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benix(sfnet) benix Terms of Use: All projects and accounts regist... DOWNLOAD
pydate(freshmeat) PyDate PyDate is a very simple Python/Tk based tool to... DOWNLOAD
cssourceadmin(sfnet) CS:Source Admin A PHP web application for administering Counter... DOWNLOAD
turnserver(sfnet) TurnServer TurnServer is a implementation of Traversal Usi... DOWNLOAD
phpnow(sfnet) PHPnow (Chinese Only) PHPnow is a full PHP development... DOWNLOAD
nibo(sfnet) NIBO Library C and C++ library for the Nibo and Nibo2 robots... DOWNLOAD
socialmoviemap(sfnet) Social Movie Map Aim of the project "Social Movie Map"... DOWNLOAD
jqueryfaces(sfnet) jQueryFaces This project uses the power of jQuery, matched ... DOWNLOAD
templetycoon(sfnet) TempleTycoon Temple Tycoon is a Real Time Strategy Game with... DOWNLOAD
lipe-project(sfnet) LIPE LIPE is the abbreviation of Linda in Pervasive ... DOWNLOAD
translitrator(sfnet) Arabic Translitrator This is an Arabic transliteration from romanize... DOWNLOAD
chrtrans(sfnet) Cherokee Language Machine Translator Set of programs to map Cherokee to English and ... DOWNLOAD
jsonrpc-cpp(sfnet) JsonRpc-Cpp JsonRpc-Cpp is an OpenSource implementation of ... DOWNLOAD
rdnssd-win32(sfnet) rdnssd-win32 rdnssd-win32 is a userspace implementation of t... DOWNLOAD
zoph(sfnet) Zoph Zoph is a photo management system written in PH... DOWNLOAD
jodconverter(sfnet) jodconverter JODConverter automates conversions between offi... DOWNLOAD
mysql2odbc(sfnet) mysql2odbc Make your MySQL-specific applications database-... DOWNLOAD
proj-lighthouse(sfnet) R.E.D.: Beyond Petri Based on the world of Petri. Thanks to the freq... DOWNLOAD
ipa-system(sfnet) IPA — Pluggable Accounting System IPA is a pluggable, flexible, general-purpose a... DOWNLOAD
vucsc8540-hangm(sfnet) VU CSC8540 Hangman Team Project Team Project for CSC8540 - Hangman Development ... DOWNLOAD
mmsdev(freshmeat) mmsdec mmsdec is an application that can be used to de... DOWNLOAD
viegasrubim(sfnet) Viegas Rubim Viegas Rubim is a clone system livecd based on ... DOWNLOAD
ultramodernui(sfnet) ultramodernui The UltraModern User Interface is an new interf... DOWNLOAD
qskinwindows(sfnet) QSkinObject This is a library which makes it possible to sk... DOWNLOAD
jorp(sfnet) Jorp Jorp is a simple, web-based project management ... DOWNLOAD
pymo(sfnet) pyMO pyMO is a visual novel engine for mobile platfo... DOWNLOAD
bin2-cpp(sfnet) BIN2CPP GUI utility for convert binary files to c/c++ a... DOWNLOAD
bashrun(sfnet) bashrun An application launcher running a modified bash... DOWNLOAD
benhacked(sfnet) ALiVE A tool that helps develope the course of cogni... DOWNLOAD
colorx(sfnet) ColorX ColorX - the program for the eXchange of colors... DOWNLOAD
zogeniaal(sfnet) zoGeniaal Betas A game i´m developing with gamemaker 8 pro, any... DOWNLOAD
jwbem(sfnet) Java Web-Based Enterprise Management JWbem is an on-going Java implementation of Mic... DOWNLOAD
vufind(sfnet) VuFind VuFind is a library resource discovery portal d... DOWNLOAD
dropit(sfnet) DropIt When you need to organize files, DropIt can eli... DOWNLOAD
c-stat(sfnet) c-stat A bot written in php that provides statistics f... DOWNLOAD
springside(sfnet) SpringSide Pragmatic Enterprise Application KickStart ,dem... DOWNLOAD
vhdplus(sfnet) vhdPLUS vhdPLUS Development Framework is a modern, full... DOWNLOAD
osp-toolkit(sfnet) OSP Toolkit The OSP Toolkit is a client side implementation... DOWNLOAD
circlecalc(sfnet) Circle Calculator This calculator is programmed in C# .NET and ca... DOWNLOAD
yinheng(sfnet) yinheng DOWNLOAD
cdamenulite(sfnet) CDA Menu Lite Napisana w Delphi, lżejsza i szybsza od standar... DOWNLOAD
csparsej(sfnet) CSparseJ CSparseJ is a Java port of CSparse: a Concise S... DOWNLOAD
icee(sfnet) ICeE A simple database designed to allow easy storag... DOWNLOAD
tommath(sfnet) tommath This is the libtommath library originally devel... DOWNLOAD
w7al(sfnet) Windows7 Application Launcher Windows7 Application Launcher is a tiny program... DOWNLOAD
dtedconverter(sfnet) DTED Converter Converts Digital Terrain Elevation Data from on... DOWNLOAD
cibundle(sfnet) CodeIgniter Textmate Bundle This is a CodeIgniter Textmate/E bundle that I ... DOWNLOAD
vizzini(sfnet) Vizzini Game Framework Vizzini is a Java game framework which provides... DOWNLOAD
ffdshow-tryout(sfnet) ffdshow ffdshow is an advanced DirectShow filter and VF... DOWNLOAD
