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gaim-interface(sfnet) gaim-interface gaim-interface is a plugin for the Gaim multi-p... DOWNLOAD
wowcrafter(sfnet) WoW-Crafter Crafter is a tool that helps to manage the craf... DOWNLOAD
identical(sfnet) jgrabber An useful bookmarklet for almost your media dow... DOWNLOAD
tsrewire(sfnet) tsrewire Modication of the PC Game DOWNLOAD
vbmserver(sfnet) VBMServer DOWNLOAD
adaparse(sfnet) AdaParse DOWNLOAD
proteus(sfnet) Proteus Proteus is complete new kind of taskbar which w... DOWNLOAD
visad(sfnet) VisAD Java Visualization VisAD is a Java component library for interacti... DOWNLOAD
listad(sfnet) Lista Daemon A mailing list software being developed in C fo... DOWNLOAD
phpcocktails(sfnet) phpcocktails A PHP tool to help you to manage your favorite ... DOWNLOAD
jargus(sfnet) Jargus - Parameter Validation Framework The major idea of Jargus is to provide a simple... DOWNLOAD
tube(sfnet) Tube Tube is being continued as Redlight. DOWNLOAD
jox(sfnet) JOX JOX is a set of Java libraries that make it eas... DOWNLOAD
woody(sfnet) Woody Woody is a tree editor, also known as an outlin... DOWNLOAD
gplflash(sfnet) GPLFlash A portable/hardware independant GPL Flash decod... DOWNLOAD
christiangame(sfnet) Lefticus' Random Projects This project exists as a place for various proj... DOWNLOAD
colinjab(sfnet) ColinJab Open Source Jabber Client This is a Jabber Instant Messenger written in V... DOWNLOAD
rpg-mapgen(sfnet) RPG-MapGen A random map generator (for RPGs). Currently (... DOWNLOAD
thecollector(sfnet) theCOLLECTOR theCOLLECTOR - Easily organize your items. DOWNLOAD
guimpgtx(sfnet) GUI for the mpgtx This is a GUI for MPGTX. Using this powerful MP... DOWNLOAD
sfunction(sfnet) sfunction Useful tools and ways to reduce the amount of c... DOWNLOAD
topdown(sfnet) Project: TOPDOWN Project: TOPDOWN is an open-source top-down sho... DOWNLOAD
cbmbasic(sfnet) Commodore BASIC "Commodore BASIC" (cbmbasic) is a 100... DOWNLOAD
torque(sfnet) TORQUE TORQUE - The Open RPM Quarry and Update Environ... DOWNLOAD
prosuite(sfnet) Prosuite :: a buisness software project This project is nearly done, but development is... DOWNLOAD
ypanything(sfnet) ypanything ypAnything is an NIS gateway to non-NIS sources... DOWNLOAD
inunit(sfnet) INUnit INUnit. A library to integrate Internet Explore... DOWNLOAD
protheus(sfnet) Proteus J2ME Browser The Proteus browser is a J2ME browser with a se... DOWNLOAD
cefarix(sfnet) Cefarix Operating System An open source operating system for x86. DOWNLOAD
novatools(sfnet) Nova Engine A set of tools to provide a flexible editing sy... DOWNLOAD
proslice(sfnet) Updating the Surgeon's Assistant This project will carry out maintenance on the ... DOWNLOAD
chammer(sfnet) Imageprocessing filters Some Plugins for gimp or standalone usage: Four... DOWNLOAD
proteusctrl(sfnet) Proteus Controller The Proteus Controller is a MIDI-based patch ed... DOWNLOAD
headlines(sfnet) Headlines Headlines is a Java application which "pul... DOWNLOAD
jarrangement(sfnet) jarrangement A Python and ANSI C implementation of the Edels... DOWNLOAD
mqsupervise(sfnet) MQSupervise MQSupervise allows to collect the statistics da... DOWNLOAD
doodah(sfnet) Doodah Doodah is a set of programs to manage a MySQL d... DOWNLOAD
jtape(sfnet) JTape - Java Tape Library JTape provides a Java Library for tape device a... DOWNLOAD
sandwich(sfnet) sandwich The sandwich project aims to provide an extensi... DOWNLOAD
sabar(sfnet) SABAR This project is dead! Sabar is a search engi... DOWNLOAD
webfacedb(sfnet) WebFaceDB WebFaceDB: a CGI program which generates a Web ... DOWNLOAD
tsshp(sfnet) TSSHP (The System Shock Hack Project) A project to reverse-engineer and recode (from... DOWNLOAD
postamt(sfnet) IMAP-PostAmt A PHP-based web frontend to IMAP mail servers (... DOWNLOAD
privwire(sfnet) PrivWire DOWNLOAD
visitors(sfnet) Visitors Visitors processes a Web log file, trying very ... DOWNLOAD
jmdsync(sfnet) JMdSync (Java Midori Sync) File sync utility via ftp, written in Java. Ex,... DOWNLOAD
usermanagement(sfnet) UserManagement Usermanagement provide a set on pages to contr... DOWNLOAD
tclshout(sfnet) Tclshout Tclshout is a tcl extention that wraps the libs... DOWNLOAD
lyrautil(sfnet) Thomson/RCA Lyra Graphics Util This program will enable endusers to change the... DOWNLOAD
dujo(sfnet) DUJO DUJO (open-source software and design). DOWNLOAD
