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linuxturk(sfnet) Linux Turk This projects aims to resolve Turkish i18n issu... DOWNLOAD
jetstream(sfnet) JETSTREAM <IMG SRC=" DOWNLOAD
php-csl(sfnet) PHP Code Snippet Library PHP Code Snippet Library. PHP-CSL is designed t... DOWNLOAD
camram(sfnet) camram antispam system Camram is a hybrid antispam system combining mu... DOWNLOAD
metaspaceclient(sfnet) Metaspace Web Client The metaspace client is a general perpose clien... DOWNLOAD
gerrit(freshmeat) Gerrit Gerrit is a Web-based code review system, facil... DOWNLOAD
qdecision(sfnet) Qt3-based Decision Tracker Qt3-based Decision Tracker intended to project ... DOWNLOAD
lfs(sfnet) Linux From Scratch LinuxFromScratch describes the process of how y... DOWNLOAD
kdvd(sfnet) KDVD KDVD is a kde-/qt- and libmpeg2-libary based dv... DOWNLOAD
treshunt(sfnet) Treasure Hunt A simple and fun game in which you guess which ... DOWNLOAD
kvocabulary(sfnet) KVocbulary KVocabulary is a vocabulary trainer for one or ... DOWNLOAD
oboeru(sfnet) Oboeru (Palm Flash Cards) Oboeru is a flash card application for PalmOS. ... DOWNLOAD
mesaintros(sfnet) Mesa 3d intros a collection of opensource intros made in mesa 3d DOWNLOAD
ultra(sfnet) Ultra IRCd Elite IRCd hybrid DOWNLOAD
lpadmin(sfnet) LPAdmin LPAdmin is a set of PHP4-Scripts to administrat... DOWNLOAD
flare(sfnet) Flare Foreign Language Software - Providing an intera... DOWNLOAD
clickomatic(sfnet) Click-o-Matic series Clickomania! and friends are on your Linux Desk... DOWNLOAD
cl-alleg(sfnet) Common Lisp FFI for Allegro (games lib) CFFI bindings for the Allegro Games Programming... DOWNLOAD
ictax(sfnet) ICTax Internet Caffe Taxing. Build for internet cafee... DOWNLOAD
fahgr(sfnet) Folding@Home Grapher Graph and analyze Folding@Home team statistics ... DOWNLOAD
sgb(sfnet) sgb - spartanic guestbook sgb - spartanic guestbook: a spartanic guestboo... DOWNLOAD
opensdk(sfnet) openSDK openSDK is a free and open-source implementatio... DOWNLOAD
grofcs(sfnet) GROF# GROF# (Group Oriented Framework for C#) provide... DOWNLOAD
smoothcopy(sfnet) SmoothCopy Better than batch files, SmoothCopy uses an XML... DOWNLOAD
sha-rk(sfnet) ShaRK ShaRK is a Russian localization project for Lin... DOWNLOAD
weave(sfnet) weave Weave is a collaborative story-building system ... DOWNLOAD
gpf(sfnet) GPF General Program Frontend (GUI Frontend for prog... DOWNLOAD
div-dev(sfnet) Diverse Developments Originally a software partnership between my be... DOWNLOAD
fultron(sfnet) Fultron 2002 A sample-based cross-platform themable drum mac... DOWNLOAD
toska(sfnet) Toolkit for OpenSSH Key Administration This small project fills a need for network adm... DOWNLOAD
mp3rename(sfnet) mp3rename mp3rename is an advanced perl script to rename ... DOWNLOAD
freedb(sfnet) freedb The server software needed to run a cddbp datab... DOWNLOAD
mornshout(sfnet) mornshout A PHP based Shoutcast shouter package that can ... DOWNLOAD
libradio(sfnet) libradio libradio currently provides a high level wrappe... DOWNLOAD
fire(sfnet) Fire Fire is a multi-protocol instant messenger clie... DOWNLOAD
luminescence(sfnet) Luminescence Luminescence is a rave performance tool. It cur... DOWNLOAD
finvoc(sfnet) FinVoc A finnish-to-english dictionary for those, who ... DOWNLOAD
bww-irc(sfnet) BWW-IRC The is a new, fresh,easy-to-use, newbie friendl... DOWNLOAD
ti89editor(sfnet) ASM 68000 Editor ASM68000 is a usefull editor to write ASM code ... DOWNLOAD
cdchamber(sfnet) CDChamber The project is to manage your CD. We use java, ... DOWNLOAD
jadsi(sfnet) JADSI ADSI is useful interface for many Windows admin... DOWNLOAD
distributedcity(sfnet) Distributed City Distributed City is a website in infrastructure... DOWNLOAD
miniamp(sfnet) MiniAMP MiniAMP is simple Apache + MySQL + PHP installe... DOWNLOAD
daemon4j(sfnet) Daemon4J - Java Virtual Machine Daemon Daemon4J is a helpful ghost for those who - don... DOWNLOAD
gtkali(sfnet) GTKali GTKali is a free graphical chat client for the ... DOWNLOAD
spyglass(sfnet) spyGLass spyGLass is an OpenGL call tracer and debugger.... DOWNLOAD
pxdbtofile(sfnet) PxDBTOFILE - DB to file export via XML PxDBTOFILE is a database to file exporter in PE... DOWNLOAD
imt(sfnet) Integrating Modelling Toolkit The Integrating Modelling Toolkit (IMT) is a ge... DOWNLOAD
appheartbeatmon(sfnet) Application Heartbeat Monitor Application Heartbeat Monitor is a daemon + lib... DOWNLOAD
