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smailstandalone(sfnet) smailstandalone A stand-alone version of the smail applet clien... DOWNLOAD
warningboard(sfnet) warningboard Electronic warning board to track active weathe... DOWNLOAD
adsschedule(sfnet) Scheduler Electronic schedule utility. DOWNLOAD
weesetools(sfnet) weesetools Top level menus for access tools via GUI. DOWNLOAD
openguru(sfnet) OpenGuru !OpenGuruは、httpsのロジックをバックエンドです... DOWNLOAD
tickforecast(sfnet) tickforecast forecast future tick based on historical record. DOWNLOAD
aetraf(sfnet) Advanced Emulator DOWNLOAD
octopusmusic(sfnet) Octopus Music API The Octopus Music Library is a Java API designe... DOWNLOAD
pekwm(sfnet) pekwm pekwm is a small and flexible window manager th... DOWNLOAD
lightningalert(sfnet) lightningalert Perl/TK interface to send lightning strike info... DOWNLOAD
otherytrstuff(sfnet) otherytrstuff Miscellaneous tools. DOWNLOAD
jatreportrestar(sfnet) jatreportrestar This is made to restart jboss, tomcat and apach... DOWNLOAD
sems922(sfnet) sems922 SEMS project from school DOWNLOAD
gprobe(sfnet) gprobe Basic Portscanner based on C++ DOWNLOAD
testprj01(sfnet) testprj01 This is Test Project DOWNLOAD
korwah(sfnet) korwah Korwah is My internet name~ DOWNLOAD
dvd-rental(sfnet) DVD Rental DVD Rental is database application designed to ... DOWNLOAD
fileutilities(sfnet) fileutilities A collection of file utilities. Included are a... DOWNLOAD
shshilmh(sfnet) shshilmh 在这里会分享一些有趣的图片 DOWNLOAD
pysmb(freshmeat) pysmb pysmb is an experimental SMB/CIFS library writt... DOWNLOAD
hellooooooo(sfnet) Hellooooooo A Messenger (Simple But Special) Designed For A... DOWNLOAD
jgmusic(sfnet) jgmusic upload music dominican musica DOWNLOAD
dacolinux(sfnet) Daco LInux O distributie bazata pe Ubuntu si care se orien... DOWNLOAD
binhexdec32(sfnet) BinHexDec32 Converter BinHexDec32 is a tiny calculator used to conver... DOWNLOAD
tictactoe1(sfnet) Tic Tac Toe Tic Tac Toe is a simple game written in Java. I... DOWNLOAD
quickpay(sfnet) quickpay Java API for quickpay payment gateway DOWNLOAD
upfoto(sfnet) UpFoto Upload your images directly to orkut album to p... DOWNLOAD
jaxframework(sfnet) Jax Framework Jax Framework is a PHP and JavaScript AJAX fram... DOWNLOAD
fspclient(sfnet) FSP Client with FTP-like interface FSPClient is single executable client for FSP p... DOWNLOAD
quebralink(sfnet) Quebra Link Acabe com os protetores de link, use este softw... DOWNLOAD
dnsrev(freshmeat) dnsrev dnsrev is a script that will generate reverse l... DOWNLOAD
loganalyse(sfnet) Linux Log Analyse The program I create here is a purely console b... DOWNLOAD
procol(sfnet) PROCOL Framework PROCOL space-based framework for multi-core. Ba... DOWNLOAD
manicdigger2(sfnet) manicdigger2 My version of manic digger. Some of the aspects... DOWNLOAD
logji(sfnet) logji logji and ope is my new priject ! want everyone... DOWNLOAD
mgrast2qiime(sfnet) mgrast2qiime A perl script that takes as an input functional... DOWNLOAD
slackeria(freshmeat) slackeria slackeria takes a list of projects and checks w... DOWNLOAD
clash(freshmeat) Clash The clash New Generation focuses on making a ve... DOWNLOAD
mileycyrus24(sfnet) mileycyrus24 Downloads from this Site DOWNLOAD
gensepol(sfnet) SELinux tool SELinux Policy Generator DOWNLOAD
libapcnis(freshmeat) LibAPCNIS LibAPCNIS is a PHP library for accessing the NI... DOWNLOAD
mn-viewer(freshmeat) MN Viewer MN Viewer (Mobile Network Viewer) is a lightwei... DOWNLOAD
sam(freshmeat) Sam Sam is a Morse code trainer. It is a bash scrip... DOWNLOAD
roxee(freshmeat) Roxee Roxee remotely manages your Boxee 1.1 and highe... DOWNLOAD
ruap(freshmeat) R:U:A:P R:U:A:P is a cross-platform audio player with t... DOWNLOAD
jnd(sfnet) JNotesDiff JNotesDiff is a free Java application that show... DOWNLOAD
frcsimulator(sfnet) Frc Robot Simulator A simulator that allows programs written in Jav... DOWNLOAD
openchords(sfnet) OpenChords OpenChords is a guitar chord management tool. I... DOWNLOAD
refdb(sfnet) RefDB RefDB is a reference database and bibliography ... DOWNLOAD
krarduino(sfnet) knight rider arduino DOWNLOAD
