line tools.. useful for those ... DOWNLOAD
qemplayer(sfnet) qemplayer file-manager-like GUI front-end to MPlayer DOWNLOAD
spidernweb(sfnet) spidernweb DOWNLOAD
oradataaccess(sfnet) OraDataAccess Library of access data ORACLE DOWNLOAD
asmhand(sfnet) Ahorcado en Ensamblador(6809) DOWNLOAD
wincacheiisexp(sfnet) Web PI WinCache product for IISExpress The Windows Cache Extension for PHP is a PHP ac... DOWNLOAD
zhengsanjiang(sfnet) zhengsanjiang DOWNLOAD
drawingtest(sfnet) DrawingTest DOWNLOAD
geotypes(freshmeat) GeoTypes GeoTypes is a Python library that implements bo... DOWNLOAD
enrollix(freshmeat) Enrollix Enrollix manages enrollment of people to associ... DOWNLOAD
j-software-lbc(sfnet) Justins Software Letter to Binary DOWNLOAD
rfcrandplus(sfnet) Rhye's and Fall RAND Plus This is a modmod of the Civilization 4 mod Rhye... DOWNLOAD
j-software-blc(sfnet) Justin Software Binary to Letter DOWNLOAD
figdice(sfnet) FigDice FigDice is a template rendering system, primari... DOWNLOAD
phn2lab(sfnet) PHN/LAB file format converter Research in speech processing requires labeling... DOWNLOAD
j-software-bank(sfnet) Justin Software Bank DOWNLOAD
j-software-ju(sfnet) Justins Software Joomla Upgrader DOWNLOAD
runex(sfnet) RuneX Альфа версия программы для подсчета опыта/боев ... DOWNLOAD
htcs(sfnet) htc wildfife s source code DOWNLOAD
sortingalgos(sfnet) Sorting Algorithms Selection Sort, Quick Sort, Merge Sort, etc Dat... DOWNLOAD
legisbrasil(sfnet) Legislação Brasileira Atualizada App android que permite ter em seu smartphone o... DOWNLOAD
nddomino(sfnet) Dominoes on Acid Superficially, Dominoes on Acid is a solitaire ... DOWNLOAD
ocrodjvu(freshmeat) ocrodjvu ocrodjvu is a wrapper for OCR systems that allo... DOWNLOAD
jmodelica-temp(sfnet) Template Code Set for JModelica This is a template Python code set which makes ... DOWNLOAD
phptsmadmin(sfnet) phpTSMadmin phpTSMadmin will provide an alternative web int... DOWNLOAD
nautilusgeotiff(sfnet) nautilus-geotiff nautilus-geotiff is a extension that allow naut... DOWNLOAD
dvapfm(sfnet) DvapFM Implements an analog FM transceiver using the D... DOWNLOAD
mediadata(sfnet) MediaData A suite of python packages to display/record me... DOWNLOAD
gclick(sfnet) gclick DOWNLOAD
masshtmlmailer(sfnet) Bulk Newsletter Mailer (BNM) Bulk Newsletter Platform(BNM) provides the comp... DOWNLOAD
biomultilanguag(sfnet) biogenenesis_multilanguage I changed the menu to be similar to the windows... DOWNLOAD
windows7neuinst(sfnet) Windows Neuinstall Software Hier bekommt ihr so ziemlich alles was Ihr nach... DOWNLOAD
jftorrent(sfnet) jftorrent Java based Torrent client, tracker and maker al... DOWNLOAD
ragelostwrld(sfnet) RaGe Lost Wrld BETA Xbox (360) Windows : 64x and 34x; Rage Los... DOWNLOAD
predef(sfnet) Pre-defined Compiler Macros Overview of pre-defined compiler macros for sta... DOWNLOAD
efreet(sfnet) Efreet Efreet is a java package that implements DAO (d... DOWNLOAD
w9wm(sfnet) w9wm w9wm is a project which aim is to add some feat... DOWNLOAD
toucheshield(sfnet) Touche Shield This is a shield made for the Touché Arduino pr... DOWNLOAD
j2mod(sfnet) j2mod This is a fork of the jamod Modbus library, tak... DOWNLOAD
dbcopyplugin(sfnet) SQuirreL DB Copy Plugin DB Copy Plugin is a plugin for the SQuirreL SQL... DOWNLOAD
madeleine(sfnet) Madeleine - Ruby Object Prevalence We've moved! DOWNLOAD
ipdc(freshmeat) iPDC iPDC is a Phasor Data Concentrator that collect... DOWNLOAD
winfc(sfnet) Win File Checker This is to search for missing Windows XP SP3 sy... DOWNLOAD
biomasfor(sfnet) biomasfor A GIS GRASS extension to assess the exploitabil... DOWNLOAD
aequalis(sfnet) Aequalis Aequalis is a converter of old measures. This a... DOWNLOAD
denunce(sfnet) denunceinrete Pdf denunce dei cittadini DOWNLOAD
accountfor(sfnet) AccountFor Originally written to play with CoreData, this ... DOWNLOAD
tmtmiuibeta4(sfnet) TMT_MIUI_beta4 DOWNLOAD
clp(sfnet) C++ Console Tool Set Lightweight C++ set of utility classes includin... DOWNLOAD
redis-live(freshmeat) RedisLive RedisLive is a dashboard that allows you to vis... DOWNLOAD
watintestrecord(sfnet) Test Recorder Application to record tests for Celerity, SODA,... DOWNLOAD
xinco(sfnet) xinco - Document Management System, DMS xinco INformation COre is a powerful Web-Servic... DOWNLOAD
imageinfo(sfnet) Imageinfo Imageinfo is a command line tool which recogniz... DOWNLOAD
awake-sql(freshmeat) Awake SQL Awake SQL is a virtual JDBC Driver and a framew... DOWNLOAD
gforge(freshmeat) GForge GForge is a Web-based collaborative development... DOWNLOAD
hpc-portal(sfnet) Cloud WebCenter Platform Cloud WebCenter Platform is the upgrade edition... DOWNLOAD
thunderget(sfnet) Thunderget A Download Manager DOWNLOAD
text-protector(sfnet) Text Protector A simple password protection program for your t... DOWNLOAD
realmlistwow(sfnet) Change Realmlist WOW DOWNLOAD
md3exporter(sfnet) MD3 Exporter for Blender 3d DOWNLOAD
closethedoor-cz(sfnet) CloseTheDoor-cesky Čeština pro CloseTheDoor. CloseTheDoor je další... DOWNLOAD
netxserv(sfnet) netxserv Netxserv est une solution de télécommunications... DOWNLOAD
tiffsplitdemo(sfnet) tiff_split_demo a demo program for extracing page from a multif... DOWNLOAD
openanalyser(sfnet) OpenAnalyser OpenAnalyser is a Java program for scientific d... DOWNLOAD
dash-reports(freshmeat) Dash Reports Dash Reports is a versatile and lightweight rep... DOWNLOAD
abc-path-generator(freshmeat) ABC Path Generator ABC Path Generator is a program and a Perl libr... DOWNLOAD
latestxfcepuppy(sfnet) Latest XFCE 4.10 Puppy Linux This is a derivative of Slacko, Puppy Linux, wi... DOWNLOAD
smulsa2001(sfnet) Smulsa 2001 Smulsa 2001 is a multilanguage two-way translat... DOWNLOAD
config-model(sfnet) Create config data GUI with validation Config::Model enables a project developer to pr... DOWNLOAD
quadprox-mobile(freshmeat) quadprox-mobile quadprox-mobile is a simple Android Client for ... DOWNLOAD

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