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pattr(sfnet) PhP Attributes Set of PhP function, simplifies developing WebI... DOWNLOAD
jaluna(sfnet) Jaluna Real-Time Component Suite Components supporting real-time, reliability, h... DOWNLOAD
cuftpd(sfnet) cuftpd cuftpd is an ftp-server written in java. It sup... DOWNLOAD
caljacmircur(sfnet) Marmoset miRNA Analysis Scripts (written in Java) for simple curation o... DOWNLOAD
netlock(sfnet) Net Lock a licence manager,it can manage ip or others an... DOWNLOAD
pynfo(sfnet) Pynfo - Python IRC bot Pynfo is an IRC bot written in Python and the T... DOWNLOAD
nimdastats(sfnet) Nimda Stats Nimda Stats is a simple program that analyzes A... DOWNLOAD
seduktion(sfnet) seduKtion - 3D Engine seduKtion 3D engine: First/Third person Shooter... DOWNLOAD
jconx(sfnet) jConX jConX provides a java library that allows devel... DOWNLOAD
xmlvoc(sfnet) XMLVocabulary XML showing, querying, modifying and saving. XM... DOWNLOAD
ieee1394diag(sfnet) IEEE1394Diag IEEE1394Diag is a GUI application that presents... DOWNLOAD
confab(sfnet) Context Fabric System software for building privacy-sensitive ... DOWNLOAD
fgrun(sfnet) FlightGear Launch Control A graphical frontend to run FlightGear Flight S... DOWNLOAD
forpascal(sfnet) Pascal Interpreter in Borland Delphi The project contains the interpreter of Pascal ... DOWNLOAD
bcexplorer(sfnet) BCEXplorer BCExplorer is a customizable file manager writt... DOWNLOAD
argotik(sfnet) Argotik Generic and flexible secure web application to ... DOWNLOAD
kyokyo(sfnet) kyokyo 楓之谷私服 DOWNLOAD
randyloops(sfnet) RandyLoops A random MIDI loop generator, written in java. DOWNLOAD
janchat(sfnet) JanChat JanChat is a Java applet and server which permi... DOWNLOAD
beautifyphp(sfnet) Beautify PHP and PHP_Beautifier This program tries to reformat and beautify PHP... DOWNLOAD
theholywar(sfnet) The HolyWar The HolyWar is a 2d adventure/role-playing game... DOWNLOAD
jmerge(sfnet) jMerge jMerge is a graphical tool for viewing and reso... DOWNLOAD
javaintegrity(sfnet) Java File Integrity Checking - ChkSum A similar to Tripwire, file system integrity ch... DOWNLOAD
mozmarks2web(sfnet) Mozilla To Web Bookmark Tools Ultimately, these tools allow you to take a cop... DOWNLOAD
gaudi(sfnet) Gaudí - Database Visual Editor Build around JDBC and XML, this tool allows you... DOWNLOAD
csvg(sfnet) Codeum Scalable Vector Graphics Codeum Scalable Vector Graphics is a tool that ... DOWNLOAD
ejbspaces(sfnet) EJBSpaces EJBSpaces is a simple JavaSpaces(tm) implement... DOWNLOAD
lock-heed(sfnet) lockHeed Site Engine The lockHeed Site Engine is designed to allow u... DOWNLOAD
brownsauce(sfnet) BrownSauce RDF Browser A project to aggregate and present arbitrary RD... DOWNLOAD
jpresenter(sfnet) JPresenter - a Java presentation player JPresenter plays slide presentations with audio... DOWNLOAD
zdisplay(sfnet) zdisplay ZDISPLAY is a mix between a web front end and a... DOWNLOAD
cubridwebshell(sfnet) CUBRID WebShell This project is about developing a web shell in... DOWNLOAD
sitplus(sfnet) SITPLUS SITPLUS is a free software framework whose main... DOWNLOAD
phpstripper(sfnet) PHPStripper PHPStripper is a small yet powerful utility tha... DOWNLOAD
amttool-tng(sfnet) AmtTool TNG This utility is further development of Gerd Hof... DOWNLOAD
extendedmath(sfnet) Extended Math Class For Java This is a math class that I decided to build. I... DOWNLOAD
linsap(sfnet) LinSAP LinSAP is a cross platform, user-friendly, inte... DOWNLOAD
tswnmoddev(sfnet) The Spider Web Network Xoops Mod Team The Spider Web Network Xoops Module Team provid... DOWNLOAD
dtexpert(sfnet) Delphi Translation Expert Translation Expert for Delphi. Extract all stri... DOWNLOAD
infs(sfnet) The INternet FileSystem INFS provides high level access to the Internet... DOWNLOAD
moyaffa(sfnet) Yet Another Fine FTP Application Yet Another FINE FTP Application, YAFFA, is a f... DOWNLOAD
tcpsg(sfnet) TCP Simple Gateway TCPSG is just a simple tcp port forwarder desig... DOWNLOAD
umap(sfnet) umap -- a unicode character map A tool like MS Windows Character Map which plac... DOWNLOAD
epiafb(sfnet) VIA EPIA Framebuffer Toolkit A collection of tools (framebuffer driver, tv o... DOWNLOAD
elitewm(sfnet) Elite Window Manager Elite Window Manager aims to be a simple and qu... DOWNLOAD
modgb(sfnet) mod_gb mod_gb is an Apache module which allows to run ... DOWNLOAD
xkblast(sfnet) xkblast xblast sources binaries levels images for linux... DOWNLOAD
attrib4j(sfnet) Attrib4j - Custom metadata for Java Attrib4j provides support for using creating an... DOWNLOAD
docbookxml(sfnet) DocBook XML Mode for GNU Emacs This is an Emacs-Lisp package that enables easy... DOWNLOAD
