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solmix(sfnet) Simple Solaris Audio Mixer The Simple Solaris Audio Mixer is a command-lin... DOWNLOAD
ogdi(sfnet) Open Geospatial Data Interface OGDI is a network enabled protocol for access r... DOWNLOAD
projectalpha(sfnet) Project ALPHA Strategy game DOWNLOAD
guca(sfnet) Punjabi Computing Resource Centre The Punjabi Computing Resource Centre holds res... DOWNLOAD
lancon(sfnet) LAN Convention LANCon is a LANParty and LAN Tournament managem... DOWNLOAD
jtrains(sfnet) JTrains A Java Transport Tycoon clone. It's main focus ... DOWNLOAD
toastscript(sfnet) ToastScript A Java implementation of the PostScript language. DOWNLOAD
to-11(sfnet) To Eleven A robust and full-featured music player for Dre... DOWNLOAD
file2image(sfnet) File2Image2 a tool to convert anything into a valid png and... DOWNLOAD
phpjukebox(sfnet) phpjukebox This will play songs from list of realaudio lin... DOWNLOAD
mwdl(sfnet) mwdl The Model Weaving Description Language (MWDL) i... DOWNLOAD
multi(sfnet) Multi Multi is a test tool that generates test ideas ... DOWNLOAD
clusternetworks(sfnet) Cluster Networks Cluster Networks are a new style of neural simu... DOWNLOAD
ilsendsms(sfnet) Send SMS (Israel) Perl script to send SMS messages to Israelli ce... DOWNLOAD
rama(sfnet) RAMA Rendering, Animation, and Modelling Architectur... DOWNLOAD
openquake(sfnet) OpenQuake This project is no longer active, I have joined... DOWNLOAD
moemusic(sfnet) Moe Music Moe Music is a web front end to mpg123. it uses... DOWNLOAD
linradio(sfnet) LinRadio Tools/Applications/Drivers Support for WiNRADiO radio receivers on Linux a... DOWNLOAD
slooze(sfnet) Slooze PHP Web Photo Album A web-based photo album for the display of phot... DOWNLOAD
spamtrainer(sfnet) Spam Trainer Not all email clients have Spam filtering (and ... DOWNLOAD
csnes9x(sfnet) Commandline Snes9X csnes9x is a command-line based front-end to th... DOWNLOAD
geneticbridge(sfnet) Genetic Bridge DOWNLOAD
baprog(sfnet) Babya's Program Desktop add-on for windows DOWNLOAD
mvwww(sfnet) MVWWW - HTTP Integration for MV DBMS's Open Source HTTP Integration Tools for MultiVal... DOWNLOAD
tesselation(sfnet) tesselation Create colorful tilings, like Escher with your ... DOWNLOAD
gemc(sfnet) Gemc Gemc lets you prepare CD image files (such as B... DOWNLOAD
ariane(sfnet) Ariane Dating simulator game. This homebrew is a port ... DOWNLOAD
secsuite(sfnet) secsuite Security Suite The secsuite Security Suite is, as it is called... DOWNLOAD
dbphpmysql(sfnet) MySql PHP Database Control This is a single file form processing PHP scrip... DOWNLOAD
webbrewery(sfnet) The WebBrewery The WebBrewery is a tool for easy and powerful ... DOWNLOAD
scsim(sfnet) - DOWNLOAD
gstalker(sfnet) Gstalker Gstalker is a basic technical analysis charting... DOWNLOAD
phpnewscomment(sfnet) phpNewsComment Simple PHP and SQL based news & commenting ... DOWNLOAD
gjal(sfnet) Generic Java Algebra Library GJAL is a collection of generic class definitio... DOWNLOAD
panbi(sfnet) PanBI PanBI is a collection of analytics modules for ... DOWNLOAD
patchdownload(sfnet) troll troll (ex patchDownload) is an automatic agent ... DOWNLOAD
vbaddin(sfnet) Visual Basic Class Builder Add-In This add-in is designed to ease encapsulation o... DOWNLOAD
dreampage(sfnet) DreamPage DreamPage lets you create dynamic web sites wit... DOWNLOAD
grclasses(sfnet) GrClasses Open source php class DOWNLOAD
qpascal(sfnet) The QPascal Project The QPascal Project is an endeavour to produce ... DOWNLOAD
s2css(sfnet) S2CSS A pure java implementation of a CSS parser and ... DOWNLOAD
somelib(sfnet) SOMELib SOMELib (Formerly SOMLib) is a simple way to pl... DOWNLOAD
phpollster(sfnet) phPollster phPollster is a PHP/MySQL application for condu... DOWNLOAD
svgeditor(sfnet) Editeur SVG 'Editeur SVG' attempts to be a complete SVG gra... DOWNLOAD
rspf(sfnet) Radio Shortest Path First RSPF is a routing daemon specially written for ... DOWNLOAD
hapsnap(sfnet) HapSnap HapSnap computes common haplotypes in a human p... DOWNLOAD
nspy(sfnet) NNTP Spy DOWNLOAD
phpsoapserver(sfnet) phpsoapserver DOWNLOAD
packetmap(sfnet) Packetmap Packetmap performs realtime packet capture and ... DOWNLOAD
irccat(sfnet) irccat A simple 'cat' for irc. DOWNLOAD
