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l337(sfnet) Useful Open Sourced software Redistribution of useful software packed togeth... DOWNLOAD
transcalc(sfnet) Transmission Line Calculator Transcalc is an analysis and synthesis tool for... DOWNLOAD
x3navald(sfnet) X3NavalD, boat design software Computer-Aided Boat-Design software written in ... DOWNLOAD
aadml(sfnet) Advanced and Discrete Math Library Advanced and Discrete Mathematics Library for P... DOWNLOAD
darwin-test(sfnet) Darwin_Test Darwin_Test validates the Darwincore2 format, t... DOWNLOAD
ftp4che(sfnet) ftp4che Feature rich FTP Library using Java 1.4 / 5.0 (... DOWNLOAD
gwtreflection(sfnet) GWT Reflection GWT Reflection give ability for GWT Developers ... DOWNLOAD
cbmi(sfnet) CBMI Canonical Bean Method Invocation - A Spring bas... DOWNLOAD
sebrei(sfnet) SEBREI Sistema Experto Basado en Reglas para recomenda... DOWNLOAD
tadm(sfnet) TADM The Toolkit for Advanced Discriminative Modelin... DOWNLOAD
pybaseball(sfnet) PyBaseball PyBaseball is a simulation of baseball written ... DOWNLOAD
jmousewheel(sfnet) JMouseWheel JMouseWheel implements mouse wheel support for ... DOWNLOAD
zervsitemapgen(sfnet) GsgXml GsgXml is a class used to build XML sitemaps fo... DOWNLOAD
odgrep(sfnet) OD Grep Open Diary ( content extracti... DOWNLOAD
passwdd(sfnet) passwdd DOWNLOAD
aem(sfnet) AEM - Linux Asynchronous Event Mechanism AEM implements a native support for asynchronou... DOWNLOAD
ultrawork(sfnet) UltraWork UltraWork aims at providing J2EE Utilities and ... DOWNLOAD
simplechessvb(sfnet) Simple Chess VB Simple Chess VB is a small program, which lets ... DOWNLOAD
simuland(sfnet) Simuland web based game using php to create a simulated ... DOWNLOAD
simpleht(sfnet) simple HTML Templating Discontinued. This library provides a simple wa... DOWNLOAD
d2ie(sfnet) D2IE Powerfull item editor for Blizzard Diablo II fo... DOWNLOAD
roadrouter(sfnet) Road Router This is a Road/Street mapping program which wil... DOWNLOAD
decomment(sfnet) deComment a source code decommenter. DOWNLOAD
gquiz(sfnet) gquiz GQuiz is a multiple choice quiz program based o... DOWNLOAD
xenstuff(sfnet) Xen Stuff Xen Stuff is a collection of tools and prebuilt... DOWNLOAD
efftcl(sfnet) Effective Tcl/Tk Library Souce code from the book "Effective Tcl/Tk... DOWNLOAD
semerkent(sfnet) Semerkent Semerkent is in our case a opaque access librar... DOWNLOAD
timekeeper(sfnet) TimeKeeper TimeKeeper is a time management system that all... DOWNLOAD
hc-project(sfnet) HypothesisCreator HC is a C++ library for assisting the developme... DOWNLOAD
pfem(sfnet) Pfem Pfem is a python-based finite element program a... DOWNLOAD
merge(sfnet) Bookmark File Merger merge is a Perl script that attempts to intelli... DOWNLOAD
eifogl(sfnet) EiffelOpenGL EiffelOpenGL is an Eiffel wrapping of OpenGL. A... DOWNLOAD
rspa(sfnet) Really Simple PHP and Ajax RSPA is a component based event driven ajax ena... DOWNLOAD
tablehockey(sfnet) TableHockey3D TableHockey3d is a game similar to the old &quo... DOWNLOAD
clicker(sfnet) Clicker 32 Clicker is a project for a Multitasking Open-so... DOWNLOAD
dtaus-java(sfnet) Java DTAUS API A Java API for creating german banking transact... DOWNLOAD
ourcal(sfnet) OURCal On line calendar program for large organization... DOWNLOAD
bucket(sfnet) The Bucket Project The Bucket Project is a project to make a bette... DOWNLOAD
overrun(sfnet) Overrun Overrun is a board game for 2 up to 4 players. DOWNLOAD
antispam(sfnet) AntiSpam Plugin for Pegasus Mail AntiSpam is an extension for Pegasus Mail 3.1 (... DOWNLOAD
utool(sfnet) Swiss Army Knife of Underspecification The Swiss army knife of scope underspecificatio... DOWNLOAD
webconf(sfnet) WebConf To develop a webbased config utility to confiug... DOWNLOAD
epull(sfnet) epull Turnkey web-based solution for comic book retai... DOWNLOAD
giggle(sfnet) Giggle++ Gene's Intrepid Garbage Gathering Library Engin... DOWNLOAD
semantext(sfnet) SemanText SemanText demonstrates how topic maps can be us... DOWNLOAD
pcre(sfnet) PCRE The PCRE library is a set of functions that imp... DOWNLOAD
nnetlib(sfnet) Neural Network C++ library Easy to use neural network library in C++, to ... DOWNLOAD
simpuddle(sfnet) SimPuddle Simulation of beasts in a pool (puddle) moving ... DOWNLOAD
php4bango(sfnet) PHP/SQL web interface generation tool PHP based database web administration page gene... DOWNLOAD
akasha(sfnet) Akasha php/MySQL based webmail program. Currently only... DOWNLOAD
