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waverider(sfnet) waverider WaveRider- A simple web browser written in Visu... DOWNLOAD
ashutoshutility(sfnet) Ashutosh Utility Ashutosh Utility is the utility program created... DOWNLOAD
alkindus(sfnet) Alkindus Alkindus is an automated solver for short monoa... DOWNLOAD
performous(sfnet) Performous Performous is an open-source rhythm/performance... DOWNLOAD
groonga(freshmeat) Groonga Groonga is a fast and accurate full text search... DOWNLOAD
aviutils(sfnet) AVI Utils AVI File GUI & command line utilities DOWNLOAD
melodytube(sfnet) melodytube MelodyTube is a free application for Windows th... DOWNLOAD
anyanmw(sfnet) anyanmw this is a test Project in and is a perso... DOWNLOAD
kitanibal(sfnet) KitAnibal Utilitats pels productes del Kit Anibal DOWNLOAD
satuxconv(sfnet) satuxconv A simple region patcher (and viewer) for Sega S... DOWNLOAD
wiziq-moodle19(sfnet) WizIQ Virtual Classroom –moodle1.9 The WizIQ Virtual Classroom integrated with Moo... DOWNLOAD
bgator(sfnet) Bulletin Gator A simple Feed Aggregator for Haiku operating sy... DOWNLOAD
mroonga(freshmeat) Mroonga Mroonga is a MySQL storage engine based on Groo... DOWNLOAD
minecraftmodlau(sfnet) minecraftmodlau Simple Launcher allowing the enable/disable of ... DOWNLOAD
moskitogameupa(sfnet) moskitogameupa A game of a moskito in the building of upa DOWNLOAD
icestream(sfnet) icestream Icestream is a free software for audio streami... DOWNLOAD
issuesearch(sfnet) issuesearch Test Issue Tracking System DOWNLOAD
twfortstatcalc(sfnet) The West Fortstat calculator A calculator for the west, which tells you what... DOWNLOAD
lightwolf(sfnet) Lightwolf A Java library that simplifies thread developme... DOWNLOAD
dnnbuilda(sfnet) DNNBuilda This application generates a functional install... DOWNLOAD
simjs-discrete-event-simulatio(freshmeat) SIM.JS SIM.JS is a general-purpose Discrete Event Simu... DOWNLOAD
junitour(sfnet) Junitour Enhancement to ANT / Maven - JUnit Reports: - a... DOWNLOAD
gambolputty(sfnet) GambolPuTTY A completely different PuTTY version nobody exp... DOWNLOAD
kassem(sfnet) kassem Interconnexion de Système Ouvert avec une appli... DOWNLOAD
mns(sfnet) mns Use Lotus Formula Language to script web applic... DOWNLOAD
tamerpfe(sfnet) tamerpfe Implémentation d’un système «open source » comp... DOWNLOAD
webosphotouploa(sfnet) webosphotouploa Try out: webOS photo upload application to a JA... DOWNLOAD
maastermind(sfnet) maastermind A small Mastermind game for Windows created wit... DOWNLOAD
journalsearch(sfnet) journalsearch Journal Search is a Web application aimed at pr... DOWNLOAD
immersive(sfnet) immersive Kinect-Robot control DOWNLOAD
l2jinn-gs(sfnet) l2jinn-gs Game server java files. DOWNLOAD
wantaiminecraft(sfnet) wantai-minecraft DOWNLOAD
accessfrontend(sfnet) Access Frontend Updating Strategy A strategy for an automatically updating, multi... DOWNLOAD
luninux-os(freshmeat) LuninuX OS LuninuX OS a Linux distribution designed to be ... DOWNLOAD
subshub(sfnet) subshub SubsHub is a subtitle Downloader. It can be use... DOWNLOAD
lzmzskj(sfnet) lzmzskj 龙哥游戏联盟龙哥游戏联盟龙哥游戏联盟龙哥游戏联... DOWNLOAD
srvvalidations(sfnet) srvvalidations Server Side Validations in .NET, is a project t... DOWNLOAD
flwm(freshmeat) flwm Flwm is an X window manager designed to be user... DOWNLOAD
strawberry(freshmeat) Strawberry Strawberry is a Web application that allows you... DOWNLOAD
brainconceptor(sfnet) Brainconceptor Création All In One DOWNLOAD
voodoodriver(sfnet) voodoodriver VooDooDriver: This is a java based replaceme... DOWNLOAD
pysimplequiz(freshmeat) pySimpleQuiz pySimpleQuiz lets you define a simple online qu... DOWNLOAD
splitread(sfnet) splitread Detection of structural variants and indels fro... DOWNLOAD
stevents(sfnet) stevents Stimulus Transitions Events, is a project that ... DOWNLOAD
python-gg(sfnet) python-gg Mini open source python forum using Google App ... DOWNLOAD
bwsvorlagen(sfnet) BWS Vorlagen Vorlagen für LibreOffice und OOo DOWNLOAD
art-linux(sfnet) Advanced Real-Time Linux Advanced Real-Time Linux (ART-Linux) is a hard ... DOWNLOAD
mantisconnect(sfnet) MantisConnect MantisConnect provides an easy way to connect t... DOWNLOAD
zebra_dialog(freshmeat) Zebra_Dialog Zebra_Dialog is a small, compact, and highly co... DOWNLOAD
