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clix(sfnet) CLIX CLIX is a Python plugin framework for plugging ... DOWNLOAD
sonix(sfnet) sonix SONIX SN9C102 based webcam driver for linux [... DOWNLOAD
beepage(sfnet) beepage A Unix-based, Internet-aware text paging system... DOWNLOAD
roundtrip(sfnet) RoundTrip UML Class Modeller Round Trip Engineering UML Class diagram tool. ... DOWNLOAD
xbox-windows(sfnet) Windows on the Microsoft Xbox Xbox-Windows DOWNLOAD
gp32linux(sfnet) gp32linux a port of linux to the GP32 game console DOWNLOAD
zxtaptool(sfnet) ZX Tape tool ZXTapeTool is a tool to manipulate tape archive... DOWNLOAD
begadu(sfnet) BeGadu Open source, graphical client for G*adu-G*adu I... DOWNLOAD
nodecheck(sfnet) NodeCheck Suite NodeCheck is a WMI-based Windows network node m... DOWNLOAD
downloadsecret(sfnet) My Download Secretary My Download Secretary is a folder management ap... DOWNLOAD
linwarrior(sfnet) LinWarrior LinWarrior '...navigate your customized Wanzer ... DOWNLOAD
swt-datepicker(sfnet) SWT DatePicker SWT DatePicker widget DOWNLOAD
en57a(sfnet) EN57A - The Return of The Mechanik This project is aimed to create clone of ancien... DOWNLOAD
stepbystep(sfnet) Step by Step Wizard Engine for Java. DOWNLOAD
transwi(sfnet) Software Translation Web Interface This is an active web interface for software tr... DOWNLOAD
postwoman(sfnet) PostWoman This Java Application sends emails to a list of... DOWNLOAD
csharpircserv(sfnet) C# Based IRC Services IRC Services for the Unreal IRC server, written... DOWNLOAD
sethe(sfnet) sethe Sethe is a TCP/IP, command line, socket based c... DOWNLOAD
sflex(sfnet) SfleX Software Flexibility Project SfleX aims at developing a dynamic transaction ... DOWNLOAD
webcyradm(sfnet) Cyrus WebAdmin Tools A set of tools for management of the Cyrus IMAP... DOWNLOAD
sitesize(sfnet) Site Size A simple Perl utility, to calculate the amount ... DOWNLOAD
vetk(sfnet) VETk - Virtual Environment Toolkit VETk is a toolkit for developing complex and di... DOWNLOAD
ottoweb(sfnet) Otto Web Framework Otto is a pythonic web frame work based on XIST... DOWNLOAD
eselstall(sfnet) Eselstall Eselstall Secure Environment to Launch Software... DOWNLOAD
soliste(sfnet) soliste Lightweight Object-oriented PHP5 framework, to ... DOWNLOAD
netmodclip(sfnet) netMod CLIP Free Open Source ISDN BRI Caller ID Program for... DOWNLOAD
scratchml(sfnet) Scratch Scratch is a simple markup language for use in ... DOWNLOAD
ii2(sfnet) i-Installer A net-aware installer for Mac OS X DOWNLOAD
yar(sfnet) Yet Another Repository YAR - Yet Another Repository : collection of Pe... DOWNLOAD
neuroscholar(sfnet) The NeuroScholar System A neuroscientific knowledge management system f... DOWNLOAD
pwt(sfnet) PWT is PDF Layout Writing Technology PWT is a Professional PDF Layout Writing Techno... DOWNLOAD
phpmyclients(sfnet) phpMyClients phpMyClients is a php and mySQL script, that al... DOWNLOAD
sibsim(sfnet) sibsim sibsim is designed to simulate either genotype ... DOWNLOAD
ssim(sfnet) Server-Side Image Manager A Java Library/Servlet/Service for on-the-fly s... DOWNLOAD
deb-install(sfnet) deb-install deb-install is a (big) shellskript, that works ... DOWNLOAD
opendmtools(sfnet) Open Dungeon Master Tools A whole set of tools to ease Dungeons Master life DOWNLOAD
mousetrap(sfnet) Mousetrap Mail Mousetrap is a Java email client for Windows. F... DOWNLOAD
numerologia(sfnet) Numerologia Little applet for fun with numerology. Enter yo... DOWNLOAD
xmms-titlefader(sfnet) xmms-titlefader This piece of code is a plugin for xmms. It wil... DOWNLOAD
jttt(sfnet) Java TCP Tunneling Tool Java TCP Tunneling Tool is meant to construct a... DOWNLOAD
darkmod(sfnet) darkmod, a *nix modplayer a *nix modplayer, with client/daemon IPC commun... DOWNLOAD
charting(sfnet) TaiwanTrader TaiwanTrader is a charting application for any ... DOWNLOAD
morsetutor(sfnet) Morse Tutor Morse Tutor is a program to practice morse code... DOWNLOAD
j2tutos(sfnet) J2TUTOS A Java port of the TUTOS php system. DOWNLOAD
rockpaperscis(sfnet) Rock Paper Scissors A rock paper scissors game written in c++ DOWNLOAD
enya(sfnet) ENYA - Little Image Stuff ENYA is a little graphics toolkit for manipulat... DOWNLOAD
nitghtcrawler(sfnet) nightcrawler - secure messenger client A secure instant messanging client. That will u... DOWNLOAD
helplink(sfnet) Helplink Helplink is a web based system for managing hel... DOWNLOAD
bolix(sfnet) bolix Bolix enviroment is a spherical network oriente... DOWNLOAD
symaxx(sfnet) Symaxx Symaxx is a graphical front end for the Maxima ... DOWNLOAD