kxml(sfnet) kXML kXML is a lean Common XML API with namespace an... DOWNLOAD
gnupdate(sfnet) GNUpdate GNUpdate is a set of libraries and tools that p... DOWNLOAD
tcpcom32(sfnet) TCPCOM32 Serial Port to TCP/IP Connection Mapper. Maps s... DOWNLOAD
autocvs(sfnet) Auto CVS The aim of this project is to make it easier to... DOWNLOAD
fractalforge(sfnet) Fractal Forge Fractal Forge is an application written in Delp... DOWNLOAD
marla(sfnet) Marla real time 3D strategygame, supposed to have all... DOWNLOAD
vcomment(sfnet) vcomment Very small and simple tool that attempts to sho... DOWNLOAD
xgks(sfnet) XGKS XGKS is a level 2C implementation of the ANSI G... DOWNLOAD
gomber(sfnet) GLBomberMan DOWNLOAD
upt(sfnet) The UNIX Paint UNIX Paint is a simple, but useful image editin... DOWNLOAD
thehorde(sfnet) The Horde : Roguelike + Quest A new Roguelike+Quest Open-source game written ... DOWNLOAD
rpn(sfnet) rpn Small RPN (HP48 style) calculator, working in t... DOWNLOAD
sfm(sfnet) sfm SFM stands for Spam Free Mail and is a free sub... DOWNLOAD
yata(sfnet) yata (Yet Another TimeReporting App.) YATA is "Yet Another TimeReporting Applica... DOWNLOAD
takocompiler(sfnet) Tako Compiler Tako is a direct programming language with Java... DOWNLOAD
noffle(sfnet) Noffle - news server Noffle is a news (nntp) server optimized for fe... DOWNLOAD
lightbox(sfnet) The Virtual LightBox DOWNLOAD
qms2(sfnet) QTL Macro for SAS Software This is a SAS(r) Software macro package for per... DOWNLOAD
emptytreeseedy(sfnet) Emptytree Seedy Emptytree-seedy is a distributed digital music ... DOWNLOAD
kobayashimaru(sfnet) Kobayashi Maru Kobayashi Maru is a free, expandable, portable,... DOWNLOAD
pydict(sfnet) pyDict This is an English/Chinese Dictionary written ... DOWNLOAD
dips(sfnet) Dynamic-IP-Service A WebERP-System DOWNLOAD
minigolfmaniacs(sfnet) Minigolf Maniacs Mod Project Minigolf Maniacs Mod Project - More Holes, More... DOWNLOAD
sf-perl(sfnet) sourceforge-perl Some perl modules to access the data on sourcef... DOWNLOAD
rmftrace(sfnet) RMF trace This small win32 console program will display a... DOWNLOAD
libalcatel(sfnet) libAlcatel libAlcatel is a library for communicationg with... DOWNLOAD
twrailway(sfnet) twRailway This is a Visual Sutdio .NET Project with platf... DOWNLOAD
hwd(sfnet) Linux Kernel HardWare Detection tool Linux Kernel HardWare Detection tool DOWNLOAD
quick-pts(sfnet) Python Time Server A Time server implemented in Python, developed ... DOWNLOAD
gadslc(sfnet) Georgs ADSL Conecctor Applications/Internet DOWNLOAD
mpeg2pas(sfnet) mpeg2pas a Kylix/Delphi translation of the mpeg2.h and r... DOWNLOAD
gtkinxtembeddin(sfnet) Gtk embedding in Xt Gtk embedding in Xt DOWNLOAD
netguard(sfnet) NetGuard DOWNLOAD
java2d-pstext(sfnet) Java 2D PostScript Text Java 2D PostScript Text builds on the Java 2D G... DOWNLOAD
kmc-utils(sfnet) kmc_utils kmc_utils is a small package of applications an... DOWNLOAD
qthello(sfnet) QtHello Othello program written in Qt. It's design make... DOWNLOAD
line(sfnet) LINE LINE Is Not an Emulator. LINE executes unmodif... DOWNLOAD
framelauncher(sfnet) FrameLauncher The FrameLauncher class is an applet that only ... DOWNLOAD
sfprj06(sfnet) archer Decompression algorithm for ARJ. If the archive... DOWNLOAD
datcoll(sfnet) Data Collection And Reporting DatColl is a .Net based Data Collection and Rep... DOWNLOAD
axfuzz(sfnet) axfuzz An ActiveX/COM enumerator and fuzzer DOWNLOAD
cfgarch(sfnet) cfgarch cfgarch is a tool which collects configuration ... DOWNLOAD
cmds(sfnet) CMDS - Cohort DNA Copy Number Analysis A population-based method for DNA copy number a... DOWNLOAD
dupmaster(sfnet) DupMaster A Powerful Duplicate File Finder and Cleaner fo... DOWNLOAD
jtron(sfnet) JTron - Java Tron Game JTron is a game like a classical Tron game. But... DOWNLOAD
gurubot(sfnet) Source Guru PHP Bot A PHP bot for IRC (runnable on the command line... DOWNLOAD
floppyutil(sfnet) Floppy formatting utility This utility is used to format floppy disks. I... DOWNLOAD
upictoolkit(sfnet) PicMicro Unix Toolbox DOWNLOAD
tware(sfnet) TWare tools This is a set of utilities that are going to re... DOWNLOAD
schnouki(sfnet) schnouki Is a web application for enterprise or school t... DOWNLOAD

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