textsearch(sfnet) fs Search files for a text string. Like grep but ... DOWNLOAD
portabledsl(sfnet) portabledsl format Damn Small Linux run fr... DOWNLOAD
inkscape-pages(sfnet) inkscape-pages Inkscape has now pages support. You can create ... DOWNLOAD
supman(sfnet) supman Certificate in Supervisory Management DOWNLOAD
atisim(sfnet) atisim A network simulator for IEEE 802.11 WLANs suppo... DOWNLOAD
csnmpcron(sfnet) cSnmpCron A multi-threaded SNMP poller based on Net-SNMP ... DOWNLOAD
ancepi(sfnet) ANC_EPI System This is ANC_EPI System. Development for extract... DOWNLOAD
gerbil(sfnet) Gerbil The Gerbil project moved to http://www.gerbilvi... DOWNLOAD
wcnt(sfnet) wcnt - Wav Composer Not Toilet wcnt - wav composer not toilet is a not-real-ti... DOWNLOAD
markasexec(sfnet) MarkAsExec DOWNLOAD
flatpress(sfnet) FlatPress FlatPress is a new blog engine. Written from sc... DOWNLOAD
universalsearch(sfnet) universalsearch Search all of the most popular sites on the int... DOWNLOAD
popbox(sfnet) PopBox PopBox is an image magnification javascript sol... DOWNLOAD
doctorbroggi(sfnet) doctorbroggi DOWNLOAD
radicalengine(sfnet) RADical Engine An open source MMORPG engine that will eventual... DOWNLOAD
pysrp(freshmeat) pysrp pysrp is a Python module that provides an imple... DOWNLOAD
texttinker(sfnet) TextTinker Just a Mac OSX Text Editor. DOWNLOAD
zpkg(sfnet) zpkg zpkg - small package manager DOWNLOAD
devpad-sharp(sfnet) DevPad# Simple Code/Note Pad + Obfuscator DOWNLOAD
multiplicationg(sfnet) multiplicationg This is a multiplication game for kids grades 5... DOWNLOAD
stlwork(sfnet) STLWork STL. labs to E.M. Lynski DOWNLOAD
libdbase(sfnet) libdbase libdbase is a free C library for (USB) ORTEC di... DOWNLOAD
tigochat(sfnet) tigoChat simply client-server chat written in c DOWNLOAD
tibialaucher(sfnet) Tibia Laucher Projekt ten pokazuje moje możliwości. Każdy kto... DOWNLOAD
learnehr(sfnet) Learnehr The Learnehr program implements the Semi-Superv... DOWNLOAD
linux3gdialer(sfnet) Linux 3G Dialer A Easy 3G dialer. A dial system with support f... DOWNLOAD
albummaker(sfnet) AlbumMaker Photogallery AlbumMaker is a very small and handy webbased P... DOWNLOAD
wdml(sfnet) Wiimote Data Management Library The Wiimote Data Management Library is a librar... DOWNLOAD
parrotwin32(sfnet) parrot-win32 The repository of the binaries for Windows of P... DOWNLOAD
svndeepcopy(sfnet) svn-deepcopy The subversion copy command "svn cp" ... DOWNLOAD
minimardi(sfnet) minimardi miniMardi - Messy chess program. This is a &quo... DOWNLOAD
huanxiang(sfnet) huanxiang This is a free program I want everyone to know. DOWNLOAD
manatee(sfnet) Manatee Manatee is a web-based gene evaluation and geno... DOWNLOAD
cyfacebook(sfnet) CyFacebook CyFacebook is a Cytoscape plugin which allows y... DOWNLOAD
photomaze(sfnet) PhotoMaze PhotoMaze is a fun way of viewing your photos. ... DOWNLOAD
dsfdsafdf(sfnet) fight open source, IDC licence DOWNLOAD
curaviapplet(sfnet) Curavi Applet Curavi Applet es una miniaplicación que utiliza... DOWNLOAD
shipmentcodfp(sfnet) Shipment (Call of duty 4 map) on OFPDR Call of duty 4 map ( Shipment ) For Operation F... DOWNLOAD
graph2dexe(sfnet) Graph2D Graph2D is a program, which can render graphs w... DOWNLOAD
quicklock(sfnet) quicklock Extremely simple app which locks your Windows c... DOWNLOAD
ktable(sfnet) KTable KTable is a custom SWT table widget that provid... DOWNLOAD
extinction(sfnet) Extinction A simple text based game where you uncover trut... DOWNLOAD
turismo(sfnet) turismo Sistema para pessoas que organizam viagens rodo... DOWNLOAD
web20groups(sfnet) web2.0 community/group web site A web 2.0 community web site, which can be depl... DOWNLOAD
kisiselsite(sfnet) kisiselsite Deneme amaçlı site çalışması... DOWNLOAD
flac-track(sfnet) flac-track Library and command line utility to store binar... DOWNLOAD
piccalculator(sfnet) piccalculator Useful software for some calculation on micro c... DOWNLOAD
closeaction(sfnet) Close Action Version informatique du jeu close action DOWNLOAD
electronicombud(sfnet) Electronic Ombudsman System for anonymous whistleblowing. DOWNLOAD

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