stockticker(sfnet) StockTicker A gnome panel applet to display stock quotes an... DOWNLOAD
controlit(sfnet) ControlIt ControlIt is a client/server environment for de... DOWNLOAD
k-acpi(sfnet) Kacpi -Batterystate Kacpi shows the Batterystate of your latop. The... DOWNLOAD
monod(sfnet) Monod Monod is a computational model inspired by the ... DOWNLOAD
bbox(sfnet) BlackartBox BlackartBox 3D monitor for RoboCup simulation v... DOWNLOAD
primlife(sfnet) Primordial Life Primordial Life transforms your screen into a a... DOWNLOAD
mytimepunch(sfnet) MyTimePunch This project is an attempt to create a simple t... DOWNLOAD
rhombi(sfnet) Rhombi Java based, Penrose Tiling tool. Colorful, easy... DOWNLOAD
libgexecutor(sfnet) libgexecutor A small library that simplifies the creation an... DOWNLOAD
sslmail(sfnet) SSLmail SSL mail VB.Net Is a secured mail client done i... DOWNLOAD
bonfire(sfnet) bonfire Bonfire is an application to burn CD/DVD for th... DOWNLOAD
jbot(sfnet) Jbot This program aim to create a good irc library i... DOWNLOAD
kwintv(sfnet) kwintv kwintv is a TV application for the K Desktop En... DOWNLOAD
spingoof(sfnet) Spingoof DOWNLOAD
lan-get(sfnet) lan-get PHP-SNMP script which shows various system info... DOWNLOAD
kxmleditor(sfnet) KXML Editor XML Editor for KDE DOWNLOAD
wibsd(sfnet) WiBSD Compact FreeBSD distribution for flash card bas... DOWNLOAD
db-objects(sfnet) DBIx::Objects Library Framework for creating database bound objects DOWNLOAD
uncleflasher(sfnet) Uncle Flasher Uncle Flasher is a flashcard learning program e... DOWNLOAD
linuxalarm(sfnet) Linux Alarm This project is an easy to use personal firewal... DOWNLOAD
wolfpackpbx(sfnet) WolfPackPBX WolfPack PBX is self installing package based o... DOWNLOAD
net-ssh(sfnet) net-ssh Net-SSH is a client SSH in java (applet). Net-... DOWNLOAD
ogsc(sfnet) GlobalClient GlobalClient is a multi-user, role-based, plug-... DOWNLOAD
dpresourcelevel(sfnet) Resource Leveling Module for dotProject A simple resource leveling module for dotProjec... DOWNLOAD
hircules(sfnet) hircules Hircules is an IRC client written in Haskell, w... DOWNLOAD
opensl(sfnet) osl OSL --- Opengl based SDL libary. Fast 2d and 3... DOWNLOAD
socialclub(sfnet) SocialClub A website for managing membership and activitie... DOWNLOAD
php-pdb(sfnet) PHP Palm Database (PDB) Library Read, write, and modify Palm OS PDB files with ... DOWNLOAD
elise(sfnet) Elise Elise is a Direct Connect client for the ADC pr... DOWNLOAD
hashergui(sfnet) HasherGUI HashserGUI is a GUI interface for Jacksum. It i... DOWNLOAD
coreasm(sfnet) CoreASM The CoreASM project focuses on the design of a ... DOWNLOAD
miniracer(sfnet) MiniRacer MiniRacer is an OpenGL car racing game, based o... DOWNLOAD
php-matotest(sfnet) PHP-Matotest This is a PHP-Matotest project - a foul-slang d... DOWNLOAD
dockmod(sfnet) the dock modification project extend your apple mac os x dock functionality -... DOWNLOAD
vtxboerse(sfnet) vtxboerse Vtxboerse is a the tool to capture the rates of... DOWNLOAD
cssc(sfnet) CSSC CSSC is a clone of the Unix SCCS tool suite. CS... DOWNLOAD
pyxal(sfnet) Python X10 Abstraction Layer Pyxal is a 100% pure Python X10 Abstraction Lay... DOWNLOAD
neticq(sfnet) Net::ICQ This is a set of Perl modules that allow you to... DOWNLOAD
galacticlegend(sfnet) The *Galactic Legends* Project A 3D space exploration game that will give you ... DOWNLOAD
simple-java-xml(sfnet) Simple XML Interface for Java Applet If you may want to make a relatively simple app... DOWNLOAD
mozilla-be(sfnet) Belarusian Mozilla Belarusian localization of Mozilla Application ... DOWNLOAD
jsplin(sfnet) JSPowerLin - Linux with a Java edge JSPowerLin - Linux with a Java edge, a lightwei... DOWNLOAD
ipacct-snmp(sfnet) Netfilter IP accounting for NET-SNMP Module for NET-SNMP to give information about n... DOWNLOAD
pnrecipe(sfnet) pnRecipe pnRecipe is a pnAPI compliant module for PostNu... DOWNLOAD
multinews(sfnet) MultiNews PHP-based news aggregator, can load both RSS an... DOWNLOAD
phpamx(sfnet) Php AMX It's a web interface for manage Half-life game ... DOWNLOAD
pure-data(sfnet) Pure Data Computer Music System The Pure Data (short Pd) project on SourceForge... DOWNLOAD
bochs2delphi(sfnet) Delphi Bochs Porting Bochs Emulator from C platform to Delphi. DOWNLOAD
forkpackages(sfnet) Fork Packages A collection of useful Java classes. DOWNLOAD
obsenc(sfnet) Obscure Encryption ObscureEncrypt is a high level security encrypt... DOWNLOAD

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