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pysqsh(sfnet) pysqsh Python Sqlite Shell - a drop-in replacement for... DOWNLOAD
libhx(sfnet) libHX libHX is a C library (with some C++ bindings av... DOWNLOAD
hkcellcounter(sfnet) HKCellCounter This tool determines the number, locations and... DOWNLOAD
cbdemo(sfnet) CB-Demo CBDemo allows you upload demos to ftp server es... DOWNLOAD
zoeko(sfnet) ZoekO ZoekO is a vintage game, originally coded by Jo... DOWNLOAD
nagioscheckjmx(sfnet) nagios-check_jmx A Nagios plugin to monitor JMX attributes in Ja... DOWNLOAD
javappstemplate(sfnet) javappstemplate Jat is an easy to extend Java Open Source frame... DOWNLOAD
requel(sfnet) requel Requel is a Web-based requirements management s... DOWNLOAD
zoli(sfnet) zoli abcddefghij klmnopqrst DOWNLOAD
linux-qla2xxx(sfnet) Qlogic QLA2xxx Linux Driver This project builds tested Qlogic ISP 2xxx driv... DOWNLOAD
netzeppelin(sfnet) NetZeppelin This application allows you to take aerial phot... DOWNLOAD
samygo(sfnet) SamyGO This project created for research on Samsung TV... DOWNLOAD
scampi(sfnet) SCAMPI: molecular marker identification SCAMPI is designed to rapidly detect molecular ... DOWNLOAD
libposix(sfnet) libposix libposix is a bold attempt to unify the impemen... DOWNLOAD
imgresize(sfnet) ImgResize A very simple program written in C# to quickly ... DOWNLOAD
butterflymp3(sfnet) AVR Butterfly MP3 Player Firmware and Hardware for an MP3 player using a... DOWNLOAD
gogs(sfnet) G.O.G.S. Software per l'archiviazione digitale, la gesti... DOWNLOAD
gsl-java(sfnet) GSL Java Interface The GSL Java Interface allows Java applications... DOWNLOAD
aidc(sfnet) Analog Insydes Add-Ons Analog Insydes is a Mathematica toolbox for sym... DOWNLOAD
motion(sfnet) motion Motion monitors the video signal from one or mo... DOWNLOAD
mime-util(sfnet) mime-util Enable Java programs to detect MIME types based... DOWNLOAD
xlr8r(sfnet) xCellerator Analysis of biochemical networks. DOWNLOAD
libpsht(sfnet) libpsht Libpsht is a collection of algorithms for effic... DOWNLOAD
repi(sfnet) REPI DOWNLOAD
virtualair(sfnet) virtualair Multiplayer framework for flight simulators. Ba... DOWNLOAD
svg2swf(sfnet) svg2swf svg2swf is an SVG to Flash SWF converter. It is... DOWNLOAD
kpgen(sfnet) KpGen KpGen is an modern Password Generator. It has s... DOWNLOAD
iopc2(sfnet) iopc2 A library providing object-relational mapping s... DOWNLOAD
proverifeditor(sfnet) proverifeditor An editor to edit and check protocols specified... DOWNLOAD
dnsjava-osgi(sfnet) dnsjava-osgi Packaging dnsjava ( for ... DOWNLOAD
pytarl(sfnet) pytarl Pytarl is a console/terminal text adventure-lik... DOWNLOAD
lazyscripts(sfnet) lazyscripts Lazyscripts is just a stupid script distrubtion... DOWNLOAD
bsaf(sfnet) Better Swing Application Framework This is a fork of the Swing Application Framewo... DOWNLOAD
pysparse(sfnet) PySparse - Python Sparse Matrix Library PySparse - A Sparse Matrix Library for Python DOWNLOAD
xoscope(sfnet) xoscope: digital oscilloscope xoscope is a digital oscilloscope using input f... DOWNLOAD
prolisp(sfnet) ProLisp Interpreter for a simple LISP dialect. Lexicall... DOWNLOAD
ctakesresources(sfnet) ctakesresources DOWNLOAD
sensors-applet(sfnet) GNOME Sensors Applet An applet for the GNOME panel to monitor hardwa... DOWNLOAD
pkb(sfnet) ALEX Personal Knowledge Base Personal knowledge base management. DOWNLOAD
h264enc(sfnet) h264enc Advanced shell script for encoding DVDs, Blu-ra... DOWNLOAD
muzikq(sfnet) muzikQ muzikQ is a curses/SDL_mixer based audio player... DOWNLOAD
esbmtools(sfnet) eSBMTools eSBMTools: python tools that assist the setup a... DOWNLOAD
libswd(sfnet) Serial Wire Debug Open Library Serial Wire Debug (SWD) Open Library for low le... DOWNLOAD
lodestone2d(sfnet) Lodestone2d A deep and intricated RPG that will bring you i... DOWNLOAD
gt5(sfnet) gt5 a diff-capable 'du-browser' DOWNLOAD
svg2js(sfnet) svg2js svg2js is an SVG to HTML 5 <canvas&g... DOWNLOAD
nubuilder(sfnet) nuBuilder nuBuilder has its own web-based development env... DOWNLOAD
aa3d(sfnet) AA3D- Ascii-Art 3D engine AA3D - Ascii-Art 3D engine all-software cross-... DOWNLOAD
kineriusworks(sfnet) KineriusWorks Aca voy a ir tirando todas las cosas q programo... DOWNLOAD
greensms(sfnet) SecureGreenSms This is a java based application to compress an... DOWNLOAD
fsplit(sfnet) File Splitter Fast file splitter. Splits files using a window... DOWNLOAD
wilixa(sfnet) Windows Live Smiley Extractor Windows Live Smiley Extractor is an C# Desktop ... DOWNLOAD