libajax(sfnet) LibAjax The library allows the use of server side and c... DOWNLOAD
lcc-java(sfnet) lcc Java backend lcc backend which produces java classes from C ... DOWNLOAD
torque-drmaa(sfnet) FedStage DRMAA for Torque FedStage DRMAA for Torque library is an impleme... DOWNLOAD
steroids(sfnet) steroids (serial ports on) steroids enables users to exe... DOWNLOAD
zandiros(sfnet) Zandi, Remote Object Server The Project for flexible Server. The First Impl... DOWNLOAD
galactivovr(sfnet) Galactic Overlords This is a web based, multi-player role play gam... DOWNLOAD
netzbrett(sfnet) Netzbrett A webboard written in php3/4. Saves messages as... DOWNLOAD
wapreview(sfnet) wapreview wapreview is an online WAP browser that lets yo... DOWNLOAD
xatlantis(sfnet) XAtlantis This Project is dedicated to the Development of... DOWNLOAD
pretlug(sfnet) Pretoria Linux Users Group DOWNLOAD
tcltexed(sfnet) TclTexEditor TclTexEd is a great LaTex-Editor written in Tcl... DOWNLOAD
gnuerp(sfnet) gnuerp This will be ERP software with opensource. DOWNLOAD
h323gate(sfnet) H323Gate This project is to extend the work of OpenH323 ... DOWNLOAD
openbooks(sfnet) OpenBooks The OpenBooks Project aims to collect, create, ... DOWNLOAD
kpbmenh(sfnet) kingpin bagman enhanced Xatrics Kingpin enhanced w/ vote ban fix; suici... DOWNLOAD
dt3152(sfnet) DT3152 Framegrabber - Linux driver Video4Linux driver for DT3152 board from Data T... DOWNLOAD
kprof(sfnet) KProf A KDE3 visual tool helping developers to analyz... DOWNLOAD
newstap(sfnet) Newstap Newstap is a tool for retrieving news articles ... DOWNLOAD
gsex(sfnet) GSEX SX Client An SX Client for Linux and Unix. Will provide ... DOWNLOAD
iplogd(sfnet) Configurable packet log daemon DOWNLOAD
pybackend(sfnet) Backend Abstracted Object Framework An RDBMS backed object development framework in... DOWNLOAD
gface(sfnet) GFace - custom reusable SWT controls GFace contains custom reusable SWT UI widgets f... DOWNLOAD
simplefont(sfnet) SimpleFont A small program like banner that is better in s... DOWNLOAD
yiv(sfnet) yet anoter integrity validator This is a security related integrity validator ... DOWNLOAD
ffdataanalytics(sfnet) Firefox DataAnalytics DataAnalytics is a Firefox extension that enabl... DOWNLOAD
slugcode(sfnet) SLUGCODE Slugcode is a project to provide a fully workin... DOWNLOAD
hping2(sfnet) hping2 hping2 is an interactive packet costructor and ... DOWNLOAD
pyacts(sfnet) pyacts PyACTS as a set of Python based modules that pr... DOWNLOAD
pasgnome(sfnet) FreePascal Gnome Bindings FreePascal bindings to Gnome libaries DOWNLOAD
glelite(sfnet) glElite Teddy is general graphics library and space-rol... DOWNLOAD
doombsp(sfnet) BSP BSP is the de facto standard node builder for t... DOWNLOAD
freecml(sfnet) FreeCML FreeCML is attempt to create free translator fr... DOWNLOAD
kexis(sfnet) Kexis Kexis - A lossless WAV file compressor. Kexis' ... DOWNLOAD
problematic(sfnet) Problematic Java applet allows user to solve go problems in... DOWNLOAD
assassin(sfnet) Silent Assassin A 3D first person shooter made with OpenGL, bei... DOWNLOAD
protein-finder(sfnet) ProteinFinder database search method ProteinFinder - a C language parallel computing... DOWNLOAD
plibc(sfnet) PlibC PlibC is a C runtime library for Windows that e... DOWNLOAD
jalan(sfnet) Jalan A user-friendly management tool for network adm... DOWNLOAD
silo(sfnet) SPARC/UltraSPARC Boot Loader DOWNLOAD
streamsicle(sfnet) Streamsicle The Streamsicle is a stand-alone webserver and ... DOWNLOAD
epte(sfnet) Easy PHP Theme Engine Easy PHP Theme Engine is, as its name says, a T... DOWNLOAD
perllib(sfnet) Perllib This is an attempt to add PERL's datatypes and ... DOWNLOAD
ociphpsess(sfnet) Oracle Session Handler for PHP Oracle Session Handler for PHP. It use OCI8 fun... DOWNLOAD
linux9110(sfnet) Linux 9110 Linux9110 will be a daemon or something to sync... DOWNLOAD
gdbstubs(sfnet) gdbstubs A reusable gdb stub architecture for multiple p... DOWNLOAD
cpuid(sfnet) CPUID Library for Win32 Using CPUID instruction to detect CPU informati... DOWNLOAD
webdialog(sfnet) webdialog webdialog is a java Servlet/JSP framework for w... DOWNLOAD
websievec(sfnet) webSievec The webSievec is a web/php utility for remote a... DOWNLOAD
picmicrosim(sfnet) PIC Microprocessor Simulator on Linux Microprocessor simulator for the PIC16F84A on L... DOWNLOAD
gaim-interface(sfnet) gaim-interface gaim-interface is a plugin for the Gaim multi-p... DOWNLOAD

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