st-js(sfnet) Strongly-Typed Javascript Strongly-Typed Javascript is a translator from ... DOWNLOAD
hiddenfilesswit(sfnet) Hidden Files Switcher Hidden Files Switcher is a small, easy to use, ... DOWNLOAD
eibetween(sfnet) eibetween eibetween stands for every thing in between DOWNLOAD
terrariamod(sfnet) Terraria Mod DOWNLOAD
proxyguard(sfnet) proxyguard - Proxy Guard, the Block ... DOWNLOAD
t-master(sfnet) t-master Main cloud computing platform for learning DOWNLOAD
rtcluster(sfnet) ConsoleCluster This is a cluster generator for use with Fantas... DOWNLOAD
vmacframework(sfnet) vmacframework Brand new MVC Framework for php 5.*. This frame... DOWNLOAD
gladiatusbazaid(sfnet) Gladiatus bazaid Gladiatus ar By : Bazaid ,, Wait for Me Soon 2012 DOWNLOAD
sun-idm-adapter(sfnet) Sun IDM resource adapters Sun (now Oracle) Identity Manager tracks accou... DOWNLOAD
khmertext(sfnet) khmertext Open data for a Khmer language corpus and lexic... DOWNLOAD
pengen(sfnet) pengen A variation of the old bsd game trek updated wi... DOWNLOAD
picaclick(sfnet) picaclick nothing All projects and accounts registered on DOWNLOAD
sudocs(sfnet) sudocs Nice to meet you. Collaboration is a free publ... DOWNLOAD
faceapp(sfnet) Facebook APP A little Facebook APP DOWNLOAD
nethelp(sfnet) NetHelp NetHelp is an end-user remote help system, base... DOWNLOAD
tseresetv5(sfnet) tseresetv5 Conçu par Utildata, TSE_Reset est un utilitaire... DOWNLOAD
allplanet(sfnet) DOWNLOAD
abrep(sfnet) abrep Desenvolvimento de uma ferramenta para Eclipse ... DOWNLOAD
kbd-cheatsheet(freshmeat) kbd-cheatsheet kbd-cheatsheet is a small application that gene... DOWNLOAD
europepki(freshmeat) EuropePKI EuropePKI is a European Project supported by th... DOWNLOAD
bootcd(freshmeat) bootcd bootcd is a script that can help with the devel... DOWNLOAD
xeonxplorer(sfnet) xeonxplorer A simple Open-Source webbrowser developed by Th... DOWNLOAD
pviewer(sfnet) pviewer visualisation of proteins DOWNLOAD
notepadexpress(sfnet) Notepad Express I use Notepad as handy editor everyday. Some ti... DOWNLOAD
localgpssystem(sfnet) localgpssystem Ce projet permet de réaliser un système gps pou... DOWNLOAD
gpslocalsystem(sfnet) GPS local system Ce projet permet de réaliser un système gps pou... DOWNLOAD
developingamult(sfnet) developingamult Developing /enhancing a classic fighting game, ... DOWNLOAD
bubbleserv(sfnet) BubbleNET network utilities BubbleNET network utilities - IRC network utili... DOWNLOAD
eglooframework(sfnet) eGloo Framework (Moved to Github) DOWNLOAD
futurejob(sfnet) futurejob Official Job Portal of Republic of Kosovo DOWNLOAD
blogedit(sfnet) BlogEdit User friendly editor for writing blog articles ... DOWNLOAD
visanalyzer(sfnet) Visual Analyzer Tool A tool to process MiCAM data of Crab STG DOWNLOAD
wpcd(sfnet) wpcd A VitualBox OVA file that contains every WordPr... DOWNLOAD
xnaparticles(sfnet) XNA HLSL Particles Requirements: XNA 3.1, Visual Studio 2008 (for ... DOWNLOAD
testarko(sfnet) testarko testarko testarko testarko DOWNLOAD
trademarket(sfnet) Trade market A little application for simulating financial m... DOWNLOAD
wesitecinemanew(sfnet) wesitecinemanew c'est le nouveau website de moi meme ,il offert... DOWNLOAD
portalaging(sfnet) portalaging Portal Web feito em Jsf (PrimeFaces) + jQuery +... DOWNLOAD
yylogin(sfnet) yylogin The first c++ program, for test only DOWNLOAD
orionexperts(sfnet) orionexperts Experts is a program to manage in a PHP Categor... DOWNLOAD
henrymap(sfnet) henrymap to get a routable road map from a GPS informati... DOWNLOAD
ashraf7amdy(sfnet) ashraf7amdy easySlider1.7 code for blogger tube DOWNLOAD
dymy(sfnet) dymy This software shall enable users to send / rece... DOWNLOAD
asifmushtaq(sfnet) Software DOWNLOAD
studentdatabase(sfnet) studentdatabase This project is intended to develop an open sou... DOWNLOAD
phd(freshmeat) PHD Help Desk PHD Help Desk is software conceived for the reg... DOWNLOAD
houssamandroid(sfnet) houssamandroid Application android (système bancaire) L'object... DOWNLOAD
music4wm(sfnet) Music4Wm DOWNLOAD
scarker(sfnet) scarker A sensor capture resistance and key refreshing ... DOWNLOAD
miniseq(sfnet) miniseq java based sequencer software that 1) provides ... DOWNLOAD

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