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stardork(sfnet) stardork Stardork is a console-based game where you move... DOWNLOAD
dtc(sfnet) Data Transfer Calculator Data Transfer Calculator is a tiny GUI program ... DOWNLOAD
klayers(sfnet) KLayers: tiny DHTML JavaScript library. KLayers library is intended for simplification ... DOWNLOAD
mathgraph(sfnet) MathGraph MathGraph is a component and application to plo... DOWNLOAD
groupkit(sfnet) GroupKit GroupKit is a Tcl/Tk library that makes it easy... DOWNLOAD
jwtm(sfnet) JWTM (Web Tree Menu) JWTM (Web Tree Menu) is a Java Applet. JWTM dis... DOWNLOAD
argosparser(sfnet) Argos Parser A simple C++ program which parses the .csi file... DOWNLOAD
scoja(sfnet) scoja A multithreaded reimplementation of syslogd/sys... DOWNLOAD
topicengine(sfnet) TopicEngine TopicEngine is an advanced multi-channel topic ... DOWNLOAD
vvgallery(sfnet) Vincent Van Gallery (vvgallery) vvgallery marries oscommerce and gallery to pro... DOWNLOAD
k68(sfnet) K68 - KDE utility for Sony Ericsson T68i A KDE tool for transferring data to and from th... DOWNLOAD
context-tree(sfnet) ContextTree A ContextTree is a way of dynamically forming r... DOWNLOAD
ebaybiddertool(sfnet) Ebay Bidder Tool A tool for power bidders on ebay. GUI includes... DOWNLOAD
myq3log(sfnet) myq3log Myq3log is a Quake 3 Log analyser. It use Php t... DOWNLOAD
sharpchat(sfnet) Sharp Chat Sharp Chat is a chat program written to be used... DOWNLOAD
mtl-unfolding(sfnet) HFM (Hippocampal Flat Mapping) This project is focused on development of comp... DOWNLOAD
jal(sfnet) JAL compiler Compiler for high level language for Microchip ... DOWNLOAD
jpat(sfnet) JPAT - Java Protein Analysis Tools The JPAT API is a Java API designed to provide ... DOWNLOAD
opti93xmidikey(sfnet) Opti931 MidiKeys Opti931 Midikeys is a console based MIDI synthe... DOWNLOAD
weblo2jboss(sfnet) Weblogic to JBoss converter weblo2jboss is a Weblogic to JBoss converter sc... DOWNLOAD
tournamentman(sfnet) Tournament Manager Tournament Manager is a program originally desi... DOWNLOAD
rabbitdev(sfnet) Rabbit Development Software We intend to provide a development system for t... DOWNLOAD
spamcurtain(sfnet) Spam Curtain Protect your email address. Easily create emai... DOWNLOAD
curl-sonntag(sfnet) Curl Sonntag Curl Sonntag is a simple MVC framework for Curl. DOWNLOAD
flick(sfnet) Flick Operating System The Flick project aims to create a stable, smal... DOWNLOAD
buildog(sfnet) BuilDog - Log a build, and keep notes A system for tracking the steps to compile and ... DOWNLOAD
graver-squares(sfnet) Graver's Football Squares A web based version of Superbowl Squares used f... DOWNLOAD
holongate(sfnet) Java2D for SWT Eclipse Plugins This project is a suite of plugins to easily in... DOWNLOAD
lasthope(sfnet) Last Hope, A medieval Web Game Last Hope, are a project of a web-based game . ... DOWNLOAD
mozpluck(sfnet) Plucker Mozilla plugin THIS PROJECT IS CLOSED - The goal is to develop... DOWNLOAD
pythondateutil(sfnet) Python Date Utilities Python module to convert dates between differen... DOWNLOAD
yapoolman(sfnet) YAPoolman - Yet Another PoolMan Seperation pool and factory; aspect like proxy ... DOWNLOAD
ipl98(sfnet) Image Processing Library 98 The Image Processing Library 98 (IPL98) is a pl... DOWNLOAD
datindexparser(sfnet) DatIndexParser A console application written in .NET to parse ... DOWNLOAD
chat2irc(sfnet) chat2irc chat2irc is a program that allows your friends ... DOWNLOAD
lets-talk(sfnet) LETS-Talk LETS-Talk a fully integrated email/web communit... DOWNLOAD
pcktaggregator(sfnet) TCP/IP Packet Aggregator This tools (containing a client and a server) b... DOWNLOAD
jaad(sfnet) JAAD Java API for TIBCO/ActiveDatabase. Allows reque... DOWNLOAD
jscodee(sfnet) JSCode JSCode is a simple XML representation of progra... DOWNLOAD
inn-sis(sfnet) Innsbruck Student Information System INN-SIS is the Innsbruck Student Information Sy... DOWNLOAD
oggserv(sfnet) tetravex oggserv tetravex oggserv is a centralised ogg vorbis da... DOWNLOAD
bloof(sfnet) Bloof - analyse software evolution Bloof is an infrastructure for analytical proce... DOWNLOAD
ecalevol(sfnet) ecalevol reviews A Reviews Based Website System written in PHP w... DOWNLOAD
ragmaan(sfnet) Ragmaan anagram generator for Gnome Ragmaan generates anagrams for a given search s... DOWNLOAD
infranet(sfnet) Infranet Infranet is a system that attempts to circumven... DOWNLOAD
schweasel(sfnet) Schweasel command line sql shell Schweasel is a platform-independent text shell ... DOWNLOAD
freeeibide(sfnet) Free EibIDE for Linux A free tool to develop software for EIB buscoup... DOWNLOAD
easygamelib(sfnet) Easy Game Library Easy Game Library - a set of C++ classes to mak... DOWNLOAD
