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kigs-framework(sfnet) All purpose game framework APG framework is an all purpose, cross platform... DOWNLOAD
prs505media(sfnet) prs505media Some tricky way to create Sony Reader PRS505 co... DOWNLOAD
bsd(sfnet) bsdvuelco Ensayos realizados mediante la simulacion DOWNLOAD
prpro6audiogain(sfnet) Premiere Pro CS6 Audio Gain Control DOWNLOAD
centrifugalpomp(sfnet) centrifugalpomp project to create the graphics of meridian velo... DOWNLOAD
xpc-suite(sfnet) XPC Development Suite XPC: A set of "Cross Platform C/C++"... DOWNLOAD
escuelalmg(sfnet) Escuela Mundo Feliz Proyecto para el desarrollo de una aplicación w... DOWNLOAD
gmake2(sfnet) The gmake utility This is a fork of the GNU make utility. This ve... DOWNLOAD
rackj(sfnet) Read Analysis n Comparison Kit in Java In addition to RPKM (Reads Per Kbp per Million ... DOWNLOAD
macsnake(sfnet) Mac Snake Classic Snake game for the mac. DOWNLOAD
phpfileshell(sfnet) phpFileShell PHP File Shell. File Manager Features: Sort fil... DOWNLOAD
apejet-blog(sfnet) ApeJet Blog This is a stable, PHP based blogging tool. Dat... DOWNLOAD
andocrrecog(sfnet) AndOcrRecog Handwritten Digits Recognition On Android DOWNLOAD
sharpcash(sfnet) #Cash A budget system built using C# and SQLite. The ... DOWNLOAD
uprocessor(sfnet) uprocessor A set of tools relating to an educational proce... DOWNLOAD
todogratis(sfnet) todogratis para todo publico en generaa DOWNLOAD
myzzanine(sfnet) RoboTracker A overhead tracking system for multiple robots DOWNLOAD
lightjacc(sfnet) lightjacc lightJacc is a small but strong grammar parser ... DOWNLOAD
bacula(sfnet) Bacula Bacula is a set of computer programs that permi... DOWNLOAD
thetacrm(sfnet) ThetaCRM™ with ERP & CMS Capabilities ThetaCRM™ with ERP & CMS Capabilities is ba... DOWNLOAD
aftn(sfnet) Anonymous File Transfer Network (AFTN) AFTN is a Peer to Peer network designed to allo... DOWNLOAD
astmail(sfnet) Astmail- Asterisk web voicemail Web interface to Asterisk voicemail written in ... DOWNLOAD
anttweakbar(sfnet) AntTweakBar AntTweakBar is a small and easy to use C/C++ li... DOWNLOAD
antfilter(sfnet) antfilter Antfilter is a simple console program that impl... DOWNLOAD
vnstatsvg(sfnet) vnStat SVG frontend This is a web front-end to vnStat(a network tra... DOWNLOAD
escolademus(sfnet) Escola de mus Alta d´alumnes d´una escola de mus DOWNLOAD
x-run(sfnet) XRun 一个用于 GNU/Linux 的,显示在通知区域的小型启动... DOWNLOAD
exlibrislib(sfnet) Ex Libris DMS (document management system) based on php+m... DOWNLOAD
neiss(sfnet) NeISS NeISS (National e-Infrastructure for Social Sim... DOWNLOAD
hostupd(sfnet) hostupd hostupd is a command-line tool which allows the... DOWNLOAD
vfcards(sfnet) D's Virtual Flash Cards This project aspires to bring the utility of us... DOWNLOAD
rphaven(sfnet) Role-Player's Haven An online tabletop replacement and character sh... DOWNLOAD
jelatine(sfnet) Jelatine JVM Jelatine is a Java virtual machine implementing... DOWNLOAD
nxtassembler(sfnet) NXTAssembler NXTAssembler is an assembler for the Lego Minds... DOWNLOAD
winpasswd(sfnet) WinPasswd WinPasswd is a tool to change the Windows user ... DOWNLOAD
abcexceltoolbar(sfnet) ABC analysis ribbon for Excel 2007 ABC analysis ribbon for Excel 2007 DOWNLOAD
superprojet2(sfnet) superprojet2 DOWNLOAD
redkonvert(sfnet) RedKonvert This is a web interface to convert audio, video... DOWNLOAD
orbduino(sfnet) OrbDuino Software and Arduino shield design for a Serial... DOWNLOAD
jfuzzyqt(sfnet) jFuzzyQt - C++ Fuzzy Logic Library JFuzzyQt is a clone jFuzzyLogic (Fuzzy Logic li... DOWNLOAD
wize(sfnet) Wize Wize is a light but powerful development envir... DOWNLOAD
htr(sfnet) Http request tool This tool is aimed to be an easy way of making ... DOWNLOAD
kingate(sfnet) kingate kingate is a proxy server. support http,socks,f... DOWNLOAD
itea(sfnet) IT Enabled Academia A simple web based solution for managing the va... DOWNLOAD
escriure(sfnet) Escriure Escriure ist ein Texteditor der ein eigenes For... DOWNLOAD
massivegallery(sfnet) Massive gallery Client-server application for uploading, managi... DOWNLOAD
xiangchi(sfnet) Xiang Chi Xiang Chi, also known as xiang-qi, is an ancien... DOWNLOAD
bob-rheology(sfnet) bob-rheology bob calculates rheological properties of polyme... DOWNLOAD
ptkaraoke(sfnet) ptkaraoke PTDsign presents: PTKaraoke, a Karaoke Player f... DOWNLOAD
flexcat(sfnet) FlexCat FlexCat is a tool to create Amiga localization ... DOWNLOAD