wayqonlan(sfnet) wayqonlan (read Wake You On Lan) wayqonlan (Wake You On Lan) Wakeonlan front end... DOWNLOAD
poeb(sfnet) poeb Poeb is a fully functional IRC bot written in P... DOWNLOAD
staffhols(sfnet) Staff Holiday Manager A basic system to allow employees to book holid... DOWNLOAD
ryf(sfnet) Ryf Text Formatter Ryf is text formatter. Just like tex. But its s... DOWNLOAD
tclmml(sfnet) TclMML The TclMML project implements a set of APIs mak... DOWNLOAD
interreality(sfnet) Virtual Object System / Interreality A collection of projects based on the Virtual O... DOWNLOAD
u7o(sfnet) Blackrock U7 Online Engine Multiplayer client/server engine for Ultima VII. DOWNLOAD
cmstoolkit(sfnet) ColdFusion CMS ToolKit The goal of this project is to build a common t... DOWNLOAD
convcheck(sfnet) Konbu Check This program aims to check and gain the solvee ... DOWNLOAD
phono(sfnet) Phono Phono is a software tool for developing and tes... DOWNLOAD
gnu-monitor(sfnet) Gnu-Monitor,transactional monitor system GNU-Monitor is a transactional monitor that all... DOWNLOAD
gillandsoftware(sfnet) Gilland Forum Software Gilland Forum Software is your best solution to... DOWNLOAD
peakster(sfnet) peakster Real-time data visualization. Graphically view... DOWNLOAD
phpstudentnews(sfnet) phpStudentNews A news portal aimed at student newspapers mainl... DOWNLOAD
cvscop(sfnet) cvscop - enforcer of cvs policies Cvscop is a perl script that links into a CVS s... DOWNLOAD
jaiviewer(sfnet) JAI Image Viewer This is an easy-to-use Swing component for view... DOWNLOAD
memomulot(sfnet) memomulot The MemoMulot Project aims at providing an alte... DOWNLOAD
fopps(sfnet) FOPPS FOPPS (feature oriented software product planni... DOWNLOAD
kricketsb(sfnet) Kricketscoreboard Kricketscoreboard is a program for keeping scor... DOWNLOAD
firedoor(sfnet) Firedoor Firedoor is firewall , qos , masquerading and n... DOWNLOAD
irm-ng(sfnet) irm-ng This project tries to make gettext based transl... DOWNLOAD
wgui(sfnet) wGui wGui is a simple, platform independent dialog m... DOWNLOAD
cppgi(sfnet) CPPGI (C++ CGI Library) CPPGI is a C++ library for writing CGI scripts.... DOWNLOAD
bol2cpp(sfnet) Cobol 2 C++ This is the Cobol 2 C++ translation project. DOWNLOAD
zebrareport(sfnet) Zebra Report A java report generation and print solution in ... DOWNLOAD
jqueen(sfnet) jQueen jQueen is a free open source java library. It i... DOWNLOAD
yagi(sfnet) YAGI (Yet Another Gallery of Images) PHP-based web image gallery. The primary featur... DOWNLOAD
einsatz(sfnet) Einsatz 'Einsatz' is a free Java based application to p... DOWNLOAD
tkcdrdao(sfnet) TkCdrdao A perl-tk front end for the powerful console cd... DOWNLOAD
gr32pnglibrary(sfnet) GR32 PNG library PNG library for reading and writing of PNG imag... DOWNLOAD
iidev(sfnet) Development Page This is a page for different projects, includin... DOWNLOAD
spherescripter(sfnet) spherescripter Several small projects based on game making / s... DOWNLOAD
nwlib-vcl(sfnet) NWLib - Netware VCL - Delphi/C++ Builder NWLib - The Netware VCL for Borland's Delphi an... DOWNLOAD
mantisrobot(sfnet) mantisrobot Mantis Robotic project consists of an open-sour... DOWNLOAD
msnclient(sfnet) msnclient "msnclient" is an MSN Messenger clien... DOWNLOAD
openmine(sfnet) OpenMine 3D OpenMine 3D is an opengl game based on the trad... DOWNLOAD
pamfortune(sfnet) pam_fortune Affiche une fortune après validation par pam. L... DOWNLOAD
greptools(sfnet) grep tools 3 tools to delete, copy or move files where a e... DOWNLOAD
open2sa(sfnet) Open2SA Authentication Open2SA is the 2 Step Authenticator, a PIN ciph... DOWNLOAD
gnc2ods(sfnet) gnc2ods OpenOffice XML Filter for loading a GnuCash XML... DOWNLOAD
stars-util(sfnet) Stars Utilities Stars! tools for players, as well as code snipp... DOWNLOAD
tpm(sfnet) Theis Playlist Manager A web application for the management and public... DOWNLOAD
palbum(sfnet) palbum palbum is a perl script which turns a directory... DOWNLOAD
blend2java(sfnet) blend2java A set of Python scripts, for use with Blender t... DOWNLOAD
yahoofinance(sfnet) YahooFinance YahooFinance is a useful library to download an... DOWNLOAD
jsesoft(sfnet) Java Macro Preprocessor JPP is a simple macro preprocessor for Java. It... DOWNLOAD
exceltemplate(sfnet) ExcelTemplate Templating system for Microsoft Excel files in ... DOWNLOAD
xchat-speech(sfnet) xchat speech script A customizable script for XChat which reads out... DOWNLOAD
formsess(sfnet) Smarty based forms toolkit A forms toolkit making forms manipulation much ... DOWNLOAD
oggs(sfnet) Media-S Media-S is an open-source development project ... DOWNLOAD
keepassj2me(sfnet) KeePass for J2ME KeePass for J2ME is a J2ME port of KeePass Pass... DOWNLOAD

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