imaginechargen(sfnet) Imagine Character Manager A character generator/manager for the Imagine R... DOWNLOAD
easybackup(sfnet) EasyBackup EasyBackup is an easy to use back up tool for p... DOWNLOAD
ctypes(sfnet) ctypes ctypes is a Python module allowing to create an... DOWNLOAD
vtwatch(sfnet) vtwatch vtwatch automatically switches the active virtu... DOWNLOAD
iscan(sfnet) iScan An anti spam system that predates built-in opti... DOWNLOAD
teamcms(sfnet) TEaM-CMS A CMS (ContentManagingSystem) special for Gamin... DOWNLOAD
machctl(sfnet) FabBSD A special-purpose 4.4BSD-based UNIX-like operat... DOWNLOAD
ap-utils(sfnet) Access Point Utilites for Unix Access Point Utilites for Unix - it's a set of ... DOWNLOAD
petrol(sfnet) Petrol Engine The Petrol Engine is an online content manageme... DOWNLOAD
nscaner(sfnet) Network Scaner This software is usefull for local networks and... DOWNLOAD
bfe(sfnet) BFE - Bochs Front End Graphical debugger interface for the Bochs PC e... DOWNLOAD
morphix(sfnet) Morphix Morphix is a modulair distribution, with live-c... DOWNLOAD
erlagi(freshmeat) erlagi erlagi is an AGI (asterisk gateway interface) c... DOWNLOAD
oser(sfnet) Open Source MS Exchange Replacement The purpose of this project, is to provide an o... DOWNLOAD
python3ds(sfnet) Python3DS A small set of routines for reading of archives... DOWNLOAD
ctftp(sfnet) CTftp CTftp un interface Web pour la gestion des comp... DOWNLOAD
alx3000(sfnet) ALX3000 ALX3000 is the "NeXT generation newsreader... DOWNLOAD
toplight(sfnet) TopLight TopLight is designed to aid lighting designers ... DOWNLOAD
and-httpd(sfnet) And-httpd web server And-httpd is an HTTP server that maps URLs to f... DOWNLOAD
simpaitoolkit(sfnet) SimpAI Toolbox SimpAI-An easy-to-use AI toolkit distributed un... DOWNLOAD
jwebftp(sfnet) JWebFTP Jwebftp is a simple JSP/Servlets-based web FTP ... DOWNLOAD
jameica(sfnet) jameica Jameica is a GUI-Framework written in Java cont... DOWNLOAD
vsipc(sfnet) VSIPC - Very Simple IPC C-code that make it easier to fork and execute ... DOWNLOAD
domain-control(sfnet) Domain Controller Domain Controller will let you manage all of yo... DOWNLOAD
dame(sfnet) DAME - Database Access Made Easy DAME is a software tool to generate C++ and Jav... DOWNLOAD
vapormail(sfnet) VaporMail VaporMail is a cross-platform, open source Ente... DOWNLOAD
phpnetzero(sfnet) Php-ZeroNet Php-ZeroNet is a script comprised of php allowi... DOWNLOAD
connector(sfnet) J2EE Email Connector A J2EE Connector to send and receive email mess... DOWNLOAD
utopx(sfnet) UTOPX - JMX component based framework Take the tedium and drudgery out of JMX program... DOWNLOAD
extcal(sfnet) ExtCalendar 2 ExtCalendar is a powerful multi-user web-based ... DOWNLOAD
maltrice(sfnet) Maltrice Maltrice is a Tetris Clone that has unique feat... DOWNLOAD
mmog-server(sfnet) MMOG OpenServer This project is currently dead DOWNLOAD
emscan(sfnet) Virus scanner for POP3 email on VPOP3 A virus scanner for VPOP3 - a Windows mail serv... DOWNLOAD
securekey(sfnet) TRUST KEY Secure Key is an uncrackable security mechanism... DOWNLOAD
xmlprog(sfnet) XMLProg XMLProg is a DTD(XMLSchema) for programmers to ... DOWNLOAD
regressionsuite(sfnet) Regression Suite RegressionSuite is a software test suite that i... DOWNLOAD
imappserver(sfnet) SDBA Revolution IM Application Server The SDBA Revolution Instant Messaging Applicati... DOWNLOAD
ibserver(sfnet) IBserver Complete, easy to install (and uninstall), pre-... DOWNLOAD
webxadmin(sfnet) webXadmin webxadmin is a generic php/mysql application th... DOWNLOAD
fccl(sfnet) Free C++ Class Library This library wants to be a free implementation ... DOWNLOAD
j2me-lib(sfnet) J2ME-Lib A Java Library containing useful classes for J2... DOWNLOAD
jjs-bdd(sfnet) jjs-bdd JJS-BDD provides a library for manipulating swi... DOWNLOAD
downlife(sfnet) D0wn-L!fe D0wn-L!fe is a new Half-Life Mod with a new Sin... DOWNLOAD
modrendezvous(sfnet) mod_rendezvous mod_rendezvous is an Apache 1.3.x module which ... DOWNLOAD
haphazard(sfnet) Haphazard Haphazard is a Java role-playing game in an iso... DOWNLOAD
leechking(sfnet) LeechKing LeechKing is a program to automatically feed Ov... DOWNLOAD
galproxy(sfnet) GALProxy GALProxy is a multithread proxy server written ... DOWNLOAD
fortune-gui(sfnet) Fortune Fortune displays random text messages that are ... DOWNLOAD
openwonders(sfnet) Open Wonders An Open Source, simultaneous turn-based strateg... DOWNLOAD
lbugtrack(sfnet) LBugTrack BugTrack is a package written in php to track s... DOWNLOAD
cookmail(sfnet) CookMail CookMail is a powerful HTML email form CGI hand... DOWNLOAD
thetool(sfnet) TheTool TheTool is highy customizable map editor(based ... DOWNLOAD

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