bfbtester(sfnet) Brute Force Binary Tester BFBTester is great for doing quick, proactive, ... DOWNLOAD
geobb(sfnet) GeoBB 1.0 GeoBB is FIRST Georgian discussion board writte... DOWNLOAD
palo-etl-server(sfnet) palo-etl-server Palo ETL Server is a Java based Tool for Extrac... DOWNLOAD
pooks(sfnet) pooks Pooks uses Objective-C, OpenCV, OpenGL to creat... DOWNLOAD
phpsqlfilesbox(sfnet) Light PHP/SQL Files Box A really light web interface to easily share sm... DOWNLOAD
pixellight(sfnet) PixelLight PixelLight is a cross-platform application fram... DOWNLOAD
davidking(sfnet) davidking DOWNLOAD
joomlamobileplu(sfnet) Joomla Mobile Plugin Joomle plugin for rendering already existent co... DOWNLOAD
pocketbook-free(sfnet) PocketBook-free This project is FreeSoftware for PocketBook e-i... DOWNLOAD
soycms(sfnet) SOY CMS SOY CMS aims to fulfill the needs of non-progra... DOWNLOAD
wopy(sfnet) wopy Wopy is yet another Wake on LAN/WAN tool, that ... DOWNLOAD
culdaw(sfnet) CULDAW CULDAW means Collaborative Ubiquitous Digital A... DOWNLOAD
glpihopscotch(sfnet) GLPI_HOPSCOTCH plugin GLPI pour le reporting des tâches DOWNLOAD
zebulanguage(sfnet) Zebu Language Zebu is a domain-specific language (DSL) based ... DOWNLOAD
testcasesgenera(sfnet) Test Cases Generator Test Cases Generator System DOWNLOAD
equal3(sfnet) equal III the graphic builder equal III is an equation visualization tool. It... DOWNLOAD
slkbuild(freshmeat) slkbuild slkbuild is a script inspired by makepkg from A... DOWNLOAD
orizon(sfnet) orizon Orizon is a framework intended to provide tools... DOWNLOAD
jmines(sfnet) JMines JMines is Java clone of the famous puzzle micro... DOWNLOAD
fillets(sfnet) fillets Open Source implementation of the wonderful puz... DOWNLOAD
routeconverter(sfnet) routeconverter RouteConverter is another route conversion tool... DOWNLOAD
qjoypad(sfnet) QJoyPad A QT-Based program that takes input from joysti... DOWNLOAD
merlintoolchain(sfnet) Merlin ToolChain Merlin ToolChain integrates requirements, confi... DOWNLOAD
magv07(sfnet) magv DOWNLOAD
bob-project(sfnet) bob-project Bob is a system management / configuration tool... DOWNLOAD
monopolg2046(sfnet) monopolg2046 it is a young man to share fun base c... DOWNLOAD
vancouvershortr(sfnet) vancouvershortr This package contains code for use with Short ... DOWNLOAD
py-i2c-tiny-usb(sfnet) python-i2c-tiny-usb Python module for the i2c-tiny-usb project avai... DOWNLOAD
seedsofvioletdu(sfnet) Seeds of Violet Dusk It is a text based adventure game in Python wit... DOWNLOAD
boxshot(sfnet) ConnectCode Software Box Shot Maker ConnectCode Software Box Shot Maker creates rea... DOWNLOAD
quasecinema(sfnet) Quase-Cinema VJ software Quase-Cinema VJ software. DOWNLOAD
dsnk(sfnet) Des Spielers Neue Kleider This programm allows to view gumps from .mul fi... DOWNLOAD
simplesmdr(sfnet) simplesmdr Web based SMDR application that uses Perl scrip... DOWNLOAD
escolaadmin(sfnet) EscolaMundoFeliz Aplicació gestora dels membre d'una escola. Adm... DOWNLOAD
gmame(sfnet) gMame a JAVA based GUI for MAME/XMAME project goals: ... DOWNLOAD
vcdj(sfnet) Virtual CD Jukebox Way back when, it seemed a cool idea to make th... DOWNLOAD
zero-copy(sfnet) zero-copy Zero-copy project aims to develop in-kernel dat... DOWNLOAD
mdate(sfnet) Mdate Mdate is a Mayan date utility currently in deve... DOWNLOAD
netlamps(sfnet) NetLAMPS ### PROJECT IS MOVING! [see DOWNLOAD
glimmer(sfnet) Glimmer Glimmer is a code editor for GNOME, using Pytho... DOWNLOAD
simplehtmltree(sfnet) simple html tree The simpleHtmlTree is a kind of tree menu base ... DOWNLOAD
gminusage(sfnet) gminusage gminusage is a small graphical memory monitorin... DOWNLOAD
bscscurriculum(sfnet) BSCSCurriculum It is a folder containing the documents regardi... DOWNLOAD
c5connectorjava(sfnet) C5Connector.Java The Java backend for the filemanager of corefiv... DOWNLOAD
diglo(sfnet) Diglo Diglo is a Music Information Retrieval System b... DOWNLOAD
graphwars(sfnet) Graph Wars A turn-based strategy game based on graph-theor... DOWNLOAD
zedyn(sfnet) zeDyn zeDyn is a Dynamic DNS client to update your I... DOWNLOAD
webaccept(sfnet) WebAccept WebAccept is an easy to use web testing utility... DOWNLOAD
pride(sfnet) PriDE PriDE is a thin and high-performance Java O/R m... DOWNLOAD
unofficial-sigs(sfnet) ClamAV Unofficial Signatures Updater The clamav-unofficial-sigs script provides a si... DOWNLOAD

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