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pontos(sfnet) Pontos Pontos is an easy-to-use, graphical Java progra... DOWNLOAD
securepastebin(sfnet) securepastebin This project is a pastebin where pastes are enc... DOWNLOAD
roadtoruin(sfnet) roadtoruin DOWNLOAD
dnscacheaudit(sfnet) dnscacheaudit dnscacheaudit is a simple perl utility to audit... DOWNLOAD
tcfp(sfnet) TCFP Tiny Config File Parser library Small, fast and simple config file parser libra... DOWNLOAD
g77forwindows(sfnet) g77 download for windows here is the g77 installer for windows you must... DOWNLOAD
ingeniousmvc(sfnet) Ingenious MVC An MVC framework for .NET 2.0 applications. Inc... DOWNLOAD
nixurl(sfnet) NixURL Desktop client for url shorten services like go... DOWNLOAD
pyve(sfnet) PyVE PyVE is image analysis and Visualization Enviro... DOWNLOAD
netzbrowser(sfnet) NetZ Browser What's new and Fixed....v1.02 _________________... DOWNLOAD
wsnlocalisation(sfnet) WSN Localisation This project presents an extension to ns-2, whi... DOWNLOAD
banasor(sfnet) banasor a community tool to review places DOWNLOAD
rookieshop(sfnet) rookie_shop DOWNLOAD
games123(sfnet) games DOWNLOAD
snakes(sfnet) Snakes DOWNLOAD
gnomindos(sfnet) GnoMindOS GnoMindOS è un sistema operativo derivante da l... DOWNLOAD
njudvc(sfnet) DVC A project for my thesis at Nanjing University d... DOWNLOAD
phpwitkeysystem(sfnet) php-witkey system DOWNLOAD
listnet(sfnet) ListNet An implementation of ListNet in C++. A listwise... DOWNLOAD
mytrac(sfnet) mytrac mytrac is an issue tracking system which can be... DOWNLOAD
faar(sfnet) 360-FAAR Firewall Analysis Audit Repair NEW: 360-FAAR Enhanced - Commercial Release! NE... DOWNLOAD
jjm(sfnet) Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Master Controller THIS IS REUPLOAD. IT STILL WORK BUT THE PROJECT... DOWNLOAD
xbmcobd2(sfnet) XBMC-OBD2 This is a plugin for XBMC that reads OBD2 data ... DOWNLOAD
lihuenwifipy(sfnet) lihuen-wifi-python Wifi tool developed in python. DOWNLOAD
epanet2forperl(sfnet) EPANET2 for LINUX and PERL DOWNLOAD
helplearning(sfnet) helplearning DOWNLOAD
liguangze(sfnet) 12345 DOWNLOAD
taita(sfnet) Taita Integrated Development Server This project aims to make it easy to install an... DOWNLOAD
librelp(freshmeat) librelp librelp is a core protocol library for RELP, th... DOWNLOAD
efmanagement(sfnet) EFManagement Extensible repository and context-per-request i... DOWNLOAD
bhutest2(sfnet) bhuTest2 DOWNLOAD
testmeo(sfnet) TestMeO vefve DOWNLOAD
smsclictr(sfnet) SCCM Client Center The tool is designed for IT Professionals to tr... DOWNLOAD
etomite(sfnet) Etomite Content Management System Etomite is a dynamic web Content Management Sys... DOWNLOAD
personalserver(sfnet) Personal Server android simple http server for sharing file ove... DOWNLOAD
mctimme(sfnet) MCTIMME MCTIMME is a nonparametric Bayesian computation... DOWNLOAD
pimpa(sfnet) Pimp Pimp (Pimp is a manager for passwords) Pimp is... DOWNLOAD
hpcsjm(sfnet) hpc-sjm SJM is a tool for managing jobs running on a co... DOWNLOAD
randirplay(sfnet) Randirplay Generates a playlist of files in directories in... DOWNLOAD
industria(freshmeat) Industria Industria is a collection of portable R6RS Sche... DOWNLOAD
pycant(freshmeat) PyCant PyCant helps Python developers manipulate test ... DOWNLOAD
webpas(sfnet) WebPAS WebPAS is a Web based peer assessment tool that... DOWNLOAD
turboshredder(sfnet) Turbo Shredder Do you want to delete some top secret files? DO... DOWNLOAD
cupolator(sfnet) cupolator Command line application that enables you to cr... DOWNLOAD
dv-engine(sfnet) DuoViginti-Engine DOWNLOAD
white-elephant(freshmeat) White Elephant White Elephant was created due to lack of line ... DOWNLOAD
hmanipulator(sfnet) Spherical Harmonics Manipulator This software computes synthesis of spherical h... DOWNLOAD
vknakrutka(sfnet) VKnakrutka.exe VKnakrutka DOWNLOAD
ohrrpgce(freshmeat) O.H.R.RPG.C.E The OHRRPGCE (RPG Construction Engine) is a too... DOWNLOAD
xcalcfacub(sfnet) Xcalc - FacuBlogger DOWNLOAD
