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xpairtise(sfnet) xpairtise The Eclipse plug-in XPairtise provides a platfo... DOWNLOAD
phpsitemanager(sfnet) php Site Manager This is a Simple PHP Site Management System. Th... DOWNLOAD
banjo(sfnet) banjo Banjo is non-gui javabean that provides a consu... DOWNLOAD
dia2anim(sfnet) Generate animation from dia diagram dia2anim creates a GIF animation from a schemat... DOWNLOAD
mserv-unix(sfnet) Web-based server administration tool MServ-UNIX is a web-based interface to administ... DOWNLOAD
playmaker(sfnet) PlayMaker A java applet for animating Ultimate plays DOWNLOAD
fastermtrx(sfnet) Faster MTRX Ever felt Cybercombat in Shadowrun taking too m... DOWNLOAD
kmw(sfnet) Linux Kernel Module Wrapper This project aims to provide a quick way for mo... DOWNLOAD
difro(sfnet) Difro Encryption A one key 64-bit encryption program designed fo... DOWNLOAD
exobot(sfnet) ExoBot ExoBot is an open source bot for runescape. I ... DOWNLOAD
oasisproject(sfnet) OASIS OASIS is a web app designed to offer an alterna... DOWNLOAD
west(sfnet) WEb Scripting/Stress Tool A console-based web scripting tool, (eventually... DOWNLOAD
talisman(sfnet) Talisman Talisman is an interpreter for a logical markup... DOWNLOAD
openfem(sfnet) Open Finite Element Analysis Develop finite element stress analysis programs... DOWNLOAD
hostblock(sfnet) hostblock Addon to portsentry that removes ipchains-block... DOWNLOAD
jman(sfnet) jman - Java Mail And News jman is a small GUI-based e-mail and Usenet cli... DOWNLOAD
ptl(sfnet) PTL - Path and Textbased Layoutengine PTL - highly customizable website managing tool... DOWNLOAD
papyrus(sfnet) Papyrus - Gestion de bibliothčque Papyrus est un projet de gestion de petites et ... DOWNLOAD
sproducer(sfnet) sProducer The sProducer is an Suite to built Perl & P... DOWNLOAD
forbiddenmagic(sfnet) Forbidden Magic Forbidden Magic is an online FPS game with RPG ... DOWNLOAD
yasql(sfnet) Yet Another SQL*Plus Replacement YASQL is an open source Oracle command line int... DOWNLOAD
phpcms(sfnet) phpCMS Content Management System phpCMS is a highly flexible flat file, no SQL, ... DOWNLOAD
pstars(sfnet) PHP Stars PHP Stars or PStars is a PHP based content rati... DOWNLOAD
units(sfnet) Units Conversion Library Provides functions to convert quantity strings ... DOWNLOAD
mp3clean(sfnet) mp3clean mp3clean takes mp3files and presents it's idtag... DOWNLOAD
mrtg-pme(sfnet) MRTG-PME MRTG-PME is a set of performance monitoring ext... DOWNLOAD
mozilla-nl(sfnet) Mozilla-NL The aim of this project is to provide a Dutch t... DOWNLOAD
pynac(sfnet) PyNaC PyNaC is a Python package for coordinate-free s... DOWNLOAD
mason-wmp(sfnet) Mason Web Mail Project DOWNLOAD
gewels(sfnet) Gewels Gnome version of Jewels. DOWNLOAD
strutsme(sfnet) Enable your mobile to Struts StrutsME is a extension for struts for programm... DOWNLOAD
avisynthtrackin(sfnet) AvisynthTrackingFilter A Computer vision tracking filter for Avisynth.... DOWNLOAD
topten(sfnet) Phase 10 for computers DOWNLOAD
gdnn(sfnet) gdnn This is proof-of-concept type of project with n... DOWNLOAD
puzzled(sfnet) Puzzled - Logic Problem Solver This java program will ultimately solve grid-ty... DOWNLOAD
pokea(sfnet) pokea Poker Game for 5 Players or Computers (Artifici... DOWNLOAD
gchch(sfnet) Gnome Chinese Checkers Gnome Chinese Checkers is an networked implemen... DOWNLOAD
monitord(sfnet) monitord A lightweight (distributed?) network security m... DOWNLOAD
music-sequencer(sfnet) Music Sequencer Music Sequencer is a pair of applications for c... DOWNLOAD
libaudioio(sfnet) LibAudioIO LibAudioIO is an audio foundation library desig... DOWNLOAD
kmud(sfnet) Kmud Kmud is a free graphical MUD client for Linux ... DOWNLOAD
amateur-scrolls(sfnet) amateur-scrolls A project to implement a Daggerfall-like game f... DOWNLOAD
xmlmapper(sfnet) xmlmapper simple mapping of a given xml document to java ... DOWNLOAD
log-rotator(sfnet) Apache Log Rotator Apache Log Rotator will rotate your Apache log ... DOWNLOAD
bofhms(sfnet) BOFHms System Management (PAM / DB) Toolset for pam based user management. Includin... DOWNLOAD
ucla(sfnet) Unamed CVS Log Analyser UCLA, "Unamed CVS Log Analyser", is a... DOWNLOAD
debudebu(sfnet) Debu-debu debugger/disassemblr DOWNLOAD
ewsnake(sfnet) EW Snake DOWNLOAD
ffss(sfnet) Fleming File Sharing System Fleming File Sharing System is a networked file... DOWNLOAD
