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osx-blockgame(sfnet) osx-falling-blockgame A well known game, where you have to sort items... DOWNLOAD
startx(sfnet) Startx Administration System startx is the project name for an interface bui... DOWNLOAD
premk(sfnet) pmk The `Pre-Make Kit` project is a dependency mana... DOWNLOAD
yajil(sfnet) Yet another java id3 lib Yajil is a java lib to read, delete and edit th... DOWNLOAD
n-load(sfnet) NLoad A web based environmental modeling tool, allows... DOWNLOAD
fedi(sfnet) CC/PP Processing Java API This project will be the candidate reference im... DOWNLOAD
ober(sfnet) Ober Ober brings the power of the Oberon interface t... DOWNLOAD
nuwa(sfnet) nuwa nuwa is a VTK based program writing with MFC. I... DOWNLOAD
pureirc(sfnet) PureIRC (unix/linux) PureIRC(d) based of titan ircd, A Pure IRC Expe... DOWNLOAD
sid(sfnet) PTY Intrusion Detection PSeudo terminal Intrusion Detection System. Th... DOWNLOAD
esvin(sfnet) eSvin eSvin - new generation of email client. Windows... DOWNLOAD
yaswa(sfnet) YASW - Yet Another Stock Watcher YASW is inactive and deprecated in favor of Gri... DOWNLOAD
vrjtoolbox(sfnet) VR Juggler Toolbox The VR Juggler Toolbox is a collection of libra... DOWNLOAD
linbuc(sfnet) linbuc This one is a backupscript which works with rsy... DOWNLOAD
phpwebed(sfnet) phpWebEd phpWebEd is a simple Content Management System ... DOWNLOAD
php-ensim(sfnet) Ensim PHP Widget General purpose PHP class to profile virtual ho... DOWNLOAD
webplay(sfnet) webplay webplay creates from a collection of mp3s and O... DOWNLOAD
koflinux(sfnet) FFE (Free Fighting Engine) (a.k.a kof91) 2D Fighting Game Engine , like Street Fighter, ... DOWNLOAD
mpg2ppm(sfnet) mpg2ppm mpg2ppm is a MPEG-VStream decoder based on mpeg... DOWNLOAD
open-accounting(sfnet) Open Accounting ***** OpenAccounting has been replaced by OAJ/O... DOWNLOAD
lucidalbum(sfnet) Lucid Album Web based Photo Album. All images stored in a D... DOWNLOAD
mobup(sfnet) Mobup - MOBile UPloader for Flickr Mobup is a J2ME application created by Consulte... DOWNLOAD
clouddrive(sfnet) QTCloudDrive This is cross-platform application supporting A... DOWNLOAD
ipsec2k(sfnet) ipsec2k lib IPsec2k is a C++ library that implements API fo... DOWNLOAD
msvbrpg(sfnet) Visual Basic RPG Engine This project is designing an open source MS Vis... DOWNLOAD
tmip(sfnet) Transparent Mobile IP This project aims to provide IP mobility across... DOWNLOAD
dotnetmyadmin(sfnet) DotNet My Admin DotNet My Admin is a tool written in c# (.net) ... DOWNLOAD
japhpadoc(sfnet) JaPHPaDoc JaPHPaDoc: Just another PHP Documentor. Docume... DOWNLOAD
selftest(sfnet) Selftest Selftest will provide an open, automated way of... DOWNLOAD
ssum(sfnet) ssum generate md5 sums,check md5 sums, rip, and inje... DOWNLOAD
triangle(sfnet) PHP Multiple Newsletters Create multiple newsletters through the one scr... DOWNLOAD
stefanobolli(sfnet) Romeo - MAME Frontend Romeo - MAME Frontend DOWNLOAD
jsrinko(sfnet) Information Mathematics Learning Circle Java based multi platform program and TeX docum... DOWNLOAD
vmii(sfnet) vmII vmII - The easiest way to Virtual Machine under... DOWNLOAD
nbuwebreport(sfnet) Yang - NBU Web Reports A web based Netbackup reporting tool, written i... DOWNLOAD
juipiter(sfnet) JuiPiter Messaging based framework for Java GUIs DOWNLOAD
python-grimoire(sfnet) Python-Grimoire This is a grimoire containing Python related sp... DOWNLOAD
ichecker(sfnet) Mail checker iChecker is a mail checker for Linux users. It ... DOWNLOAD
jreftree(sfnet) JRefTree (Java Reference Tree Organizer) JRefTree is a platform-independent, easy-to-ins... DOWNLOAD
mefivi(sfnet) Metafile Viewer Utility running on Win32. Imports vector graphi... DOWNLOAD
gjukebox(sfnet) GlobeCom Jukebox Powerful and reliable mp3 jukebox with web base... DOWNLOAD
stagefright(sfnet) stagefright playlist randomizer stagefright is a perl-based generator/randomize... DOWNLOAD
iwebcal(sfnet) iWebCal iWebCal displays calendars from iCal, Google Ca... DOWNLOAD
zielzeit(sfnet) Dateconverter for Perry Rhodan series Zielzeit can be used to convert between differe... DOWNLOAD
oai-pear(sfnet) oai-pear A PHP class library for the Open Archives Initi... DOWNLOAD
ascent(sfnet) Ascent A comprehensive asset management system designe... DOWNLOAD
dogfood(sfnet) Dogfood-A Complete Groupware/CRM System Dogfood is an opensource Groupware/CRM browser ... DOWNLOAD
tracestring(sfnet) traceString This tool reads your C/C++ source finding the b... DOWNLOAD
media-box(sfnet) media-box A program for playing media files and viewing p... DOWNLOAD