spacedatawiki(sfnet) SpaceDataWiki for Exploration Commons SpaceDataWiki is the engine that powers Explora... DOWNLOAD
gce(sfnet) GCe GuiChan Editor GCe is a graphical editor for GUI's using the G... DOWNLOAD
evap(sfnet) devAPI Developers API for uCoz, or other non-php hostings DOWNLOAD
mugshots(sfnet) MugShots MugShots is a directory tool for containing and... DOWNLOAD
braincurses(sfnet) BrainCurses An clone of the Mastermind game made with ncurses. DOWNLOAD
unixcmd(sfnet) UNIXCmd This is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) to int... DOWNLOAD
videodatabase(sfnet) Video Database Software that will use C# and MySQL. Phase 1: C... DOWNLOAD
aa2map(sfnet) aa2map aa2map (ASCII art 2 map) is a procedural map ge... DOWNLOAD
jdbc-bench(sfnet) jdbc-bench Open-source Java utility to generate your own s... DOWNLOAD
php-pet(sfnet) PHP Processor Engine for Templates P.E.T. cleans up your PHP scripts by using temp... DOWNLOAD
vdr-karaoke(sfnet) vdr-karaoke vdr-karaoke is a plugin for the linux vdr (vide... DOWNLOAD
libexif(sfnet) EXIF Tag Parsing Library Most digital cameras produce EXIF files, which ... DOWNLOAD
small-device-os(sfnet) Small Device Scalable OS Operating System for embeded device based on sm... DOWNLOAD
eu3savcleaner(sfnet) EU3 Savings Clener Very simple program to clean the saving files o... DOWNLOAD
prithvi(sfnet) Prithvi Development Studio Prithvi Development Studio is BASIC language ba... DOWNLOAD
odtphp(sfnet) odtPHP OdtPHP is a PHP librairy designed to use OpenDo... DOWNLOAD
redmineclient(sfnet) Redmine Client Redmine Client is a free and opensource desktop... DOWNLOAD
multitouchtd(sfnet) MultitouchTD Haute Ecole Arc Ingénierie, part of the Univers... DOWNLOAD
tetrismt(sfnet) Tetris Haute Ecole Arc Ingénierie, part of the Univers... DOWNLOAD
ebtables(freshmeat) ebtables ebtables program is a filtering tool for a brid... DOWNLOAD
chromiumupdater(sfnet) Chromium Updater for Ubuntu This script updates your Google Chromium instal... DOWNLOAD
battlefieldjava(sfnet) Battlefield Java Battlefield Java is simple grid and turned base... DOWNLOAD
phpbb-es(sfnet) phpBB Spain - phpBB España Spanish Support site for forums phpBB, MODs, te... DOWNLOAD
it4school(sfnet) IT for all schools IT4School is a package to bring the school work... DOWNLOAD
mylcd(sfnet) mylcd libmylcd is a frame & font rendering librar... DOWNLOAD
alfaqtiengine(sfnet) ALFANET_QTIEngine ALFANET QTI Engine is an interpreter of IMS-QT... DOWNLOAD
smileide(sfnet) SmileIDE SmileIDE is simple Integrated development envir... DOWNLOAD
copperhead(sfnet) copperhead Copperhead is a small and simple library provid... DOWNLOAD
movieforafreind(sfnet) Movieforafreind DOWNLOAD
typo3flow(sfnet) FLOW3 FLOW3 is an enterprise PHP application framewor... DOWNLOAD
pytunesounds(sfnet) PyTuneSounds PyTuneSounds is a application that lets the use... DOWNLOAD
zombie-attack(sfnet) Zombie Attack 2d shooting game. Killing zombie, getting score... DOWNLOAD
file-o-meter(sfnet) file-o-meter File-O-Meter is a web-based Document Management... DOWNLOAD
gnmond(sfnet) Gnmond Gnmond is a monitoring tool for computer cluste... DOWNLOAD
benix(sfnet) benix Terms of Use: All projects and accounts regist... DOWNLOAD
pydate(freshmeat) PyDate PyDate is a very simple Python/Tk based tool to... DOWNLOAD
cssourceadmin(sfnet) CS:Source Admin A PHP web application for administering Counter... DOWNLOAD
turnserver(sfnet) TurnServer TurnServer is a implementation of Traversal Usi... DOWNLOAD
phpnow(sfnet) PHPnow (Chinese Only) PHPnow is a full PHP development... DOWNLOAD
nibo(sfnet) NIBO Library C and C++ library for the Nibo and Nibo2 robots... DOWNLOAD
socialmoviemap(sfnet) Social Movie Map Aim of the project "Social Movie Map"... DOWNLOAD
jqueryfaces(sfnet) jQueryFaces This project uses the power of jQuery, matched ... DOWNLOAD
templetycoon(sfnet) TempleTycoon Temple Tycoon is a Real Time Strategy Game with... DOWNLOAD
lipe-project(sfnet) LIPE LIPE is the abbreviation of Linda in Pervasive ... DOWNLOAD
translitrator(sfnet) Arabic Translitrator This is an Arabic transliteration from romanize... DOWNLOAD
chrtrans(sfnet) Cherokee Language Machine Translator Set of programs to map Cherokee to English and ... DOWNLOAD
jsonrpc-cpp(sfnet) JsonRpc-Cpp JsonRpc-Cpp is an OpenSource implementation of ... DOWNLOAD
rdnssd-win32(sfnet) rdnssd-win32 rdnssd-win32 is a userspace implementation of t... DOWNLOAD

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