juken(sfnet) JuKen A project to document and develop tools to acce... DOWNLOAD
gdado(sfnet) Gdado dice roller A very simple application for rolling dice. Int... DOWNLOAD
modmylog(sfnet) mod_mylog mod_mylog is a module for apache that sends the... DOWNLOAD
vdisk(sfnet) Virtual Disk Storage Management tool, Multiple Volumes, Virt... DOWNLOAD
statsgenerator(sfnet) IRC logs stats generator eggdrop log analysis program and statistics gen... DOWNLOAD
tiffep(sfnet) TiFFEP DOWNLOAD
ascl(sfnet) Ada 95 Appl. Support Component Lib. ASCL shall provide Ada 95 components to ease th... DOWNLOAD
p2p-im(sfnet) Peer to Peer Instant Messenger We're sorry, but this project is currently on h... DOWNLOAD
logfile-radius(sfnet) Logfile::Radius - perl module This module has been written to parse *Radius A... DOWNLOAD
livingcode(sfnet) Living Code "A Program is a Process, not a Thing."... DOWNLOAD
openbt(sfnet) AXIS OpenBT Stack An open source bluetooth stack for Linux (and o... DOWNLOAD
pmwcontribd(sfnet) PmwContribD A set of widgets to compliment the Pmw set avai... DOWNLOAD
oxygen-io(sfnet) Oxygen Persistence Framework Oxygen Persistence Framework ( DOWNLOAD
logtodo(sfnet) logtodo Commandline and text based simple time manageme... DOWNLOAD
btools(sfnet) BTools Miscellaneous Java utility classes DOWNLOAD
htmlwml(sfnet) Html2Wml Html2Wml converts HTML pages to WML pages, suit... DOWNLOAD
randomstreaming(sfnet) Random Streaming System Unix/Corba tools for distributed, scalable file... DOWNLOAD
openpdv(sfnet) Open PDV - Cyber CAfe Open PDV é um pequeno software para se controla... DOWNLOAD
fame(sfnet) Fast Assembly Mpeg Encoder real-time MPEG-1/MPEG-4 encoder DOWNLOAD
powerprinter(sfnet) PowerPrinter PowerPrinter is a 32bit DLL that gives you acce... DOWNLOAD
safari(sfnet) The SAFARI Project The goal of SAFARI is to create an advanced new... DOWNLOAD
opensourcepan(sfnet) OpenSourcePan Download server for DOWNLOAD
pdftemplates(sfnet) PDF Templates This is intended to be library for easy creatio... DOWNLOAD
kisocd(sfnet) KisoCD KisoCD is a tool that assists you in creating a... DOWNLOAD
guiforth(sfnet) guiForth guiForth is a customized version of pForth that... DOWNLOAD
joutlookbar(sfnet) JOutlookBar Project is closed due to licensing problems wit... DOWNLOAD
d-sim(sfnet) The D-Sim project DSIM means "darwin_sim". DSIM is a p... DOWNLOAD
dvblast(sfnet) DVBlast DVBlast is a simple and powerful MPEG-2/TS demu... DOWNLOAD
athomebills(sfnet) AtHomeBills AtHomeBills is a web-based personal bill manage... DOWNLOAD
vipec(sfnet) ViPEC network analyser ViPEC is an network analyser for electrical net... DOWNLOAD
ctk-loadmax(sfnet) ctk-loadmax Loadmax - wrap with load average limit. DOWNLOAD
tkbook(sfnet) tkbook This is an eText and eBook Reader with KDE look... DOWNLOAD
dapact(sfnet) DAPACT DAPACT (Data Aware Processing And Control Tags)... DOWNLOAD
j-bird(sfnet) J-Bird J-Bird is a database system for recording obser... DOWNLOAD
ccgpc(sfnet) GNU Potato Caboose GNU Potato Caboose is a suite of programs and s... DOWNLOAD
mp3-daemon(sfnet) MP3::Daemon MP3::Daemon is a daemon written in Perl that po... DOWNLOAD
mwcalc(sfnet) MWCalc This software is a molecular weight calculator. DOWNLOAD
guile-simplesql(sfnet) Guile Simple SQL A simple interface to SQL databases (currently ... DOWNLOAD
cuacslib(sfnet) ACSoc Comics Library Management System A web-based comic books library management syst... DOWNLOAD
schematics(sfnet) Schematics Useful libraries for PLT Scheme, biased towards... DOWNLOAD
gtkhexmap(sfnet) GTK+ hexmap widget The GTK+ hexmap widget can be used for displayi... DOWNLOAD
gbiff(sfnet) gbiff gbiff checks for mail within a file, in a qmail... DOWNLOAD
cinag(sfnet) CINAG CINAG is an UCI computer chess engine. This is ... DOWNLOAD
rdsenc(sfnet) RdsEnc Prepare and send the RDS / RBDS bitstream encod... DOWNLOAD
wpzend(sfnet) wpzend A template Zend Applications that Interacts wit... DOWNLOAD
fracas(sfnet) Fractal Assistant Fractal Assistant is a pure Java fractal explor... DOWNLOAD
ptktools(sfnet) Perl/Tk Tools This is a collection of Perl/Tk based scripts a... DOWNLOAD
tale(sfnet) The Neverending Tale "The Neverending Tale" is a web-based... DOWNLOAD
kipong(sfnet) SoftKIPONG DOWNLOAD
pride(freshmeat) pride Pride combines bash scripts, zenity, ant, Image... DOWNLOAD
jw3inventoryman(sfnet) JW3 Inventory Management Software Web based inventory management software designe... DOWNLOAD

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