high-res-timers(sfnet) High Res POSIX timers This project is to design and code high resolut... DOWNLOAD
scchacking(sfnet) system crash clan hacking1010 engine we are the system crash clan dedicated to provi... DOWNLOAD
t38modem(sfnet) t38modem What is t38modem? From your application view po... DOWNLOAD
jcscfdcommon(sfnet) JCS CFD (común) DOWNLOAD
actaw(sfnet) Automatic Tool for Accessible Web Automatic Conversion Tool for Accessible Web (A... DOWNLOAD
openz(sfnet) OpenZ The high quality Web-Based OpenSource ERP-Syste... DOWNLOAD
htmldesigntool(sfnet) HTML DesignPad HTML DesignPad is an absolutely free applicatio... DOWNLOAD
imagebanner(sfnet) Image Changer banner DOWNLOAD
parallelcolt(sfnet) Parallel Colt Parallel Colt is a multithreaded version of Col... DOWNLOAD
samurai(sfnet) Samurai The Samurai Web Testing Framework is a LiveCD f... DOWNLOAD
mecanog(sfnet) Mecanog Beta version of program for learning typing, 12... DOWNLOAD
sedna(sfnet) Sedna Native XML Database Sedna is a native full-featured XML database ma... DOWNLOAD
worldvistadebin(sfnet) GTM MUMPS .deb installer dpkg/deb installer for Fidelity Information Sys... DOWNLOAD
pof-editors(sfnet) .po file editors UpdatePoFile (for programmers) and PoNewEdit (f... DOWNLOAD
tracesplay(sfnet) tracesplay Fast and multi platform reader of network trace... DOWNLOAD
shortestwords(sfnet) computation of shortest absent words this is a project used to compute shortest abse... DOWNLOAD
wdents(sfnet) WDents Database application for public health sector d... DOWNLOAD
eqsp(sfnet) EQ Sphere Partitions The Recursive Zonal Equal Area (EQ) Sphere Part... DOWNLOAD
measuringtape(sfnet) Measuring Tape Move a window about your screen and obtain the ... DOWNLOAD
mhz100q(sfnet) FPGA-Based Oscilloscope Oscilloscope components, including 100MHz quad ... DOWNLOAD
whitematter(sfnet) WhiteMatter WhiteMatter is a note management program, which... DOWNLOAD
cibooking(sfnet) CIbooking Course Schedule and Booking System on CodeIgniter DOWNLOAD
pajoohyar(sfnet) Pajoohyar A free and easy-to-use tool to organize researc... DOWNLOAD
demosourceforge(sfnet) demo_sourceforge DOWNLOAD
stealthpwn(sfnet) StealthPwn this is the second step in the development the ... DOWNLOAD
ricochetlib(sfnet) Ricochet Library Continuous Collision Detection Library -- Ricoc... DOWNLOAD
opencl-z(sfnet) OpenCL-Z This program was born as a parody of another *-... DOWNLOAD
cmsfdt(sfnet) CMS Fdt The CMS Fdt is a fully-fledged multipourpose Co... DOWNLOAD
icse09viewer(sfnet) ICSE09 Presentation Viewer A Java app for viewing the video and slides of ... DOWNLOAD
surll(sfnet) sURLL sURLL is a fork of lilURL which was a simple PH... DOWNLOAD
arjuna(sfnet) Arjuna Arjuna is a modular, expandable solution to acc... DOWNLOAD
sfomicron(sfnet) Omicron Low-level operations such as file system operat...
myhdl(sfnet) myhdl MyHDL is a Python package for using Python as a... DOWNLOAD
vimwin(sfnet) VimWin VimWin provides a Vim release compiled with the... DOWNLOAD
kysy(sfnet) kysy Kysy is a free data and table converting and ed... DOWNLOAD
avrphrase(sfnet) AVRphrase AVRphrase is an electronic game based on Catchp... DOWNLOAD
qoan(sfnet) Qoan Java software for massive Monte Carlo simulations. DOWNLOAD
winremtoolkit(sfnet) Windows Remote Toolkit The Windows Remote Toolkit is an adaptation of ... DOWNLOAD
ipgphor2reader(sfnet) ipgphor2reader IPGPhor 2 Reader parses log (text) files result... DOWNLOAD
cddbnet(sfnet) CDDBNet A library that implements the CDDB protocol to ... DOWNLOAD
benfloke(sfnet) benfloke serveur BeNfLoKe v1.1 DOWNLOAD
chronoshigh5(sfnet) chronos high5 me Chronos High Five ME! DOWNLOAD
pgn2web(sfnet) pgn2web A program to convert PGN files to webpages that... DOWNLOAD
rivettracker(sfnet) RivetTracker RivetTracker is a modified version of PHPBTTrac... DOWNLOAD
phpunit(sfnet) PhpUnit Provide a testing framework for PHP, similar to... DOWNLOAD
icatb(sfnet) Group ICA fMRI Toolbox This is an application for the Analysis and Vie... DOWNLOAD
erlide(sfnet) erlide: Erlang IDE @ Eclipse An Eclipse-based IDE for Erlang http://www.erla... DOWNLOAD
openfwtk(sfnet) OpenFWTK Application proxy toolkit which inherits the id... DOWNLOAD
vectorshape(sfnet) VectorShape Browsers support rendering shapes within your w... DOWNLOAD
rsxplusplus(sfnet) RSX++ NMDC/ADC client based on StrongDC++ DOWNLOAD
smoldyn(sfnet) Smoldyn Smoldyn is a computer program for simulating re... DOWNLOAD

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