sjeng(sfnet) Sjeng Sjeng is a strong, GPL'ed chessprogram that pla... DOWNLOAD
yanf(sfnet) Yet Another News Fetcher Yanf opens a config-file, reads it, fetches the... DOWNLOAD
rt-utils(sfnet) rt-utils A set of utilities for manipulating the POSIX r... DOWNLOAD
macprang(sfnet) Decode Mac OS X Crash Log A program to apply a link map to a Mac OS X cra... DOWNLOAD
drillingcalc(sfnet) Drilling Calculator Drilling Calculator, Calculate all your drillin... DOWNLOAD
winhp(sfnet) WinHP HP48/HP49 Editor WinHP is a windows editor that can edit and tra... DOWNLOAD
histog(sfnet) histog draw circular/linear histograms in PostScript. ... DOWNLOAD
classfind(sfnet) Classfind Provides a means to determine Java class loadin... DOWNLOAD
finj(sfnet) FTP client for Java apps Programmatically controllable FTP client writte... DOWNLOAD
atcommand(sfnet) Send_ReceiveSMSUsingATCommand Send And Receive SMS Using AT command using VB2... DOWNLOAD
universaldb(sfnet) EQEmu Universal DB The goal of this project is to provide EQEmu us... DOWNLOAD
qtcdb(sfnet) QtCDB QtCDB is software for Coincidence Doppler Broad... DOWNLOAD
zipcodedb(sfnet) The Zipcode Database Project DOWNLOAD
kiosk(sfnet) Kiosk Database Manager A light weight MySQL database manager. Supports... DOWNLOAD
slashem(sfnet) SLASH'EM SLASH'EM (SuperLotsaAddedStuffHack - Extended M... DOWNLOAD
dbobjects(sfnet) DB Objects for Java This package provides a lightweight and flexibl... DOWNLOAD
distru(sfnet) LiteStep Installer LiteStep Installer, easy to use LiteStep distri... DOWNLOAD
cvsmail(sfnet) cvsmail cvsmail is a set of utilities to manage the del... DOWNLOAD
flysearch(sfnet) FlySearch Fast Local File Search Using Lucene, HTMLParse... DOWNLOAD
elmutt(sfnet) Elmutt elmutt - mutt with elm features DOWNLOAD
cria(sfnet) cria IRC client Full-featured lightweight IRC client. DOWNLOAD
palmspec(sfnet) PalmOS Sinclair Spectrum emulator PalmOS Sinclair Spectrum emulator (PalmOS v3.5 ... DOWNLOAD
upflickr(sfnet) upflickr upflickr - a command line uploading tool for th... DOWNLOAD
survival(sfnet) Survival Source Release Source code and resources for build 1.06 of Sur... DOWNLOAD
freelog(sfnet) FreeLog - Open Source Datalogger This ECM diagnostic software was designed with ... DOWNLOAD
hamt(sfnet) hamt C++ implementation of Hash Array Mapped Trie (H... DOWNLOAD
synopsis(sfnet) Synopsis The project has moved to http://synopsis.fresco... DOWNLOAD
contentnow(sfnet) contentnow :: small cms contentNow :: a small content management system... DOWNLOAD
imgseekweb(sfnet) imgSeekWeb imgSeekWeb is based on imgSeek project.The fina... DOWNLOAD
xmlproperties(sfnet) XMLProperties The main product of this project, XMLProperties... DOWNLOAD
phpserver(sfnet) phpServer phpServer (based on phpSystem) is a php script ... DOWNLOAD
latte(sfnet) LATTE DOWNLOAD
nevu(sfnet) Nevu Nevu is a project which focuses on producing sm... DOWNLOAD
chain(sfnet) CHAIN CHAIN (CHAllenging and INtelligent) is a softwa... DOWNLOAD
javascour(sfnet) javascour A 100% Java client that interfaces with Scour E... DOWNLOAD
monorail(sfnet) Monorail Monorail is an integrated web-based interface t... DOWNLOAD
networkagent(sfnet) Network Agents A group of systems for building network-oriente... DOWNLOAD
getasciivalue(sfnet) Get ASCII Value DOWNLOAD
javagear(sfnet) JavaGear JavaGear is a Sega Master System and Game Gear ... DOWNLOAD
postal(sfnet) Postal/Rabid mail server benchmarks Program to benchmark high performance mail serv... DOWNLOAD
section-mail(sfnet) Section[one] E-Mail Ncurses e-mail writing in C lang. DOWNLOAD
buzzloader(sfnet) buzz machine DLL loader for linux BuzzLoader for Linux DOWNLOAD
sum-it(sfnet) Sum-It Sum-It is spreadsheet application for the BeOS.... DOWNLOAD
hampusdb(sfnet) HampusDB HDB is a small, flexible and efficient hybrid d... DOWNLOAD
phpgwapps(sfnet) phpGroupWare Apps Please goto DOWNLOAD
ooxml(sfnet) libxml++ (Discontinued) Small C++ wrapper for the SAX Interface of libx... DOWNLOAD
snd(sfnet) Snd Snd is a sound editor. DOWNLOAD
scopa(sfnet) Scopa "Scopa" is a very popular italian car... DOWNLOAD
torps(sfnet) Torps TORPS is a graphical tool for various role-play... DOWNLOAD
desktopswitcher(sfnet) Disktop Switcher Desktop Switcher is program that allows user to... DOWNLOAD
metabar(sfnet) Metabar A sidebar plugin for KDE's Konqueror which show... DOWNLOAD

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