aerie(sfnet) Aerie Theme for Moodle 2 Aerie is a fluid-width, three-column theme for ... DOWNLOAD
axria(sfnet) Project AXRIA AXRIA is a series of Video games independently ... DOWNLOAD
mackypetshop(sfnet) macky petshop DOWNLOAD
xmld.berlios(sfnet) OpenDaemon OpenDaemon is a generic server platform, that a... DOWNLOAD
yidie(sfnet) yidiexiaocai DOWNLOAD
cnacl(sfnet) cnacl ceshi DOWNLOAD
camero(sfnet) Camero businees DOWNLOAD
supermegasena(sfnet) SuperMegaSena O SuperMegaSena reúne os resultados obtidos nos... DOWNLOAD
upload4tinymce(sfnet) tinyMCE upload plugin A friendly, easy-to-use file upload plugin for ... DOWNLOAD
hbled(sfnet) HBLedDisplay HB LED Diplay is a tool for PIC programming DOWNLOAD
burncdda(sfnet) burnCDDA burnCDDA is a console frontend to cdrdao, cdrec... DOWNLOAD
wormsw(sfnet) Worms of Wormcraft DOWNLOAD
n2ktech(sfnet) n2ktech DOWNLOAD
get-ckeditor(sfnet) Google Event Tracker - CKEditor Plugin This is a plugin for the CKEditor. It is to as... DOWNLOAD
iolscripter(sfnet) IOL Scripter is a web portal where a user... DOWNLOAD
patchwamp(sfnet) patch wamp DOWNLOAD
favsplanet(sfnet) FAVS FAVS allows teachers display content from their... DOWNLOAD
javafsm(sfnet) Java FiniteStateMachine Implementation of a few Finite Automata in Java... DOWNLOAD
imagecombo(sfnet) ImageCombo The ImageCombo class represents a selectable us... DOWNLOAD
xiaobaiass(sfnet) xiaobaiass DOWNLOAD
unamegui(sfnet) UNAME-GUI A Simple GUI developed for finding the Linux Ke... DOWNLOAD
tblcsharp(sfnet) TBL-C# DOWNLOAD
socketsimple(sfnet) socket_simple DOWNLOAD
fusexfs(sfnet) fuse-xfs Fuse-xfs is a MacFuse (OSXFUSE) driver for XFS ... DOWNLOAD
stlarchfont(sfnet) stlarch_font Font with "icons" for status bars, et... DOWNLOAD
pydpf(sfnet) PyDPF PyDPF - A Digital Picture Frame Application to ... DOWNLOAD
jeudezombies(sfnet) Jeu de Zombies Un jeu de tir à la 3ème personne où le joueur d... DOWNLOAD
vbprogs.berlios(sfnet) VB_programs This are some programs (and snippets) I found d... DOWNLOAD
sysinit(sfnet) sysinit "sysinit" is a system initialization ... DOWNLOAD
xenomaikernel(sfnet) Xenomai Kernel Images This is a sister-project of [1] where I maintai... DOWNLOAD
ommultimeter(sfnet) OM Multimeter OM Open-source multimeter is a hobby project of... DOWNLOAD
svcdisclsr(sfnet) Service Disclosure tool Almost all Windows services run inside svchost.... DOWNLOAD
qt(freshmeat) Qt Qt is a comprehensive, object-oriented developm... DOWNLOAD
glenlau(sfnet) blog-glenlau URL: IP:216.34.... DOWNLOAD
phorkie(freshmeat) phorkie phorkie is a self-hosted pastebin system. Paste... DOWNLOAD
gacexplorer(sfnet) GAC Explorer This application can be used by DotNet Develope... DOWNLOAD
way2smsmessages(sfnet) way2sms message sender This script helps you to send sms via this scri... DOWNLOAD
endoshield(sfnet) EndoShield This is an easily configurable firewall which r... DOWNLOAD
tarifadorcentra(sfnet) Tarifador Centralizado Tarifador centralizado, para uso em qualquer ce... DOWNLOAD
candylin(sfnet) candylin 111111 DOWNLOAD
oge2d(sfnet) oge2d Open Game Engine 2D is a full features and cros... DOWNLOAD
bayesiancortex(sfnet) BayesianCortex A paint program where the canvas is the visual ... DOWNLOAD
ckdialoguehelp(sfnet) CKDialogueHelp Skyrim CK Dialogue Help posted here as requeste... DOWNLOAD
platec(sfnet) PlaTec PlaTec is a 2D terrain generator that uses a si... DOWNLOAD
universalindent(sfnet) UniversalIndentGUI A cross platform GUI for several code formatter... DOWNLOAD
proxyswap(sfnet) ProxySwap ProxySwap is a small Windows application, writt... DOWNLOAD
bitbang(sfnet) BitBang BitBang is an agent-based simulation framework,... DOWNLOAD
robot-park-tang(sfnet) robot-park tangible programming Robot-Park is a Tangible Programming language f... DOWNLOAD
rlboleto(sfnet) RLBoleto O componente RLBoleto é um projeto Open Source ... DOWNLOAD
mbscware-imgres(sfnet) mbscWare Image Resizer It happens quite often that pictures are too bi... DOWNLOAD

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