nesvst(sfnet) NESvst NESvst - a VST for making 8-bit NES music DOWNLOAD
protical5(sfnet) Protical5 Protical5 - A 32-bit hobby OS for the x86 proce... DOWNLOAD
protojax(sfnet) ProtoJax ProtoJax is an object oriented AJAX framework w... DOWNLOAD
anjel(sfnet) ANJEL ANJEL - A Newsletter for Joomla! Everybody Love... DOWNLOAD
unis(sfnet) The Unis Game DOWNLOAD
virtualfile(sfnet) VirtualFile DOWNLOAD
linkmaster(sfnet) LinkMaster LinkMaster is a method of linking data between ... DOWNLOAD
logcon(sfnet) Logcheck Consolidator Logcheck Consolidator is a utility to manage th... DOWNLOAD
netdt(sfnet) Network Discovery Tool Network Discovery Tool - Program for network ad... DOWNLOAD
jwe(sfnet) Web Events A set of classes for web programming. WE is a v... DOWNLOAD
freeunifont(sfnet) Free Unicode fonts The aim of this project is to develop a set of ... DOWNLOAD
cornucopia(sfnet) A dictionary for mobile phones Cornucopia is an Offline Dictionary for Mobile ... DOWNLOAD
parrot(sfnet) The Parrot File sharing and messaging program developed fo... DOWNLOAD
phpsips(sfnet) php_sips This project is meant to use the ATOS payment l... DOWNLOAD
ipsil(sfnet) IPSIL embedable lisp interpreter IPSIL is an embedable lisp interpreter which us... DOWNLOAD
mtclips(sfnet) MultiThreaded CLIPS Multi-threaded version of the Popular CLIPS exp... DOWNLOAD
on-wrap(sfnet) OpenNURBS Wrappers Wrappers around the OpenNURBS Toolkit ( DOWNLOAD
checkattachment(sfnet) CheckAttachment VBA-Macro in different languages that prevents ... DOWNLOAD
crystalsaga(sfnet) Crystal Saga RPG Crystal Saga is a full screen 2D RPG programmed... DOWNLOAD
keylocker(sfnet) Keylocker Remotely lock out input on Windows 2000/XP (als... DOWNLOAD
memotooie(sfnet) plugin for Internet Explorer plugin for Internet Explorer With t... DOWNLOAD
dtdprune(sfnet) DTDprune: reduce DTD to match XML files Performs external DTD simplification according ... DOWNLOAD
rieps(sfnet) RiePS - java postscript library RiePS is a LGPL Java library to generate postsc... DOWNLOAD
exchangeapplet(sfnet) Gnome Exchange Rate Applet The Gnome exchange rate applet displays the exc... DOWNLOAD
mues(sfnet) The MUES Game Engine The Multi-User Environment Server game engine i... DOWNLOAD
vhclmaps(sfnet) vhclmaps 2d/3d map viewer clients and vehicle simulation... DOWNLOAD
uiassistant(sfnet) UI Assisant UI_Assistant is an application for World of War... DOWNLOAD
five(sfnet) Hedgehog Instant Messenger It's just another Instant Messenger based on ja... DOWNLOAD
tksendfax(sfnet) tkSendfax tksendfax is a frontend written in tcl/tk for t... DOWNLOAD
linuxcmd(sfnet) Linux Commander Powerful file manager for X11 written using the... DOWNLOAD
gtswg(sfnet) Global Train Simulator GTS or Global Train Simulator is a train drivin... DOWNLOAD
ndccode(sfnet) NDC Code A collection of various small perl scripts used... DOWNLOAD
aubng(sfnet) Aubng Aubng is a Usenet binary decoder implemented en... DOWNLOAD
eda(sfnet) EDA - Simple Service Gateway his project is now at DOWNLOAD
tobedone(sfnet) Tobedone Tobedone is a Swing Java Applet which helps com... DOWNLOAD
znet(sfnet) Auto Adaptive Channel Transparent multi-level statistically controlle... DOWNLOAD
transept(sfnet) Transept A multipurpose filtering HTTP proxy written in ... DOWNLOAD
apt-proxy(sfnet) apt-proxy A small proxy for caching apt-get requests for ... DOWNLOAD
vwebserver(sfnet) vWebServer vWebServer is a HTTP server for the windows pla... DOWNLOAD
catseye(sfnet) Catseye Catseye is a framework for an XML/XSLT-based we... DOWNLOAD
sbi(sfnet) Small Basic Interpreter Script Interpreter for a Basic Language DOWNLOAD
jenu(sfnet) Jenu -- The Java URL link checker Jenu is a multi threaded Java based graphical w... DOWNLOAD
kpbot(sfnet) KPBot KPBot is an IRC bot written in PHP, it focuses ... DOWNLOAD
jcleclipse(sfnet) jcleclipse A Eclipse plugin wrap jakarta commons-logging. ... DOWNLOAD
moaweb(sfnet) MOAweb Plone based solution integrating a website, mem... DOWNLOAD
agenda-livre(sfnet) Agenda Livre Agenda desenvolvida em Java, utilizando banco P... DOWNLOAD
yamarketparser(sfnet) Yandex Market Parser Yandex Market Parser - is a PHP program for han... DOWNLOAD
psp(sfnet) Perl Server Pages An object-oriented web development system which... DOWNLOAD
webbase(sfnet) webbase Moved to DOWNLOAD
projectzero(sfnet) Project Zero We're at the start of an interstellar war. Not ... DOWNLOAD

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