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vod(sfnet) vod Welcome to User Experience! DOWNLOAD
yafs(sfnet) yafs Yet Another File Synchronizer: Java library to ... DOWNLOAD
snytkine(sfnet) snytkine Open Source StackOverflow and Quora crossover. ... DOWNLOAD
nativus(sfnet) nativus this this lvlalal sdasldasldl a DOWNLOAD
campari(sfnet) CAMPARI We are proud to introduce version 2 of CAMPARI.... DOWNLOAD
openudk(sfnet) openudk A set of tools for aiding in development with U... DOWNLOAD
rsbuddyl3git(sfnet) RSBuddy This project is going to contains a whole bunch... DOWNLOAD
deltproject(sfnet) Delta Project DOWNLOAD
phinder(sfnet) Phinder ウェブベースの、単一ファイル、クロスブラウザ、A... DOWNLOAD
webbuilding(sfnet) WebBuilding DOWNLOAD
cmsrevelation(sfnet) Revelation DOWNLOAD
narutevent(sfnet) NarutEvent Site RPG fait en Phpbb permettant d'incarner un... DOWNLOAD
c59rpn(sfnet) c59rpn A simple, strongly typed Reverse Polish Notatio... DOWNLOAD
atlescripts(sfnet) Atle's math-script collection A collection of many different perl-scripts doi... DOWNLOAD
k9copy(sfnet) K9copy K9copy is a KDE DVD Backup tool. It allows the ... DOWNLOAD
fvisualizer(sfnet) fvisualizer One and two variables functions visualization a... DOWNLOAD
podbat(sfnet) podbat A tool to visualize, analyze and store genomic ... DOWNLOAD
mixedemu(sfnet) mixedemu Émulateur Dofus tiré de Vemu par Nathanael et M... DOWNLOAD
thepiratequest(sfnet) The Pirate Quest Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime. With ... DOWNLOAD
minichatclient(sfnet) Client for's phpbb chat The's minichat is a addon for php... DOWNLOAD
invicta(sfnet) Invicta Invicta is a build management tool. Using simpl... DOWNLOAD
clinkc(sfnet) CyberLink for C CyberLink for C is a UPnP library using C for s... DOWNLOAD
jqtree(sfnet) jqtree jqtree is an Open source API to display local f... DOWNLOAD
thumbnailator(freshmeat) Thumbnailator Thumbnailator is a thumbnail generation library... DOWNLOAD
vdimountingtool(sfnet) vdimountingtool VDI Mounting Tool is a graphical front-end for ... DOWNLOAD
mwvdesktop(sfnet) mwvdesktop This project is a virtual desktop. This allows ... DOWNLOAD
visualfigaro(sfnet) Visual Figaro Environment to develop component libraries for ... DOWNLOAD
tentakel(sfnet) tentakel Tentakel is a program for executing the same co... DOWNLOAD
motionblur(sfnet) Motion Blur Motion Blur is a free, professional program to ... DOWNLOAD
skypesedator(sfnet) SkypeSedator SkypeSedator automatically closes the Skype Hom... DOWNLOAD
mymusicmaker2(sfnet) My Music Maker 2 Ein einfaches und kostenloses Programm um Musik... DOWNLOAD
bookmarker(sfnet) bookmarker Centralized online personal-bookmark-management... DOWNLOAD
aons(sfnet) AONS AONS (Automated Obsolescence Notification Syste... DOWNLOAD
tianjian(sfnet) tianjian 安卓机器人网,android软件,android主题,android游... DOWNLOAD
camtasiastudio7(sfnet) Camtasia Studio 7 • NOUVEAU ! Gérez la bande sonore de votre vidé... DOWNLOAD
kanevaemote(sfnet) kaneva emote new emote DOWNLOAD
sztjc(sfnet) sztjc the work of group c DOWNLOAD
jsdosbox(sfnet) JsDOSBox JsDOSBox is a JavaScript port of jDosbox (https... DOWNLOAD
cmsdetector(freshmeat) CMS Detector CMS Detector is a PHP class that can detect the... DOWNLOAD
shadow-tool-suite(freshmeat) Shadow Tool Suite Shadow Tool Suite is a password and account man... DOWNLOAD
wallshuffle(freshmeat) WallShuffle WallShuffle allows you to regularly change your... DOWNLOAD
scsitest(freshmeat) SCSITest SCSITest is a set of C++ classes that layer on ... DOWNLOAD
zixfs(freshmeat) ZixFS ZixFS is a simple embedded file storage based o... DOWNLOAD
mpc-2(freshmeat) MPC MPC is a C library for the arithmetic of comple... DOWNLOAD
libpipeline(freshmeat) libpipeline libpipeline is a C library for manipulating pip... DOWNLOAD
sequreisp(freshmeat) sequreisp Sequreisp is an ISP management software. It has... DOWNLOAD
bookmarkeditor(sfnet) BE - XBEL Bookmark Editor BE is a Bookmark Editor for URL's that uses the... DOWNLOAD
tdcb(sfnet) tdcb This project implements a broadcast routing pro... DOWNLOAD
persfish(sfnet) persfish hi. this is persian fish project! DOWNLOAD
mynmt(sfnet) mynmt This project has available IPKG for NMT DOWNLOAD
udkeclipse(sfnet) UDKEclipse UDKEclipse is an Eclipse plugin that enables U... DOWNLOAD
hadooptimizer(sfnet) HadoOptimizer Java framework to easily implement optimization... DOWNLOAD
fluidpc(sfnet) FluidPC DOWNLOAD
robotstream(sfnet) ROBOTSTREAM Full Radio automatisation Software DOWNLOAD
calculadojunior(sfnet) calculadojunior Calculadora Completa para Linux DOWNLOAD
cavalry(sfnet) cavalry A All In One System Independent Web Based Admin...