anastacia(sfnet) Anastacia Messenger Anastacia Messenger is a multi protocol instant... DOWNLOAD
esmdi(sfnet) ESMDI ESMDI is a console application which enables yo... DOWNLOAD
eotp(sfnet) 802.11 One Time Pad (eOTp) To develope an encryption/authentication proced... DOWNLOAD
odfchartbuilder(sfnet) OdfChartBuilder The OdfChartBuilder Java™ API can be used to re... DOWNLOAD
xfcalc(sfnet) xfcalc - dual display calculator This dual display calculator is for working wit... DOWNLOAD
freenetmta(sfnet) FreenetMTA FreenetMTA makes it possible to transfer email ... DOWNLOAD
javawddx(sfnet) WDDX Java Library Java library for serializing/deserializing WDDX... DOWNLOAD
mkal(sfnet) Kalender Kalender is a multi-user, network enabled calen... DOWNLOAD
webstock(sfnet) webstock Webstock is a library of menu templates, tree ... DOWNLOAD
xdebug(sfnet) XDEBUG - File and System Debbuger XDebug is an file and system debugger, similar ... DOWNLOAD
rnm(sfnet) ResNet Monitor RNM is a colletion of scripts/programs/tools us... DOWNLOAD
hevea(sfnet) Hevea application servers Hevea is a dotnet (C#) Web/HTTP/Web service &am... DOWNLOAD
drab(sfnet) DR AdressBook Addressbook application for Mobile Phones runni... DOWNLOAD
ircwhois(sfnet) ircwhois If you ever have needed to know whether a perso... DOWNLOAD
countm(sfnet) Module - Apache 2 - Page Counter An Apache 2 only DSO module serving link counti... DOWNLOAD
phpnmap(sfnet) phpNMAP phpNMAP is a webased front end for nmap, the wo... DOWNLOAD
divmod(sfnet) Divmod Quotient Quotient is multi-protocol (SMTP, POP, IMAP, SI... DOWNLOAD
kolabwebclient(sfnet) Kolab Webclient Kolab-webclient\'s aim is to give groupware fun... DOWNLOAD
crystaldoc(sfnet) Translated docs for Crystal Space 3D SDK French and Spanish translations of Crystal Spac... DOWNLOAD
ianix(sfnet) Ianix OS Ianix will be an X/OPEN compliant OS, initially... DOWNLOAD
esla(sfnet) Esla, C++ scripting language Esla is a very simple C++ scripting language th... DOWNLOAD
xmliter(sfnet) xmliter: A High Performance XML Iterator The xmliter package provides an API for process... DOWNLOAD
libbt(sfnet) BitTorrent C Library C-language Impementation of the BitTorrent core... DOWNLOAD
cedam(sfnet) Central Data Manager A data manager capable of storing and organizin... DOWNLOAD
bscribbles(sfnet) B-Scribbles - Graffiti Software for PHP BScribbles strives to improve any PHP webpage. ... DOWNLOAD
sphpblog(sfnet) Simple PHP Blog I started this project because I wanted a dead-... DOWNLOAD
bw-admin(sfnet) BW-Admin DLL Bot Detection & Admin Plug-In DLL for Quake... DOWNLOAD
tribisur(sfnet) Tribisur Tribisur is a CMS. This portail is very light.... DOWNLOAD
dtdparser(sfnet) DTDParser for Java A DTD Parser for Java available under the LGPL ... DOWNLOAD
jsocks(sfnet) Java SOCKS Proxy SOCKS Server and Library for Java. Support for ... DOWNLOAD
scotlandyard(sfnet) ScotlandYard Online version of the 1983 Ravensburger board g... DOWNLOAD
remus(sfnet) REMUS-Reference Monitor for Unix Systems REMUS is a kernel module for Linux, which contr... DOWNLOAD
kburtkugerl(sfnet) kburtkugerl This is a tic-tac-toe clone written for KDE. It... DOWNLOAD
nwntools(sfnet) NWN Tools Java-based tools for Neverwinter Nights module ... DOWNLOAD
jumpi(sfnet) Jumpi - message passing interface Jumpi, a universal message passing interface, i... DOWNLOAD
pgfunctions(sfnet) SQLServer functions for PostgreSQL Implementations of propriatary functions in SQL... DOWNLOAD
winregsh(sfnet) Windows Registry Shell A Windows registry DOS-style command line shell... DOWNLOAD
vrmlviewer(sfnet) VRMLViewer VRML2.0/97 and VRML1 viewer for the UNIX/Linux ... DOWNLOAD
hellocpp(sfnet) HelloCPP DOWNLOAD
starbucksfp(sfnet) Starbuck's FreePlayer Starbuck's FreePlayer is a simple and complete ... DOWNLOAD
ftbot(sfnet) ftBot Bots and related stuff DOWNLOAD
qterm(sfnet) QTerm QTerm is a BBS client in Linux. DOWNLOAD
grio500-applet(sfnet) grio500-applet This is a GNOME applet that allows you to acces... DOWNLOAD
jegl(sfnet) jegl jegl is a set of Eiffel classes wrapping the Si... DOWNLOAD
btshell(sfnet) BtShell btshell - script shell bash - connect - logging... DOWNLOAD
web2icq(sfnet) web2icq A JAVA web application for chatting with websit... DOWNLOAD
eimp(sfnet) Eclipse Instant Messenger Plugin Eclipse Instant Messenger Plugin(eimp) is a Ecl... DOWNLOAD
tclsql(sfnet) SQL 3.0 Tcl Extension Tcl SQL 8.3 extension that supports stubs. This... DOWNLOAD
esign(sfnet) eSign system eSign system is business application to convert... DOWNLOAD
visage-hci(sfnet) Visage Visage is a human computer interface that aims ... DOWNLOAD

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