rast(sfnet) Routed Application Structure Template RAST is a default folder structure template for... DOWNLOAD
silencevst(sfnet) SilenceVST SilenceVST is an extensible, open-source langua... DOWNLOAD
buggbear(sfnet) Bugg-Bear This Web-based Error-reporting Database Requier... DOWNLOAD
wikicms(sfnet) WikiCMS - Content Management System WikiCMS is a simple PHP and MySQL based content... DOWNLOAD
tivoforphp(sfnet) TiVo Access for PHP Written as a shell app, you can check the Now P... DOWNLOAD
givemeatools(sfnet) givemeatools A collection of my IT tools DOWNLOAD
worldofloerden(sfnet) worldofloerden World of Loerden ist ein MMORPG, Freeware. In W... DOWNLOAD
sloxed(sfnet) Schema-locked XML editor An editor with a GUI generated from the schema ... DOWNLOAD
ultimatebot(sfnet) UltimateAutoTyper This software is developed in C# using Visual S... DOWNLOAD
visualimagens(sfnet) visualimagens Visualizador de Imagens para Linux DOWNLOAD
wikipedianalyse(sfnet) WikipediAnalyserPT WikipediAnalyzerPT é um software voltado para e... DOWNLOAD
shell-tools(freshmeat) Shell Tools Shell Tools is a toolbox of shell scripts inten... DOWNLOAD
fit(sfnet) Fit Fit is a framework for writing acceptance tests... DOWNLOAD
reposurgeon(freshmeat) reposurgeon A tool for editing version-control repository h... DOWNLOAD
labanalisi(sfnet) JLab DOWNLOAD
secureboot(sfnet) secureboot This project provides a modification of the Lin... DOWNLOAD
mashx3(sfnet) mashx3 Midtown Mashup is a very big game modification ... DOWNLOAD
vscsc(sfnet) Volume Shadow Copy Simple Client A modified version of the vshadow.exe program o... DOWNLOAD
phpqrclass(sfnet) PHP QR Code Class A self-contained native-PHP class for producing... DOWNLOAD
directx9tutoria(sfnet) DirectX9 Tutorials An approach to learn DirectX9 programming in de... DOWNLOAD
ptinytimber(sfnet) ptinytimber Portable TinyTimber is a modularized fork of th... DOWNLOAD
tcp2serialserv(sfnet) tcp2serialserv A server that allows read and write access to s... DOWNLOAD
gpe-thai(sfnet) gpeasy-thai gpEasy ฉบับภาษาไทย DOWNLOAD
viccode(sfnet) VicCode VicCode is a small source code editor designed ... DOWNLOAD
perlmfp(sfnet) perl mfp mfp is a huge library dedicated to Perl program... DOWNLOAD
avrsimpleos(sfnet) SimpleOS AVR atmega micro-controller based educational os. DOWNLOAD
gametes(sfnet) gametes Genetic Architecture Model Emulator for Testing... DOWNLOAD
bookmarkcompare(sfnet) Html Bookmark Compare Lists and compares two html bookmark files (as ... DOWNLOAD
almail(sfnet) ALmail This program sends multipart e-mail messages to... DOWNLOAD
blackdog(sfnet) Blackdog Blackdog is a music player and playlist manager... DOWNLOAD
csvtokicad(sfnet) csvtokicad Convert csv to kicad schematic symbol. DOWNLOAD
gtrip(sfnet) Guitar Trip Guitar Trip este un soft educational pentru stu... DOWNLOAD
ilcym(sfnet) ilcym A software package for developing temperature-b... DOWNLOAD
dnalyzer(sfnet) DNAlyzer DNAlyzer is a program that contains two main fu... DOWNLOAD
vdl120(sfnet) vdl120 Software for the Voltcraft DL-120TH USB climate... DOWNLOAD
lptsbpc(sfnet) lptsbpc A Calculator designed specifically for the Semi... DOWNLOAD
tyrs(freshmeat) Tyrs Tyrs is a Twitter and client based on... DOWNLOAD
powermp3(sfnet) Power MP3 Power MP3 is a java gui(swing) program. Its cor...
association-member-management(freshmeat) Association Member Management Association Member Management (AMM) is a Web ap... DOWNLOAD
azzyzt-jee-tools(freshmeat) Azzyzt JEE Tools Azzyzt JEE Tools is a set of Eclipse plugins fo... DOWNLOAD
openbeacon(freshmeat) OpenBeacon OpenBeacon is a open and generic design for an ... DOWNLOAD
minecrisis(freshmeat) MineCrisis MineCrisis is a 3D action game in which the pla... DOWNLOAD
conv(freshmeat) Conv Conv is a tool for processing files. It's like ... DOWNLOAD
digphp(sfnet) DigPHP - Web Based File Browser DigPHP allows you to view the files and folders... DOWNLOAD

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